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James Miller
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Below document was found at the HathiTrust link below:


1/2/1636 (assume this may not be date corrected and could be 1/2/1637); note the James Miller of this profile arrived in Virginia 4/26/1637 on the ship Tristram & Jane out of London with his wife Mary. There was also a James Miller at age 18 who arrived in Virginia in May, 1635 on the ship Plain Jane. As noted further below in the sources on this profile the James Miller arriving in 1635 and the James Miller arriving in 1637 may have been the same person.

1/2/1636 or 1637: A James Miller is noted in the Extracts from the records of the burgh of Glasgow....1630-1662. In a document (I believe written in Scots so difficult for me to read) related to licenses for the retailing of tobacco along with 9 other persons:

James Miller

William Hyndshaw

Hector Cumeing

Johnne Bryssonun

David Quhythaw

Robert Bailyea

Robert Alexander

Robert Bogle

John Clerk

Johnne Wilsoun

1636 (could be 1637) was quite early in the history of tobacco in Virginia. This document MAY indicate my Miller's involvement with some of the first trade of Virginia tobacco back to Scotland. The James Miller of this profile possible brother Patrick Miller (as well as Patrick's descendants up to the late 1700's) was highly likely a Scottish Tobacco Factor (merchant) who arrived in now Middlesex County, Virginia about 1650.

I am going to ASSUME that this James Miller is the brother of Patrick Miller b-1620 in Scotland given a few associations of his and his son Edward Miller's families with the Miller's of Middlesex Co., VA (was Lancaster Co.).

2/16/1623: A William Miller's name appeared on the the 2/16/1623 list of the dead in Virginia (those killed in the Native American uprising on 3/22/1622:


7/30/1624: Maybe this William Miller who died in Virginia in 1622 was related to the William Miller noted in a John Powell's will in London, England. John Powell notes in his will that he has a cousin in Virginia who is the son of his uncle David Powell - (see below). James Miller's son, Edward Miller also was involved with a Powell will in Isle of Wight County, Virginia in the later 1600's.


"John Powell, citizen and clothworker of London. Will 30 July 1624; proved 17 December 1624. To poorest of Clothworkers Company 5 pounds. To wife Anne lands in London or elsewhere. To brother Thomas Powell 40s. To kinsmen Joseph Rogers, WILLIAM MILLER, and kinswomen Sara Browne and cousin Judith Rawlins 3 pounds each. To my cousin now being in Virginia the son of my uncle David Powell 40s. to friend Richard Asope, Scrivenor, 40s. To near kindred 12d each. Rest to wife Ann, executrix. Overseers: brother Thomas Powell and Cozen WILLIAM MILLER. Witnesses: Hen. Burnley, Scr., William Wood, Nathaniel Draper, Edward Drake."

October, 1689: James Miller's son Edward Miller also had a loose tie to the Powell's based on a will of Edward witnessed for a John Grave/Grove:

Oct,1689: Edward Miller wit will of John Grave/Grove w/ Thomas Taberer; John Carrell; William Wilson; Thomas Proud; Leg: Arthur Allen; John Murry; Thomas Proud; Levy Neck Meeting House; Elizabeth Murry; Susan Bressie; Samuel Newton; John Harris; Peter Grimes; John Lux; William Richards; John Murry's 3 sons-John/William/George; Sara Miller; sister's son Walter Potter; nephew Peter Grave/Grove; John Lewis; Copy of his will to be sent to England 1695: Sara Smith's father:Nicholas Smith b-Abt 1628-Nov, 1695; Mother:Ann Nicholas D@Abt 67; Sara Miller not noted in his will so she likely died prior to 1695; Grand daugter: UnNamed Powell Son-in-law: Thomas Powell (now living in Maryland) UnNamed Powell & Thomas Powell have two children in 1695 Wit: Arthur Allen; John Davis; William Webb; Edward Miller

11/29/1658: The Trotman's of London also had ties to the Powell's:

"Conveyance from NICHOLAS TROTMAN, citizen and fishmonger, of London, and WALTER POWELL of Standish, co. Glouc. clarke, to Thomas....Date: 29 November 1658. Held by: Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography Service, not available at The National Archives. Language: English. Physical condition: Incomplete." discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/a4fb8bd1-b859-4bb1-aa30-22c01d9bd68d.


