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I've been a genealogist since the dawn of the web, and still do a lot of the old style research in libraries, historical societies and cemeteries. I enjoy hearing from distant cousins and those who share geographical interests. Send me a PM, and I'll usually respond quickly.
Bobbie Hall formerly Madison
Born 1950s.
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Massachusetts state seal
Bobbie (Madison) Hall is a Massachusettsan.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Stephen Hopkins.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Thomas Rogers and son John.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Francis Cooke.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall is a descendant of Mayflower Passenger Edward Doty.
Descendant of PGM migrant Nathaniel Fish.
Descendant of PGM migrant John Jackson, and 300+ others.
Scotland's Tartan Trail
Bobbie (Madison) Hall is a Scotland Tartan Trail Guide.
Fountain Pen
Bobbie has written and improved ten profiles for the Biography Builders Challenge.

Current work:

  • Co-leading the Mayflower Project
  • Co-leading the Scotland Project
  • Regional Coordinator for the Scottish Southern and Borders Region
  • Working diligently to clean up my own database, focus on pre-1700's profiles
Bobbie spends way too much time on WikiTree.

Scottish Lines of my Spouse

Scottish research is also a passion of mine, since I married a born & bred Ayrshire lad. His lineage can be seen here:

The Web Is An Amazing Thing!

Consider this to be less a biography and more an Editorial.

I'm passionate about genealogy. Searching for family history is more than a hobby for me, it's an obsession. I've enjoyed the hunt of finding that elusive bit of information that makes a "possible connection" into a definite ancestor for 25 years and counting.

I liken genealogy to treasure hunting, with puzzle solving and sleuthing mixed in. What some find tedious though, the careful citation of sources, I enjoy. Being able to take all those little bits of data, lay them out carefully, linking them together into the logical and chronological picture of a person's life, is what genealogy is all about. And proving the conclusions is what makes you a true genealogist.

I'm one of those strange people who reads the NEHGR from cover to cover, every quarter, in the old-fashioned paper version. It's educational to read how others have solved genealogical problems, or attempt to prove what for years has been unproven.

I'm constantly amazed at the advance in technology in my lifetime and how it has become such a huge tool for genealogists. In 1980, a P.C. was unknown. Am I the only one who remembers CompuServe’s Genealogy Forum in the early days of green screens? By 1987, Rootsweb was underway, and I was one of the first subscribers. Is there a single genealogist that hasn't used Rootsweb? In the early 1990s, I took my first trip to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. A genealogist's dream. Back then, if you wanted to copy something, you printed it out on paper, 25 cents a page. They were early adopters of technology, and before long you could "print" a digital version onto a CD, then a thumb drive, etc. Now they're working on digitizing everything and having it available online. 24/7/365. And the number of sites online that we have available now with original records is absolutely astounding. I was looking for a picture of my long-deceased grandmother. A cousin mentioned she'd gone to a particular school. Googled the school, find the yearbook,

Mary G. Keene
instant photograph. Another ancestor attended a girl's school in Boston in the early 1800s. Googled her name, also her school. Found a photograph of a piece of needlework she'd done, now safely in a museum.
Caroline Jackson's needlework at Susanna Rawson's school

Something I say on a daily basis: The Web Is An Amazing Thing!

What worries me most is the way many people will "harvest" their data from gigantic databases, slap their name on it, and call it their own. That's like taking a novel, tearing off the cover, and making yourself the author of a story. True genealogists take pride in their work, they research as best they can in original and secondary sources, and then cite those sources to prove their work. Grabbing a tree from (insert whichever database used here) and turning around and calling it yours, well, that used to be called plagiarism, but since those databases aren't the work of a single person, I suppose it's just a work of fiction.

Genealogy with out source citation is FICTION. I'll get off my soap box now, and get back to reading old microfilmed records. On the web :)

Happy hunting. May the Source be with you :)


Actual Biography

I'm a native New Englander, from the suburbs of Boston, and a Red Sox fan through and through. After marrying a wonderful man as he stepped off the boat from Scotland, (well, just about :) we moved to the Midwest and spent far too long there, but used our time to produce two brilliant and gorgeous children, who are now providing us with adorable grandchildren.
We moved to the Sunshine State when my tollerance for snow and bitter temperatures dissolved, and my desire to be near the ocean crested.
I'm a retired airline employee, who worked in customer service for 35 years, and never had a single boring day, and made friends who live the world over.
I've spent countless hours (too many, my family would say) researching our ancestry, and still love doing it. Something about it being a never-ending puzzle keeps me at it.

Meet our Members link


I'm co-captain of the Twisted Thistles team for the various WikiTree -thons.

