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"A well-written life is almost as rare as one well-spent."
-Thomas Carlyle
"While there might not be a book in everyone of us, there is so often a damned good short story."
-Jeffrey Archer

My Birthday

The first day of trout season falls on the same day every year, March 1st, my birthday. Missouri is my home what I like to refer to as "where the rivers run" (even though they run all over, or more technically would be to say within and under, the Earth). For many Missourians, such as myself, river life is our religion. Our souls are connected to this area almost as though our hearts pump the river water through our veins. The opening of the catch-and-keep trout fishing season that begins on March 1st (my birthday) is an important Missouri tradition marking the beginning of a season that runs until October 31st, Halloween, my favorite holiday. Ah, the spirit of Halloween, the holiday that lets me hold onto my inner child, to dress up and parade all day as anything I choose, no matter how outrageous! But on every March 1st, trout season officially begins at 6:30 a.m., at which time you will find that fisherman are ubiquitous amongst Missouri's waters, which would be an understatement for certain river areas, where you will find that fishermen are almost elbow to elbow. As a Missouri native born on opening day of trout season, I get a sort of mystical feeling that Missouri is, even more so, a big part of me. Or is it a feeling that I am, even more so, a big part of Missouri? The answer to that is very simple, and clear to me... it is both, one feeling does not out weigh the other.[1]


I was born in Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri on March 1, 1982. I was the very first baby to be delivered by Dr. James Felts.[2] My parents are Kevin Raymond Lasmanis from Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri and Jacquelin "Cookie" Runay Smith from Edgar Springs, Phelps County, Missouri. I was a daddy's girl growing up, and spent alot of time with my great-grandma Edith Scott. When I spent the night with my (great) grandma Edith, when I was young, everytime each night, she would ask me the exact same question right before I fell asleep (no saying of any other rhyme of any kind will ever mean as much to me as this--) she would say, "Where were the roaches when the lights went out?" And everytime I would reply, "Down in the cellar eating saurkraut." I admit, it is a bit unusual, and I can even remember asking her why she would always say that everytime we were going to sleep, I just can't remember what her answer was. And even as strange as I always thought it was growing up, my heart is now held by those words.[3]

"Then I said goodnight
and tucked you away
inside a place called Nostalgia,
where you'll always remain unspoiled,
somewhere between my lungs
that used to breathe ocean air,
and my belly that fluttered with hope."

-Victoria Erikson

Growing up in the Ozarks

Kindergarten to 4th grade, I went to Fort Wyman Elematary School from Kindergarten through 3rd grade and that summer they changed all bus routes to send kids to the elementary school on the side of town that they resided. So the bus routes changed for my 4th grade year and I went to Harry S. Truman Elementary School for 4th grade. To this day I still remember getting on the school bus my very first day of kindergarten and sitting in the very front seat as my mom cried frantically in the door way of the school bus, as I kept saying "But I'll be back..." and that was during the time when kindergartners only went to school for half of a day. For my Kindergarten year I went during the first part of the day, in the morning. My mom and dad were still together when I started grade school and sometime throughout my grade school years they separated. After they divorced ,my brother and I lived with my dad, he worked in sanitation as a trashman and being a single father and having to go to work at 4:30 in the morning he would have to wake us up at 4:00 a.m. so that I could get dressed for school and go down the hill to my great grandma Edith's and then go back to sleep until it was time to catch the school bus. My little brother, Tyler, stayed with her during the day until he was old enough to start school.
Next was grades 5th through 7th at Rolla Middle School. I remember my very first day going to Middle School for 5th grade. The school clothes that I couldn't wait to wear to school were teal and white jean shorts that fell right above my knees, in a vertical pattern of white-teal-white-teal wide stripes going up and down around each leg with Looney Toons characters sporadically placed all over them. Middle School was much harder to fit in, all the kids there had opinions on everything that wasn't cool. Of course I never had any thoughts that the Looney Toons might not be cool, and I remember the looks and the whispers I got as I walked through the halls in them during my first day. I still thought that the Looney Toons were awesome just as my Looney Toons shorts were awesome, but kids were extremely critical and I never wore those Looney Toons shorts to school ever again. Middle School was the most awkward time of my life, nothing I did was ever "cool" according to other middle schoolers, and anytime anyone ever talked to me it was usually always to make fun of something about me. I was too scared to talked to anyone or make friends, so I didn't have any friends, at least not until 7th grade. Not having any friends makes a kid really vulnerable to making friends with anyone that was willing to talk to me. I say by myself at lunch and played by myself at recess. I very vividly remember during one recess, as I was playing by myself some other kids started talking to me and asking me questions, I was like...oh my gosh, yes, alright! Friends, this is so cool, so I continued to talk to them, I was so excited. Then one of them asked me, "Why do you always say yuns all the time?" I didn't know what to say, "I don't know, I just do. Yuns don't?" Ha, and before you know it, they all turned around and walked away. I got my hopes up for a whole 2 minutes before that disappointing moment. I was just really confused as to why they didn't say yuns, I mean they are from the same place I am from, I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how they were able to talk without ever saying yuns!
By my middle school years my dad had a new girlfriend that he worked with, and her and her 2 sons had moved in with my dad and my brother and I. One of her sons was only six months younger than I was, and her youngest son was only one month older than my little brother was. All they did was aggravate, annoy, and was torture. So, needless to say, I developed thick skin as tough as leather, at a really young age.
It was either in my last years of middle school or one of my summers before I started 8th or 9th grade at Rolla Junior High School, I was either 13 or 14, when I had sold candy bars to relatives and door to door to people in my neighborhood so that I could raise enough money to be able go to Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico with the First Assembly of God Church youth group for a week long mission trip to help build a church. It was a rewarding and unforgettable cultured experience! Sometime during my 8th and 9th grade years at Rolla Junior High school my dad and his live in girlfriend decided to get married at Meramec Springs. On the day of thier wedding my dad quit his sanitation job and would begin working for his aunt Janet and uncle Sonny (my great aunt and uncle) hauling port-a-potties, a business they started in 1982 (the year I was born), famously known as Watkins Portable Toilets!