1654-1663: From Servants to Foreign Plantations VOL. I, 1654-63; Transcribed by R. Hargreaves-Mawdsley: Page 3: "Stephen Trotman (of Nibley); destination Virginia ----- Jesse Trotman (of Nebley); destination, Virginia." Nibley is on the northeast side of Bristol, England.

August 1662: "Thomas Trottman, bound to Elias Trottman for 5 yeeres in Maryland."

10/13/1663: From "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 11":

1656: There is a reasonable chance that the Nicholas "Trott (sic) [Trotter?]" - taken from later transcription of James Miller's 1656 will (husband of Mary Trotman) was Nicholas Trotman-47 (b-1/19/1619 in Gloucestershire, England) during a trip to Virginia. Nicholas Trotman witnessed on 5/6/1656 and was an oath on the probate on 6/24/1656 of James Miller's will. Mary Trotman-129 and Nicholas Trotman-47 were 2nd cousins and likely were both about 37 years old in 1656. Nicholas Trotman's children died in Gloucestershire, England so I assume he was only on a trip to Virginia in 1656.

1665: A Stephen Trotman (same name as person Edward-I is noted as requesting administration of his estate in 1665 in Isle of Wight Co., VA) and a Jesse Trotman (both of NIBLEY - northeast side of Bristol, England) left for Virginia between 1654 and 1663. (see link below):


NOTE: At least one of Mary Trotman's relatives who was born in the late 1600's is listed as dying in North NIBLEY, Gloucestershire, England.

8/28/1665: (Nicholas Trotman wit James Miller's 1656 will & a Nicholas Trotman died in Gloucestershire, England in 1665): From "Gloucestershire Notes and Queries, ed. by B. H. Blacker, Volume 2; p.201: "In the will of NICHOLAS TROTMAN, dated 28 August, 1665, and proved in the succeeding month, amongst sundry bequests, as detailed below in No. DCLXI., p.210, this one appears: ----'To Mrs. Eleanor Fust, daughter of Sir Edward Fust, Bart., of Hill, 10 pounds,' desiring her to buy a ring, and to wear it 'as a testimony of my thanks to her and that family for all their kindness to me' Mr. Trotman, though a citizen of LONDON, was a native of WOTTON-UNDER-Edge."

1704: There was an Anne Trotman listed in Charles City County (north side of James River just south of New Kent Co. & just west of James City Co.) on the 1704 Virginia Rent Roles (likely a widow or daughter of a male Trotman). She is the ONLY "Trotman" (or "Trotter") listed in the 1704 Virginia Rent Roles. James Miller's daughter (and maybe other of his children) was born in New Kent County and my direct Miller line had Miller's born in New Kent County in the late 1700's. It appears my Miller's owned a property on the south side of the York River - likely 50 acres; in New Kent Co. from the early/mid 1600's to 1782 (now in James City Co.).


1733: The link below has a number of descendants of a William TROTTER b- Abt. 1668; died Abt. 1733 (will written on 10/16/1733) in York County, Virginia (Charles Parish). He had married in Abt. 1693 an Ann Wade (b-4/5/1674 in York Co., VA (Charles Parish)). They had the following children John (b-11/221694); Elizabeth (b-3/21/1697); William (b-1/15/1698); Arminger (b-12/10/1701); Thomas (b-Abt. 1703); Mary (b-Abt. 1705); and Ann (b-Abt. 1707). All children born in York Co., VA (most noted as Charles Parish).


Below from: "Middlesex County, Virginia Wills, Inventories & Accounts, 1673-1812" - by William Lindsay Hopkins - 1989:

“1747 account of Capt. Henry Whiting with the Estate of Bayley [Seaton], decd., mentions settlement with Capt. Seaton on 26 May 1747 and ‘(1748) Cash at cards at Mrs. Throckmorton’s’”.

5/18/1753: “Bond of John Fox and Richard Patterson to William Taliaferro and William Collier. Wit: John Batchelder and Gabriel Throckmorton.”

