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Danielle Liard
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retired accountant, I'm a stickler for precision. Fluently bilingual in French and English, I was brought up with both languages.

Compliments of Melanie Paul, thanks due her, such fun!

Rabbit sees Squirrel with all the Shiny Things, and lust is born in his heart. Rabbit sneaks up on Squirrel, rushes in and grabs a shiny red gem, then runs away, lickety-split. And he runs, and runs, and runs, until - finally - he gets back to his Rabbit Hole and gives the Shiny Thing to Mrs Rabbit, who Writes it up with Proper Citation. The End.
Rabbit Holes and Shiny Things.

(Inspired by the g2g comment by Danielle Liard.) label=Rabbit sees Squirrel with all the Shiny Things, and lust is born in his heart. Rabbit sneaks up on Squirrel, rushes in and grabs a shiny red gem, then runs away, lickety-split. And he runs, and runs, and runs, until - finally - he gets back to his Rabbit Hole and gives the Shiny Thing to Mrs Rabbit, who Writes it up with Proper Citation. The End

Traduction: Le Lapin voit l'Écureuil avec toutes les Choses Brillantes, et la convoitise nait dans son coeur. Lapin s'approche furtivement de l'Écureuil, se lance et prend un joyau rouge brillant, puis se sauve à toute vitesse. Et il court, il court, il court jusqu'à ce que - finallement - il arrive à son trou de Lapin et donne la Chose Brillante à Mme Lapin, qui écrit le tout avec Citations Exactes. Fin.

Note: Down the rabbit hole est une expression qui dénote qu'on commence quelque chose sans fin (ou presque). Les occasions se présentent souvent en recherche généalogique de se trouver dans cet état. 🤣

comptable à la retraite, je suis un peu maniaque de la précision. Bilingue français/anglais, avec un peu de latin aussi.

Danielle Liard contributed a biography to the 2021 Canada Project Notables Biography Challenge.


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Merci Danielle/Thank you! I appreciate all you do for the Bas/Canada project. Is it incorrect to say Lower Canada? Most of my relatives are english speaking and some are also French. But there are anglophones who have no french so I have written everything in English. Also most of my descendants are anglophone in the 3rd generation.
posted by Suzanne Nadon
Bonjour Suzanne,

Your answer is found here:

Our guiding principle for location names is the same as the one for Name Fields: "use their conventions instead of ours."

Applied to locations, this means using place names in native languages and using the names that people at the time used, even if they now no longer exist. (my emphasis)


So if they were French, then it's Bas-Canada.


posted by Danielle Liard
Hi Danielle. I'd like to support your cemetery category format review request, but not as it is at present written. I'd be grateful if you could please read and take note of this Help page section. The official acronym is FG; others are hurtful. Regards—Jim
posted by Jim Richardson
Hi Danielle, there are duplicate categories https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Sault-au-R%C3%A9collet%2C_Province_de_Qu%C3%A9bec%2C_1763-1791 and https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Sault-au-R%C3%A9collet%2C_Province_de_Qu%C3%A9bec_1763-1791

One will need to be renamed. Looking at the others under Province of Quebec 1763-1791, most don't have the comma after Quebec, although a couple do. Regards, Margaret. :)

thanks Margaret, have set them to merge, going with the one that has the comma as the French parent category has it.
posted by Danielle Liard
edited by Danielle Liard
Thanks Danielle, just one thing, when you do something like that can you use Rename not Merge, as Merge involves more manual input from us. I've changed that one to Rename. Thanks, cheers, Margaret :)
took a note of that quirk, thanks
posted by Danielle Liard
Thank you, Danielle. I was over zealous in my attempt to follow a WikiTree category correction page. I've learned that if I hesitate, I should not touch!