At 15 I got my first job as secretary for Sargent Lesane in the Air Force Recruiting Office to start saving money to buy a car when I got my license. I went to take the test to get my driver's permit as soon as I turned 15 and a half and failed the multiple choice test the first time I took it so I studied for another week and passed it that next friday! I learned how to drive in town with my step-mom Angie riding shotgun. It was nerve racking to say the least learning to drive in my dads SUPER LARGE older Chevy Suburban. One time I drove us home from my step brothers football game at the junior high (him being six months younger than I and a year under me in school) I was driving through Forumn Drive and I was too close to the sidewalk and folded the side mirror on my steps mom's side and the mirror busted with a loud explosion and shockingly scared us both I wanted to pull into the RTI parking lot and let her drive us on home, I was done, I wanted to get out of the driver's seat! But my step-mom insisted that I take a minute to relax and keep going and drive us home. She said that if I got out right then I would never learn how to correct those mistakes and she was right, you don't learn by quitting. So she explained what went wrong and how to correct it. Six months later, that March of my 10th grade year at Rolla High School, that friday after I turned 16, I took the driving test to get my license and passed. From what I recall just barely, but I passed, my picture was on a Missouri License! That next summer I started working 2 the register in the cafeteria at Thomas Jefferson Hall, a UMR building for college students and as a hostess at Waffle House.
During my junior year I turned 17 I had enough money saved up and my dad and I started car shopping for a used car. It was my car but it came down to my dad's approval on what car I would buy. We finally looked at car that got my dad's overall approval, so I bought it! A 1984 Chrysler New Yorker, I loved my car. In 2000, I graduated from Rolla High School.[4][5] I was going to take just a year off, at the most, until I decided on a local school to enroll in. The trouble with that was in that year I ended up in the longest relationship I was ever involved in (at that time). I either met him cruising town or through a friend, or maybe it was both. I do remember that I met him a couple months before graduation, becoming an "item" the month before I graduated, so blinded by a boy that I could not see past him.
The options each local school possible for me to enroll into only had courses going in directions that were not made for me, it was all wrong. Studying to be a nurse at Rolla Technical College (RTC) wouldn't allow me much room for error, my life is full of the word "oops". That left me with Trades in a computer class or a business degree. What a total nightmare, all of my life I had the disillusion that everyone could be something they wanted to be when they grew up. But they don't tell you that if such options aren't there to be easily offered, then before you graduate you better hope you can have it all figured out where to find such options to set yourself in a direction you choose, because after graduation, you are on your own. Decisions are no longer made for you past that point, the first 18 years of your life is already planned out for you, what you will be doing and and what you need to get done is decided for you. It is beyond reckless for anyone to opt out of the easiest part of their entire life by choosing to drop out early from school. I was not aware of the wide variety of opportunities that are actually out there and suitable for all other areas of interests. When I needed advice the most for help the right direction it seemed that there was no one that would listen, basically no advice, and when I was 18 I didn't have a cell phone equipped with internet (I didn't even have a cell phone without internet). Life was completely different then, we lived day to day without smartphones, we were interactive with life, I didn't have technology at my fingertips to Google Search an answer for all of life's questions. I am very thankful that I had a childhood before technology, now days kids don't experience a real childhood, they are all on phones or tablets. I haven't talked about my children yet because I hadn't made it that far into (my life) timeline yet, but for instance, my daughter has a phone and she's only 12 years old and just in 5th grade, we got it for her this last Christmas, here's the kicker, she's been asking for one for three years. You know what I did for entertainment when I was 12 years old, I went outside to ride my bicycle or to climb trees, and if I was lucky I got to go to the skating rink once on the weekend. Speaking of climbing trees....on my very last day of my 6th grade school year, just like the rest of the school year I rode the school bus home, I was so super excited about school being out for the summer and that I was goung to be a 7th grader, as soon as I got off the school bus I took my backpack inside and went outside to play. There was a tree in the neighbor girl's yard that all of us kids climbed and jumped out of all the time. So with the neighbor girl and my step-brother we went to climb, I grabbed the bottom branch and I swung out then back in to swing myself out of the tree just as I always did, except that time I swung out a little too hard and, out of instinct I put my hands down to soften my fall as I landed on my butt, and when I pulled my hands up from under me, my right arm was fine, but my left arm is hard to describe. I will continue later..i have a 3 year old that will not go to sleep. And when I graduated high school I didn't have Google to help me for direction, and even dad and my step-mom was always there when I needed help or had worked longer hours, twice as hard, in order to provide and keep a home for four kidsgrowing up qnobody answers and advice. I should have been appointed a life coach my senior year, everybody should be appointed a life coach their senior year. With no one o I could make a career choice based on my interests and no life coach, unsure if there was something out there for me, and within the year I took off I spent most of my time with friends and eventually I stopped worrying about it since it seemed evident o help me do something good with my life so I just with friends as much as I could. On December 29, 2001 my Great Grandma Edith passed away and after her funeral I really just kind of lost every bit of ambition I had, my aspirations, gone.

