William Lacy
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William Lacy (1725 - 1794)

William Lacy
Born in New Kent, Colony of Virginiamap
Ancestors ancestors
Brother of
Husband of — married about 1747 in Virginiamap
Husband of — married after 1769 in St. Paul's Parrish, Monroe Co, Colony of Virginiamap
Descendants descendants
Died in Greenbrier, Virginiamap
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William Lacy also known as "William Lacy of Greenbrier" was born 5th of Dec 1725 in New Kent Co., Virginia and may have been the son of Benjamin Lacey and Ann Batts. Its also possible that this William might have been the son of a Henry Lacy or possibly an Edmond Lacy that were both contemporaries in early New Kent County, VA. Both Edmond and Henry can be found in the St. Peter's Parish Vestry Book and Register. Edmond Lacy is found on page 387 as an exor of a Will for William Meux, Decd. in the year 1714/1715, while Henry Lacy shows up in the year 1725 for the baptism of his daughter Elizabeth. There are also several other entries in St. Peter Parish Registry for Henry, but since Henry Lacy's daughter Elizabeth was born on 20 of July 1725 that would make it impossible for William Lacy to have the birth date of December 5, 1725 and be the son of Henry Lacy. There are also 3 other Lacys, but spelled Lacey in the Virginia Quit Rolls New Kent County Rent Roll 1704, they were:

  • 1. Wm. Lacey - 500
  • 2. Thomas Lacey - 100
  • 3. Emanuell Lacey - 180

But at this point there is no strong evidence to prove who William Lacy's parents were. William Lacy did marry at least once to a Sarah _ _ _ _?, which can also be viewed in the St. Peter's Parish Registry. William Lacy also may have married couple more times. Here is a list of those women:

  • 1st wife Sarah _ _ _ _ _? They had at least 4 children according to St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.
  • i. William , 1755,
  • ii. Lucy 1758,
  • iii. Kiddy ,1760 and
  • iv. Archer , Feb. 1769.

Three other possible children by Sarah _ _ _ _? might be:

Sarah _ _ _ _? most likely died after the birth John Chapman Lacy and if John Chapman was not her son, then Sarah died sometime after her Archer Lacy born earlier that year in Feb 1769. Either way, William Lacy did not marry again until after the birth of one of those children, John or Archer who were both born in the year 1769.

  • 2nd wife Mary Belle (Nettle) They had at lest one child together. i. Pheobe , 1774
  • The 3rd possible wife, Sarah B. Overton, was mostly likely married to a different William Lacy, who went by William C. Lacy, as his name. Sarah B. Overton and William C. Lacy had one son by whose name was John Overton Lacy. Sarah B. Overton, was also the sister of Clough Overton. See Book: The American Decision: Containing all the Cases of General Value. . .Volume 17 pp 111-115, also see upload of this court case Overton v. Lacy. Plus Sarah B. Overton who married William C. Lacy, was living in Rockingham North Carolina with her parents, when they married on the 24th of Jun 1802. This could not be the William Lacy (1724-1794). He was not in Rockingham North Carolina.

1st day of October 1745, a William Lacey, Susnnah Lacy and Thomas Lacy is listed in a balance brought forward from a Merchant's Account book, in Hanover County, VA. It's on page 123 in the Magazine of the Virginia Genealogy, Volume 38, Number 2 - See Upload page

When did William Lacy, and his family leave New Kent Co., Virginia? In the 1782 Tax Tithables for New Kent County, Virginia. There are Two different William Lacys, were either of these William Lacy, who married Sarah _ _ _ _ _?

1782 Land Tax Records - New Kent Co. VA - See uploaded Original Document

  • Name Acres
  • William Lacy 550
  • John Lacy 160
  • Henry Lacy 200
  • William Lacy's Estate 400
  • Mary Ladd 100
  • John Langley 50
  • Daniel Leovis' Estate 226
  • David Lewis 275

1784 Personal Tax list for New Kent County, VA There is at least one William Lacy living in New Kent County, VA. Where there were two William Lacys in the 1782, one alive and one dead who left an estate. In this 1784 Personal Tax list, there was also John Lacy and an Edmond Lacy.

So, it is possible that William Lacy born 1724 may have left with his family after the 1784 Land Tax Records. Some researchers believe that he was the William Lacy who passed away on the 8th Aug 1794 in Greenbrier, Virginia. But who was the William Lacy, who died prior to the 1782 Land Tax Records and was William Lacy, who was born 1724 possibly his son? So, many questions not yet answered.

