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Cornelius Howard Sr. (1643 - 1680)

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Cpt. Cornelius Howard Sr.
Born in Lower Norfolk Co, Virginiamap
Husband of — married in Marylandmap
Descendants descendants
Died in Anne Arundel County, Marylandmap
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Caution: Two Thomas Todds

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography cautions there were three or four different men named Thomas Todd in Virginia at the same time.[1]

  • Thomas Todd of Anne Arundel County, b. 1622, Wexford, County Middlesex, England, married Elizabeth Unknown and father of Thomas and Lancelot. This Thomas Todd settled on the Severn River--Annapolis--in 1651, having come from Virginia. On 7/12/1658 and 6/14/1661 he was commissioned Justice of Anne Arundel Couty, Md. Their son Lancelot owned property bordering on Cornelius'. Their son Thomas Todd married Sarah and had a Lancelot and a Richard, and died 1677. [2]
  • Thomas Todd of Baltimore County, b. 1619, Denton, Durham, England, m. Anna Gorsuch, daughter of Rev. John Gorsuch, D. D. and father of Ann, Thomas, Isabella, Frances, Johanna and William Todd. Settled in Baltimore County, Maryland

Caution: Multiple and Potentially Duplicative Cornelius Howard Files

There are a number of Cornelius Howards on WikiTree, many of which are either duplicates or have overlapping and conflicting information regarding parents, spouses and children. As a convenient cross-reference to aid research I have shown them below by WikiTree ID# and arranged them by date of birth currently shown on WikiTree, along with key information and comments. Hopefully this Caution will shrink and disappear as research resolves the accompanying issues!Day-1904 11:09, 5 November 2016 (EDT)

  • Cornelius Howard-171 b. 1643 married Elizabeth Todd-397, b. 1642.
  • Joshua Cornelius-2762 born 9 Jan 1658 Manchester, Lancashire, and died in England, married Joanna O'Carroll, daughter Elizabeth m. Osborne.
  • Cornelius-202, shown as Cornelius, Jr. born 1665 South River, Anne Arundel, son of Cornelius Sr-171 and Elizabeth Todd-397. Some confusion re marriage 1696 to Mary Hammond-73, father of 10 children, and died 1717.
  • Cornelius Joshua-1401 b. 1690 Province of Maryland
  • Cornelius-279 born 1695, son of Cornelius Howard, Jr-202 and Mary Hammond. Married Elizabeth Clements. Children Sophia and Cornelius. No sourced data.
  • Cornelius Joshua-287 born Fincastle, Botetourt, in VA 1706 died in NC 1707, son of Cornelius-202 and Mary Hammond-73, m. Elizabeth Gassaway-202, dau Elizabeth Howard-479 m. Osborne
  • Cornelius-10438 b. abt 1706 Baltimore Marland d. 14 Jun 1777
  • Cornelius-7658, born Feb 17 1714 Howards Inheritance, Anne Arundel County, MD, d. 1772 Anne Arundel Co MD, no parents, no spouse, one son Brice Howard-7659 and daughter Sarah
  • Cornelius-1292born Feb 17, 1714, d 1772 Anne Arundel Co, Md, son of Joseph Howard and Margery Keith, m. Rachel Worthington. 6 children including Brice Howard-7696
  • Cornelius-1043born Sept 12 1728 Anne Arundel Co, son of Cornelius-279 and Elizabeth Clements-44, no spouse, no children
  • Cornelius-807, born Howard County MD 1740 d KY 1826 son of himself Howard-807 and mother Mary Bryan, 7 children.
  • Cornelius-1837 born abt 1741, d. abt 1826

Caution: Multiple Elizabeths

The most likely wife of Cornelius Howard is Elizabeth Todd.

Elizabeth Todd is most likely the daughter of Thomas Todd, of whom there are 2 profiles on Wikitree. Either could have had a daughter Elizabeth who would have been the right age to marry Cornelius Howard:

  • Thomas Todd, b. 1622, Wexford, County Middlesex, England, married Elizabeth Unknown and father of Thomas and Lancelot
  • Thomas Todd, b. 1619, Denton, Durham, England, m. Anna Gorsuch, daughter of Rev. John Gorsuch, D. D. and father of Ann, Thomas, Isabella, Frances, Johanna and William Todd.