Amatory Effusions

It was during that summer, just months before my great grandma's passing, when I met James. I was 19, he was a 22 year-old metal head. The calm, kind of quiet, wallflower type. I wouldn't have considered him my type, but at that time I didn't really know what my type was. I didn't even really know myself exactly just yet. Up until that point I had only been intrigued by life, and then from that point on I spent several years in awe, learning everything that really moved me...finding myself the more I got lost. He was strange, nothing like I was used to. It was the strangeness that really moved m learn what moved me e was strange, not
Truth be told, it wasn't until many, many years later that I would actually refer to him by his first name. When I met him, everyone called him "Huss" or "Hussey", which is his last name. And at that time, his mom and dad, aunts and uncles, were the only people you would hear call him James. For the longest time, even I called him Huss or Hussey. It wasn't until after many years of being around his parents, and his other family, that it started to rub off on me and I began calling him James.
But after we met, we quickly became friends. We had alot of fun hanging out together, becoming the best of friends. All the time turned into all of our time together, we couldn't go two days without wanting to see each other. Before you knew it we were inseparable and inlove. Little did we know that was just a precurser of indifferent and insane, as a love so intense and strong can have a tendency to cause the adverse affect of becoming dangerously toxic.
Very few people are lucky enough in their lifetime to feel the love we felt. It was so intense that it's seemingly impossible for me to explain fully and describe entirely. The rest of the world would all but disappear around us, like they were not even there. His love was like a voodoo that I could feel in every cell in my body. There was something about the way he worshiped my body, as if he had found a new religion in me. We were constantly lost in a euphoria for years on end, writing one of the universe’s most beautiful love stories into the fabric of time with our vibrations. It was a love so rare it would make Romeo and Juliet’s love look bare.
We were a good team back then. We were unstoppable. For atleast 5 straight years we never stayed in one place very long, a party wherever we went, and we never fought or said a negative word to each other. When I turned 24 the things in life, going on around me, were catching up to me and life had begun to slow me down. I was pregnant with our first daughter. Our lives slowed down, not all at once, not gradually, but kind of like when you tap on the brakes then let off then you tap the breaks again and again and then let off,'s kind of like that.

