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Barry Lindley

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Barry D. Lindley
Born 1930s.
Ancestors ancestors
Brother of [private sister (1930s - unknown)] and [private sister (1930s - unknown)]
Descendants descendants
Father of [private son (1960s - unknown)], and [private daughter (1970s - unknown)]
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DNA confirmation via Family Tree DNA match with sister Lindley-813 (Peggy Lindley Ewing) - 2406 cM autosomal and 123cM X-chromosome

Surname List

My Surnames

Surname (alternate spellings) : First Person with surname in tree β†’ EKA - Earliest Known Ancestor
( # ) = number of generations from Primary person to EKA
pedigree.gif 𐂷 = pedigree chart of First Person / descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ = descendant list of EKA
Allen  : β†’ Agnes Allen, b. 1748, Clinch River, Rye Cove, Duffield, Fulkerson, Powell Valley, Scott, Russell, Washington, Colony of Virginia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Ashby  : Sarah, b. 1734, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Edmund Ashby, b. 1655, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Baker  : Elizabeth, b. 1847, Orange County, Indiana, USA pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ James Baker, b. 1814, Woodford County, Kentucky, United States descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Baldridge  : Nancy, b. 1773, Stokes, Pitt, North Carolina, British Colonial America pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Richard Baldridge, b. 1654, Cardiff, Cagmorgan, Wales descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Berry  : Rosanna, b. 1682, Frederick, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Henry Berry, b. 1620, Lancashire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Birimschweiler  : β†’ Barbara Birimschweiler, b. 1688, Rimschweiler, Zweibrucken, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Brooks  : β†’ Miriam Brooks, b. 0000, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Burgess  : β†’ Sarah Burgess, b. 1815, Jefferson County, Kentucky, US descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Byrd (Le Bird, Bird)  : Jane, b. 1701, Rockingham County, Colony of Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Thomas Le Bird, b. 1480, Broxton, Cheshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Carrington  : Charity, b. 1730, St. Phillips, Island of Barbados pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Edward Carrington, b. 1585, Carrington, Cheshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Carter  : Delilah, b. 1776, Rye Cove, Scott, Virginia, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Thomas Carter, b. 1630, Kempston, Bedfordshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Casteel  : Mary, b. 1810, pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Casteel, b. 1788, Greenbriar, VA descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Chambers  : β†’ Amy Chambers, b. 1767, Orange Co, NC descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (5)
Clark  : β†’ Rebecca Clark, b. 1724, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Claypool (Claypoole, Claypole, Cleypole)  : Mary, b. 1756, Hampshire, Colony of Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Richard Cleypole, b. 1480, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (14)
Condra  : Nancy, b. 1800, Barron Co, Kentucky pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Condra, b. 1777, Tennessee descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (5)
Drew  : Martha, b. 1912, Eglon, Jackson, Kentucky pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Drew, b. 1823, North Carolina, United States descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (2)
Evans  : Sarah, b. 1743, Chester County, Pennsylvania pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Owen Evans, b. 1714, Chester County, Pennsylvania descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Gabbard (Gebbert, Gebert, Gebhard)  : Sarah Sallie, b. 1845, Laurel Co., KY pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Wendel Gebhard, b. 1542, Zweiflingen, Ansbach, Bayern, Germany descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Griffith  : Ann, b. 1697, Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Griffith, b. 1670, Grange Mm, Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Grindstaff (Crantzdorf, Crantzdorff)  : Catherine, b. 1740, Burke, North Carolina pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Hans Crantzdorff, b. 1590, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Hadley  : Ruth, b. 1712, Westmeath Co., Ireland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Simon Hadley, b. 1640, County Westmeath, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Harlan (Harland)  : Mary, b. 1717, Kennet, Chester, Pennsylvania pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ George Harland, b. 1500, Sandsend, Yorkshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (15)
Hartmann  : Anna, b. 1680, Rohrbach, Bergstrasse, Hessen, Germany pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Johann Georg Hartmann, b. 1610, Rohrbach, Bergstraße, Landgrafschaft Hessen-Darmstadt, Heiliges RΓΆmisches Reich descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Hayes (Hays)  : Winifred, b. 1735, Surry, Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Hayes, b. 1442, Titley, Herefordshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Hellard (Hilliard)  : Mary Ann, b. 1883, Jackson Co., KY pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Richard Hilliard, b. 1519, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Hogan  : β†’ Mary Hogan, b. 1732, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Hollinghead  : β†’ Leannah Hollinghead, b. 0000, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Isaacs  : Rhoda, b. 1825, Estill, Kentucky, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Isaacs, b. 1597, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (11)
Johnson  : Keziah, b. 1794, Virginia, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Patrick Johnson, b. 1717, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Kearby (Kerby)  : Mary, b. 1841, Morgan Co, IN pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ James Kerby, b. 1795, Virginia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Larimer  : β†’ Margaret Larimer, b. 1780, Virginia descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (5)
Lindley  : Paul, b. 1911, Orange Co, IN pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Lindley, b. 1615, Cheshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
Marshall (Marshal, Marshill)  : Laura, b. 1867, Orange Co, IN pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Jacob Marshall, b. 1665, Grange, County Tyrone, Ireland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Martin  : Lillia, b. 1869, pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Mason Martin, b. 1798, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
McQueen  : β†’ Isabell McQueen, b. 1831, Jackson, Kentucky, United States descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (2)
Metcalf  : Ellenor, b. 1784, Rutherford, North Carolina, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Metcalf, b. 1676, Baltimore, Maryland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Mills  : Hannah, b. 1695, Elizabeth Town, New Jersey pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ George Mills, b. 1605, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (10)
MΓ€chtlin (Machtlin, MΓΆchtle)  : Anna, b. 1666, Zaberfeld, Heilbronn, Baden-WΓΌrttemberg, Germany pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Pilte MΓΆchtle, b. 1620, Germany descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (9)
Nellinger  : Anna, b. 1707, Schwaigern, Heilbronn, Baden-WΓΌrttemberg, Germany pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Hans Nellinger, b. 1661, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Norris (Norreys)  : Judith, b. 1706, Lancaster, Lancaster, Colony of VirginiaοΏΌ pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Norreys, b. 1430, West Bliney, County Norfolk, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (16)
Norris  : Mary, b. 1719, St James Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Norris, b. 1663, Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Perring  : β†’ Rebecca Perring, b. 1846, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (3)
Pickens  : Mary, b. 1891, IN pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Lemuel Pickens, b. 1811, Shelby County KY descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Robbins  : Anne, b. 1710, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, England pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Gabriell Robbins, b. 1686, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Rowland  : β†’ Mary Rowland, b. 1706, Chester, Pennsylvania descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (7)
Scott  : Rachel, b. 1733, Lost River, Hardy, Colony of Virginia pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Alexander Scott, b. 1670, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (8)
Smith  : β†’ Margaret Smith, b. 1772, Tennessee descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Snider  : β†’ Susan Snider, b. 1809, Shelby County, Kentucky, USA descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Speer  : Mahala, b. 1812, Mercer, Kentucky, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Moses Speer, b. 0000, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (5)
Teagarden  : Sarah, b. 1838, Indiana, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Andrew Teagarden, b. 0000, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)
Voris  : Anna, b. 1790, pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ Garriet Voris, b. 0000, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Wells (Welles)  : Charity, b. 1781, Orange, North Carolina, United States pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Welles, b. 1539, England descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (13)
Wilson  : β†’ Rachel Wilson, b. 1717, descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Wilson  : Mary, b. 1793, pedigree.gif 𐂷 β†’ John Wilson, b. 1725, North Carolina descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (6)
Young  : β†’ Mary Young, b. 1796, null descendant-link.gif β‡Ÿ (4)