Some genealogies show an earlier marriage between Cornelius Howard and Anne Dorsey and presumed daughter of Edward Dorsey. This erroneous account has been disproved and is discussed in detail on the profile of Anne, who may never have existed.

There is no direct evidence of who the Elizabeth is who Cornelius Howard married.

  1. In the 1663 will of Capt. John Sisson, husband of her sister Frances Gorsuch, Cornelius Howard is named executor of Sisson's will, is called "brother," and is asked to look after Sisson's wife and children. Howard is bequeathed indentured servant, Richard Warfield; [3] In what way is Cornelius Howard John Sisson's brother? John Sisson was married to Frances Gorsuch.
  2. In 1671 Cornelius Howard was named guardian to John Todd, son of Captain Thomas Todd. [3] Todd was married to Anne Gorsuch, sister to Frances.
  3. The 1690 will of Lancelot Todd, son of Anne Gorsuch and Capt. Thomas Todd, names Cornelius Howard's wife Elizabeth as daughter Mary Todd's "Aunt Elizabeth Howard." [3]. Newman observes that this does not by itself "prove conclusively that she was of Todd patrimony, [3] but in conjunction with the other facts, it seems to clearly be part of a pattern.

Biography: Virginia

1643 Birth and Parentage

Cornelius Howard was probably born about 1643 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. [4]

1648 Legatee in Will of Richard Hall

Cornelius was a legatee in the 1648 will of Richard Hall, in Va. [4]

Cornelius named in will of Richard Hall as a child of Matthew Howard. [5]

Biography: Immigration and Establishment in Maryland

1659 Powells and Gorsuches Immigrate to Maryland

In 1659 a number of Dissenters were driven out of Virginia by the policies of Governor Berkeley. Elizabeth Gorsuch has been a person of interest as a potential identity for Cornelius' wife Elizabeth, although it is most likely she became Elizabeth Powell.

Elizabeth Gorsuch came with six other children of her family to Virginia in 1652 where they settled in Lancaster County. In 1659 all but sister Katherine came to Maryland. [6]

The Powells and Gorsuch's moving to Maryland in 1661 are:

  • Thomas Powell (1627-1669), age 34. Leader of the group. Married to Ann before 1657 when he was age 30.
  • Richard Gorsuch. (1637-1694), age 24, son of Anne Lovelace Gorsuch (1611-1652). Richard, joined the Society of Friends, and were with the group of Quakers driven out of Lancaster County, Virginia by Gov. Berkeley in 1660. [7] Three years later, in 1665, married Elizabeth Rowe and had children.
  • Howell Powell (1628-1704), age 33. Affiliated with Society of Friends. Was in Tred Avon Monthly Meeting, Baltimore County at his death.
  • Elizabeth Powell (see below)
  • Ann Powell, wife of Thomas Powell. Married before 1657. Estimate her age as 27 in 1657, therefore born in 1630, either in Virginia or England
  • Ann Powell, eldest daughter of Thomas. If her parents were married in 1657 and she was born a year later in 1658, she would be aged 3 in 1661.
  • Elizabeth Gorsuch (see below)
  • Lovelace Gorsuch (1644-1702), age 17, son of Anne Lovelace Gorsuch (1611-1652). Lovelace joined the Society of Friends, and were with the group of Quakers driven out of Lancaster County, Virginia by Gov. Berkeley in 1660.[7] Married in 1696 at age 52 in Third Haven Quaker Meeting, Talbot Co, MD, had daughter Sarah.