Dievam trīs lietas patīkamas

The birth of all three of my daughters is the reason why my most favorite Latvian Proverb is Dievam trīs lietas patīkamas (English equivelent: All good things are three). I wasn't married when my three daughters were born, but I still gave them thier dad's last name Hussey, because traditionally, that's how it is supposed to be. On August 10, 2006 I gave birth to my first daughter, I named her Raycee Ryver Hussey, we were so proud, she was so beautiful! Our lives would be that of a completely different pace, filled with birthday parties and birthday cake, piñatas and toys, and many late nights but for completely different reasons. Being a first time parent was scary at times and nerve racking to say the least! James was always right there to help me with everything, I'm certainly not going to say it was easy adjusting to the new rhythm of things but now I had a purpose and a career. My purpose in life is to never leave her standing alone with no direction, and my career was to be her life coach. On April 26, 2008 I gave birth my second daughter, James named her Stormie Skie Hussey, we were so proud, she was so beautiful! It was a lot easier after the second child, still nerve racking having a new born but this time I knew what to expect, and Stormie being so good and so sweet made it all the easier.

About the time Stormie was three and Raycee four, James and I did not see eye to eye, a love so great can also have a tendency to become dangerously toxic and we separated that summer for only about two and a half months and then found ourselves back together and trying to work out our differences. It wasn't easy, but I want nothing more than for my girls to be happy, As a parent, making my girls happy has been a big part in what I do. I have always turned their frowns upside down, and when we do it as a team, it's like a cure for their sadness. I never want that kind of love that they have for James and I as parents to be taken away, and I definately didn't want the stubborness of my pride to be the reason for their first broken heart. I wanted nothing more than what I have always wanted, James and I, doing what we have always done together since day one, truely love and parenting. It's safe to say that even til this day you might catch us working out the kinks, but broken hearts don't heal overnight.
No tevis es nezinu
lai es tevi zinu labāk nekā es zinu sevi
mēs ceļojām tālu un plašāk.

Līdz brīdim, kad mēs sasniedzām galamērķi.

Un tad mēs ceļojām atpakaļ vēl plašāk un plašāk
no tevis es zinu labāk nekā es zinu sevi
lai es tevi vispār nezinātu.
Inga Pizane

Three years ago I gave birth to my third daughter, we named her Autumn Rain Hussey, we were so proud, she was so beautiful! I had decided she was also going to be my last child, so during my stay in the maternity ward at PCRMC after her birth, I had a tubal ligation done, and to be honest if somebody would have told me about how much more uncomfortable I was going to feel, on top of such an already uncomfortable transition, after giving birth, then I would have never gotten the tubal ligation, and I sometimes even think it might have been a mistake to put end to our bloodline combination that gave the world such beauty. How the two of us had such beautiful daughters, I would like to believe it had a lot to do with such a beautiful love their father and I once shared, but one thing I know for sure is certain, that everything beautiful that they are, was grown from the roots of our family trees.[6]

Celebrating My 35th Birthday

Since 1982 I have remained here in Phelps County, and spending 35 years in the Ozarks, growing up here, you develop a sort of personal intimacy with Missouri's countryside.

Amidst all of my genealogy research is the following poem written by Amanda Ellen (Sally) Freeman, daughter of John A. and Margaret (Coppedge) Sally, and granddaughter of Henson Coppedge of Spring Creek, Missouri. This poem can be found in a family history book titled Coppedge/Freeman and Next of Kin by Mildred C. Siever. I am connected to the Coppedge's through my Great-Aunt Janet's late husband, my Uncle "Sonny" Luman Fredrick Watkins. Louvisa Coppedge is his direct ancestor. My interest in this book is of the Coppedge's that ingrained their families where I have lived my entire life, right here in the Ozarks, and their familiarization to my stomping grounds, the place I call home. I definately recommend this book to anyone connected to my area of the Ozarks and/or the Coppedge family.

