Mathieu-Michel  (Le Neuf Duherrison) Le Neuf du Hérisson

Mathieu-Michel (Le Neuf Duherrison) Le Neuf du Hérisson (abt. 1601 - bef. 1672)

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Acting Gov Mathieu-Michel (Michel) Le Neuf du Hérisson formerly Le Neuf Duherrison aka La Poterie, Le Neuf de La Potterie, du Hérisson, Le Neuf, DuHérisson
Born about in Caen, (Calvados), Normandie, Francemap
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Died before in Trois-Rivières, Canada, Nouvelle-Francemap
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Michel (Le Neuf Duherrison) Le Neuf du Hérisson migrated from France to New France.
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Michel (Le Neuf Duherrison) Le Neuf du Hérisson lived in New France, in what is now Québec.
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Michel (Le Neuf Duherrison) Le Neuf du Hérisson is a member of royalty, nobility or aristocracy in Europe.
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" 'The Le Neuf siblings--Michel Le Neuf, sieur du Hérisson; Jacques Le Neuf, sieur de la Poterie; and Marie Le Neuf (who was married Jean Godefroy de Lintot)--came with their mother Jeanne Le Marchand, children, and Le Gardeur kinsman to New France in 1636. They were the regarded as the first French nobles to settle permanently in Canada. The Le Neufs and Le Gardeurs became an influential kinship group in colonial New France. The Le Neuf brothers played an important role in colonial New France and their lives are documented in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography... Although the Le Neufs were an important family in the history of New France, nobody now carries the surname Le Neuf in North America. They did leave behind descendants in Canada and the United States through female Le Neuf ancestresses. Also, after the fall of New France, some of the male Canadian Le Neufs returned to France and presumably have descendants there.'" -John P. DuLong"[1]



Co-founder of the Community of Inhabitants of Trois-Rivières in 1645. Civil and criminal judge and lieutenant-général.

Concession of the manor of Vieuxpont near Trois-Rivières 29-03-1649, to Joseph Godefroy the 15-11-1667. Concession of the fief Dufort.

Do not confuse him with his brother Jacques Leneuf, Sieur de La Poterie who was governor from 1645 to 1662 in Trois-Rivières.

But especially not with Michel LeNeuf, Sieur de Vallière, captain under Frontenac. The latter is his nephew, son of his brother Jacques and oddly enough married in 1665 in La Rochelle.

In 1958 to 1961, the French channel CBC made 124, 30 minutes episode, on the adventures of Michel Leneuf, a courier in Nouvelle France, a series called Le Courrier du roy. Assisted by his Native American companion Kiwi, he travels the country to deliver important messages to the authorities and battle the British and the Iroquois. Givogue-4

Bécancour represents the territorial location of three former seigneuries: The seigneurie Dutort, of Cournoyer and of Bécancour. The fief Dutort was the first one that was formed. This one belonged to the Sieur Michel LeNeuf aka du Hérisson that he deeded to his nephew Michel Godfroy de Linctot June 19 1650. It is on their land that the town of Bécancour is currently located.

"'Dictionnaire Genealogique Des Familles Canadiennes', by Abbé Tanguay; Volume 1, Page 381, 192; Vol 3, Page 396. [Confusing information including: his name as Mathieu Michel and his spouse as Jeanne LeMarchand which are also shown in other sources as the name of his parents. Jette does state that his daughter, Anne, was born out of wedlock. Anne is listed in Tanguay as his daughter with Jeanne LeMarchand as the mother]. (Tanguay erratum:, Michel's father was named Mathieu only, Anne's mother was unknown).

Considered a provincial nobleman, he was a member of the small nobility of Normandy. His known siblings were a brother, Jacques LeNeuf de la Poterie, and two sisters, Madeleine LeNeuf (married to Pouterel) and Marie LeNeuf married to Godefroy de Linctot.

The 1666 census by Jean Talon, lists his age as approx. 65 years old and able to sign.

Prominent in the Trois-Rivières area, he served as judge and overlord of an estate.

