Baltzer (Kolb) Culp

Balthasar (Kolb) Culp (abt. 1754 - abt. 1847)

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Balthasar (Baltzer) Culp formerly Kolb
Born about in Kurfürstentum Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Heiliges Römisches Reichmap [uncertain]
Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of — married in Crab Bottom, Preston, Virginia, United Statesmap
Husband of — married in Columbiana, Ohio, United Statesmap
Descendants descendants
Died about in New Somerset, Knox, Jefferson, Ohio, United Statesmap
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Baltzer (Kolb) Culp has German Roots.
US Southern Colonies.
Baltzer (Kolb) Culp settled in the Southern Colonies in North America prior to incorporation into the USA.
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A Genealogic History of Balthasar Culp and His Descendants, by Harold "Skip: Hunter II


It was only natural that Our Pioneer, Baltzer Culp, upon arrival at Philadelphia, should find his way to this German settlement at Crab Bottom, where friends of the old birth city of Hanover, with a kindred tongue and customs, would be found. Most of the German immigrants of the name of Kolb had come from Palatinate and were Mennonites and had located to the north of Philadelphia. [1]
No picture of Our Pioneer is extant, but his next farm neighbor, Wooster Cooper, who knew Baltzer Culp very well, gave us a very good description of the Patriot and Pioneer. He said that Baltzer Culp was a man about five feet and six inches tall, with exceptionally broad shoulders and strength. As a man, while young, he had a round face with a quite prominent but straight nose, with light brown hair which did not turn gray until he passed seventy-five years of age. His blue eyes had a tinge of brown, and they seemed always to sparkle with humor which was physically noticeable. He stood and walked erect until after his ninetieth birthday. Face and manner depicted him as a man of unusual vitality and personality, with a keen sense of humor and understanding, and his quick wit characterized his every conversation. By his neighbors, he was known to have exceptional mien. Wooster said that Baltzer Culp was a bit impulsive in early life, even to a point of recklessness, but as a result of an accident which nearly cost him his life, he became a changed man, one with a disposition of lasting forbearance and patience, and thereafter was a man of devout Christian belief and practice. [2]
In speaking about the standing of Baltzer Culp in the community, this Wooster Cooper stated that, "Everybody loved Baltzer Culp and he, Wooster, had never heard anyone speak a word against Baltzer." No one ever came to his door hungry that he or she was not fed, nor if seeking shelter for the night, that they were not taken in. He said that everyone knew Baltzer Culp as completely honest in every way, and upright, ever ready to assist any neighbor, or for that matter, any stranger. His horses were the best in the entire community, and Baltzer took great pride in all his stock, always striving to improve that stock whenever possible. [3]

Biographical Notes

  • Baltzer apparently always signed his name Balthasor Kalb in the German Script. But on Notary documents alternate spellings of given name include Balsor, Balzor, Baltsor, Baltser, Balthazor. [4]
  • Religion: German Lutheran
  • Baltzer Culp was a Hessian German. [5], (In conflict with Gen. Hist. where he served under George Washington)
  • Livestock Marking of Baltzer Culp were - a crop in the right ear and a swallow fork in the left. 1 April 1815 [6]
  • an August Kolb (Culp) is mentioned living in Bowling Green Settlement as a Pioneer. [7]
  • Note about Birth Location: Born about 1754 in Kurfürstentum Braunschweig-Lüneburg, Heiliges Römisches Reich (Province of Hanover established after his birth and listed as his place of birth by his descendants).