So, in celebration of my 35th birthday, I want to share the following poem written by Amanda Ellen (Sally) Freeman.[7]
Eighty-two years ago today
I came crying for a home
With John and Margaret Sally,
They were joyous when I came
Two noted guests were present
On that reception day:
T'was Aunt Amanda Coppedge
And dear Aunt Ellen Ray.
Dear Grandma Coppedge was my nurse
She watched o'er me day and night
And afterward I proved to be
Her comfort and delight.
Poor weakly little creature
She loved me just the same.
They called me Amanda Ellen
And that's a lovely name.
I was small at the beginning
But growing day by day,
I started on life's journey
And yet I'm on my way.
Dark clouds have oft o'er shadowed
But vanished with the light;
A pathway strewn with roses
Has been my walk through life.
Oct. 14, 1937

Details of the Rare Super Blue Blood Moon and the Even More Super Rare Me

Details of the Rare Transit of Venus and the Even More Rare Me

Details of the Rare Friday the 13th Full Moon and the Even More Rare Me

"In the end, we'll all become stories."
-Margaret Atwood

Natural Philosophy

My views might be seen as contraversial to anyone that doesn't have an open mind. Read with caution.
Someday I hope that it will come easier putting my thoughts into words when it comes to my thoughts and feelings, the more thoughts I have and the more strongly I about something makes what is in my head and my heart, harder to find words to explain. Religion contradicts its beliefs too constistently for me to be a believer, I am spiritual but not religious, unless one doen't have one without the other. How exactly am I to explain my beliefs between logic (i.e. science) and spirit (i.e. essence of a soul). Perhaps I will never be able to write how I feel about what I believe, that would be a writing I could only get deeper and deeper into, making it more impossible to completely finish, I would end up writing an amphigory. The best way might be write in little by little, so then it begins. Everything that we know is created by science, caused by the buildup of elements in space. Some physicists think they can explain why the universe first formed, if they are right, our entire cosmos may have sprung out of nothing at all, like the big bang theory.[8] The Universe and Earth (i.e. cosmos) is scientific by nature as is our birth also scientific by nature, we are all created by the biology of our scientific makeup. And we are divine in our connection "to nature" but in our connection "with nature" we are parasidical. This is where my logic of science meets spirit, bringing everyone's idea of Heaven down to Earth, literally. Which leads me to explain on a scientific scale our place in the universe right now, Earth being most definately a heavenly body in the cosmos, so with that being said, our spititual connection with nature is that we are already now living on a heavenly body within the cosmos. I don't really know how anyone would see it any other way, look at the rest of the amazing cosmos, and then look at how lucky we are to be born to this heavenly Earth. It only makes sense, and that's one thing that the Bible doesn't do is make sense. From the very beginning it doesn't make sense, the very first words are contradictory, saying God created light on the first day (Genesis 1:2-5), but he didn't create the sun and the moon until the fourth day (Genesis 1:14-19). At no time on Earth have we had any light without the rising of the sun or by the light of the moon after the sun sets. The whole book is one big contradiction, I can give examples after examples after examples. To point out a few, it tells us that God gave man free will while everything that happens is all a part of "his plan", how can we have free will if it is all a part of his plan, and how can it be a part of his plan if he gave us free will? One way to disprove the Bible is thinking about it for two seconds. To believe in a God who would sentence you to an eternity in fire for not believing in him but refuses to provide unambiguous, tangible evidence of his existence, is not a God, it's mythology just like Zues and Achilles, amongst others. It's teachings are as immoral as anything could be. Exodus 21:7-11 says that "When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again." Now doesn't that just speak for itself. (Notice how I didn't make that a question!) Dueteronomy 22:28-29 says that all a man has to do when he rapes a virgin is give her father 1 1/4 pounds of silver and then she will become his wife then he can never divorce her as long as he lives. I can keep going and going. I will not worship any God that thinks this way and I will never follow any book when these are some of it's words. That is ludicris! How can I have faith in a book that teaches "siblings may get married" (Genesis 20:42), or that "divorced people can't remarry" (Mark 10:8-11), or "polygamy is acceptable" (I Kings 11:3), or how about that it teaches "rapists can marry their victims" (Duet. 22:28-29). How are those teachings acceptable? Anyone in their right mind would agree that they are not. I am not trying detour anyone away from their religion by writing this, I am simply writing this to note a mind that was once alive with thoughts, so that what I have thought isn't just a dead memory after my death. Trust me, if I had it my way I would live forever, I have a terrible fear of dying, it would actually be more precise to say that it's a phobia. [9]
For so long explanations for illogical reason have been labled as miracles that are "an act of God". Sorry people, but everything happens for a reason, this is why education is so important. I believe in seperation of the church and state, we send our children to school to be educated, to use their minds, that is what school is for. If we want them to learn religion, that is why there are churches, there is a time and a place for religion and when my childs education is at stake, that is not the time. It's common sense, if my children ask me why something happens and I do not know the answer, I tell them there is always an answer even if I do not know what it is, and then I make it a point to learn with them whatever they are curious about, to educate them with these reasons. I do not ever tell them that science is too hard, so everything is just a miracle, I want them to expand their minds and learn how incredible science is and how it works. "God works in mysterious ways" is a euphemism for "stop asking hard questions." Anything deemed as a miracle is just unexplained, there are no miracles, science is the reason for all "miraculous" things. A great example, the now official New York State amphibian, the wood frog.[10] The biology of a wood frog is truely remarkable. Someone uneducated in science that is not aware of how the biology of a wood frog works would probably, without a doubt, come to the conclusion that they had just witnessed a miracle. Let me shed some light on my example-- Wood frogs (Rana sylvatica) are widely distributed from northern Georgia to north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska and Canada. The northern forests of Alaska and Canada have some of the most dramatic temperature ranges in the world, summer days stretch to 24 hours and temperatures can climb into the 90’s, whereas winters can bring some of the earth’s coldest temperatures. Under the Köppen climate classification system, Prospect Creek, just south of the Brooks Range in Alaska, has a subarctic climate and has received some of the coldest winters in U.S. history.[11] It was declared the coldest place in the United States at −79.8 °F on January 23, 1971. Frogs are cold blooded, so their body temperature is about the same as the surrounding air, and yet unbelievably, wood frogs survive in these subarctic winters. This mystery has intrigued scientists for a long time. Biologists have studied wood frog hibernation and what they’ve learned is truly astonishing. For most other animals, survival depends on protecting themselves from any condition that could freeze their flesh. From frost bite to freezing to death, everybody knows that these extreme temperatures are dangerous, for several reasons, the result is pervasive and deadly internal damage. Most frogs survive northern winters by hibernating deep under water, in ponds, lakes and streams, they are cold and dormant but their body temperature never falls below freezing. Wood frogs hibernate differently. They hibernate by nestling down into the leafy litter on the forest floor, unprotected from subfreezing temperatures like they would be if they chose the underwater strategy. Wood frogs have evolved ways to freeze solid for up to eight months each year. They’ve accomplished what would seem to be a biological miracle. These frozen frogs stop breathing, their hearts stop beating, they have no brain activity what-so-ever, yet when the weather warms, the frogs thaw and come back to life each spring. They lterally come back from the dead. In most other animals, when the heart stops beating the animal is dead. This is not true for wood frogs, however. Despite the almost complete shut-down of their bodies, the frogs aren't harmed by freezing and become active again when the warmer temperatures of spring arrive.[12] After learning about the biology of wood frogs, it made me wonder exactly how crazy something has to happen to remain unexplainable in nature. So what about those certain things that scientists have never been able to scientifically explain? Things that they don't understand how they happened, things that they don't can't scientifically answer so they give it their best guess.