Bobbie (Madison) Hall participated with Team Twisted Thistles during the 2020 Connect-a-Thon, and has added 153 connections.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall participated with Team Twisted Thistles during the 2020 Source-a-Thon, adding 99 sources to profiles.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall participated with Team Twisted Thistles during the 2021 Clean-a-Thon, correcting 1155 suggestions.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall participated with Team Twisted Thistles during the 2021 Connect-a-Thon, and has added 42 connections.
Bobbie (Madison) Hall participated with Twisted Thistles during the 2021 Source-a-Thon, adding 203 sources to profiles.

Digital Afterlife

As my generation begins to pass away, it is prudent to make provision for the work I have done on our family tree. In the case of my demise, I hereby give permission for management of all of my private profiles to be transferred to any of my Family Members active at that time on WikiTree, whether or not they are on the Trusted Lists, in the order listed as follows: spouse & children, my children's spouses, grandchildren, nieces & nephews by blood or by marriage, first and second cousins of any degree. I also authorize the Leaders of any WikiTree projects to manage any and all of my profiles that aren't already in an open status.

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Dear Bobbie,

Thank you for all you do on WikiTree. Here's what we're doing with the Profile Improvement Project. You're welcome to join us if you've got extra time.

The Profile Improvement Project (PIP) is performing its first annual check-in with our project members. Please review the following and let us know if you are content where we have placed you or would like to be more involved.

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You joined the Project before the Voyage started in late 2018. We would like to invite you to consider a "fast track" Voyage, especially if you would like to work at a higher level on the Biography Team. If you’re interested, choose a profile from your own watchlist that you have completed to the best of your ability and compare it to the Voyage Biography Standards. If your profile is at Level 2 or better, include a link to the profile in your response to this check-in for a “fast track” review.

We would also like to invite you to join the email GoogleGroup and text chat Discord channel for our project. If you request to join our GoogleGroup, please be sure to include your Wiki ID. Neither is required; we also use the Profile_Improvement tag in G2G for Project announcements.

We thank you for all you do to help the Profile Improvement Project and WikiTree. The Project’s mission is to:

Make profiles beautiful! We clean up messy biography sections and sources, and try to set standards for attractive, useful, and well-written biographies, starting with those we manage.

We know you’re working on profiles *smile* We would like to hear about successes you’ve had toward the Project’s goals. We would also appreciate any feedback you might have to help us improve the Project. Please share your thoughts in a reply to this comment or privately via private message to either of us.


Debi Hoag and Robin Shaules Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Robin (Dodge) Shaules
Hi Robin,

It's probably best to leave me with Level 1 as I don't have enough time to devote specifically to the project, and my work is WikiTree-wide with a focus on PGM, Mayflower and Scotland projects, as well as my own watchlist. I certainly support the mission of beautifying and creating high quality profiles, site wide!


posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Hi Bobbie, how are things there? I have a request. Can you remove the tartan that is displayed on the "" page? It is not the Montgomery "Purple" tartan, but, the "Clan Morrison" tartan.

Also, as manager for this page, &, because it is unknown who the parents were of Alexander, I am not sure if his paternal line even descends from the Montgomerys at all, as, there are very few Montgomerys of the Haplogroup I1 in the various DNA databases. In saying that, there is a possibility that my I1 line came from England, &, not Scotland, or, Ireland.

As for the Montgomery Green tartan, that is displayed in the "Scotland - Clan Tartans" page, it consists of three (3) lines, instead of two (2).


posted by Kenneth Montgomery
edited by Kenneth Montgomery
Hi Kenneth,

You've caught a typo! Thank you, it can be fixed quite easily, which I've just done using the green Hamilton tartan. Since your research has not yet uncovered his origins, it might be best to remove the Clan sticker altogether until it can be shown he was likely a clan member, or was at least born in Scotland or to Scottish parents.

Regarding the appropriate tartans, these are the two Montgomery tartans we have for the Scotland Project:

These are taken from the official Tartan Register site, and are the only ones we use for our project. In most cases we use the ones shown in the Clan/Family category. The rare exception is if we are contacted by a clan Chief or their representative with a request for a change to be made. The site you point to is a commercial site and may not have the correct or current clan registrations.

The registered Montgomery tartans are given here on the Tartan Register site.

Also of note is the Clan Montgomery Society's web page where they use the purple version on their site, but make no comments about a prefered tartan.

Interestingly, the one you found looks very similar to the Hamilton green hunting tartan minus the single white line shown here.

Thank you for your interest in the clan tartans, and let me know if you have further questions. Bobbie Scotland Project co-Leader

posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
edited by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Bobbie, Claudia and Bobbie are 11th cousins once removed. We have a common ancestor, Eleanor (Wilmot) Adams, Wilmot-1045, (1610-1677) who is also an immigrant, my focus at this time and I have found over 100 direct ancestors. Probably need to begin identifying Puritan Great Migration Project WikiTree. Connections is my favorite part of WikiTree.