BIRTH: 1754 Province of Hanover. [8], [9]

  • Born Germany, 1754 [10]
  • 7 Oct 1763. Province of Quebec by Royal Proclamation (contains area now known as Knox Twp, Ohio)
  • 17?? Arrives in America?
  • 17?? Settles in Maryland before the war. [11]
  • 17?? Arrival in America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, British America [12]
  • 17?? Moves to Crab Bottom, Virginia, British America (present day Wikipedia: Blue Grass, Virginia) [13]
  • 177? Purported Service in Revolutionary War [14]
  • 1776 Monongalia County, Virginia Established.
  • 1776 Captured (as Hessian Soldier) by Washington at Trenton [10] [No proof, see Schwalm]
  • 17?? Returns to Crab Bottom. Fiancee waiting in Germano, Ohio (mistaken?) [15]
  • 1780 Settles with brother George in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. [16] [17]
  • 3 Sept 1783 Treaty of Paris. The territory now known as Knox Twp, Ohio ceded to United States from Great Britain.
  • 1 March 1784. (Ohio) Territory name Change: "Territorial Addition to the United States", AKA "Territory Northwest of the Ohio River", AKA "Indian Territory"
  • 1786 Randolph County, Virginia Established
  • 13 July 1787 (Ohio) Ordinance of 1787 establishes Territorial Government.

MARRIAGE (1st ): 1789/1790? Anna (Unknown). [18]

  • 1789 relocates to Randolph, Virginia, United States [19]
  • 1797 Jefferson County, Ohio established.
  • 1798 Birth of Adam Culp, Preston or Randolph, Virginia [20], but in Somerset, PA. [21]
  • 1798 Arrives from Virginia to Ohio [10]
  • 4 Feb 1799 James Pritchard from (Sugar Grove, Knox Township, Ohio) was the "Territory Northwest of the Ohio River, Eastern Division" Representative present to help establish states being created from the Northwest Territory
  • 17?? Settles in Somerset, Pensylvania
  • 1800 Birth of Daniel Culp, Virginia?
  • 1800 Baltzer settled near the junction of Hollow Rock and Carters Run (Ohio?). [22] Bowling Green also known as Hessian Settlement. [23]
  • 1798 or 1800 Leaves Somerset (this is in conflict with Children's birth, [24]
  •  ???? Signs petition to obtain a pastor from PA, synod.
  • 12 Sep 1806 Helps establish Good Hope Church, Bowling Green, Northwest Territory (Ohio). [25]
  • 1806 Balsor Culp, first Deacon of Good Hope Church under Rev. Stouch [10]
  • Death: before 1808. Anna, First Wife. [26]

MARRIAGE (2ND): 7 Apr 1808, Catherine (Grubaugh) Howler, Columbiana, OH [27] [28] [29]

  • Marries Katherine Grubaugh. [30]
  • 29 August 1810 obtains a patent which eventually becomes New Somerset. He lives on George Runyon's farm in Section 16. [31]
  • Feb 1816 Baltzer establishes New Somerset, OH (Named for Somerset, PA)[32] (Land Patent, 20 Sept. 1814) [10] Schilling states that Baltzer lived in Somerset, PA before coming to Ohio and that Adam Culp was born there.
  • 1817 Attempts to establish the Green Glass Company [33] (Steubenville Herald)
  • 1818 New Somerset Original Schoolhouse built on land donated by Baltzer. [34]
  • 1818 Preston County Virginia Established from Monongalia County
  • 1819 - 1838 Knox, Jefferson, Ohio Tax Records, 1800-1850 (Family Search)
  • 1820 Seedling Apple Story [10]
  • 18?? Balsor Culp, first Deacon of Good Hope Church under Rev. Stouch, leaves Good Hope for Hales Meeting House (Sugar Grove). Stouch apparently preached temperance to strongly. [35]
  • Circa 1830 SE Pennsylvania Culps, apparently relatives, visit Baltzer. These Kulps are of Kulps Hill, Gettysburg Battle Field. They bring seedling Apple Trees [36]

DEATH: 4 June 1847 Baltzer Culp dies. [37] ) (Tombstone Inscriptions) (Muller) [10]

DEATH: 4 June 1849 Alternate date of death. [38] (Monument, dedication of Monument article)

BURIAL: 1847 New Somerset M. E. Cemetery. [10] [39]

Kolb in German is pronounced Culp in English

Kolb to Culp Choose the Deutsch and Russian Female settings. (apparently does not work in Safari)

