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Hezekiah McCotter (1734 - aft. 1791)

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Hezekiah McCotter
Born in Bullenbrooke Talbot County, MDmap
Ancestors ancestors
Brother of
Husband of — married before in Craven Co. NCmap
Descendants descendants
Died after in Craven Co. NCmap
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Name: Hezekiah /McCotter/[1][2]


Date: 1734
Place: Bullenbrooke Talbot County, MD[3][4][5]


Date: AFT 09 AUG 1791
Place: Craven Co. NC[6][7][8]


Place: Unmarked grave in Hickman-Riggs Cemetery, Craven Co., NC[9]


Date: 1790[10]


Date: 11 AUG 1780
Place: Craven Co. NC[11]


Date: 09 AUG 1791
Place: Craven Co. NC[12]


Event: Debetors Release
Type: Maryland Assembly Proceedings
Date: 21 JUN 1768
Place: Maryland
Type: Tax Register
Date: 1779
Place: Craven County, NC - District 4[13]


Note: #N2560


Husband: Hezekiah McCotter
Wife: Nancy Ann Martin
Child: Elizabeth McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: Mary McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: Mary Margaret McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: Martin McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: Archibald McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: Jesse McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: Sally McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: John Robert McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Date: BEF 26 MAR 1778
Place: Craven Co. NC[14]
Husband: Hezekiah McCotter
Wife: Elizabeth Trayman
Child: Hezekiah McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Child: James Sr McCotter
Relationship to Father: Natural
Relationship to Mother: Natural
Date: 10 NOV 1736
Place: St. Peter's Parish, Talbot Co, MD[15][16]


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Note N2559
Note N2560Assembly Proceedings, May 24 June 22, 1768.
N :° 26: An Act for the relief of certain Languishing Prisoners in the
several Goals therein mentioned [Preamble, relieved by this Act]
Whereas Clement Spalding, Charles Holt Flower, Thomas Cooke, Names o f the County
Ignatius Edwards, John Higdon & Robe rt Huston of St. Mary's
Thomas Freeman, Richard Young, John Ruffe and
David Prisoners Wilkinson of Calvert County
Peter Roby, Presly Cahiell, Mark Latimer, George Lovely, John Talimage,
Robert Wilson, Catharine McDonal, George Waple, John Wade,
Grace Pilkington, William Hudson & John Lammond Joseph Nalley,
John Luckett, Elisha Harbin, Cornelius Maddox, Thomas Nalley and
John Gilmore of Charles County
Joseph McCubbin, John Berry, Thomas Todd and Thomas Town o f Ann Arundel County Joseph White and Benjamin Kidwell of Prince Georges County John Bain, Francis Harris, Wil liam Conhold, Thomas Dey,
William Andrews George Grehon, William Jones, John Clay,
James Oliver and Richard Treadwell o f Baltimore County
William Banks Walls, John Metcalf, John Row, Josias Talburt,
John Alexander Brown, Christian Shock, John Weaver, William Drown,
Alexander Crawford, Richard Bealle, Jacob Sharrer, Robert Martin,
John Ross Mellan, John Waters, Frederick Clabough, Thomas Witten,
George Henback and Thomas Davis of Frederick County Samuel Owens,
William Ford, John Kennerly Thomas Phillips and Arthur Marshall of S omerset County
Stephen Bissell, Mitchell King, Thomas Butler , William Handcock,
John Benson, George Grear, Daniel Handcock, J ohn Permwell,
Ezekiel Claywell, Joshua Wheeler, David MeCl uer, Solomon Small-
wood Jonathan Dyer, John Baker, Philip Gutte rie, Christopher God
love Schoglamer and John Cornwell o f Worcester County
Richard Blackburn Jackson, Thomas Davis, Robert Porter,
David Covenover and Griffith Williams of Caecil Co unty
Nicholas Bowdle Hezekiah McCotter and Robert Parkinson of Dorche ster County
George Harrington, William Dockery, Joseph Nevill, William Horn,
Thomas Farrell and Joseph Harris of Queen Anns County
William Greenwood, Benjamin Steed, Robert Phillips, John Briscoe
and Patrick Dugan of Kent County
Benjamin Buckler, John Dart, Alexander Anderson and Edward Power o f St Mary's County
and John Long of Baltimore County
by their Petitions to this General Assemb ly
have set forth That they have respectivel y continued Prisoners for
Debt in the Custody of the Sheriffs of th e respective Counties afore
said for a considerable Time Past and sti ll continue in the like
deplorable Circumstances not being able t o redeem their Bodies with
all the Estate or Interest they have in t he World which they would
readily surrender up and part with to the ir several and respective
Creditors if they would accept of the sam e and grant the said Peti
tioners their Liberty which sums so unlik ely for them to obtain that
(unless relieved by a particular Act to b e passed in their favour
which by their said Petitions they have h umbly prayed) they must
inevitably continue Prisoners for Life An d as the Allegations of the
said Petitioners appear to this General A ssembly to be true and that
their lying Goal can be of no Advantage t o their Creditors it is
humbly prayed that the said Petitioners m ay be relieved according to
their Prayers and that it may be Enacted
And be it Enacted by the Right Honoura ble the Lord Proprietary [Prisoners
by and with the Advice and Consent of hi s Lordships Governor and to be discharged on
the upper and Lower Houses of Assembly a nd the Authority of the delivering up
same That in Case the said Prisoners sha ll deliver up and Surrender their Effects,
or cause to be delivered up and Surrende red to the Sheriffs of the
respective Counties aforesaid in the Pres ence of two Justices of the
Peace of the Counties aforesaid whom the s aid Sheriffs are hereby
required to summon at the request of the s aid Prisoners at some
convenient Time after the end of this Se ssion of Assembly all their
real and personal Estate either in Possession Reversion Remainder or
in Trust or in or unto which t hey have any Claim or Interest what
soever and likewise convey As sign Transfer and make over unto the
Sheriffs respectively for the U se of the said Creditors all such
their Estate Interest or Clai m as aforesaid after such Manner as
by the said Sheriffs and by t he Major Part of such Creditors or such
of them as shall think fit to d irect therein or their Counsel Learned
in the Law shall reasonably d evise or require at the Costs and Charges
of the Persons who shall Clai m Benefit thereof so that the said
Prisoners be not burthened wi th any Warrantees thereby other than
against themselves or those C laiming by from or under them and
that the said Prisoners at th e Time of such their Surrender and
Transfering their Estate as a foresaid shall take their Solemn Oaths
(or Affirmation if Quakers be fore the said two Justices aforesaid
to the Effect following Viz.t “ I A B do Affirm or Solemnly Swear
[The Oath] That the Goods Debts and E ffects which I have delivered Assigned
and made over to the Sheriff of Coun ty in Trust
for the Use of my Creditors is the w hole Estate both real and
Personal of my own in Possession or t hat I have any title to in
the World and that I have not any Es tate Goods or Effects of any
kind whatsoever left either in posse ssion Reversion or Remainder
(the Necessary Wearing Apparel of my self Wife and Children and
Working Tools excepted) and that I h ave not directly or indirectly
sold leased or otherwise conveyed di sposed of or intrusted all or
any part of my Estate thereby to def raud my Creditors or to secure
the same to receive or expect any Pr ofit or Advantage thereof, So
help me God” It shall and may be law ful for the Sheriffs of the
Counties aforesaid to discharge the s aid Prisoners and suffer them
to go at large.
And be it further Enacted that if t he said Prisoners or any of
them shall be arrested or Imprisoned o n any Process Sued out on
any Judgment or Decree obtained agai nst any of them for any Debt
Damages or Costs Contracted owing or g rowing due before the
End of this Session of Assembly the C ourt out of which such
Process issued shall and may dischar ge such Prisoner on Motion
And if the said Prisoners or any of t hem shall be Arrested or
Imprisoned on any Process for the Re covery of any Debt Damages
or Costs contracted owing or growing d ue before the End of this
Session of Assembly the Court or Jus tice before whom such Process
shall be returned shall and may disc harge the Party Arrested out
of Custody on his or her common appe arance being entered without
any Special Bail. Provided That the d ischarge of the said Prisoners
or any of them shall not acquit any o ther Person from such Debt
Damage or Cost or any part thereof b ut that all such persons shall
be answerable for the same in such M anner as they were before the
passing this Act. Acts
Provided always and be it Enacted That notwithstanding the Liber H . S.
Discharge of the said Prisoners or any o f them all and every Debt [Debts to No. 1
or Debts due and owing from him her or t hem and all and every stand good
Judgment had or Decree obtained against h im her or them shall
stand and be good and effectual in Law t o all Intents and Purposes
against the Lands Tenements and Heredit aments Goods and Chattles
of him her or them or which he she or t hey or any other Person in
Trust for the Use of him her or them ha d at the Time of the dis
charge of the said Prisoners or any of t hem or which he she or they
at any Time hereafter shall or may be a ny way seized or possessed
of or Interested in to his her or their o wn Use or in his her or their
own proper Right either in Law or Equit y (except the Wearing
Apparel Beding and Working Tools of him o r them not exceeding
the sum of ten Pounds Current Money) an d it shall and may be
lawfull for any of their Creditors thei r Executors Administrators
or Assigns to take out new Execution or E xecutions without any
Scire facias previous thereto against t he Lands Tenements or other
Hereditaments Goods and Chattles of the s aid Prisoners or any of
them (except as before Excepted) for th e Satisfaction of his her or
their Debts in such sort Manner and for m as he she or they might
have done if the said Prisoners or any o f them had not been taken
in Execution or discharged by Virtue of t his Act
And be it further Enacted by the Autho rity aforesaid that if any [Actions of
Action of Escape be brought against any S heriff or any Suit or Escape]
Action against any Justice or Justices f or their performing their
Duty in Pursuance of this Act he or the y may plead the General
Issue and give this Act and the Special M atter in Evidence and if
the Plaintiff be non suit or discontinu e his Action or Verdict pass
against such Plaintiff or Judgment upon D emurer the Defendant
shall have and recover double Costs.
Provided also That nothing in this Act s hall extend or be Con- [Proviso, as
strued to extend to bar any Creditor or C reditors of the before to Escape]
mentioned Prisoners from having and mai ntaining any Action of
Escape against any Sheriff who hath per mitted any Escape before
the making of this Act.
Provided Nevertheless That in Case any o f the said Prisoners [In case of
shall at any Time after making such Oat h or Affirmation as afore- Perjury]
said be Convict of willful and corrupt P erjury thereupon or of a
willfull Breach or non-compliance with t he Tenor of such Oath or
Affirmation as aforesaid that then the s aid Prisoner shall upon such
Conviction as aforesaid be wholly depri ved of any Benefit intended
to him her or them by this Act and shal l from thenceforth be liable
to be prosecuted for any Debt or Demand s whatsoever in the same
manner as if this Act had never been ma de Any Thing to the Con
trary notwithstanding [Sheriffs Fees to be first paid]
Provided Also that the respective Sherif fs of the Counties afore
Liber H. S. said shall be first paid and satisfied for their I mprisonment ffees
No. 1 before any Creditor or Creditors shall have o r receive any Share