Earth, Time & Space Wonder

This brief section doesn't even begin to tap into my wondering thoughts of the Earth, time and the infinite outer space as a universe. Things aren't quite clear to me, and those things that nobody give an answer for are the things I really want to know. I don't want to theorize on my philosophical revelations the rest of my life. What torture, it would be like how it feels when you have a good conversation and one of you bring up something that you both have known the answer to the name of whatever it us that neither one of you can think of and we are both mentally annoyed until one of us comes up with it, thinking unable to not think about what the name is, it's like our mind goes into a mental war to figure out whatever word and it's so exhausting there is always the biggest relief when that one word is remembered and you both can say "yep, that was it!" It's the biggest relief and it feels like you have been holding your breath for the last however many hours you thought about it. is because of my revelations that it weighs on my entire being not to know what I have pondered on. I am not sure how many other people, if any, think about the same things. As I get older, my curiosity grows. I am curious about things that not very many people take the time to give it a thought, maybe because I want to know all the secrets of the universe, maybe because this is the world my little girls will grow up in, or maybe I seek answers for an even deeper reason, more than likely, it's all of the above.
One of my questions is what will happen after our Planet's Poles flip? I guess what I really want to know is, will life on Earth be effected? To explain my concern, North is, north (somewhere above Alaska)—and south is, south (down near the middle of Antarctica). This will always be true for the planet’s geographic poles, but it’s only intermittently true for the planet’s magnetic poles. Over the past 20 million years, the magnetic poles have flip-flopped every several hundred thousand years or so, which means that if you had a compass in hand about 800,000 years ago, it would tell you that north was in Antarctica. Scientists are pretty sure Earth’s churning, molten iron core powers these polar acrobatics, but it’s not entirely clear what triggers the actual reversals. The process is gradual and occurs over millennia. For now, Earth’s north magnetic pole is creeping northward by about 40 miles a year. And given that the last major pole reversal happened 780,000 years ago, we are overdue for a flip. Is nobody else primarily concerned that such a durastic change within our planet will affect life on Earth?[13] Earth’s magnetic field has been (rapidly) weakening by about 5 percent per decade in recent times – a sign that it has started the flip process of a reversal. “Paleomagnetic evidence suggests reversals take around 1,000-5,000 years or so,” Associate Professor Phil Livermore, an expert on Earth’s geomagnetic field at the University of Leeds, told IFLScience.[14]

