Anthony (Jansen) van Salee
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Anthonis (Jansen) van Salee (abt. 1607 - 1676)

Anthonis (Anthony) "Antony, de Turk" van Salee formerly Jansen aka Janszen, Janszoon
Born about in Sale, Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer, Moroccomap [uncertain]
Husband of — married 15 Dec 1629 in Soutberg (ship)map
Husband of — married 1670 [location unknown]
Descendants descendants
Died in Gravesend, Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, New Yorkmap
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Anthony (Jansen) van Salee was a New Netherland settler.
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Anthony Janszoon van Salee was a prominent early Dutch settler in the English settlement under Dutch rule in Gravesend, Brooklyn, Kings, western Long Island, after 1645. Gravesend is now a neighborhood in south-central Brooklyn, along the shore of Gravesend Bay and Coney Island. In 1609 Henry Hudson landed his ship the Half Moon there at the island known by the natives as Narrioch (Coney Island). In 1643 Gravesend then became one of the original towns founded in the Dutch colony of New Netherland when Governor Willem Kieft granted a land patent to the Anabaptist Lady Deborah Moody, as a site where that English sect could settle free from religious persecution. Clashes with the natives delayed the town for two more years, until December 19, 1645.
Anthony Janszoon van Salee (1607–1676) was the son of famed Dutch pirate Jan Janszoon van Haarlem. Anthony was an original settler of and prominent landholder, merchant, and creditor in New Netherland, and may have been the first Muslim in the New World.
"Antony Jansen is supposed to have come from Fez or Salee in Africa, and was probably a son of Jan Janse, of Haerlem in Holland , a freebooter and pirate, who settled in Salee in Morocco, where he married, turned Turk or Mohammedan, deserting his lawful wife and children, whom he had left at Haerlem"[1][2]
Anthony came to New Amsterdam and bought land about 1630, on what now is lower Manhatten of New York City, New York. Perhaps due to an ego brought on by his background, or a natural aversion to friendship, he was widely known as a very disagreeable fellow. He was considered a prosperous farmer but as a result of his hostile disposition was eventually banned from New Amsterdam. He eventually moved to Gravesend, Long Island but continued to deal in New Amsterdam real estate for the rest of his life.
Antony Jansen Van Salee was the son of a Dutch buccaneer, Jan Jansen (born in Amsterdam in the late 1500's) and a Moroccan mother. Antony was born in the port of Fezbut lived in Sale before he immigrated to New Amsterdam in 1630. This tall, dark, and muscular rogue, who was wild and forceful, was known as "The Turk" or as the "Troublesome Turk" in some historical documents. He married Dec.15, 1629, Grietje Reiners (Reyniers)(Egberts?) a bar maid from Amsterdam who arrived in New Amsterdam in 1633 on the 'Southberg'. History paints them as an extremely colorful couple with questionable reputations. They were involved in many petty slander suits. However, their four daughters were quite respectable and married into prominent families.
Anthony was the son of an admiral in the fleet of the Sultan of Morocco and since the Dutch built ships for the Sultan, the Dutch Court of New Amsterdam went out of the way to defer to the Admiral's son until both he and his wife became intolerably arrogant and insulting to both the Court and his neighbors.
"A Hollander; from Salee, a seaport in Africa to new Amsterdam patentee and pioneer, Gravesend and New Utrecht; his home called "Turks Plantation"
Anthony had secured a bouwery (farm) near Fort Amsterdam by 1638 he had been in New Amsterdam between one and four years. The farm was called Wallenstein and occupied the area from Broadway to the East River between Ann Street and Maiden Lane. He sold this farm to Barent Dircksen on May 7, 1639. In August of 1639 Governor Kieft had "given and granted to Anthony jansen of Salee 100 morgens (200 acres) of land lying on the bay of the North river upon Long Island opposite Coney Island, stretching along the shore...
" This property was between what would become Gravesend and New Utrecht, NY. On May 24, 1643 he bought additional a lot and house in New Amsterdam, it was described as the third lot facing the East River on the westerly side of the present Bridge Street.
In February 1660 he sold his Gravesend plantation as a result of an Indian uprising, to Nicholas Stilwell in a deal he would soon regret. On February 9, 1662 he petitioned the courts to be released from the sale on the ground that it was sold to cheap. He was not to win the case but the property continued to be referred to as the Turk's Plantation for years to come. :Anthony had received property from Stilwell as part of the original deal and also acquired more land on the western part of Coney Island.
He continued to live on this property till about 1669 when upon the death of his first wife and second marriage he moved back to New Amsterdam and moved into the property on Bridge Street, which he had owned there for years and remained in residence there till his death in 1676.
At this time he conveyed to his son-in-law, Ferdinandus Janse van Sicklen the property on Long Island. Anthony converted his Bridge Street house into an Inn which he and his second wife operated in their elderly years. Although his real estate was no longer extensive Anthony was listed among the wealthy men to be assessed in the 1674 tax list of New Amsterdam. In his later years Anthony was at times "summoned because of his being an aged and worthy man esteemed for his knowledge of the old boundaries of land on Long Island. "
Anthony was described as a "man of prodigious strength" and as "a man of great vigor.": [3]
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Anthony Janszen "the Turk" Van Salee
Anthony Van Salee formerly Jansen[4] [5][6][7][8][9][10]
Anthony Jansen Vansalee[11]


1607 in Salee or Fez in Morocco or in Cartagena, Spain or Van Felt, Netherlands
Abt 1610 Amsterdam | Holland
Anthony was born in 1607. He passed away in 1676. [12]

Marriages & Children

Marriage Anthonis Janss and Grietje Reijniers [13]

Transcript Dutch: Compareerden als vooren Anthonis Janss van Cartegene, vaerentgesel, out 22 jaer, geen ouders hebbende, wonende bij de harinckpackerij, en Grietie Reyniers, van Wesel, weduwe van Albert Egbertss, verclaerde over de twee jaer weduwe te sijn geweest .notitie in marge: acte verleent om t'scheep te trouwen
translated: Appearing as before mentioned Anthonis Jans from Cartgene , seaman age 22 , has no parents, living near the herring warehouse, and Grietie Reyniers from Wesel, widow of Albert Egbertss, declared to have been widow for over 2 years. Note in margin: certificate grants to marry at ship.

