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Lynette Jester was an Arkansan.
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Lynette is a volunteer with the 1950 Census Indexers Group.
Lynette Jester is a Project Member of the Southern Pioneers Project.

I began my genealogy addiction in Aug of 1979, after my father passed in May. My mother had already read the 1880 and had some names, but she wasn't sure how they were related. My father's parents had died young and he just didn't know or talk much about them. So, I studied the FGS she gave me and memorized the names. I knew that Burgess and Levi were somehow connected to me but we didn't know exactly how. But I just knew they were. And I go to the library with my aunt and open the Accelerated Index, "There they are!!" and my aunt replied with "You don't find them that fast!" And I looked at her with this dumbfounded expression on my face... "With a name like Burgess Jester?"

That started a discussion that continued for years. My mother kept it up with "There are lots of Burgess Jesters." "Yes, there are, but there is only one (holding up one finger) old one. All the others are named for him." Then she checked my work, I had the kids, their marriages, solid from 1850 to 1900. When I showed my aunt the work I had collected plus all the other Jesters I had notes on, "You know, your mother and I have worked for years to get what little information we have, you just don't find them that fast. Not the amount you have." The difference was, I just had to prove it to my satisfaction, not theirs. And my work has stood the test of time.

I will be delighted to change my db, if I am wrong, but its going to take some really good evidence, if some one actually proves to me mine is wrong. I've had too many people come to me or lists I was on and say "My research shows... " and I say "Show me your research." And I will usually find the holes. I firmly believe the ancestors talk to me and guide me. And getting them placed properly is the best way to honor them.

Thank you to Paula J for awarding me Research Expert status in Southern Pioneers and US Southern Colonies.

I see so many profiles that show relationship to Notables or other Wikitreers If you want to see your relationship to me, please let me know.

Name Relationship Ancestor Notes
John Tyler7th C 6x rGeorge Wyatt
Wm H. Taft9th C 2x rRichard Ravens
Calvin Coolidge9th C 2x rRichard Ravens1
Harry Truman6th C 2x rRichard Shipp
George H. Bush14th CJames Hamilton
Stanley Ann Dunham 6th C 1x rMoses Teague 3

1Calvin's uncle Norman was a teacher/principal at the Seminary at Cotton Hill, Georgia where T. P. Jester taught. Norman had calling cards made after the Civil War and misspelled his name. Neither Norman nor printer couldn't afford to reprint the cards so Norman changed the spelling of his name to Cooledge.
2 Not the same James Hamilton that JFK and GHB share.
3 Barack Obama

My Projects

  • Paula J's shadow. Paula is one of my favorite people on Wikitree. She has been a great mentor to me and hope to one day meet her in person. If Paula is on a project, I usually find a way to wiggle in.

Under Paula I have joined:

World Disasters specializing in Tri-State and Liberty Tornadoes My former mother-in-law survived the Tornado and the meningitis outbreak afterward. Not sure how i ended up as Project Coordinator, Paula must have had faith in me.
Military and War specializing Arkansas's Participation in the Civil War, especially the regiments my kin enlisted.
Southern Colonies I don't think I ever actually asked to join the project, but think this was one where I wiggled in. Paula gave me the badge.

Because of Paula, my name was tossed into the hat for Coordinator for the Arkansas Project, which I accepted. I tease Paula about this, she put me in to get me out of her hair. And I really couldn't be happier. Allison Andrus and Abby Glann have been absolutely delightful to work with. If I have a problem, they are quick to respond. Most of the time, probably because they themselves are busy, they let me dance to my own tune on Arkansas.

Arkansas Project Nearly everything we do on Wikitree is under the umbrella of the US History Project. And I am very proud of the work I have accomplished thus far, even tho some editing still needs to be done on these pages. By adding census and other legends and stories found about Arkansas, I feel I have made this my own with still a lot of work left to do.

My other favorite "partner in crime" is Mary Richardson. Arkansas and Texas share not only borders, but heros and blacksheep. Mary and I are in several of the same projects.

At one time, the NW strip of Texas above Texarkana was part of Arkansas during its Territory days.

Other projects I'm involved in are:

  • Jester Name Study Documenting all Jesters, spouses, and descendants. I mentioned to Paula I wanted to do a Jester ONS and Voila!! Paula set up the page and study and I took it over.
  • Teague Name Study Drew Teague started a much needed Name Study for the Teague. Hoping to get them all sorted.