For instance in 1790 the U.S. Federal State Census was taken for the 1st time and we literally see explosion of the "Lacy" family in New Kent County, Virginia. In this 1790 Census there is still listed, a William Lacy, Estate, along with a William Lacy, Jr. And Again in 1791 there is a Personal Tax List that also show a William Lacy, Sr. and a William Lacy, Jr. along with many other Lacys. There are just so many Lacys that its difficult to tell whom William Lacy was that married Sarah _ _ _ _? and had a William, Jr., Lucy, Kiddy and Archer, without more documentation to prove or Blood YDNA to prove who belongs to who? Is it possible that William Lacy who was married to Sarah _ _ _ _? has been in New Kent County all along, while the William Lacy 1724-1794 in Greenbreir County, WV was a different William a Contemporary a cousin perhaps? Or are they the same and William had property in both New Kent County, VA and Greenbier County, WV. More question that need answering. See Upload's to 1790 U.S. Federal State Census and the 1791 Tax list.

Now lets talk about the 1800 Personal Tax list and the 1800 Property Tax List. It would seem that Archer Lacy, son of William & Sarah _ _ _ _ _? Lacy have returned, who was living in Campbell County, Virginia with his wife Juriah Clement. William Lacy, Sr. is no longer mentioned and a son has returned to property inherited or is this another Archer? See both uploaded Tax Lists.

In the Military List for New Kent County, Virginia we find a Lieut. William Lacy. who enlisted in the Revolutionary War from New Kent County, VA. Being already a LIeut. implies that he was older than his 20's and had received that title from earlier services in the military. perhaps services in the French and Indian War is one thought. Whether or not they are one in the same is difficult to tell. See Uploaded document. Another thought is, did Lieut. William Lacy received his land in the South Western part of Virginia, which later became part of Greenbier Co., W.V as payment for his military services. Men who fought in the Revolutionary War had a choice between a pensions or land.

As we talk about William Lacy born 1724, died 1794, in Greenbrier County, W. V. There seem to be two more marriages that Researchers are arguing about that need to be listed has possible wives of William Lacy, Sr. 1724, died 1794 and possible his son William Lacy Jr. born 1755. At this point though without further documentation other than a Marriage Certificate it's hard to tell how old the William Lacy's were that married these two Women:

  • 1. Martha Blankenship married William Lacy on 03 Jul. 1786, Greenbrier Co., VA and another marriage date of 19 March 1778; Powhatan County, Virginia
  • 2. Hannah Evans Married William Lacy on 12 June 1787, Botetourt, Virginia: Website: FamilySearch.Org. Website: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XRC3-Y6J

Without further documents to prove Marriages, and Other types of documents, such as Land deeds and Gifts, it's really hard to tell, which William Lacy they married. And are they all the same William Lac that married Sarah_ _ _ _?


Book: The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1768, Transcribed and Edited by C.G. Chamberlayne, p.584, Birth Year: 1755, William- - -Son of William & Sarah Lacy _ _ _ _ _ _Feber. 7; Birth Year: 1769 Archer Son of Wm. Lacy & Sarah his wife_ _ _ _Novr. 23d, Baptism: Jar. 22. 69. (Jan. 22, 1769) - See uploaded page

Book: The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia 1684-1768, Transcribed and Edited by C.G. Chamberlayne, p.583, Birth Year: 1758 Lucy. Daughter of William & Sarah Lacy _ _ _ _February 3d, Baptism: March 5 (1758), Also Birth Year: 1760, Kiddy, Daughter of William & Sarah Lacy _ _ _ _March 26, Baptism: May 4 (1760)

Other Sources

New Kent County, Virginia Genealogy and History - Genealogy Trails History Group, "Virginia Quit Rolls, New Kent County, 1704 Rent Roll; See Upload and it can also be seen at this Website: http://genealogytrails.com/vir/newkent/rentroll.html

United States Rosters of Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, 1775-1783 Source Reference John Hastings Gwathmey. Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,1775-1783 Richmond [Virginia] : Dietz Press, 1938 Website: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CS3Q-HFNM-J?i=466&cc=2546162

1782 Land Tax Records - New Kent Co. VA

  • Name Acres
  • William Lacy 550
  • John Lacy 160
  • Henry Lacy 200
  • William Lacy's Estate 400
  • Mary Ladd 100
  • John Langley 50
  • Daniel Leovis' Estate 226
  • David Lewis 275
  • See Upload Document