Stormy Skies

(It's just happenstance that just so happens to be my daughters name.) Wednesday, August 29, 2018, 7:06 a.m. I absolutely LOVE getting woke up by the rumble of deep, loud thunder right before you hear the sound of hard rain beat down on the roof! There is just something about waking up to a loud thunderstorm, I cannot describe the feeling, and today I was blessed with it. Stormy Skies in the morning have a somewhat hypnotic calming affect to the earth the rest of the day afterwards.[15]

I'm going to update from my last entry about something I talked about in Compare-A-Face. I was researching one of my ancestors, John Wesley Wilson, which is Nan's great-grandpa (Nan is my late grandma, my mom's mother who was born with the last name Wilson). But while I was researching through Wilson records, I found the Marriage Record of Nan (Joyce Wilson) and her first husband, my Mom's birth father. The name of my mom's birth father is Jackie H. Smith, the marriage License says Jackie H. Smith of Duke, Phelps County, Missouri who is over the age of 21. Nan (Joyce Wilson) of Flat, Phelps County, Missouri who was under the age of 18, had the consent of her mother Carol Wilson. They were married in Rock Springs, Texas County, Missouri on September 28, 1962. My mom Cookie Smith was born October 19, 1964, her birth name is Jacquelin Runay Smith, I am going to assume that she was kind of named after her father, given the fact that his name is Jackie, since Jaquelin is a feminine version of Jackie. My aunt Dee was born September 1, 1968, her birth name is Joyce Dee Smith, she was then named after their mother Joyce Enice Wilson (Nan). Before my aunt Dee Smith was born, Nan and their birth father were divorced and she was re-married that year, on March 9, 1968, to Pa, my grandpa William "Bill" Tyler. If you ask them, Pa is the only father they have. After my entire life my mom would never tell me her birth father's name, and after 36 years I find it by accident. It's very cool to learn about such mysterious things, I haven't told my mom that I found out and I probably never will. Out of respect for my late Nan I am not going to add their relationship or their marriage records to her profile, of which I pretty much itching to do but I don't feel that it would be right to just yet. I have done a little searching (not extensively) to see if I could find out something more about him, besides just his name, but I have been unsuccessful. These curiosities are all very interesting.

Making an update (Sun., Oct 21, 2018, as a matter of fact, today is James' 40th birthday) I did a little Google searching on my mom's birth father. The thing about online Google searches is that it's all about key words. Adding the right key word in the search bar will find you exactly what you are looking for, without that right key word you might never find the right results. I know nothing about my mom's birth father except his name, I don't know anything about his family so I don't know what key word to input that will find results that tell me everything about him. The one thing about genealogy is persistence, if you are persistent enough to find answers, eventually you will find your answers in the right place. Before today my Google searches did not find anything worthy of looking at, but like I said its all about key words. My key words this time were Jackie H Smith phelps missouri genealogy. Those key words didn't find me all the answers I was looking for, but within the results it's possible to find a good key word to add to later searches that might lead me to better results, and so on, and so on. But I only checked the first few pages of results on my Google search on those key words. I quit looking after the first few pages because mostly all of the results were different Phelps county, Missouri genealogy web pages that I have already viewed time and time again and different genealogy message boards with queries about certain Smith families around Phelps County, of course none of them mentioned any names in their post that I am familiar with. But it did find listed on buried in Smith Cemetery - Phelps County, Missouri listed Smith, Jack H., b. Dec 18, 1929, d. Jan 23, 1996, s/w Frances M. Smith. I haven't a clue as to what s/w stands for and I don't know when he was born or if he died, what I do know is that on September 28, 1961 he was over the age of 21, which means he was born before 1940. But the description of the cemetery is definately the right area. Nan lived in the Edgar Springs and Flat area her whole life and the location of this Smith Cemetery said, (Lat: 37° 44' 18"N, Lon: 91° 54' 04"W T35N R9W Sec 22) from Edgar Springs on Hwy 63, drive north about a quarter of a mile, then left onto SR M for a couple miles, turning right onto CR 6130 and stay on this road until you see the old church building and cemetery on your right, or north side of the road. These cemetery transcriptions were contributed (Oct 11, 2003, last edited May 11, 2009) by Sharon Macormic ( who walked the cemetery on October 05, 2003, transcribing from what she could read on the headstones. Her description of this cemetery said, This is a beautiful and very well maintained cemetery. There are a lot of very old stones that were not readable. This cemetery also included more than 50 rocks which were marking the location of graves. There was no indication of who was buried there. I especially enjoyed the stone stating that Marabah Melton was the first person buried in the Smith cemetery, which was 1859. There are also some Wilson's buried in this cemetery, Nan was born a Wilson, her parents were Carol Ruth (Miles) and Eldo William Wilson. So I looked up Jack H Smith of Phelps County, Missouri on and it really didn't tell me much more than before, just a clearer view of what the headstone actually read. Ok, so all of that got me nowhere. But as a genealogist, my job is to document, make notes and record all of my research findings (or lack of), analyses and conclusions. The results from FamilySearch today just focused on finding Jackie H Smith, Jackie Smith, Jack H Smith, Jack Smith, and J H Smith (and maybe even J Smith if it showed something promising) listed in and/or from the Edgar Springs and Flat area in Phelps County. These are the records in the results I would like to make a note of as I try to find an answers among these clues.

  1. "United States Public Records, 1970-2009" for Jack Henry Smith[16]
    • Name: Jack Henry Smith
    • Event Date: 01 Feb 1994-01 Mar 2001
    • Event Place: Edgar Springs, Missouri, United States
    • Birth Date: 18 Dec 1929
    • Address: Edgar Springs, Missouri 65462
    • Address Date: 01 Feb 1994-01 Mar 2001
    • 2nd Address: Edgar Springs, Missouri 65462
    • 2nd Address Date: 01 Aug 1989
    • Affiliate Identifier: 252138578
  2. "United States Public Records, 1970-2009" for Jack H Smith[17]
    • Name: Jack H Smith
    • Event Date: 01 Apr 1998
    • Event Place: Edgar Springs, Missouri, United States
    • Address: Edgar Springs, Missouri 65462
    • Affiliate Identifier: 689854457
  3. "United States Public Records, 1970-2009" for J Smith[18] (of a different location in Phelps County, but this record was unique because a middle name for one of his possible named relatives is Dee, which is my aunt Dee's middle name, my mom's Smith sister. Could there be a connection?)
    • Name: J Smith
    • Event Date: 01 Jul 1988
    • Event Place: Liberty, Missouri, United States
    • Address: Liberty, Missouri 64068
    • Address Date: 01 Jul 1988
    • Possible Relatives: Archie G Smith, Margaret J Smith, Marla Dee Smith
    • Affiliate Identifier: 249600568



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Notes to my Daughters

Monday, Labor Day, September 3, 2018. A note for my daughter Raycee (not even a month into the age of 12) I do not want to embarrass you by making a note of this day within your biography or within the context of mine, so I figured that here, way after the end and after all my citations, would be best. This is to note for you to one day hopefully read what I wrote on this day, memorial day in 2018. Days like these are what mothers are for, amongst everything else besides math homework and that's where your father comes in handy! But times like these are among the times when you need me the most. Today was not only a first for you, it was also a parenting first for me, just as you were my first experience as a parent. To be truthfully honest, I don't think I have ever told you how scared and nervous I was to know they were sending me home from the hospital with a baby not knowing how to take care of it, not knowing what I was doing at all. Parenting you has been very unique, and one of the three best parts of my existence.

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Hi Brandy, we are 9th cousins twice removed tho=rough Ann Gregg Houghton.

Hi Cuz, nice to meet you through WikiTree.

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