Have a great day. Janet

posted by Janet (Adams) Demcoe
You rate as one of the top Wikitreers in contributing to my "learning the ropes". Today I watched the video on how to use the Wayback machine before I made another migration link correction. This time I got it right. I noticed that the earliest one did not have you as a contributor to that website and then to my pleasant surprise I found your name listed as a contributor on the newest website. I commend you for all you do and taking the time to help me discover new tools and websites. You are pretty good at teaching an old dog new tricks.
posted by Ralph Geer
thanks, forget when I started helping Migrations site, am still in contact with Jocelyne who was webmistress for it. She and her husband started it, but are in failing health now.
posted by Danielle Liard
You're a Star!
posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
thanks Amy, cute picture! 😁
posted by Danielle Liard
hi Jane, as I have said elsewhere, FaG is not considered a reliable source.
posted by Danielle Liard
Wiki shows we are related. 7th cousins once removed. 🙂Cournoyer-208
posted by Jane (Cournoyer) McNicol
edited by Jane (Cournoyer) McNicol
yup, hi cousin.

Danielle 😁

posted by Danielle Liard
BUG ... BUG ... BUG
Bonjour Danielle,
Je pense qu'il y a un bug avec le Project Protected ....
J'ai modifié le profil Frete-4 .... ???
posted by E Martin
edited by E Martin
salut E., non, pas de bug, le PPP protège le nom et les liens familiaux, n'empêche pas d'éditer ni d'ajouter des sources.
posted by Danielle Liard
all set on access request

Bob Scrivens

posted by Bob Scrivens
Bonjour Danielle,

J'ai contacté les derniers "demandants" pour l'accès au portail francophone. Donc, normalement, je suis à jour! On croise les doigts...


merci, suis rarement là pour ce projet, je suis à nettoyer la catégorie French immigrants to New France présentement, et tant qu'à y être je corriges les autres défauts flagrants sur ces profils. 1 pierre 2 coups.


posted by Danielle Liard
I hope it is okay I created a new Québecois maintenance category, Incorrect LNAB, to try to keep track of the profiles that are being addressed that include either multiple last names or the dit portion of the name with both names
posted by Lauren Millerd
Also I came across a profile that may need project protection?

I adopted the profile in order to merge it with another, but I do not speak French and am not sure which project would be best to manage this: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Pichour-1

posted by Lauren Millerd
Antoine Pichour has no descendants, so no, wouldn't put him under PPP, his only connection to the rest of the tree is his wife, who is already under PPP herself. I have the category for France project to create profiles for his family over there.
posted by Danielle Liard
very good notion that, thanks. Always trying to get PMs to correct them, but it takes a while for some to respond, and some never do.
posted by Danielle Liard

I appreciate the work you have contributed on the Chevalier portion of my ancestry. I couldn't even see anything further in the past than Joseph Chevalier (1814) on MyHeritage, and I'm a paying member there. Keep up the good work!

Your 7th cousin,


posted by Dan Debling
you're quite welcome, I have some of those in my own ancestors.
posted by Danielle Liard

Thank you for finding and sharing the images of the marriage contract of Antoinette de Liercourt and Blaise Juilet. Antoinette was my 8th g-grandmother. Her second husband, Hugues Picard, was my 8th g-grandfather.


you're welcome cousin, Blaise and Antoinette are among my ancestors also.


posted by Danielle Liard
Thank you for merging, Marguerite Beaufort dit Duval! I’m new to WikiTree and appreciate all the help I can get!


posted by Lynn Johnson
hi Deanna, you're welcome. Since you're into this part of the world, you should get familiar with the guidelines for names and location names, see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Quebecois Québécois project page for guidelines on names and location names, which also apply later.

As a tip, for anything before around 1750, do a search before creating new profiles, a lot of them already exist, small population base.


posted by Danielle Liard
Thank you! I’ll be going through my profiles now. Hopefully I haven’t created too many that already exist. I certainly appreciate your help.


posted by Lynn Johnson
Pierre, (1656-1667), parentage is unknown, he only appears on 1667 census and nowhere else. Might have been a ward of Antoine's.