Culp's Apple Story

In the year 1800, a seedling apple tree was found growing on Baltzer's farm. After it began bearing fruit it attracted much attention. Samuel Wood of Smithfield, Ohio, who was a professional fruit tree grafter came into the neighborhood and being shown a basket of the apples, pronounced them exceptionally good in flavor, texture and size. He gave the apple the name of, "The Culp Apple," and set grafts from this parent tree in the orchards of Jefferson County, and other counties in Ohio. Some of this fruit can still be found in the old orchards of Jefferson County, and in Columbiana County as well. The parent tree was still living in 1925, but bore no fruit at that time, having gone to seed. [40]
In 1820 Balsor Culp found a seedling apple tree growing on his farm that produced apples of a superior size and quality. He showed them to Samuel Wood, who was a professional nurseryman and apple-grafter from Smithfield, Ohio. Wood became enthusiastic and grew them for sale. Alexander McLain, another nurseryman, also became enthusiastic over the apple, but disliking the Hessians, renamed it the "Jackson" after his favorite hero. [10][41]

American Patriot or Hessian Soldier?

Patriot: In, A Genealogical History of Balthaser Kolb and his Descendents, Baltzer is described as being a Patriot and supposedly guarded Hessian Prisoners at one point. [42]

Hessian: However, in the Good Hope records compiled by Ruff and in Schilling's Notes, he is described as being a Hessian Soldier, captured at Trenton in 1776. [43] [10]

No proof has been found for any service as a Patriot or Hessian.

Kolb/Culp DNA testing

There appears to be a DNA connection to Dielman Kolb. A few DNA descendants of Baltzer are connecting with descendants of Dielman. The suggestion is that Dielman may share an ancestor with Baltzer.


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See also
  • Early Ohio Tax Records Esther Weygandt Powell (Reprint, Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson Press, 1990)
  • Schilling, Robert Wilson. Tales and Stories of Yellow Creek. Ozark, MO: Dogwood Printing, 2009.
Tales and Stories of Yellow Creek by Robert Wilson Schilling Reprint of Tales of Yellow Creek and The Yellow Creek Stories. Balzor Kolb/Culp is mentioned in The Yellow Creek Stories in Chapter XV, Pride Goes Before a Fall.
  • Powell, Esther Weygandt. Tombstone Inscriptions & Family Records of Jefferson County, Ohio. Akron, OH, 1968.
Tombstone inscriptions & family records of Jefferson County, Ohio. Esther Weygandt Powell (Reprint, Apollo, Pennsylvania: Closson Press, 1990)
  • Joseph B. Doyle. Richmond-Arnold Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill. 1910

Census Records

"United States Census, 1820," index and images, FamilySearch ( accessed 23 May 2015), Balzer (Unknown) Culp, Knox, Jefferson, Ohio; citing p. 268, NARA microfilm publication M33, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 91; FHL microfilm 181,397.

"United States Census, 1830," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 23 May 2015), Blser Culp, Knox, Jefferson, Ohio; citing p. 18, NARA microfilm publication M19, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 134; FHL microfilm 337,945.

"United States Census, 1840," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 23 May 2015), Bolzer Culp, Knox, Jefferson, Ohio; citing p. 183, NARA microfilm publication M704, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 405; FHL microfilm 20,169.

Land Patents

Steubenville Land Office, No. 3248, issued 20 Sep 1814. (Hist. Notes. Schilling, p.30)

Baltzer Culp Original Land Patent.pdf

Baltzer Culp Land Patent - Reissue


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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships with Baltzer by comparing test results with other carriers of his Y-chromosome or his mother's mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree: It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share DNA with Baltzer:

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Baltzer Culp Monument
Baltzer Culp Monument

Baltzer Culp Tombstone 1996
Baltzer Culp Tombstone 1996

Baltzer Culp Tombstone 2011
Baltzer Culp Tombstone 2011

Baltzer Culp's Tombstone
Baltzer Culp's Tombstone


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