Public Photo New Kent County, Virginia 1782 Tax List. 500px-Lacy-424.jpg [click here to see the full-size original image] Comments On 28 Jan 2019 You wrote: Binns Genealogy, Virginia County Tax List - Scanned Micro-filmed Images - New Kent County, Virginia 1782 Tax List. Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/FreeSample/CDR-000444/1782/1782Land/06.pdf Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/FreeSample/CDR-000444/1782/

1784 Personal Taxed Property, New Kent County, Virginia - One William Lacy - See Uploaded Document http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/FreeSample/CDR-000490/1784/ Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/FreeSample/CDR-000490/1784/1784Personal/11.pdf

Binns Genealogy 1790/1800 Virginia Tax List Census - 1790 U.S. Federal State Census, New Kent County, Virginia - Lacy Family p. 8, The 1791 Pesonal Tax list pp. 11 & 12: Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1791Personal/11.jpg Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1790Land/08.jpg Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1791Personal/11.jpg Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1791Personal/12.jpg

Binns Genealogy, 1800 US Federal State Census, Land Tax List & The 1800 Personal Tax List for New Kent County, VA p. 9, 10 & 11: Those listed Under Land Tax, p. 11 :

  • 1. Archer Lacy
  • 2. Bartholomew Lacy
  • 3. Benjamin Lacy
  • 4. John Lacy
  • 5. Philmon Lacy
  • 6. Richard L.
  • 7. William Lacy
  • 8. David Lacy

Those listed under Personal Property Tax p. 9 & 10

  • 1. Archer Lacy
  • 2. Barthlomew Lacy
  • 3. Benjamin Lacy
  • 4. Edmond B. Lacy
  • 5. John Lacy
  • 6. Philemon Lacy
  • 7. Richard L. Lacy
  • 8. William Lacy

Can also be viewed at Website: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1800-index.htm p. 11, Land Tax Other Website Address: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1800Land/11.jpg p. 9, personal Property tax: Other Website Address: http://www.binnsgenealogy.com/VirginiaTaxListCensuses/NewKent/1800Personal/09.jpg

Book: Selected Cases on Real Property by Joseph Daniel Sullivan, A.B. L.L.M. Professor of Real Property, Georgetown, University, Printed 1921, pp. 435-439, More Details of the Case. Website Address: https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=Jg0aAAAAYAAJ&hl=en&pg=GBS.PA435

Re: Philemon and Mary Bell Nettle By genealogy.com user March 05, 2001 at 12:48:51 In reply to: Re: Philemon and Mary Bell Nettle Website: https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/lacy/1080/

Website: Genealogy. com message boards on William Lacy of Greenbrier, VA

Website: Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia

Website: Descendants of William Lacy & Mary Belle Nettles web tree by unknown contributor

User Home Page Book: Hybarger's in America: Descendants of William (Lacy) Lacey, Sr Website: https://www.genealogy.com/ftm/h/y/b/Rob-and-jane-A-Hybarger/BOOK-0001/0009-0004.html

Thomas Lacy I of New Kent and Hanover Counties, Virginia; Website: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~elacey/thlacy.htm

Re: lacy/lacey of new kent co.va.: By genealogy.com user September 14, 1998 at 03:29:08; In reply to: lacy/lacey of new kent co.va; Website: https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/lacy/91/

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships with William by comparing test results with other carriers of his Y-chromosome or his mother's mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree: It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage (beta) of DNA with William:

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One other thought, it would be good to see the estate papers of William Lacy, who died in 1794 Greenbrier, County, WV. And any other court papers that might identify his children. Also, maybe there might be court records in Campbell County, VA that might identity Archer Lacy as the Son of William Lacy in New Kent County, who married Sarah _ _ _ _? This just might help us clear up some issues and identify, if there actually are two different William Lacys, who were contemporaries born about the same time in New Kent County, VA, perhaps cousins. Just something to think about.
posted by Cathi (Clements) Gross
If we consider that we may be talking about two different William Lacys of New Kent County, VA. We might speculate that the William Lacy born 1724, died 1794 in Greenb eir Co., W V., His wife being Mary Nettle and their children being John Chapman Lacy 1769, and Pheobe Lacy, 1774. While the other William Lacy being born abt. 1729 married Sarah _ _ _ _? had 4 children, William, Lucy, Kiddy & Archer and possibly died about 1782/1784 according to the Kent County, VA Tax Rolls being the listed as William Lacy, Estate being the other William Lacy. Then, perhaps a splitting of these two lines would be good.