Funny, I am having trouble focusing on the questions on the profile form for Lydia Billington but I have begun research. I spent months researching John and Elinor but never got to grands and beyond except for Mayflower Society application. The Billington's fascinate me.

Anyway we are 11th cousins. Nice to meet cha.

And very nice to meet you, too, Claudia! It's all fascinating, isn't it? Amazing how interconnected we all are. No rush on Lydia, just have fun with her and see what you can find for interesting sources.
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall

You are someone I admire from afar for your diligence and patience and intellect. First, when I joined WikiTree for a way to document for posterity a pdf I inherited I was such an oaf and you calmed the waters. Secondly, I keep bumping into your profile because we have many similar ancestors. Thirdly, we were raised in the same region of New England. I was born in Whitman Ma in 1940 and lived there until 1960 when I joined the Navy. My great grandfather who I knew personally for 19 years was born in Duxbury during the Civil War and he told me stories about the Marshfield area. Finally, if I live to be a hundred I'll barely scratch the surface of your enthusiasm and accomplishments. And the same for Robin Lee.

Rayz zeller-948

posted by Raymond Zeller
Oh, Ray!

There is no higher compliment you could give me, truly! I've always enjoyed trying to help other members "find their feet" on WikiTree, since we all share the same passion for genealogy. You and I share a lot of common ancestors, 332 that we know of so far on WikiTree. We both come from a lot of good old Cape Cod stock, and I'm convinced that makes us sturdy and well aware of our history, both family history and community history.

I was lucky to have been raised by a Navy man, and his passion was boating and fishing. So I spent all my childhood summers on and around Cape Cod. My mother loved old glass (think Sandwich glass) and antiques, so we often dug around in the old shops. That itself is a history lesson! They provided a solid foundation for understanding and appreciating history.

Thank you for your comments, and continued good luck in your searches.

posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
edited by Bobbie (Madison) Hall

Thank you for your reply. Again our other intersections; My sibs and I enjoyed many childhood summers in a Victorian cottage purchased by our great grandfather in Onset Ma which I am sure you are one of the few who know where it is on the map of Cape Cod, not quite the Cape as I was always reminded just the "gateway" as the monuments on rte 28 reflect. My mother eons ago went antiquing along rte 6a in the Spring and Fall looking for a special glass called steubenstien (or something like that) and my sister currently lives in Brewster and when I tell her the "Brewster" is her ancestor she just shakes her head and says give me the name of a good restaurant. Enough I'm rambling on.

posted by Raymond Zeller
Hi Ray,

Onset? Absolutely. One of the places my dad kept his boat was in Wareham on the river, back then it was called Warr's Marina, now it looks like it's called Zecco Marina. One of our favorite runs was past Onset and Wing's Neck (lighthouse) over to Bassett's Island. So - yes! I do know the area, or did many decades ago. As for family having an interest in "family history," we're in the same camp. Few of mine are more interested than to know about the ones who stand out in a crowd: the murderer, the Salem witches, the Rev War soldiers. But that's ok, others will come along behind us an build on our work. Thanks for reviving some great memories.

posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall

OMG my friend had a boat and we use to go swimming out at the neck. You made a right out of Onset Bay where it connects with Buzzards Bay. We'd swim a little then fish for fluke. Thanks for the memory. The Wareham river funneled into Little Harbor and further west was Swifts Beach I think. rayZ

posted by Raymond Zeller
Small world, eh? ------------------
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Thank you, Bobbie, for all your hard work updating the Clan tartan stickers (and in particular for the Arbroath profiles)!
posted by Pamela Lohbeck
My pleasure! Much nicer when the tartan is displayed instead of a broken link...
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
I am currently (26 Feb 2022+) working on upating Clan sticker images on behalf of the Scotland Project. Images being removed are those that aren't supported by the Project and therefore not being safeguarded from removal or edits. The replacement images are from this set of files: Scotland - Clan Tartans.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
edited by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Thanks, Bobbie for your prompt response, for your work ;with the Puritan Great Migration and Mayflower descendants. and for welcoming me to the Mayflower Project group.