p. 712 or Part of the Estates of the said Prisone rs respectively or of the
Produce thereof
And be it further Enacted That after Pu blick Notice given by
Advertisements set up at the Court Hous e Door of the County thirty
Days at the least of the Sale of any of t he said Prisoners Lands and
[Notice to be given five Days at the l east of the Sale of any the said Prisoners other Estate
of the said Sheriffs to whom any of t he said Estates real or Personal
the shall be surrendered and deliver ed up in Pursuance of this Act shall
set up and expose such Estates to Sal e by way of Publick Vendue in
the Presence of one Justice of the Pea ce and the Produce arising by
such Sale shall be by the said S heriffs in manner following paid and
satisfied (that is to say) afte r satisfaction of the aforesaid Imprison
ment Fees that the Estate and I nterest of the aforesaid Prisoners
respectively upon which their J udgment Creditors or any Claiming
or that shall Claim under them b y Assignment or otherwise have
or shall have any Lien or the P roduce thereof shall be in the first
place after satisfaction of the S heriffs as aforesaid applied to the
discharge of the said Creditors a ccording to the order and Priority
of their Judgments and the Lien a rising therefrom and that the
residue of the Estate and Inter est of the said Prisoners respectively
or the Produce thereof shall be d istributed among all their Creditors
that shall apply there for with in thirty Days after the aforesaid Sale
in equal Proportion to their De mands
And be it further Enacted that all the A ccounts Bonds Notes and [Bonds, &c. ]
other Demands which any of the s aid Prisoners have against any
the Prisoners to be as- Person o r Persons whatsoever shall be by the said Prisoner or
signeot Prisoners Assigned to t he Sheriff in whose Custody such Prisoner
or Prisoners shall be at the Ti me of their discharge and that such
Sheriff or Sheriffs shall and m ay maintain an Action or Actions on
such Demands as Assignee of suc h Prisoner or Prisoners in his own
Provided always That such Cre ditor or Creditors require and
demand such Sheriff to sue and g ive to such Sheriff a Bond to indem
nify him against any charge tha t may accrue to him by means of any
such suit and in Case of Recove ry that then the Sheriff make distri
bution of what shall be recover ed to the Person or Persons giving
him such security as aforesaid
[Prisoners, And be it further Ena cted by the Authority aforesaid that if any
if single, to be sold for to of t he Persons intended to be relieved by this Act
are and shall be Five Years]
of sufficient Ability of Body to Labour such Person or Person s not
having a Wife or Family shall b e and are hereby obliged to serve
for a Time not exceeding five Y ears to any Person or Persons who
are and shall inclined to purch ase the Time of Servitude of such
Debter or Debters and that the r espective Sheriffs in whose Custody
the aforesaid Debtors or any of them are be and are hereb y Author- Liber H. S.
ized and obliged to summon two Justices o f the Peace in the respec- No.
tive Counties at the request of the sai d Prisoners as soon as Con
veniently may be after the End of this S ession of Assembly and after
giving five Days notice at the Court Ho uses of the respective Coun
ties of the intended sale of such Debto r or Debtors expose to Sale
in the presence of the said Justices su ch Debtor or Debtors and the
Time of his or their Servitude to the h ighest Bidder and the Money
arising from such Sale shall be as Effe cts of such Debtor or Debtors
in the Hands of the respective Sheriffs S ubject as aforesaid to a
Distribution in Manner aforesaid and th e Sale and Service of such
Debtor or Debtors as aforesaid is hereb y directed to be taken as a
full and sufficient Acquittal and disch arge against all Debts due from
such Debtor or Debtors before such Sale .
Provided that in Case it shall appear t o the Satisfaction of the said
Justices that any of the said Debtors h ave offered since their Confine
ment to make Satisfaction to their Cred itors by Servitude and that
their Creditors have refused to Accept t he same that the Time such
Debtors have been confined in Prison sh all be deemed and taken as
Part of the aforesaid five Years and th at they shall be obliged to serve
only for such Time as will compleat fiv e Years from the Day of such
Offer of Servitude And that in Case any s uch Single Persons as afore
said have been confined in Prison for f ive Years or any longer Time
that the said Persons so confined shall b e discharged upon the same
Terms and in the same manner that Perso ns having Families are by
this Act directed to be discharged
By the Lower House of On Behalf of th e right By the Upper House of
Assembly June 1768 Honble the Lo rd Pro- Assembly June 1768
Read and Assented to prietary of this P rovinces Read and Assented to
Sign'd by Order I Will this be a L aw Signed by Order
T. Wright Cl: Lo: Ho:
H oro Sharpe U Scott Cl. Up. Ho.
the Great Seal
in Wax Appendant
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