Also, I doubt Sarah B. Overton was a wife of William Lacy, whose 1st Wife was Sarah _ _ _ _?. Nor do I believe that she was married to the William Lacy (1725-1794) married to Mary Nettle. According to the Court Case, Lacy v. Overton, Sarah's husband name was William C. Lacy, the "C" of the middle name may have stood for Cocke. A. Theophillis Lacy was married to a Martha Cocke. Could these have been the parents of William C. Lacy, who married Sarah B. OVerton? There are many websites, including Familysearch.com who have speculated the possibilities of who William C. Lacy was. Familysearch.com even has a marriage date for William C. Lacy and Sarah B. Overton as 24 Jun 1802 Rockingham Co., North Carolina. But the actual or original marriage source, is NOT listed. So, where did the marriage date come from that Familysearch.org has. Again, many question that don't have answers.

But for me I would seperate all 3 William Lacy's. I see them as 3 seperate people:

  • 1. William Lacy, who married Sarah _ _ _ _ _?, had 4 children, William, Jr., Lucy, Kiddy, & Archer.
  • 2. William Lacy, (1724-1794) who married Mary Nettle
  • 3. William C. Lacy who married Sarah B. Overton
posted by Cathi (Clements) Gross
Could this William Lacy who is married to Sarah _ _ _ _? who gave birth to 4 children, William Jr., Lucy, Kiddy and Archer. . .be William Lacy, IV, son of William Lacy, III, who is seen in the 1704 Tax List for Kent County, VA, who was the Son of William Lacy, II, who patented land in 1656 in New Kent County, VA for transporting immigrants, who was the son of William Lacy, Sr. I, who had a house on James Island in 1624? Book: The Legacy of the de Lacy, Lacey, Lacy Family, 1066-1994, p. 248, Website: https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=rKAKXWXIa9gC&hl=en&pg=GBS.PA248
posted by Cathi (Clements) Gross
An Unmerged Match set with William Lacy-1013. Has wife Sarah Overton. Birth dates do not match but death dates do. Both Unmerges Matched profiles of William and Sarah lack good viable soures. One son named John attached.
posted by T Lacey
Hi Cathi,

I am still working/searching for those sourcees.

I can and will remove the LNAB of Johnson from Sarah ? to simplify things so we can proceed with the merges. Once I find proof, if any, I will correspond with you about any sources I find.

No I do not have a birth record source for Philemon for now. It is believed but unproven that Philemon is a son of William of Greenbriar and Sarah ? Census records and land records put him the same region. He may be the son of Henry Lacy and Angelica Armistead. I am still working on that mystery The sad and hard part about all of these Lacy or Lacey's is a lack of records. Many of them were reportedly destroyed near the end of the revolutionary war.

posted by T Lacey
I'm wondering what documentation we have for all the different Marriages for William Lacy. Did he have 3 Marriages as the Research Notes says or 4? Is Sarah_ _ _ _? & Sarah Johnson the same person? Besides copied family trees. How do we know she is a "Johnson"? Wat sources do we have that prove Sarah was a Johnson as the research Notes say here at Wiki. If Sarah _ _ _ _? and Sarah Johnson are the same person and there are NO real sources to prove the last name "Johnson", I would rather take the last name "Johnson" off, until better sources come to prove her connections as a Johnson. And Combine the two Sarah's as only Sarah _ _ _ _? who gave birth to Lucy, Kiddy, William and Archer. I don't know about the Philemon as being Sarah's_ _ _ _? or not. Do we have a sources for Philemon's Birth. These are just suggestions.
posted by Cathi (Clements) Gross
Lacy-504 and Lacy-424 appear to represent the same person because: Same person, same wife of Mary Belle Nettles and same daughter of Pheobe Lacy who married James Kash.

Please merge the two profile and please retain ALL sources.

Thank you

posted by T Lacey
Lacy-2047 and Lacy-504 appear to represent the same person because: See Research Notes on Lacy-2047. Please merge and add sources to help clean up this line and clear the duplicate profiles.
posted by T Lacey
Lacy-1972 and Lacy-2047 appear to represent the same person because: Based on available online information, though the dates are varying. See Research Notes on Lacy-2047
posted by T Lacey
Yes Kenneth, I am of the opinion that this is the William Lacy/Lacey that married Mary Belle Nettle.
posted by T Lacey

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