Eleanor Blain

posted by Eleanor (Hull) Blain
Thank you for your comment on Constance Snow and Daniel Doane. As the current Historian for the Doane Family Association of America, Inc., I appreciate all efforts by anyone to maintain accuracy.
posted by Arlene Thompson
edited by Arlene Thompson
Likewise, Arlene, thank you for your explanation about the limitations of DNA. That was amazingly clear. So many people think DNA is a magic solution to proving every ancestor through 'chemistry.' I see it as one more tool in the genealogist's pencil box. Paper sources!
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Hello back to ya! I have MANY., MANY Rev War vets in my trees. I asked for help several weeks ago to add a "flag" or a memento to some of my ancestors' sites, but I didn't hear back, and I don't know if it was even done yet. I am not a Rev War buff by any means, but I DO have lots of ancestors who fought. I would be willing to help, if there is anything I could do to help you with this venture.
posted by Sandy Morrey
Hello cousin! Really enjoyed reading your biography and agree genealogy work is a rewarding treasure hunt that keeps me coming back. Wikitree is such a wonderful site. I've recently discovered that I am descended from 15 Mayflower passengers, perhaps I should join the Mayflower project. Have a nice day!
posted by Colleen Griffin
Hello back at you, cousin! With that many Pilgrims in your ancestry, yes, you certainly should join the Mayflower Project! The G2G thread for joining is here. You'll need to add Mayflower to your followed tags, but other than that it looks like you qualify!
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Hi Bobbie,

Thank you for the recent work on our ancestors. I felt this time it should be something more than hitting the thank you button a few more times. Was thinking of getting you another badge, but you seem to have them all, and then there's the fact that you have more thank yous than I have contributions. Looks like you've helped a lot of people. Thanks again, Mark

posted by Mark Townsend
You just made my day! Thanks for taking the time to say so, it's really appreciated.
posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Hi, Bobbie. Nice to meet you. Our brick walls are very similar. Mine is my great-grandfather from Scotland, born between 1849 and 1854, William Bell Davidson. I started looking at documents (I'm near Washington, DC, so that helped a bit) but have never been able to learn anything about my great grandfather before the date he married my great grandmother in 1889 in Fort Smith, AR. Hard enough finding documents there but then they moved to Tamaha, I.T. Never have found anything that shares the names of his parents, although one census did say his mother spoke Gaelic!

If there's anything I can do to help you find yours, just let me know. Merry Christmas!

Barbara Davidson Norkus

Hi Cousin! I really enjoyed your bio!
posted by Sara Mosher
Hello, I am a descendant of President Garfield through my maternal grandfather, and Mary Chilton (said to be the first white woman to step foot in the New World) from my maternal grandmother. I am interested to know if I am eligible to join the Mayflower society, or another group. I also have a copy of a small genealogical book that was written in 1920, showing the lineage from John Winslow and Mary Chilton. Many thanks,

Peter Huntington Smith

posted by Peter Smith Jr.
Hi Peter, Welcome to WikiTree. If you can prove your lineage from yourself to one of the Mayflower passengers you could join the Mayflower Society, cetainly. WikiTree is a great place to develop your family tree and get some help from other members, too. We have a Mayflower Project here that aims to assist our members in finding sources for our lines. There's a G2G post here where you can join our group.

You'll need to follow **all** the instructions at the top of the post first, namely earning your pre-1700 badge, etc., and then work hard on creating the profiles for your ancestors who link you to the Mayflower passengers. But it does help when so many other members have added their own trees, and you often connect within a few generations.

Best of luck! Bobbie

posted by Bobbie (Madison) Hall
Bobbie - Thanks for all you do. I too remember CompuServe--it was my go-to source for early PC programming questions--but I didn't know of the Genealogy Forum. I can sort of understand how you could be a Red Sox fan; us SF Giants fans recognize that nobody's perfect. Frustrated with Ancestry for all the reasons you cite, I've recently found WikiTree and am migrating the tree I've been working on for nearly 10 years from there. I share your passion for working on this jigsaw puzzle without boundaries!
posted by Patrick Jamieson
Hi Bobbie

Thanks for having a big heart ? and adopting those Orphaned Profiles. And thank you for all that you do on WikiTree! You have some beautifully sourced profiles. Every ancestor you honor in this way is beneficial to our global tree.

Mindy ~ WikiTree Mentor

posted by Mindy Silva
Thanks for the alternate url. I went and edited it.

By the way I've been searching for John Evered's birth / baptism - can not find it.

The other source (Wikipedia) lists date as 1611/2

posted by Beryl Meehan
Bobbie Hall is a phenomenal helper. Her knowledge is first rate, as is her understanding of WikiTree.

I appreciate her keeping an eye on me and she does it in such a gracious way.

Hi Bobbie, it seems we may be 10th cousins once removed via PGM John Prescott-34. I share your passion for genealogy, it's the ultimate treasure hunt. Nice to meet you coz!
posted by Colleen Griffin

it appears we are 13th cousins once removed....

posted by Mark Momb
I have many Halls in my tree, most from New Brunswick, Cleve
posted by Cleve Stairs

Always glad to meet a new distant relative... Hello 11th cousin nice to meet you!


posted by Sherry Stark
Nice to meet you! Great family photos. Unfortunately, all mine are at my brother's house, step 5th great-granddaughter of 1st cousin 8x removed.
posted by Scott Hutchins
Congratulations cuz on being the Profile of the Week on WT!!! Brilliant interview. You make us Very Extremely Extended Family Members very, very proud!!!
posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton