Marie Olivier (Manitouabeouich) Sylvestre

Marie Olivier (Manitouabeouich) Sylvestre (abt. 1615 - 1665)

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Marie Olivier "Ouchistauichkoue" [uncertain] Sylvestre formerly Manitouabeouich aka Prévost
Born about in St-André de Kamouraska, Canada, Nouvelle-Francemap [uncertain]
Wife of — married in Paroisse Notre Dame, Québec, Québecmap
Descendants descendants
Died in Ville de Québec, Canada, Nouvelle-Francemap
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Marie-Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabe8ich (1624 - 1665) ; variantes du nom: Manitouabeouich, Manitouabewich, Manithabehich, Manitouabewick.

Naissance: Née 8chista8ichi8e Manitouabe8ich (prononciation: Ouchistauichkoue Manitouabeouich), baptisée Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabe8ich. Elle naît en 1624. (10 septembre 1615 selon certains) Son acte de naissance n'a pas été retracé.

Elle est une amérindienne de la tribu des Algonquins (selon le père Hierosme (Jérôme) Lalemant dans un document du 10 mai 1661 - voir image 2) . À son très jeune âge, elle est donnée au Sieur Olivier Le Tardif qui l'adopte et la confie au religieuses Ursulines de Québec pour y être élevée et instruite à l'européenne.

Marie Olivier Sylvestre est la première native du pays (Canadienne - Amérindienne) de la Nouvelle-France à épouser un Français au Canada. Elle aurait été baptisée Marie Olivier Sylvestre en honneur de son parrain et père d'adoptif.

Père et mère: Elle est la fille de Roch Manitouabeouich et de Outchibahanoukoueou. Elle est aussi la fille adoptive de Sieur Olivier Le Tardif de Honnefleur, commis de la Compagnie des Cents Associés.

Mariage: Le 3 novembre 1644, à l'Église Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Québec, Canada, Marie Olivier Sylvestre âgée de 20 ans épouse Martin Prévost âgé de 33 ans, fils de Pierre Prévost et de déffuncte Charlotte Vien en présence de Sieur Guillaume Couillard de l'Espinay, Père Barthélemi Vimont et Sieur Olivier Le Tardif de Honnefleur. [1]

Transcription de l'acte de mariage entre Martin Prévost et Marie Olivier Manitouabe8ich:

Mariage de Martin Prévost et Marie Olivier L'an 1644. le 3ème jour du moys d'octobre de Novembre. Les bans ayant esté publiés par 3 iours de feste de Suite, dont le 1er a esté publié le 23me Jour d'octobre, le 2e ban, le 28me jour, et le 3me Le 30me iour du mesme moys d'octobre et ne s'estant descouvert aucun empeschement Legitime le R.P. Barthelemy Vimont Supr de La mission de La compagnie de Jesus en ce pays de La nouvelle-france et tenant place de curé en cette Eglise de la Conception de La Vierge Marie a Quebec a Interrogé Martin prevost fils de pierre prevost et de deffuncte Charlotte Vien Sa femme de la paroiSsse de montreuil Sur le bois de Vincennes et Marie Olivier fille de Roch manit8abe8ich Sauvage et ayant eu Leur mutuel consentement et par paroles de present, Les a solennellement mariés et faict La bénédiction nuptiale en l'Eglise de La Conception a Quebec, en presence de tesmoins connus. Olivier Le Tardif, et Guillaume Couillard de cette paroisse

Décès: Le 10 septembre 1665, âgée de 50 ans, elle décède à Québec et est inhumée le même jour au cimetière de Québec par le clergé de cette paroisse. Ce décès survient quelques mois seulement après le décès de son père adoptif Sieur Olivier Le Tardif, décédé le 25 janvier précédent. [1]

Liste des enfants connus de Marie Olivier Sylvestre (Manitouabe8ich) et de Martin Prévost:

  1. Louis Prévost (1651 - 1686)
  2. Jean Paschal Prévost (1660 - )
  3. Jean-Baptiste Prévost, seigneur de Saint-François (1659 - 1737)
  4. Thérèse Prévost (1665 - 1743)
  5. Marie Provost (1647 - 1700)
  6. Ursule Prévost (1649 - 1661)
  7. Marie-Madeleine Prévost (1655 - 1662)
  8. Antoine Prévost (1657 - 1661)
  9. Jean Prévost (1662 - )



By Suzanne Guimont Binette In the early history of Canada, it was not until Olivier Le Tardif became the personal representative and interpreter for Samuel de Champlain that we first hear the name Manitouabe8ich. (in those days, the "8" figure was pronounced as a "W"). This young Indian man, of the Algonquin nation (according to Jesuit Father Jérome Lallemand - see image 2), had been hired as Le Tardif's own scout and traveling companion. Manitouabe8ich had been converted to Christianity by the French missionaries, and as part of the baptismal ritual, had been given the Christian name of Roch, in honor of St.Roch, the patron saint. Olivier Le Tardif and Roch Manitouabe8ich traveled together for many years. It was the responsibility of Le Tardif to establish a network of fur trading posts for the "Company" that Champlain had based at Quebec (l'Habitation in the Basse ville (Lower town)).