He was also a commercial brewer.

His only child and daughter, Anne born 1632 in the bourg of Thierry in Caen, Normandy married Antoine DesROSIERS in 1649. (It is unknown if he was married to Anne's mother or not, in either case, the absence of proof of his marriage resulted in her being considered illegitimate. He never married in New France)

Il n'est pas clair si sa fille Anne est un enfant légitime de Michel Leneuf, Sieur du Hérisson et co-fondateur de Trois-Rivières avec une mère décédée en France ou une enfant illégitime. D'après René Jetté: ENFANT NATUREL: (ou d'une femme décédée en France): Anne 34 ans au recensement de 1666 mariée en 1647 avec Antoine Desrosiers

LENEUF DU HÉRISSON, MICHEL, seigneur, member of the Communauté des Habitants, syndic, acting governor of Trois-Rivières, royal judge; b. c. 1601 at Caen (Normandy), son of Mathieu Leneuf and Jeanne Le Marchant; d. probably in 1672.

Michel Leneuf landed at Quebec 11 June 1636 along with other members of his numerous family: his adopted or illegitimate daughter Anne; his mother, Jeanne Le Marchant, widow of Mathieu Leneuf; his sister, Marie Leneuf (who was to marry the Trois-Rivières pioneer, Jean Godefroy de Lintot); his brother, Jacques Leneuf de La Poterie, who was bringing from France his daughter Marie-Anne and his wife, Marguerite Legardeur de Repentigny; Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny and Charles Legardeur de Tilly. They made up a veritable family clan, as was said later, which for several years sought to acquire a monopoly of the fur trade and which took the initiative in the founding of the Communauté des Habitants.

The Leneuf family went to settle at Trois-Rivières the same year it arrived. Michel secured title to substantial grants of land: among others the Dutort (later Bécancour) fief, 1 Dec. 1637; 50 acres fronting on the St-Lawrence River at Trois-Rivières, 16 July 1638; the fief of Vieux-Pont, 29 March 1649; part of the seigneury of Cap-des-Rosiers (the rest of which belonged to his brother, to the Le Gardeurs, and others), 9 March 1652. With the backing of his younger brother, Jacques, in whose house he lived, he managed to acquire, jointly with Jacques, effective control of the town of Trois-Rivières. The 1667 census credits him with 100 acres of land under development at Trois-Rivières. He also owned a flour mill. He had his farms cultivated by tenant farmers with whom, as a result of his violent temperament, he was in constant difficulty and litigation, especially with Sébastien Dodier and Guillaume Isabel. He was also continually at odds with the Jesuits in connection with the boundaries of their adjacent grants of land.

His public life was similarly very active. He capitalized on the prestige of his brother Jacques, who was governor of Trois-Rivières almost without interruption from 1645 to 1662. Michel Leneuf was chosen syndic of the settlers in 1648 and in 1649. In 1661, while his brother was still governor and when his brother-in-law, Charles Legardeur de Tilly, was a member of the Conseil de la Nouvelle-France, Michel had no difficulty in obtaining the post of general civil and criminal lieutenant in the seneschals court of Trois-Rivières; then, from 1664 on, he replaced Pierre Boucher as royal judge after the latter's resignation. When the Leneuf brothers had the control of the key offices which they had sought for a long time, their abuses involved them in numerous difficulties. In 1665-66 an inquiry into the liquor trade with the Indians proved that the governor's wife herself, Marguerite Legardeur, was one of the leading figures in this flourishing business. The Conseil Souverain suspended Michel Leneuf from his post as a judge by a decree dated 29 May 1665 and replaced him temporarily by Councillor Louis Peronne de Mazé, who was appointed "special commissioner" for the time being.

Shortly afterwards Michel Leneuf was reinstated in office. In the records of a hearing held on 19 May 1666 he is listed as civil and criminal lieutenant, and the following year, on 8 June, a petition addressed to him by Michel Gamelain dit Lafontaine refers to him as "Royal Judge."