Pierre Fillion is also mentioned in Antoine’s immigration record

Antione Fillion in in the U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s," ancestry.com, database online [subscription] https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=7486&h=3647064&ssrc=pt&tid=170570178&pid=422213558161&usePUB=true

posted by Ed Fields Jr
hello Ed,

That immigration index is not accessible to non-subscribers. Also, see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Quebecois_Project_Reliable_Sources Québécois Project reliable sources page. Unless you can extract an actual record of a ship's passenger list, an actual record from the era, then there is no proof. There is NO immigration record for Antoine, such did not exist for people arriving in the colony. Most passenger lists proposed are based on other records of the time, such as Jesuit Relations who say so-and-so arrived, or contractual records where someone got hired in France to come here, etc etc.


posted by Danielle Liard
Just happened upon this message and looked at the ancestry source. Here is the information indicating what the information is and from where it was obtained. Since it's from a 1992 publication, someone may want to try and locate a copy:

Name: Antoine Filion Arrival Year: 1665 Arrival Place: Quebec, Canada Primary Immigrant: Filion, Antoine Family Members: With wife; Child Jeanne; Child Pierre Source Publication Code: 4514.3

Annotation: Orphans in France, Pioneers in Canada: The King's Daughters in the 17th Century. Part 2: Biographical List of the King's Daughters. Most are date and port of arrival; a few are date and place of first mention of residence in the New World.

Source Bibliography: LANDRY, YVES. Orphelines en France, pionnieres au Canada: Les Filles du roi au XVIIe siecle. Montreal: Lemeac Editeur, 1992. 438p. Part 2: Repertoire Biographique Des Filles Du Roi, pp. 265-379.

Thanks Darlene, that refers to Yves Landry's book on Filles du roi, which I have the more recent edition of (2013). It's a short blurb in regards to Gabrielle d'Anneville, Fille du roi who arrived with her sister Anne and Anne's husband Antoine Filion. Landry goes on to say that along with them were Pierre and Jeanne, children of the couple, but Landry himself clearly states in his work that he bases himself on others for much of the bio data etc. There is simply no evidence for this boy being child of Antoine and Anne. Pierre Fillion (abt.1657-aft.1667) is the profile in question.
posted by Danielle Liard
edited by Danielle Liard
Hi Danielle!

Just wanted to thank you for the info you added regarding Joseph Brunelle (or Brunelle-412). He, along with his wife Delphine (Cote) (again, or Cote-4655), are my ancestors, so it is truly fascinating to see more about them I hadn't known. To be honest, they are (or were) brick walls for me! I had seen some things about who their parents (or at least Joseph's) might be, but I never had enough evidence to actually use it in good conscious. Definitely will be looking through your sources to try and see what else I can find out.

Out of curiosity, how would you be related on that line? We may be distant cousins, it could be cool to try and figure that out! I can tell you that Joseph and Delphine are my 3rd great-grandparents.

Once again, thank you so much! Good luck with all your future genealogical research :)


posted by Jason Berthiaume Jr
let's see, Joseph Brunelle is son of Eustache who is son of Antoine (Beaufort) Beaufort dit Brunel (1769-1836), who is my 1st cousin 7 times removed. So yes, we are cousins on that line. We are also cousins on at least one other line, check the Relationship finder. 😊


posted by Danielle Liard
Bonjour, Danielle.

Thank you for the edit you made to Brunelle-405. I did have that information handy, but was in the process of building her tree up based on new information that I was able to dig up, such as Marie being Marie Aurelie. Right now, it's just circumstantial and I want to get more evidence before I create the new profiles.

To be honest, I didn't know anyone was paying attention to my edits / additions.