Actually, the fur trading posts were the "middle link" between the trappers and the "Company". There were three types of trappers: a) the trappers that were "licensed" by the authorities of the Company b) the itinerant unlicensed trappers known as the "Coureurs des bois" c) the Indians who trapped and traded with the Company. All of these three types bartered their furs at the fur trading post of his choice, usually the post nearest his hunting area. The system worked well and was rather efficient. The trading posts gave the trappers a "depot" at which they could dispose of their furs and at the same time barter for traps, knives, and items of clothing such as hats, shirts, etc. The Indians almost always bartered for blankets, mirrors, the white man's hats, and for colored beads to adorn their native costumes and headdresses.

As a team, Le Tardif and Manitouabewich oftentimes penetrated deep into the vast expanse of the Canadian wilderness to make contact with some of the outlaying Indian settlements of the "back country", and along the way they met and did business with some of the nomadic Indians. They encouraged these nomadic Indians to use the facilities of the various trading posts that had been set up for the operation of fur trade. After eight years as clerk locally and in the field, Le Tardif was promoted by Champlain and became the head clerk (equivalent to Secretary-Treasurer) of the fur trading company. It was then that Le Tardif settled down to a more normal way of life, conducting the "inner affairs" of the Company at the main office at Quebec (Basse-ville). Roch Manitouabewich also settled down to a more domestic way of life, but in his own environment of the Huron settlement at Sillery near Quebec. The bond off friendship, trust, and loyalty between these two men was very strong, and, although each lived in his own "milieu", they never lost contact one from the other.

It was when Roch Manitouabewich and his wife had a daughter and had her baptized that Olivier Le Tardif became "Godfather" for the baby girl, and in accordance with the custom of the times, Le Tardif gave the girl his own first name of Olivier. In addition, the missionary performing the baptism gave the girl the name Marie, in honor of the Virgin Mary, and he also gave her the name Sylvestre, meaning "one who comes from the forest" or "one who lives in the forest". When Marie Olivier Sylvestre was ten years old, Olivier LeTardif, in his generous way and because of his respect for his friend and servant, Roch Manitouabewich, adopted the young Indian girl as his very own daughter (she never carried the family name of Le Tardif). This enabled her to be educated and reared in the same manner as a well-to-do French girl. First he placed her as a "live-in border" and student with the Ursuline Nuns at Quebec, and later he boarded her with a French family (Hubou/Rolet) where she was privately tutored.

It was in the atmosphere of this respected family of Guillaume Hubou and his wife Marie Rollet (when she married Guillaume Hubou, she was the widow of Louis Hebert) that Marie Olivier Sylvestre met and married Martin Prevost, friend of the Hubou family and a very personal friend of Olivier Le Tardif. This marriage was to be the first marriage on record between an native girl and a French colonist. The marriage took place on the third of January 1644 at Quebec. Recorded as witnesses to the ceremony was Olivier LeTardif and Quillaume Couillard (father-in-law of Le Tardif).

  • Abenaki Native American native maiden the daughter of an Abenaki fur trader and scout, Roch Manitouabewich and Outchibabanoukoueou of the Abanaki's. Marie was given to the care of Oliver Le Tardif in gratitude and great respect for a bountiful hunting season. Le Tardif in turn , provided a home , education to have been instructed in the french manner, by the Ursuline Nuns. She was the first of her people to marry a Frenchman, Martin Provost. They married Nov. 3, 1644. She lived until 41 years old and died in Quebec City, 6 months after the death of her adoptive father Olivier Le Tardif. She is buried in Quebec City Catholic Cemetery.