Note: Elizabeth Powell and Elizabeth Gorsuch. Note that this list includes both an Elizabeth Powell and an Elisabeth Gorsuch at the same time. It is possible that Elizabeth Powell's maiden name was unknown and she was already married to Howell Powell and that Elizabeth Gorsuch was another person who did not marry Howell Powell -- or it is possible that Elizabeth Powell was a sister of the Powells and that Elizabeth Gorsuch was the future wife of Howell. [8]

Elizabeth Gorsuch (1641-1680, age 20, son of Anne Lovelace Gorsuch (1611-1651). In the colonies women married young and often to older men; marriage to Howell Powell, age 33, would have been quite normal. On the other hand, if he married earlier, Elizabeth Powell shown on the list might be an older women, leaving Elizabeth Gorsuch in a position to marry Cornelius Howard upon her arrival in Maryland. [8]

1662 Arrival in Maryland and Land Grants

In 1662, the sons of Matthew Howard, came up to the Severn...John, Samuel and Cornelius Howard all transported a number of settlers, and received grants for the same upon the Severn. They located adjoining each other, near Round Bay. [9].

1662 Captain Cornelius Howard, of "Howard's Heirship" and "Chance" was one of five sons of Matthew Howard who came to the Southside Severn settlements of Maryland in 1662. [10]. He was named for Colonel Cornelius Lloyd [11].

"He did not accompany his parents to the Severn about 1650, but remained in Virginia until 1659." [3] He immigrated to MD from VA, by 1659 [12].

Prof Warfield (op. cit., p. 30) spoke of him as "Captain", and said he settled in Middle Neck hundred, AA Co, after 1660, on his land, "Howard's Heirship" and "Chance". [4]

Cornelius built his dwelling at "Howard's Heirship, located in what was later known as the Upper Rhodes River Hundred and there he brought his bride. [13]

Captain Cornelius Howard, Jr, the boatwright, heired adjoining lands. [13]

Cornelius and his brothers Samuel and John patented adjoining property on Round Bay to the northwest of "Hockley", the plantation of Caleb Dorsey, on the Hockley Branch. [14].

Marriage to Elizabeth

Doliante believed that Cornelius' wife Elizabeth was Elizabeth (?Todd), dau of Thos. (See Anne Arundel Gentry, by Newman, p. 183. [4]

"At "Howard's Heirship" which was located in what was later known as the Upper Rhodes River Hundred, Cornelius Howard built his dwelling and there he brought his bride, Elizabeth, who has been the discussion of much debate among genealogists. [3]

1661 Transportation of Elizabeth Hammond

In 1661 Cornelius Howard demanded land for the transportation of Elizabeth Hammond from Virginia. Is it possible that this Elizabeth Hammond later became his wife? It is also possible that John Sisson and Cornelius Howard married sisters, and such be the case they could still be brothers in law. [3]

1671-1675 Delegate

He was a Delegate from A. A. Co, from 1671-75 [ibid., pp. 39 and 71]], and a Justice from 1680-82, during which latter period, his bro-in-law, Henry Ridgely, served as a Delegate [ibid, p. 40]. "Ensign Cornelius Howard was mentioned [Semmes, op. cit, p. 701][4]

Cornelius was a Delegate representing Anne Arundel County in the Legislative Assembly from 1671 to 1675. [13]

Cornelius Howard, son of Mathew Howard, was born in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, about 1643 and died in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, before October 15, 1680. He was a delegate from Anne Arundel County to the Maryland Lower House of Assembly March 27-April 19, 1671, and February 12-24, 1674/5. [15]

Biography: Creditor, Debtor, Appraiser

1672 Richard Acton Estate

Note N14
1648 NOV Richard Hall will
I give one sow pigg to Cornelx (end of name torn off) Howard and my hatt
1672 Adm. Bond to estate of Richard Acton posted by Katherine Acton, Cornelius Howard & Peter Porter.
1680 Samuel Howard [brother] & John Hammond overseers of his will.