FSTree LD79-39T

My Surnames

Surname (alternate spellings) : First Person with surname in tree β†’ EKA - Earliest Known Ancestor
( # ) = number of generations from Primary person to EKA
pedigree.gif 𐂷 = pedigree chart of First Person / descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ = descendant list of EKA
Paternal Grandfather , Paternal Grandmother vs Maternal Grandfather , Maternal Grandmother ancestors
Alford  : Tabitha, b. 1677, Pasquotank County, Province of North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Allen  : Elizabeth, b. 1708, Spotsylvania, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Allen  : Sarah, b. 1842, Mississippi pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Robert Allen, b. 1664, Ulster Province, Antrim Co, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Beal  : Catherine, b. 1730, South Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Bellemain  : Marie, b. 1662, New Jersey pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Bellemain, b. 1638, Manheim, Erftkreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Bloodworth (Bludworth)  : Selah, b. 1775, Edgecombe, Edgecombe, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Thomas Bludworth, b. 1620, Candlewick, London, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (12)
Boykin  : Mary, b. 1716, Northampton, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Thomas Boykin, b. 1620, Charing Cross, Kent, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Bradley  : Ann, b. 0000, null pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Brazier (Brasher)  : Hannah, b. 1739, Orange, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Brasher, b. 1633, Wiltshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Brittain (Britton)  : Frances, b. 1791, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Brittain, b. 1583, Blunham, Bedfordshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (12)
Brown  : Martha, b. 1760, Chester County, SC pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Bryan  : Mary, b. 1697, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Edward Bryan, b. 1590, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Bullard  : Jamima, b. 1830, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Jeremiah Bullard, b. 1701, Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Burwell  : Elizabeth, b. 1765, pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Carlisle  : Nancy, b. 1818, Georgia, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Chandler  : Martha, b. 1772, Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Chew (Chewe)  : Ann, b. 1703, Caroline, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Chewe, b. 1470, Whalley Parish, Lancashire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (16)
Childs (Chiles, Childe)  : Lucy, b. 1756, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Richard Childe, b. 1480, Middlesex, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (16)
Clayton (de Clayton)  : Elizabeth, b. 1677, Gawsworth, Cheshire, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Hugh de Clayton, b. 1005, Normandy, France descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (31)
Coole  : Sarah, b. 1634, Wiltshire, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Crownover (Covenhoven, van Couwenhoven, Couwenhoven, Wolphertsen, Gerritsz, Jansz, Willemsz, Wolphertssoon, Unknown)  : Gemimah, b. 1767, Hopewell Township, Bedford, Pennsylvania pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Wolphert Unknown, b. 1380, Amersfoort,Ultrecht,Netherlands descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (18)
Davis  : Lela, b. 1923, Fouke, Miller, Arkansas pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Davis, b. 1825, Alabama descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (5)
DeLoach (Deloach, Desloges)  : Millicent, b. 1756, Edgecombe, Edgecombe, North Carolina Colony pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Michel Desloges, b. 1645, England or France descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Eastham (Esom, Essom)  : Rachel, b. 1645, Berkshire, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Daniel Charles Essom, b. 1538, Dunfern, Fife, Scotland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Ellis  : Nancy, b. 1802, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Fushia  : Sarah, b. 1873, Arkansas pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Green  : Angeline, b. 1879, Miller County, Arkansas, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Green, b. 1635, Greens Norton, Northamptonshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Hall  : Jemima, b. 1763, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Hall, b. 1740, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Harrison  : Mary, b. 1702, Baldwin County, Colony of Georgia, British America pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Hay  : Mary, b. 1810, , Newton, Georgia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Hay, b. 1790, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Hicks  : Faith, b. 1703, Granville County, Colonial North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Robert Hicks, b. 1678, Charles City, Colonial Virginia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Hicks  : Martha, b. 1828, Alabama, USA pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Hicks, b. 1791, , , South Carolina, United States descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Higgins  : Anne, b. 1663, Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Hogg  : Sarah, b. 1797, Georgia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Hogg, b. 1643, Boston, Massachusetts descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Horsey  : Sarah, b. 1735, Frederick, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Innes  : Elizabeth, b. 1662, Baltimore, Maryland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ James Innes, b. 1636, Hartford, Maryland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
James  : Jane, b. 1641, St John, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William James, b. 1614, St John, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Jester  : Ralph, b. 1915, Canfield, Lafayette, Arkansas pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Jester, b. 1728, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Johnston (Johnson, De Johnston, Johnstone, FitzUchtred, FitzWaltheof, Huntington, Northumbria)  : Elizabeth, b. 1785, Caswell, North Carolina, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Siward Northumbria, b. 1015, Scandinavia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (30)
Jones  : Elizabeth, b. 1770, South Carolina Colony pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Kelley (Kelly)  : Jannie, b. 1897, Arkansas, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ James Kelley, b. 1710, Baltimore, Maryland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Keys (Kees)  : Elizabeth, b. 1847, Louisiana, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Kees, b. 1735, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Lee  : Sabray, b. 1733, Johnston, Colony of North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Lee, b. 1690, Colony of Virginia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Leslie  : Janet, b. 1679, Broughshane, Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Lewis (Llewys)  : Elizabeth, b. 1680, , Northumberland County, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Edward Llewys, b. 1535, Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (15)