The JOHN BATCHELDER who witnessed the document with GABRIEL THROCKMORTON likely was the brother of the Joseph Batchelder (has a WikiTree profile). Joseph was the husband of Michael Miller.

I found a document in London (on line) that tied a THROCKMORTON Trottman (likely his mother, grandmother, etc. was a Throckmorton) with a William Miller in Virginia. James Miller b- Abt. 1617 wife was Mary Trottman, daughter of Edward Trottman. I read the Trottman's sometimes are referred to as "Trotters". If I recall correctly there was a weather vane on one of the Trottman's homes in England that was in the shape of trotting horses.

Woodson family that may indicate a tie between James Miller and Patrick Miller's son Randolph Miller:


Marriage ties between York Co., VA James Miller b- Abt. 1617 and Randolph Miller in Lancaster Co., VA

James Miller’s (b- Abt. 1617) granddaughter (Elizabeth Lewis) married Robert Woodson, Jr. in Abt. 1682 in Henrico Co., VA; and then married Elizabeth’s sister (Sarah Lewis) in 1691 also in Henrico Co., VA after Elizabeth had died.

Randolph Miller’s (b- Abt. 1650) granddaughter's (Mary Miller b- Abt. 1715 Lancaster Co.) 2nd husband was Robert Woodson, Jr.’s brother (Benjamin Woodson) son (John Woodson b- Abt. 1706 Henrico Co., VA)

From the same link above a Sara Miller marries into the Woodson family in later generations; however I was not able to quickly identify if this Sara Miller is related to me.

James Miller's early land purchases in York County, Virginia:

10/23/1637 100 acres - "Upon the great Otterdamms at the head of the New Poquoson N. bounded on E. with land of Robert Lucas & Sly. into the woods. Due for per. adv. of himself & wife Mary." A modern address where I think this James Miller's property was located is Historical Tour Road, Yorktown, Virginia (at dam for what is now called Wormley Pond).

1/26/1648 150 acres - for paying passage for: "Anne Wille, John Chanelor, John Erett. 26 Jan. 1648, p. 171."; A modern address where I think this James Miller's property was located is 100 Mill Rd., Yorktown, Virginia.

"Butting upon Roulstons Creek Sly on two sides with two branches of sd. Creek & from the place where the water mill should stand it runs up with the Southermost runns or water course untill it comes to Hugh Aliens land & adjacent his own land."

NOTE: Where I feel one of James Miller's properties was located based on descriptions in his land patent as well as noted adjacent owners of land patent descriptions entrance road is noted as DARBY ROAD on modern GoogleMaps. Modern address would be near 474 Darby Rd., Yorktown, Virginia. This also could be a DARBY family owned property adjacent to James Miller's property. I feel James Miller's property was near the dam for the modern Harwoods Mill Reservoir where James Miller likely had a mill (possibility a saw mill based on a statement in James Miller's 1656 will) built likely in the 1630's or 1640's. A modern address near were I think this James Miller's property was located is 100 Mill Rd., Yorktown, Virginia.

I found a Darby family noted in Middlesex County, Virginia were some of James Miller's Miller relatives resided from the mid 1600's. Source: Middlesex County, Virginia, Wills, Accounts & Inventories, 1673-1812; published in 1989 (my Miller's in Middlesex Co. Virginia owned property near the Churchill family):

10/16/1799: "(p.33) Nuncupative will of Sarah (Sally) Churchill...16 Oct 1799 / 23 Dec 1799....Hannah Robinson or her mother. Mother, Elizabeth Churchill. Brother Thomas Churchill and half sister, Mrs. Hannah Robinson. Niece Elizabeth Churchill DARBY (underage) and her mother, Lucy DARBY, and her father JOHN DARBY. Wit: Elizabeth Berkley and Thomas Jamieson. Admin: Thomas Churchill."