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Barry or other carriers of his ancestors' Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree: Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line:
  • Barry Lindley: Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Full Sequence, haplogroup V, FTDNA kit #n58548
It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage (beta) of DNA with Barry:

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Hi Barry,

Do you have access to James' records?

"On 6 Feb 2019 at 15:33 GMT Barry Lindley wrote:

Middle name of Isaac appears to have no evidence supporting it. The Quaker records all have him simply as James."



posted by SJ Baty
Was just doing some work on the Ashby tree and noticed that our GEDMatch kits match. I'm M850035. Our ancestor in common as listed by WikiTree is Thomas Edward Ashby, Ashby-167

posted by Russ Dill
Thank you and I agree. I just don't want my information changed and merged until it's wrong
Hi Barry can you scan the copy of the page you made in Ireland regarding James (John?) Lindley? If so, I would be willing to change it to John and upload the scan to his image page as a source.
posted by A Anonymous
Hi Barry, I see that you've set Mary Harlan-61 and Mary Harlan-126 as unmerged matches. It looks like they're probably the same person. See Laura Henderson's information on GenWeb:

She seems to have found some good sources for Mary Harlan. Do you need more information before you're willing to merge the two profiles? I'd be happy to work on this together with you.

posted by Kay (Johnson) Wilson
Hi again, Barry,

Congratulations, you have now been a WikiTree member for one month! Here are a few ways to dive in even deeper:

  • Check out our blog, a monthly newsletter along with tips, interviews, and guest posts from people in the larger genealogy community.

Let me know if I can be of help.

Carole Partridge, WikiTree Mentor

posted by Carole Partridge

Just checking in with a few quick tips:

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If you have any questions, please ask!

Berry ~ WikiTree Mentor

posted by Berry Henderson Jr.
Hi Barry,

Thanks for joining WikiTree!

As a mentor I'm here to help. If you have questions or problems with WikiTree, post a comment on my profile page or send me a private message.

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Carole Partridge, WikiTree Mentor

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Thank you for volunteering to help grow our World Wide Family Tree. You are now a member of the WikiTree Community. Please note we are trying to build one Collaborative Tree which means one profile per person. It is important to ensure no duplicates are entered as you add any Profiles to WikiTree.

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Good luck growing your branches, Patt

posted by Patricia Roche
I am not a professional genealogist, but am very interested history as it is made concrete in family relationships and movement. I am the descendant of Quakers from England through Ireland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina to Indiana, as well as of Appalachian (Eastern KY) abolitionists.
posted by Barry Lindley

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