Lindsey  : Mary, b. 1692, Frederick County, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Loftin (Loughton)  : Elizabeth, b. 1714, St George's Parish, Baltimore, Maryland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Loughton, b. 1586, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (12)
Logsdon  : Prudence, b. 1712, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Bridgett Logsdon, b. 1530, Eaton, Bedfordshire, , England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Love  : Sarah Jane, b. 1780, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
MacLeod  : Mary, b. 1680, Cape Breton, , Nova Scotia, Canada pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Malone  : Susannah, b. 1744, Delaware River, , Pennsylvania pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Malone, b. 1586, Killucan, County Westmeath, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Mary  : Margaret, b. 1765, pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Massie (Massey)  : Sarah, b. 1680, Colony of Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ David of Broxton Massey, b. 1530, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (15)
McDill (MacDowall)  : Margaret, b. 1715, Broughshane, Antrim, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Architrid MacDowall, b. 1595, Logan, Wigtownshire, Scotland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (12)
Mellott (Merlett, Merlet, Mallet)  : Hannah, b. 1691, New York pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Jean Mallet, b. 1501, Rouen, Normandy, France descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Miller  : Agnes, b. 1673, Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Montfort (Montfoort)  : Jannetje Pieters, b. 1646, Wallbout, Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, New Netherland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Brisse Montfort, b. 1560, of Valenciennes, Hainaut, Netherlands descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Moore  : Mary, b. 1643, York County, Virginia Colony pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Moore  : Mary, b. 1811, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Gabriel Moore, b. 1783, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Morton  : Ocie Ola, b. 1894, , Miller, Arkansas pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Morton, b. 1728, Sorn, Ayrshire County, Scotland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Newport  : Mary, b. 1706, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
O'Flynn (O Flynn)  : Honora, b. 1681, County Kerry, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Unknown O Flynn, b. 1635, Kerry, , Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Peachery  : Elizabeth, b. 1646, Oving, Sussex, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Peden (Pethein)  : Jane, b. 1740, Broughshane, Ballamena County, Antrim, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Alexander Pethein, b. 1505, Scotland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (15)
Poe  : Mary, b. 1731, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Predmore (Pridemore, Pridmore)  : Lydia, b. 1727, Middlesex, Middlesex, New Jersey pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Pridmore, b. 1525, Leicestershire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Raft  : Catherineery, b. 1658, pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Ransom  : Mary, b. 1744, Stafford County, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Ransom, b. 1580, Cambridge, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (12)
Ray  : Mary, b. 1844, Indiana pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (5)
Rogers  : Mary, b. 1727, New Kent, New Kent, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Rogers, b. 1485, Deritend, Aston, Warwickshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (15)
Rose  : Martha, b. 1747, pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Roy (LeRoy)  : Hannah, b. 1680, Spotsylvania, Colony of Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Hugh LeRoy, b. 1616, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Scoper  : Deborah, b. 1635, West London, Greater London, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Micheal Scoper, b. 1607, St Margarets, Westminster, London, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Shipp  : Elizabeth, b. 1774, pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Shipp, b. 1572, Saint James, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Smith  : Nancy, b. 1788, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Stanford  : Mary, b. 1788, Chester, SC pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Stanford, b. 1729, Dublin, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Stell  : Elizabeth, b. 1819, Alabama pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Stell, b. 1730, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Teague  : Ann, b. 1856, Walkers Creek Township, Lafayette, AR pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Edward Teague, b. 1660, Bristol, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Templin  : Martha, b. 1795, pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Edward Templin, b. 1770, Virginia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Thornton  : Mary, b. 1860, Sykes, Winn, LA pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Thornton, b. 1480, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (16)
Tiller  : Mary, b. 1687, St Anne, Essex, Colony of Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ William Tiller, b. 1604, Somerset, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (12)
Trimball  : Nancy, b. 1787, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Voigt  : Elizabeth, b. 1702, Lancaster, Lancashire, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Ward  : Elizabeth, b. 1811, London, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Thomas William Ward, b. 1767, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Welch  : Susannah, b. 1663, Connawangoe Creek, Cecil County, MD pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
White  : Mary, b. 1775, Virginia, British Colony pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Peter White, b. 1508, Petersboro, Brockman, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Williams  : Anne, b. 1667, null pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Williams  : Mildred, b. 1702, Isle of Wight County, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Richard Williams, b. 1555, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Witt  : Nancy, b. 1814, Arkansas, Missouri Territory, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Wroten  : Elizabeth, b. 1787, Barnwell, South Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Young  : Easter, b. 1824, , Amite, Mississippi pedigree.gif 𐂷 descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
de Mandeville (Mandeville)  : Tryntje, b. 1649, Veluwe, Heerewaarden, Gelderland, Netherlands pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Emmanuel Mandeville, b. 1525, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (15)
van der Veer  : Jacoba, b. 1686, Brooklyn, Kings, New York Colony pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Cornelis Jansen van der Veer, b. 1623, Wemeldinge, Zeeland, Nederland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)