I had thought that James Miller may have had an earlier wife; however I am less sure of this now so I removed his 1st wife (Unknown Unknown) from his profile. If he did not have a first wife, James may have been born later so I changed his birth year from about 1610 to about 1615. If he was the same James Miller that arrived on a ship to Virginia in 1635 (later to return in 1637 with his wife Mary?) he would have been born about 1617. The James Miller that arrived in Virginia in 1635 was listed as 18 years old which would make him born about 1617. I also changed his birth place (still uncertain) to UK (Scotland or England). It is possible James Miller is related to my Miller's (Patrick Miller b- 1620 in Scotland) who arrived in the Middlesex County, Virginia area about 1650 from Scotland. There are indications that my Miller's were Scottish Tobacco Factors (Merchants). My Middlesex County, Virginia Miller's had ties to New Kent Co., VA (some were born there) and James Miller had at least one child born in New Kent Co., VA also. The Miller property in New Kent Co., VA later became part of James City Co., VA which was sold in 1782 when it appears the owner a John Miller died. My Middlesex Co., VA Miller's also later married into families in adjoining Gloucester Co., VA; and James Miller's daughter married a gentleman from Gloucester Co., VA. - Jim Miller

More detail verbiage in Nicholas Smith's (father of James Miller's son Edward Miller's wife, Sara Smith/Smythe) 1695 will in GoogleBooks source above: "Nicholas Smith, will, to wife Ann one half of personal estate and remaining half to grandaughter, the dau. of Thomas Powell now living in Maryland and her two children, if grandaughter or any children should die their parts to survivors. One feather bed and bolster now standing in dining room, Bought in Holland to Nicholas Miller. To my grandaughter aforesaid all lands in Virginia or elsewhere for life then to her heirs. Wife and grandaugher to be extraxs. 19 Nov. 1695. Ed Miller, Will Weber, Ar. Allen, John Davis." SO NICHOLAS SMITH PURCHASED A BED IN HOLLAND WHICH HE WILLED TO NICHOLAS MILLER, EDWARD MILLER'S SON (INDICATES SMITH AND MAYBE MILLER TIE TO HOLLAND)


"Wm. Miller agrees to pay debt to Nicholas Smyth. 6 Mar. 1670" I do not have a family member named William Miller identified that would have been an adult in 1670 (William Miller son of John Miller in Elizabeth City County would have only been a few years old at this time & James Miller of York Co. does not note a son named William Miller in his will in 1656). This William Miller in 1670 COULD have been a brother or other relative to James Miller of York Co.

After reviewing the families associated with Edward Miller (son of James Miller) noted below, I have seen many of these families surnames are most prevalent around Strasbourg, France (near the Germany border; just west of Stuttgart, Germany) in the 1600's. Given this and documents indicating James Miller was involved with water powered saw mills (German's were the experts in the 1600's in saw mill technology) in Virginia in 1637, I have changed the assumed birth place of James Miller to Strasburg, France. Also James Miller's 2nd wife Mary Trotman's family existed in the Strasburg, France area (very few Trotman's in the world then and in modern times).

See details on Mary (Trotman) Miller's profile (James Miller's wife) as to why I feel they were husband and wife.



I am currently putting together a family tree of James Miller's son Edward Miller (b- Abt. 1644) who purchased land in Isle of Wight County, Virginia (found about 85 Isle of Wight County documents dated 1664 to 1799 that relate to Edward and his descendants). Based on family names on documents in common with names noted on James Miller's will; these documents confirm a tie between this Edward Miller in Isle of Wight and James Miller b- Abt. 1610 who died in York County, Virginia in 1656. Also based on common names in documents, there appears to be a tie between this Edward Miller and a John Miller in Elizabeth City County, Virginia (about 6 miles from James Miller's property in York County, VA). Months ago, I developed a theory that Elizabeth City County John Miller was the first son (likely born to the 1st wife in the UK) of James Miller and thus Edward Miller's half brother. This John Miller (born about 1635; died 11/4/1688) likely immigrated to Virginia after his father's (James Miller) death in 1656.


Date: ABT 1620

Removed ABT from Birth Date and marked as uncertain.


Ancestor of Nancy Hail (Edward Amandus Alvis).