  • Born 8chista8ichi8e Manitouabe8ich - pronounced (Ouchistauichkoue Manitouabeouich), baptised upon adoption as Marie Olivier Sylvestre, she was born on 10 Sep 1625, (sources conflict 1615 or 1625). she died on 10 June 1665
  • François Oliver (Olivier) (Ouasibiskounesout) baptized in Quebec, 14 november 1637. Relations des Jésuites p.13. (François Olivier Printemps maried to Geneviève Salois ? 17 janvier 1698)
  • February 18: Kebec Sieur (I)-Olivier le Tardif (1601-1665) the interpreter and Madame Hubout agreed to be god-parents to a savage baptism who was named Francois Olivier.
  • Marie Manitouabe8ich was an Algonkin (according to Jesuit Father Jérome Lallemand 10 mai 1661). The Jesuits Fathers kept some records of some baptisms and marriages between native and europeans. That way we know that the Jesuits named Marie's father: Roch Manitouabe8ich and Marie's mother: Ouchibahabanoukoueou! Roch Manitouabe8ich worked for the French in Quebec as a guide. He learned French and became a translator. His daughter Marie was adopted by the French family of Oliver Le Tardif so she could go to the Nun's school (Ursulines de Québec). She married Martin Prévost.

  • Marie Olivier Sylvestre-1st Recorded Marriage in Quebec Between Frenchman and Indian Woman

Marie Sylvestre Olivier Marie Olivier Sylvestre was a Algonquin native whose name was Manitouab8ich. Her marriage to Martin Prevost was the first recorded marriage of a Frenchman and an Indian woman in Canada. As a young girl she had been baptized with the consent of her father, and given the Christian name of Marie Olivier Sylvestre. To raise and train her in the French manner, her father gave her to her Godfather, Olivier Le Tardiff who came to Canada between 1618 - 1621. He was an interpreter for the Huron & Algonquin Indian languages. He was one of the officials in the fur trade. He was a big help to the Jesuits in helping to evangelize the Indians. He was second in charge of the Seigneur de Beaupre between 1650 - 1659.As a young girl and for her proper French education, Marie Olivier Sylvestre was entrusted to Marie Rollet, the wife of Guillaume Hubou. Marie Rollet was also the widow of Louis Hebert.

  • Paul Shenton Marie Olivier Sylvestre is NOT a Huron: The first sentence claiming that Marie Olivier Sylvestre was a Huron is incorrect. The area where Marie Olivier was living was not populated by Hurons, but by Algonkians (probably Abenakis). Moreover, the names of her parents are both Algonkian. Even the second paragraph of the story admits that she was Algonkian. (Confirmé par le père Hierosme (Jérôme) Lalemant dans un document du 10 mai 1661 - voir image 2) .

  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online 1000-1700 (Volume I)

PRÉVOST (Provost), MARTIN, one of the pioneers of Beauport near Quebec; b. c. 1611, son of Pierre Prévost and Charlotte Vien, of Montreuil-sur-le-Bois-de-Vincennes (now Montreuil-sous-Bois), near Paris; d. 26 Jan. 1691 at Beauport.

Prévost’s presence at Quebec is referred to in the documents of the notary Piraube as early as the year 1639. On 3 Nov. 1644, he married, at Quebec, Marie-Olivier-Sylvestre Manitouabeouich. This is the first marriage between a Frenchman and an Indian mentioned in Canadian historical records. The young bride had been given by her parents to the interpreter Olivier Letardif, who had been her godfather and had then had her brought up as a French girl in the home of Sieur Guillaume Hubou and educated by the Ursulines in Québec.

From the time of his marriage until his death, we find Martin Prévost settled at Beauport as an “habitant,” or "permanent resident", which did not prevent him from having a piece of land and a house at Quebec in 1667. He was married a second time in 1665, to Marie d’Abancourt, the widow of Jean Jollyet and of Gefroy Guillot. Prévost had had at least nine children by his first wife.

Towards the end of his life, Prévost signed his name “Provost.” His descendants have adopted one or other of the two spellings.

Honorius Provost

JR (Thwaites), IX, 103; XI, 93. Papier terrier de la Cie des I.O. (P.-G. Roy). Jean Langevin, Notes sur les Archives de Notre-Dame de Beauport (Québec, 1860).

  • Descendants of Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabewich

1. Martin Prevost, son of Pierre Prevost and Charlotte Vien, was born between 1609 and 1611 (DGFQ Jette, Rene, Dictionnarier Genealogique des Familles du Quebec des Origines a 1730 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada: University of Montreal Press, 1983), page 944.) He married Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabewich, daughter of Roch Manitouabewich, on 3 Nov 1644 at Quebec (Ibid.)(DGFC Tanguay, Cyprien, Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes (28 Felsmere Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861-2903: Quintin Publications, 1996 Reprint), Volume 6, page 442.) (PRDH online index, http:éé, No. 66353.)(DGFC, Volume 1, Page, 499.) ...He died on 27 Jan 1691 at Beauport (DGFQ, page 944.)(PRDH online, No. 77616.) He was buried on 28 Jan 1691 at Beauport (DGFQ, page 944.)(PRDH online, No. 77616.)(DGFC, Volume 1, page 499.)