1672 Appraiser for Thomas Phelps

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 6

Thomas Phelps 1.138 I AA #25270 Oct 13 1672 mentions platation in Baltimore County Appraisers: Cornelius Howard, Henry Ridgley.)[16]

1673 Receives Money from Estate of Jacob Neale

Preogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 6

Jacob Neale 1. 137 A AA # 45451 Feb 14 1673 Payments to: Ralph Williams, Anne Norwood, Benjamin Norwood, Cornelius Howard, Edward Dorsey. Executor: Thomas Marsh.)[16]

1674 Administrator for Robertt Food

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 8

Robertt Food 1.185 A AA # 1651 Feb 22 1674 Payments to: Mr. Parker Administrator: Cornelius Howard)[16]

1674 Appraiser for James Warner

Prerogative Court Abstracts, 1674-1678, (Libers 1-5) page 5

James Warner 1.100 I AA #46667 Sept 22, 1674 Servants mentioned: John Husk, Alice Drape. Appraisers: Cornelius Howard, Richard Hill.)[16]

1675 Owed Money by George Langley

Prerogative Court Abstracts, 1674-1678, (Libers 1-5) page 17

George Langley 1. 536 I AA #9969 Feb 7 1675 Feb 18 1675 Appraisers: Daniel Edge, Samuel Howard. List of Debts: Thomas Todd, William Yeoman, Harry Aurthur, James Grenaway, Richard Minching, Andrew Norwood, Charles Steevens, Robert the Dustdawber, Robert Proctor, William Miles, Mr. Busby, Cornelius Howard, William Carpenter, Edward Gardiner, Henry Ridgely, John Hammon, William Yeildhall , Edward Dorsey. )[16]

1676 named in Will of Ralph Williams

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 31

Ralph Williams 2.224 A AA # 12232 #103680 Jun 17 1676 He died on 24 Oct 1673. Servants mentioned: Hanah Perkins, This one above is very Long with lots of names but Cornelius Howard is on it.)[16]

1676 Appraiser for Nicholas Wyatt

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 32

Nicholas Wyatt 2.263 I sep 25 1676 Apraisers: Cornelius Howard, Mathew Howard. This one above with two brothers as Appraisers makes me think perhaps Nicholas Wyatt might be a grandfather or cousin. have not studied him yet.)[16]

1676 Administrator for John Sanson

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 35

John Sanson 2.370 A AA #17174 #17174 Nov 30 1676 Payments to: John Southill, Rebecca Litster, Robert Gillinham. List of debts: John Tiseson, Nicholas d' Nayall. Administrator: Cornelius Howard)[16]

1677 Payments from Nathaniel Stinchcombe Estate

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678(Libers 1-5) page 51

Nathaniel Stinchcombe 4.364 A AA # 62047 # 62047 Oct 6 1677 And his wife Thomazin Stinchcombe. Mentions: Mr. Robert Burle Payments to: Dr. Jes Jordine, John Worrill, John Baldwin, Mr. Henry Stockett, Mr. Richard Beard for William Nicholas(out of country), Nicholas Cassaway, William Sacilt, James Boyd(runaway), Hubert Lamberth (not to be found), Thomas Cleverly for Richard Johns, William Coberne(runaway), Mr. William Vandemon, widow of George Harris, Thomas Todd , Augustine Herman, George Wells, Nathaniel Stiles, Lancelott Todd, Mr. Cornelius Howard, Joseph Chew, John Pawson, Thomas Cleverly, Robert Davidge, widow of Stephen White, Mr. John Brown of New England. Distribution to: orphans unnamed. Administrator: Dr. Henry Lewis(administrator of Thomas Turner administrator of deceased)[16]

1678 Received Payment from Edward Gardner Estate

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1674-1678 (Libers 1-5) page 65

Edward Gardner 5.163 A AA #6602 #9002 June 18, 1678 Payments to: Mr. Cornelius Howard, Phillip Howard, James Rigby, Henry Constable, Mr. Henry Stockett, Mr. George Yate, Mary Corslett, Dr. William Jones, John Beamont, Mr. John Hamond for Joseph Sanders, Mr. Henry Ridgley, Mr. George Parker for defending vs. Thomas Bland. Administrator: Richard Hill)[16]

Biography: Death

1680 Death

Dying in 1680, he left his homestead to his wife and son Joseph. [13] "He died in 1680, leaving a widow and five minor children. His sons were to be of age at 18 years. Elizabeth, his widow, was given by the terms of his will the dwelling plantation "Howard's Heirship" during life, which upon her death was to pass to their eldest son, Joseph. [3]