Right now, I'm focusing on the family lineage. Once I get that to a point where the brick walls have been identified, I'll be doing a deeper dive into the existing biographies before trying to break through the brick walls. If you have any advice or criticism to give, especially the latter, feel free to contact me.

posted by Kenneth Guerin
edited by Kenneth Guerin
hello Kenneth,

Brunelle is one of the names I follow, I have 2 different lines of them in my own ancestry. Her generation don't have baptisms freely accessible yet, or rather they aren't indexed so it's difficult to find them. But with the given name Aurélie for her mother, I can tell you right now her parental lines:

Joseph Brunelle, son of Joseph Brunelle and of Odile Bourgeat, married Aurélie Morin, daughter of Pierre Morin and the late Théotiste Derome, on 25 January 1876 in Saint-Cyprien-de-Léry (Napierville, where they are all listed as residing). Both spouses are of age (21+then).

My source needs membership, Drouin Institute. https://www.genealogiequebec.com/Membership/LAFRANCE/acte/4960297

Funny to me that date, my own parents were married on 25 January, different year of course. My mother is one of the Brunelle lines.

I'll tell you right now there are a whole lot of profiles in these Brunelle families that are already created, I'm not the only one who has been adding some. So best do searches before creating. Saves having to merge later. 😉 If you need help with them, give me a shout. One of them starts life as Beaufort dit Brunelle.


posted by Danielle Liard
Danielle, You just added another brush stroke to what I think will be a massive tree. The dates and locations bring questions as to why, distant families had already made their way to Quebec. Were they joining them or another family. It is nice to see cousins keep popping up, gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
posted by John Amero
hello John

you'll have to specify which family you are talking about, as right now I haven't a clue. 🤣


posted by Danielle Liard
Liard that is a name connected with Marguerite de laplace. fille du roy, if you have your tree complete, are you aware of one of the lesiege girls' descendants marrying a Joseph Turcotte in 1813 in L'Assomption, QC in 1813? a hint given me by a Bostonian named Jonah. thank you. p.s. if so, then first thing is to match DNA... I am H1h1. do you know of others? I am brick walled at Marguerite adopted name Brien b ?197 in L'Assomption, QC
posted by Aline Legault
edited by Aline Legault
hi Aline

there is a Joseph Turcot married to Marguerite dite Brien on 12 Jan 1813 in L'Assomption. the record names his parents but not hers. There's an odd construct in the sentence, says fille sans aveu. Among the witnesses is Jean Baptiste André Brien père nourricier de l'épouse. IE foster-father. She may be a foundling.


posted by Danielle Liard
Hi Danielle,

Thanks for correcting the birth place name for Francoise Raphael (Calvée) Calvé (1733-1812) (Pointe-Claire and Montréal are 2 separate cities/locations). I've made similar corrections to the Pointe-Claire place names in the profiles of her siblings that I manage.

The 1741 baptismal record for her brother François Calvé (1741-1812) indicates a place name of Sainte-Geneviève, which I currently have entered as Sainte-Geneviève, Montréal, Canada, Nouvelle-France. Do you know if Sainte-Geneviève was also a separate location from Montréal at the time? If so, I will correct that birth place name as well.

posted by Rick Peterson
hi Rick,

Sainte-Geneviève de Pierrefonds, Canada, Nouvelle-France is how it should be written, since there is more than one place with Sainte-Geneviève in it, Pierrefonds is actually anachronistic, but it's the best way to distinguish it. The category for it is only Ste-Geneviève, Canada, Nouvelle-France. And yes, it's a separate location to this day. Thanks for fixing these.


posted by Danielle Liard
Bonjour Mme Liard,

Merci pour votre réponse. Ma mère est originaire de l’Assomption (Jeannine Dumulong). Moi j’habite Vaudreuil depuis environ 20 ans. Joseph Maxime Charles Dumulon fait partie de la ligné de Jean Baptiste alors que la mienne part de son frère Louis Dumulong. Alors oui, nous sommes en quelque sorte parent. Les Dumulong m’ont toujours fasciné ne serait-ce qu’en raison de ce patronyme peu commun. En plus de 20 ans j’ai cumulé un ensemble d’information et la publication de la photo de votre grand-mère et grande-tante sont pour moi une pièce importante du casse-tête. Je suis actuellement à organiser l’ensemble de mes informations et c’est en cherchant des informations sur ces deux femmes que je suis arrivé sur votre page.

Aux plaisir de se communiquer Jocelin

posted by Jocelin Gariépy
Bonjour Mme Liard,

Je travail depuis quelques années sur la généalogie de Dumulong. Ma mère était une Dumulong. La photo que vous avez mise ici est géniale. Je cherche depuis quelques temps des information sur Juliette Dumulong (Photos, documents sur son décès etc. Je suis nouveau sur ce site. Je ne suis pas encore familier. Je crois que vous pouvez communiquer avec moi par courriel. Ce que j'aimerais beaucoup. Merci à l'avance. Jocelin

posted by Jocelin Gariépy
Bonjour Jocelin,

Juliette était ma grand-tante, ne l'ai pas connue, elle et sa soeur (ma grand-mère) ont marié 2 frères. On trouve plusieurs actes pour elles sous le nom Marion, leur père mort jeune, leur mère s'était remariée avec un dénommé Marion, les 2 filles n'ont pas été formellement adoptées que je sache, mais ont utilisé ce nom. Ce qui porte facilement à confusion.

Je suis curieuse de savoir quel est votre lien familial avec elles. On serait cousins?


posted by Danielle Liard
hi you removed my connection to Cathrine but I am verified in her tree and I have the document.
posted by Dorthy Roi
hello Dorthy,

that you descend from her does not make you her. Merging function is to combine profiles of the same person, not to show that you have a connection to them by descent. If you wish to be on the trusted list for her, then go to her profile, on the right you will see a green mention to ask to be added to the trusted list.


posted by Danielle Liard
Danielle, if you have time to greet Jean Paul Côté in French I'm sure he'd appreciate it. He has a brick wall in Québec.
posted by Karen Lowe
thanks Karen, his brick wall sounds like it is actually very recent, so not sure how much help I can give him, privacy laws being what they are.
posted by Danielle Liard
Bonjour/Hi Danielle. I Found a book that may be of great interest for the Quebecois project.

My post about it on G2G: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1130107/a-gold-mine-for-quebec-genealogy

Would love to hear your thoughts!

posted by Anonymous Grand'Maison
merci Louis, vais regarder celà, et l'ajouter aux sources variées qu'on collectionne si approprié.


posted by Danielle Liard
Hi Danielle! I'm hoping you might have a chance to take a look at a G2G post of mine about a woman in Québec who married in 1843 taking her husband's name (including his dit - dite? - name).


Thanks! And thanks for all the work you do on these profiles!

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
hi Liz, see my answers and various things I've done on the profiles around it.
posted by Danielle Liard
Hi, Danielle, I've been using Ales new map feature in WikiTree Plus. Right now it maps Quebec Province to the middle of Canada somewhere. He needs some input and it would be good if you can chime in. It looks to me like it is already in his table but he's asking if it should be the same dates and place to which I think YES. Bas Canada would that be mapped to Quebec as well? No overlap with others?

Here's the discussion on G2G https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1122806/wikitree-maps?show=1123071#c1123071 Thanks, Danielle! Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
Danielle Liard < [email address removed] gt;

19:58 (2 minutes ago) to WikiTree

hi Cindy,

Not getting to see the map, don't use WikiTree+ myself, so that may be the problem. Have put in my two bits for what it's worth.


posted by Danielle Liard
Danielle, just checking before I make a bunch of family profiles. The children don't have the same LNAB spellling at the father. He is Belleau (confirmed)

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belleau-78 And all of them are Bellot or Belot. Should I use the fathers LNAB (which is also what PRDH uses), or the actual LNAB? Cindy

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
hi Cindy,

Frankly Scarlet, I could care less what PRDH uses. 😝 But seriously, they standardize to their own views, Tanguay did the same, which often differs from what PRDH uses. Use the actual name on the baptism, you can always put the variations in OLN or CLN.


posted by Danielle Liard
Hi Danielle! Are your changes to Jacques Levert with regard to Nouvelle France a designation of a region other than Acadie or Quebec? This place did not come up as a standard for my Family Tree Maker 2010.

Thank you, Sharon (Wood) Levert

posted by Sharon (Wood) Levert
hi Sharon,

Not sure which profile you are talking about, since I deal with a lot of profiles, but if you look in https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Quebecois Québécois project page, you will see some guidelines on place names in there.


posted by Danielle Liard
Bonjour Danielle : Is this pdf of interest as a easy reference for the Quebecois Project ?


P.S. This is a research site that I've started working with. https://www.memoiredeshommes.sga.defense.gouv.fr/fr/article.php?larub=1&titre=compagnie-des-indes

posted by Stanley Baraboo
edited by Stanley Baraboo
hi Gerry

Already familiar with the pionniers de Paris. I believe the reference is already among our sources, but will have to doublecheck. The compagnie des Indes one looks like it might be interesting, although it may deal with the actual French possessions in India (Chandernagore) and other such, will take a look at it later, thanks.

posted by Danielle Liard
HI, Danielle, this family started out as Acadians and I used the standard Acadian last name Amireau. then they came to Quebec and at least the first two children born there are Miraud per their baptism record. Should I switch them to Miraud and use that instead of the fathers LNAB Amireau?

Child: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Amireau-41 born in L'Assomption Parent https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Amireau-33

There are more children to add and I'd like to do it using the correct LNAB. Thanks for your advice.

posted by Cindy (Bourque) Cooper
hi Cindy,

I just looked at Louis born in 1770, his baptism clearly has the last name as Miraud, so go with that. The name flip-flops somewhat here, so if you don't have access to IGD, let me know the names and dates and I will look them up for you.

posted by Danielle Liard
by the way, some of them are in my ancestry.  :-D
posted by Danielle Liard
Salut Danielle,

ça me fait plaisir de vous voir "en vedette" cette semaine et j'ai beaucoup aimé l'entretien. Merci!


Merci Isabelle, à quand votre tour?  :-D


posted by Danielle Liard
J'y suis passée il y a quelque temps déjà, en octobre 2017 je crois? Entretien horriblement long et barbant, mais enfin, il y a le lien sur mon profil si le coeur vous en dit :-D


bon, je ne trouve pas.  :( On fait comment pour le trouver?


posted by Danielle Liard
merci, on a même une connection avec tout ça, des frères/soeurs d'ancêtres qui sont mariés quelque part dans tout ça.  :-D
posted by Danielle Liard
Loved reading about a familiar WikiTreer who was so good at figuring out Quebec profiles during difficult merges and so happy you are still with us! I have no Quebec profiles in my tree but remain fascinated by the sources for them. You are a keeper, Danielle!
posted by Maggie N.
Thanks for agreeing to be featured this week, Danielle. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful Meet our Members post.

Also, I appreciate the edits to the Antoine Beaudoin and Marie Anne Dania profiles. It's good to see those profiles better sourced.

posted by Greg Lavoie
hi Greg,

Got interested in the Jean Dania family, once I start it's hard to stop.  :-D

posted by Danielle Liard
Bonjour Danielle! Cool to see you’re featured in connection finder at the moment. In my movements on WT I saw you and my husband share a common ancestor in Charles Fiset! Very cool!
I may or may not be a rock star. Just thought you'd want to know. :-p

Beaudoin -> Bodway, Barré -> Borrie

posted by Karen Lowe
who says you're not a rock star? You get 5 stars out of me for this one.  :D
posted by Danielle Liard
Thank you, Danielle. For the additions to our shared Vanasse family tree. I so appreciate you for this information.
re: Jacqueline Héron. - "Don't know where you get the Hudon from..." Not added by me... don't know where you get that from... See Changes.
posted by Sunny (Trimbee) Clark
Anne Charlotte is as I found her... do you have a reference for your note?
posted by Sunny (Trimbee) Clark

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