He lived at Montreuil-sous-Bois, Bobigny À(DGFQ, page 944.)

Marie Olivier Sylvestre Manitouabewich died on 10 Sept 1665 at Quebec (Ibid.)(DGFC, Volume 6, page 442.)(PRDH online, No. 68976.) She was buried on 12 Sept 1665 at Quebec DGFQ, page 944.)(PRDH online, No. 68976.)(DGFC, Volume 1, page 499.)

Children as previously cited.

Source: Morin, Gail, Compiler "First Metis Families of Quebec 1622-1748: Volume 1: 56 Families"; printed for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Company; Baltimore, Maryland, 2112.

Vital Records

  • Canadian Genealogy Index, 1600s-1900s

3 citations provide evidence for Marriage, Name

Name: Marie-Olivier-Sylvestre Manitouabewich [Marie-Olivier-Sylvestre Manitouabewich] Event: Married Year: 1644 Place: Quebec 2 Province: Quebec

Source: L'Abbe D Tanguay, ADS, Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes Depuis la Fondation de la Colonie Jusqu'a Nos Jours, Premier Volume, Depuis 1608 jusqu'a 1700, Eusebe Senecal, 1871. Volume 1, page: 499.

  • Quebec, Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families (Tanguay Collection), 1608-1890

Name: Marie-Olivier Sylvestre Relationship to Head: (Spouse) Marriage Date: 3 nov. 1644 Marriage Place: Québec (Quebec City) Spouse's Name: Martin Prevost Burial Date: (10 Sep 1665) Burial Place: Québec (Quebec City) Family Members: Name Relationship to Head / I.--Martin Prevost (see also Vol I, p 499)(Head); b 1611; bur 26 Jan 1691 at Beauport

M1 -- Marie-Olivier Sylvestre; (Spouse); Sauvagesse; bur 10 Sept 1665


Jean-Baptiste Prevost;(Child); b 1659; M1 - 18 Aug 1683 to Marie-Anne Giroux; M2 - 3 Feb 1712 to Genevieve Sedilot at Ste-Foye; bur 12 May 1737 at St-Augustin

Thérèse Prevost Enfant; (Child); b 3 Jun 1665; m 18 Aug 1683 to Michel Giroux (Child's Spouse); bur 20 May 1743

Second Marriage 8 Nov 1665 to D'Abancour, Marie, str of Adrien I.; b 1618 widow of Godfroy Guillot

Source Citation: Volume: Vol. 6 Sect. 2 : Per-Rob; Page: 442.


  1. Mariage / Marriage Martin Prévost - Marie Olivier.
  • Dictionnaire de Biographies Canadiens Online 1000-1700 (Volume I)
  • Original data: Tanguay, Cyprien. Dictionnaire généalogique des familles canadiennes depuis la fondation de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours. Québec, Canada: Eusèbe Senécal, 1871-1890. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
  • A Travers les Registres - p.27

  • Internet - Recensement de 1666 en Nouvelle-France, compilé par Jean-Guy Sénécal.
  • Internet - Recensement de 1667 en Nouvelle-France, compilé par Jean-Guy Sénécal,

PRÉVOST (Provost), MARTIN, un des pionniers de Beauport, près de Québec, né vers 1611, fils de Pierre Prévost et de Charlotte Vien, de Montreuil-sur-le-Bois-de-Vincennes (aujourd’hui Montreuil-sous-Bois), près de Paris, décédé à Beauport le 26 janvier 1691.

La présence de Prévost est signalée à Québec, dans les actes du notaire Piraube, dès l’année 1639. Le 3 novembre 1644, il y épousait Marie-Olivier-Sylvestre Manitouabeouich. C’est le premier mariage entre un Français et une Indienne dont fassent mention les annales du Canada. La jeune épouse avait été donnée par ses parents à l’interprète Olivier Letardif, qui l’avait fait élever à la française, chez le sieur Guillaume Hubou, après lui avoir servi de parrain. Après son mariage et jusqu’à sa mort, on voit Martin Prévost établi à Beauport comme habitant, c’est-à-dire cultivateur, ce qui ne l’empêchait pas d’avoir un emplacement et une maison à Québec, en 1667. Il épousa en secondes noces (1665) Marie d’Abancourt, veuve de Jean Jollyet et de Gefroy Guillot. Il avait eu au moins neuf enfants de sa première épouse. Vers la fin de sa vie, il signait Provost. Ses descendants ont adopté l’une ou l’autre orthographe.

Honorius Provost

  • JR (Thwaites), IX : 103 ; XI : 93.— Papier terrier de la Cie des I. O. (P.-G. Roy).— Jean Langevin, Notes sur les archives de Notre-Dame de Beauport (Québec, 1860).

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