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  • Lynette Jester: Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Full Sequence, haplogroup I1a1b, FTDNA kit #527801
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Happy Sunday!!

Sandy and I have been getting ready for take off!!! She set us up a Discord Channel so we can communicate with each other about our Project and I have been trying to recruit more people and updating our page.

I added a link to a spreadsheet that we can use to track our progress. I am also going to add a shareable one for those who want to make it a joint effort.

Here is the link to our Discord channel

Let me know if you want added to the group spreadsheet.

Blessed Be!!!

posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
The U.S. Census Bureau is holding a pre-release webinar to give the media and data users.

posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
I hope I can watch it. When I looked the instructions weren't too clear to me.
posted by Lynette Jester
It looks like you just click the link and put in your name and email 🀞Thanks for reminding me I forgot to add it to my calendar.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
edited by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hey Lady! Very interesting little video if you get a few minutes.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Just checking in with everyone. Have you heard a about the census from Familysearch?
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
AHHHH! I'm trying to get a couple projects under some type of control before I jump into the 1950.

Yeah, thats it. And if you buy that I have a premium corner beach front lot on the corner of Nevada and Arizona. Honestly, I am rewriting the 1790 Rowan County Census, harvesting DNA kits from gedmatch to run. and trying to stay sane at the same time.

posted by Lynette Jester
Here’s our group link.

I still wanna edit it some but it’s up! I think you will be able edit it.

posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Hello Pretty Lady,

It’s Pam from the WikiTree Facebook Group!!

posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
I knew exactly... I'm excited about a Census group getting together.
posted by Lynette Jester
Lynetta - Thanks for your efforts in the recent Source-a-Thon. Every source added makes the Tree that much healthier!
Hertyl and Spertyl Slowsky Tortoises face each other, with the WikiTree globe superimposed over the words "Wonderful WikiTree" between them.  Beneath the Tortoises are the words "We're all winners in the end".
posted by Melanie Paul
Hi Lynette!

It looks like you still have the badge for the US Southern Colonies Project but are no longer listed as a member of the Jamestown Team. I also don't see that you responded to the January 2021 check-in (but my recordkeeping isn't the best).

If you would like to keep the badge, please let me know by replying to this comment & also let me know which Team(s) you'd like to join (see the list here).


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Naw, you can take it. I'll just keep working on what I do on my own. And holler when I need a sticker or other. And that was JAN ... I've slept since then. I don't even remember January.
posted by Lynette Jester
I know, right? I can't believe I dropped the ball so many months ago... Trying to get everything in order before the June check-in! (Good thing someone else will be doing that one - I'm obviously rubbish at it LOL.)

Cheers, Liz

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
I'll keep following SC and I'll tag profiles, And if I need help on something, I'll holler.
posted by Lynette Jester
Thanks for all of your work on the state of Arkansas---in particular on Clay County and Lawrence County. All four side of my family were living in NE Arkansas by the late 1800's/early 1900's. I no longer live in Arkansas, but most years (this is the exception) I'm back their twice a year, and I'm usually trekking up to those counties or staying in Little Rock to work on Family History. I'm hoping to better utilize the various categories/sub-categories that you have put together for Arkansas. If there's some way that I can be of help, please let me know.
Hi Tanya, Thank you for your kind words. How would you like to help? Lawrence county isn't completed yet. Neither are several others.