Will 15 April 1680 - 15 October 1680

In The Name Of God Amen the fifteen day of April one Thousand Six hundred and Eighty Cornelius Howard being Sick and weak in body but in perfect memory Thanks be unto the Almighty God for it, Calling to Remembrance the uncertain Estate of this Transitory Life and that all flesh must yield to Death when it shall come or please God to Call Do make Constitute ordain & Declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth Revoking and anulling by these presents all and every Testament and Testaments Will and Wills here to fore by me made and Declared Either by work or writing and this is to be taken only for my last Will and Testament and no other and first being penitent and sorry from the bottom of my heart for my Sins past most humbly desireing forgiveness for the Same, I give and Committ my Soul unto the Allmighty God My Saviour and Redeemer in whom and by the Meritts of Jesus Christ trust and believe assuredly to be Saved and to have full remission & forgiveness for all my Sins and that my Soul at the Genl day of Resurrection Shall use again with Joy through the merritts of Christs Death and Passion and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven prepared for his Elect and Chosen and my Body to be buried in such place where it shall please my Executor hereafter named to appoint and now for the Setting of my Temporall Estate and such goods and chattells and Debts as it hath Pleased God farr above my Deserts to bestow upon me I do order give and Dispose the same in manner and form following

  • That is to say first I will that all those Debts Dues as I owe in right or Conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever shall be well and truly Contented and paid ordained to be paid within convenient time after my Decease by my executor hereafter named makeing my dear wife Elizabeth Howard my hole and sole Executrix.
  • Item I give unto my Son Joseph Howard a Parcell of Land Called Howards Hope Lying on the South Side of Severn River in Ann Arundell County According to Pattent
  • Item I give unto my Son Joseph Howard One hundred Acres of Land out of

Pattent Called Howards Hardship beginning at a bounded White Oak the other side of a branch Called Cad Branch runing West and by North to Hockly Branch that Branch whilst it intersects with ----- lot Todd Land is by that while it intersects with John Dorseys Land so along whilst it intersects with Samuel Howards Land that was

  • Item. I give unto my Son Cornelius Howard a Parcell of Land Called Howards Hill as appears according to Pattent
  • Item I give unto my Son Cornelius Howard a parcell of Land beginning at my Son Joseph's bounded white Oak and so running upon his Line to hockly branch So runing down the same branch till it intercpts with the neck Called Hockly Creek & so runing down the said Creek whilst it intercepts with Howards Hill.
  • Item I give unto my Daughter Sarah two hundred and fifty acres of Land Lying at Tuckahoe in Choptank River.
  • Item I give unto my daughter Mary about two hundred [acres] of land Lying in that Divident Called Howard and Porters Range.
  • I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Howard two cows.
  • Item I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Howard one good feather bed and furniture with it.
  • Item I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Howard one Suit of Damask.
  • I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Howard Two thousand pounds of Tobacco to be paid Soon after the Day of her marriage.
  • Item I give unto Dear wife Elizabeth Howard her Life Time on that plantation and Land whereon I now dwell. She or her predecessors leaving of it Tenantable making my son Cornelius at age of Eighteen years giving him that Privilege to Seat upon any Convenient place in the Said Divident Likewise makeing my son Joseph at age of Eighteen years makeing my dear Brother and friend Samuel Howard and John Hammond my overseers and assistance to my Executrix and if it should please God my Executrix should Dye before my Sons should be of age Then I give full power to my Brother Samuel Howard and John Hammond the looking after and Trustees for the Said children whilst they Come of age as is before mentioned.
  • /s/ Cornelius Howard (Seal) Abraham Childe the mark of Charles Stevens the mark of Lanclett T Todd John Howard [17]

Cornelius Howard died testate in Anne Arundel County, Maryland between Apr 15 and October 15,1680. [4]

In his will, Cornelius Howard names the following:[18]

  • son Joseph to receive "Howard's Hope"lying on the south side of the Severn River in Anne Arundel County, also 100 acres out of "Howard's Hardship."
  • son Cornelius land called "Howard's Hill"
  • daughter Sarah, 250 acres at Tuckahoe in Choptank River
  • daughter Mary 250 acres at Howard and Pownters Range
  • daughter Elizabeth two cows, featherbed and suite of damask plus 2000 lbs of tobacco to be paid soon after her marriage
  • wife Elizabeth Howard, life estate on dwelling plantation, to go to Cornelius and Joseph when they are 18.
  • brother Samuel Howard and friend John Hammond to assist executors.

