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The G2G or Genealogist To Genealogist forum is where you can ask questions or seek help from fellow genealogists. Whether this be about a 'brick wall' in your research, asking for more information about a certain person or timeline or about Genealogy in general.

If you are new to WikiTree or to the G2G forum, here is an overview of how things work.

The Menu


All the questions are stored here. The sub-menu lets you choose between Most Recent, Hot, Most Voted, Most Answered and Most Views.


If you are interested in helping other Genealogists by answering questions, this is the place to start.


If you are looking for something specific the Tag section is a good start. Listing the top Tags and Surnames, it also has a link to the full index of surnames on WikiTree.


The G2G forum is divided into 3 main categories: Genealogy Help, for any family history question. WikiTree Tech for questions and comments about the website itself. And Special Projects for our special collaborative groups; Euroaristo, Mayflower, Presidents, Acadia, Categorization, Improvement, or another project tag.


The Contribitors section lists the top contributors on the G2G forum. This could come in handy if you want to know more about the person who answered or commented on your question.

Ask a question

This is where you can post your question on the G2G forum. You can post a question without being logged in, but if you are a member it is best to first log in before you post your question. This way a contributor can contact you if they have more information for you. Plus if you post an anonymous question, you could scary of some contributors if they have answered a lot of questions in the past without getting a response.

The question in one sentence: Or title. Make sure that you make a good description to what your question is about. "Need help" or "Did he have a brother" doesn't say anything about what your question is about. Add a name, place and/or date to catch the attention. Some contributors scout the forum looking for certain areas, names or timeframes. Try something like: "Did John Doe, b. 1818 Dallas Tx have a sister named Jane?"

If your question relates to a specific person or profile it's always good to add the profile ID at the bottom.


Voting Up

Voting Down



Flagging a post

Closing a question

Hiding a question

Answer vs Comment

WikiTree ID or URL of profile if question is about a person

Surnames and project tags

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