Anthonis Janss and Grietje Reijniers married aboard of the ship the 'Soutberg' , armed with the approval certificate pastor Everardus Bogardus completed the wedding ceremony at sea.
In 1624, Anthony was in Salé, Morocco with his father, leaving in 1627 for Algiers with his family. Van Salee was living near the harbor in Amsterdam when he obtained a marriage license on December 15, 1629 to marry 27-year old German-native Grietse Reyniers two days before his ship to the New World left. The records of the Gemeente-Archief in Amsterdam show that on 26 September 1626 Grietje Reyniers of Amsterdam, aged twenty-four years, parents unnamed, assisted by her cousin, Heyltge Gerrits Schaeck,married Aelbert Egberts, from Haarlem, a tailor, aged twenty years, having no father, and assisted by his mother, Hillegond Cornelis. The records further show that on 15 December 1629 Grietje Reyniers, from Wesel, Germany, widow of Aelbert Egberts for over two years, and Anthony Jansz, seaman from Cartagena, aged twenty-two years, parents not named, received a certificate allowing them to get married "on board." Thus Grietje was about five years Anthony's senior.[14] He had four daughters with Grietje Reyniers who married into respectable colonial commercial families:
  1. Eva Antonis, who married Ferdinandus van Sycklin, an original immigrant to New Netherlands for whom Van Siclen Avenue in Brooklyn is named for. He was a descendant of a crusader and banker named Simon van der Sicklen, whose family possessed the domain of Nazareth, Belgium during the medieval ages and founded the town of Seclin, now in France. The family's original surname was de la Faucille./Eva Antonis Jansen, b. 1641; bp. 3 Nov 1647 NYC Ref Ch (age 6 y) witn. Borger Janszen, Maryken Lievens m. abt 1660 Ferdinandus Jansen Van Sycklin (Van Sickle)
  2. Cornelia, who married William Johnson/ Cornelia Jansen (Van Salee), b. say 1638; d. before Dec 1669; m. about 3 Feb 1658, William Janszen (Barkelo) of NY
  3. Annica, who married Thomas Southard. Annica and Thomas's daughter Abigail was the great-great-grandmother of Cornelius Vanderbilt / Annica Jansen (Anneke), b. say 1632 poss. Amsterdam; m. before 22 Dec 1653, Thomas Southard (aka Schondtwart; Suddert of Gravesend
  4. Sara, who married John Emans. They are fifth great-grandparents of Warren G. Harding. /Sarah Jansen (Sarah Anthonys Van Salee), b. say 1635; m. John Emans of Gravesend, son of Andries Emans ( an Englishman who came in 1661 from Leyden to Gravesend, L.I. in the ship St. Jean Baptist.)
December 15, 1629 in Long Island City, Queens, New York, USA or The Netherlands or New Amsterdam, NY or on board ship
December 15, 1629 in At Sea
On or After 15 December 1629 Place: Soutberg (ship)

2) Grietje died in 1669, and Anthony married Metje Grevenraet, before dying in 1676 after passing his final years at his home on Bridge Street. Metje was a Quaker who helped Anthony tolerate the church (Trijntje Jonas was her aunt ?)



In 1630, at the age of 22, he immigrated to New Netherland, along with his bride, as a colonist of the Dutch West India Company.
BEF 1633[15]


March 1675 in New York City, New York
March 1676 in New Amsterdam, New York
1676 in Graves End, Li NY/ Gravesend, Kings Co., New York [16]


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He is my maternal 10th great grandfather. Gedmatch says I have a tiny amount of Moroccan, Libyan Jewish and Algerian Jewish DNA. When our daughter got a body piercing she developed a Keloid and the Latino Dermatologist said people who have African or Latino ancestry are more prone to getting keloids. This was before I did my ancestry research. I thought it was from my husband's side but I learned it's from my side. I always felt like I was mixed race.
posted by [Living Valentine]
Interesting New York Times article about Anthony Van Salee (described as "the first known person of Muslim origin to settle in America") and the deed through which he acquired 200 acres of land in Brooklyn, near Coney Island: (permalink URL)

Full citation: Jennifer Schuessler. "Brooklyn’s Muslim Presence Goes Back Centuries. Here’s Proof From 1643." The New York Times, published 3 December 2019, accessed online at

posted by Ellen Smith
On Thursday, being 12th of September anno 1641

Isaac Allerton [Mayflower Passenger], plaintiff, vs. Antony Jansen from Salee, defendant. Plaintiff demands payment for the goods which he sold and delivered to the defendant. Defendant acknowledges the debt and is condemned to pay before he leaves the island of Manhatans.

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Data Base errors report cites the following errors: * Source: #S483: Page: Electronic message board: Note: To read a fascinating article titled Anthony Janse van Salee, and van Vaes of New Amsterdam and Long Island, click here:: File: c:\Users\Doris\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Van Salee Bio.rtf
  • Source: #S518: Page: The Washington Ancestry and Records of the McClain, Johnson and Forty Other Colonial American Families, by Charles Arthur Hoppin, Greenfield, Ohio: Privately Printed 1932: Note: For another interesting story, read Our Pirate Heritage :: File: c:\Users\Doris\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\pirates.rtf Cannot cite local files references. Thank you, Loretta
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