The archives of the courthouse of Trois-Rivières have preserved for us some of the judgements handed down by Michel Leneuf. In general they are marked by fairness and common sense. These archives also contain an absorbing account of the numerous lawsuits that took place between the fiery seigneur and his tenant farmers. He was a typical Norman country squire, intelligent and wily, but fond of legal quibbles.

The documents provide us with very little information about his private life. When he arrived in New France he was single or a widower, for he brought out with him a little girl of four who still bore the name Anne Du Hérisson. It is possible, as has been claimed, that she was his illegitimate daughter. No precise information is given in this young woman's marriage contract with Antoine Desrosiers dated 24 Nov. 1647.

Michel Leneuf's burial certificate is not recorded in the Roman Catholic registers of Trois-Rivières which are preserved intact from 1634 (Note: some of them are actually lost/illegible). We may, however, assume that he died in 1672, for he was replaced in his post as judge by Gilles de Boyvinet on 26 October of that year.

Michel had acted as governor of Trois-Rivières in 1668, as a temporary replacement in this office for René Gaultier de Varennes.

"'Raymond Douville' AJTR, MSS, Registres des audiences de la cour de juridiction civile et criminelle. APQ, Documents de la prévôté de Trois-Rivières. Recensement de 1667. Papier terrier de la Cie des I.O. (P.-G. Roy). P.-G. Roy, Inv. concessions, I,II, V. Raymond Douville, 'La dictature de la famille Le Neuf,' Cahiers des Dix, XX (1955), 61-89; Visages du vieux Trois-Rivières (Trois-Rivières, 1955). Godbout, Les pionniers de la région trifluvienne. Sulte, Mélanges historiques (Malchelosse), XI, 7-38; XIV, 65-67; XIX. Raymond Douville, 'LENEUF DU HÉRISSON, MICHEL', in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. I, University of Toronto/Université Laval, 2003." [2] [3]

Fichier Origine


Date de naissance: Vers 1601
Lieu d'origine: Caen (Temple protestant) (Calvados) 14118
Parents: Mathieu LENEUF et Jeanne Lemarchand
Métier du père: Sieur du Hérisson
Date de mariage des parents: 05-12-1599
Lieu de mariage des parents: Caen (Temple protestant, bans) (14118)
Première mention au pays: 1636
Occupation à l'arrivée: Migrant arrivé avec sa mère
Décès ou inhumation: Trois-Rivières, 1672
Remarques: Sa fille Anne Leneuf épouse Antoine Desrosiers à Trois-Rivières, par cm du 24-11-1647 greffe Boujonnier ; elle est dite née hors-union, faute de preuve du mariage de son père. Son père Mathieu Leneuf, bourgeois, est décédé le 11-07-1619 à Caen (Calvados). Sa mère Jeanne Lemarchand est née à Condé-sur-Noireau (Calvados). Ses grands-parents paternels sont Jean Leneuf, bourgeois de Saint-Sauveur de Thury, et Marguerite Legardeur. Ses grands-parents maternels sont Gervais Lemarchand, lieutenant du bailli de Condé-sur-Noireau (Mathurin et Marguerite Blanchard) et Venote de Saint-Germain (Olivier et Françoise de Breuil), se sont mariés le 20-05-1570 à Ussy (Calvados), cm du 21-04-1570 greffe Cherin.[4]


Michel LeNeuf, Sieur du Hérisson


Date: 1601
Place: Caen, Normandie, France


Immigration: 11 June 1636


Fur merchant, brewer, Royal Judge, Lieutenant-général
Cofondateur de la Communauté des Habitants des Trois-Rivières en 1645. Lieutenant général, juge civil et criminel, marchand de fourrures, fabriquant d'alcohol.


before 26 OCT 1672
Trois-Rivières, Canada


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Widowed mother Jeanne Le Marchand LeNeuf de la Poterie and sons travel to New France
Widowed mother Jeanne Le Marchand LeNeuf de la Poterie and sons travel to New France

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