Howard, Cornelius, Anne Arundel Co., 15th Apr., 1680; 15th Oct., 1680.

  • To wife Eliza:, execx., home plantation during life.
  • To son Joseph at 18 yrs. of age, “Howard's Hope” on s. side Severn R., and “Howard's Hardship.”
  • To son Cornelius at 18 yrs. of age, “Howard's Hills” and tract on Hockly Ck.
  • To dau. Sarah, 250 A. at Tuckahoe on Choptanke R.
  • To dau. Mary, 200 A., part of “Howard and Porter's Range.”
  • To dau. Eliza:, personalty.
  • Overseers: Jno. Hammond and brother Samuel Howard.
  • Test: Abraham Childe, Chas. Stevens, Lancelott Todd, Jno. Howard.
  • 2. 107.

1680 Appraisal

Prerogative Court Abstracts 1679-1686(Libers 6, 7, 7b, 8) page 27 Cornelius Howard 7A.307 I #53515 Oct 28 1680 Appraisers: Lancelott Todd, John Davisie. List of debts: Thomas Baker, Henry Wellden, William Petticote, Andrew Norwood, Oliver Beattene, Charles Stevens, William Cambell, John Fuller & Peter Barnet, Richard Burnatt, William Yeldhall, Richard Rawlings, Henry Jones, Peeter Bond, James Gruniffe, Henry Peirpoint, Phillip Howard, Henry Kettelwall, John Rockhould, Adam Shipley, Richard Wharfield, Richard Ewerwhare, John Medcalf, James Smith. [16]


Issue of Cornelius and Elizabeth (?Todd) Howard[4]

  1. Joseph Howard, Named in will. [4] Named by Newman: underage at time of 1680 will, therefore born between 1662 and 1680. b. 1676, married thrice. incl Margery Keith and Hannah Dorsey
  2. Capt. Cornelius Howard, Jr, Named in will. [4] Named by Newman: Underage at time of 1680 will, therefore born between 1662 and 1680.b. say 1678, Currently b. 1665, d. Feb 23 1717, m. Mary Katherine Hammond (1670-Dec 24 1714)
  3. Sarah Howard, b. say 1680. Named in will. [4] Named by Newman: Underage and unmarried at time of 1680 will, therefore born between 1662 and 1680. Not in WikiTree
  4. Mary Howard, Named in will. [4] Named by Newman: Underage and unmarried at time of 1680 will, therefore born between 1662 and 1680.b. say 1682, spinster. Not in WikiTree
  5. Elizabeth Howard, Named in will. [4]Named by Newman: Underage and unmarried at time of 1680 will, therefore born between 1662 and 1680.b. say 1684 married thrice -- Andrew Norwood, Andrew Wellsley, and Charles Kilbourne. [13] Currently b. 1664, m Andrew Norwood b. 1634-1701. Possible age mixup.

Also linked in WikiTree as children, but not named in will and the relationship doubtful. Four appear in lists of children of a hypothetical first marriage to Anne Dorsey.

  1. Joshua, b. 1665, d. Sept 4, 1708, m. Joanna O'Carroll b 1667
  2. Benjamin, b. 1669, no spouse, no children on WikiTree
  3. Charles b. 1671, no spouse, no children on WikiTree
  4. David b. 1673 - 1701 no spouse no children or David b. 1680 d 1701, no spouse, no children.

The following do not appear either in lists of a hypothetical first marriage or in the 1680 will:

  1. Edmund Howard, b. 1650-1713, m. Margaret Dent
  2. Francis, b. 1667, no spouse, no child
  3. Hannah b 1675, no spouse, no child.

A number of genealogies present another daughter Lois, who married Adam Shipley. Adam Shipley bought the land Howard and Porters Range from Cornelius and had a wife named Lois. However, there is no indication that Lois was Cornelius' daughter, or even was named Howard.


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