If you need access to something I have locked, Please send me a PM. On the page you want send a Trust Request. I keep them locked because of some vandalism.

I don't live in AR anymore either, just most of my family are in SW ARKLATX corner. We were going to try for a reunion there this year.


posted by Lynette Jester
Somehow this reply got past me without being seen!  :). If there’s something you need help with in Lawrence County you can let me know. For now, I’m doing like you mentioned in another post....and I’m trying to tag all of my Arkansas people with Category Tags. Made some good progress yesterday. Obviously, some weeks I have more time than others.


You might need to check your settings to make sure you get notices of replies. Tagging your family is a start, and any other Arkie you run across. Thanks much!!


posted by Lynette Jester
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Hi Lynette. On the profile for Smith-28296 there's a source for the 1870 Lincoln co. MS census, but that Perry Smith was a black man so I don't think it's the same Perry Smith as the son of Jesse Marion Smith.
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Did you change it? If so, thank you.
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Not yet, but I can! The black Perry Smith needs his own profile, as he is surely many people's ancestor.
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The Perry Smith with the 1870 Census attached ... the census clearly says he is white. The one that is misindexed as Davey, which I read a Perry from the film document.
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Hi Lynette,

As you may have seen, we have been doing some restructuring in the US Southern Colonies Project and are now organising ourselves into different teams. We have also changed the criteria for membership. Please have a look at the new project pages, and let me know whether you would like to remain in the project and, if so, which team(s) you would like to be in.

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Thanks for giving me a little nudge on G2G to improve the profile for Mary Ball Bickerdyke[1]. I don't really consider myself a biography writer, but Mother Bickerdyke did indeed deserve more than a bare bones profile.

Regards, Warren

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Hey Warren, I'm glad you did it. Its really a great bio, too.
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I was going thru the questions about William Johnston, husband of Ann Chew. In Jan 2017 you wrote:

"A DNA study on William Johns(T)on is being conducted at Family Tree DNA. Kit #339582 Johnston William Johns(t)on b. c.1697 d. c.1769? Scotland haplo R-M269 I have contacted two DNA coordinators to translate this for me. One is a Thornton cousin, shares the same descent." Is there any info from this study? This William Johnston identity is rather confusing in my family Thanks!

Sorry I just saw your posting. Here the close connection Wikietree showed me

Lynette and Lorane are fifth cousins Lynette Jester and Lorane Whitehead are both descendants of Thomas Bullard. 1. Lynette is the daughter of Lela Iralee Davis [confident] 2. Lela is the daughter of Joseph Edward Davis [confident] 3. Joe Ed is the son of John Dallas Davis [unknown confidence] 4. John is the son of Jamima Jane Bullard [unknown confidence] 5. Jamima is the daughter of Thomas Bullard [unknown confidence] 6. Thomas is the son of Thomas Bullard [unknown confidence] This makes Thomas the fourth great grandfather of Lynette. 1. Lorane is the daughter of Mary Ellen Gay [confident] 2. Mary Ellen is the daughter of Annie Elizabeth Bullard [confident] 3. Peggy is the daughter of Charles Emmett Bullard [unknown confidence] 4. Charlie is the son of Thaddeus Love Bullard [unknown confidence] 5. Thaddeus is the son of Joseph L Bullard [unknown confidence] 6. Joseph is the son of Thomas Bullard [unknown confidence] This makes Thomas the fourth great grandfather of Lorane.

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You didn't have to, but thanks for releasing the Marshall Morton descendants.
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Lynette, thank you for approval of my second Southern Pioneer Trail! I just saw that it has been approved and you were the reviewer. Thank you so much for your time and effort in checking each generation and sources!!
I'm adding location categories to my Arkansas relatives. I like to use categories, so I'm likely to remember to do so in the future!
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Hi, Lynette.

I'm working on adding my own Arkansas relatives - the descendants of this great aunt whose children moved to Arkansas - I added quite a few profiles for Ashley County last week. I'm also interested in sourcing unsourced Arkansas profiles.

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Thank you again!!! I appreciate it.


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Thank you for the additions you made to the profiles of James Cotham and Lucy Upshaw.

I appreciated the addition of indexed data for the sources, the categories and generated bio. I couldn't resist adding some of my favorite finishing touches:

tweaking the indentations on the sources

adding the blue templates wherever categories are mentioned

bio improvements for all the sources added.

James is mostly done for now but still working on Lucy.

Hope you liked my changes. It was relatively easy following your additions.

I just wish Family Search would add locations to their citations for all years of US Census.

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Hi ,

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