Will Transcription

"6 May 1656. Will of James MILLER. Weak in body. Date: 6 May 1656; Proved 24 June 1656. To three sons James MILLER, Edward MILLER, and Augustine MILLER each when of age. Other personal property. To sons James and Edward 'plantation I live upon' In case of death of either to the survivor and to Augustine. To my oldest daughter Mary STRECHEY a cow. To 'my sonn William STRECHEY a suit of clothes'. To my daughter Elizabeth MILLER personal property. Executrix wife Mary, Overseers 'my loving friends William STRECHEY my sonn Mr Nicholas TROTT and William SPEARE and William PATTISON'. "The Coopers timber that has now fallen be made up according to my cond'cons with the cooper of the William and John and what my wife's shall not have occasion to use about the crop that then the other to be sold to pay a debt which I doe owe William SHORTWRIGHT living in New-Poquoson" Wife to have land during life. Signed the mark of James (IM) MILLER. Wit: Henry GOOCH, Law. HULETT, Anne HODGE, Nicholas TROTT (sic) (Trotter?) Probated on the oaths of TROTT (sic) and HULETT. (York County, VA, 1648-1657, p. 63."

I have yet to find any SHORTWRIGHTS in Virginia. James Miller in his 1656 will above notes; "I doe owe William SHORTWRIGHT living in New-Poquoson". I did find a William "SHORTRIDGE"who was a merchant in Glasgow, Scotland (see link below). NOTICE this William SHORTRIDGE'S wife was Elizabeth YUILLE. The Glasgow Miller's had married into the YUILLE and MURDOCH families of Glasgow, Scotland. Maybe there is a transcription error in the 1656 will and William SHORTWRIGHT should be William "SHORTRIDGE".


"WILLIAM SHORTRIDGE, of Todd, Shortridge & Co. (See David Todd.) He lived " 4 flat, Shortridge's Land, south " side Argyle Street" (June, 1787). Shortridge's Land was the tall tenement which stood at the west corner of Dunlop Street, opposite the Buck's Head. It was removed a few years ago in widening the entry to Dunlop Street. It had been built by William's father, Bailie John Shortridge, a tough, old worthy, who fought the rebels at Falkirk, and lived to fight his neighbours in the Law Courts. He had a right to be tough, for his mother was a Spreull of the tough and worthy stock, that produced old "Bass John" and other like-minded Spreull's. "Bass John" was tried for treason and rebellion and fighting on the side of the Covenanters at Bothwell Bridge. Though acquitted on a verdict of " not proven," the Government, to prevent his treason in the future, if they could not punish him for anything in the past, detained him, and he was for six years kept a prisoner in the Bass Rock. William Shortridge, by his wife, Elizabeth YUILLE, had a numerous family ; but none of these left descend- ants except Margaret, wife of James Burns of Kilmahew. Their only child, John William Burns, is sole representative of William Shortridge. William Shortridge's brother, James, under the will of his cousin, Janet Spreull, " Bass John's " daughter, succeeded to Spreull's Land in the Trongate the only entail within the burgh and took the name of Spreull. He married Margaret M'Call of Belvidere, and was father of John Spreull, late City Chamberlain. James Black of Craigmaddie, another original subscriber to the Chamber, married William Shortridge's sister. Another sister married John Smith of Craigend."

James Miller was in the water powered saw mill business based on a statement in a land patent in York Co., VA by James Miller noting the future site of a mill on that land as well; as a comment in his will about profit from timber cut to lumber at his specifications to be given to his wife and to pay off debt. Using Google Maps, I have also noticed old mill ponds at the likely locations of 5 properties owned by the Miller family in the 1600's and 1700's. Also several roads near these properties have modern time names such as Miller Road; Miller Landing Rd., etc.

Another theory I have is that James Miller was involved as a very early Virginia Scottish Resident Factor, working for a Scottish company involved with the Virginia tobacco trade which was all done through Glasgow, Scotland. Scottish men with the following surnames were all key players of the Scottish tobacco trade: Anderson, Miller, Donaldson, Campbell, etc. in Glasgow. This Scottish influence in the American tobacco trade to Europe was thought to have started around 1707 if I recall the date correctly when Scotland was granted the same trade rights as England (pushed by English King James, who was Scottish born). However I think the Scots were involved in the Virginia tobacco trade 70 years earlier. James Miller likely had connections to English royals through his mother who was the daughter of Sir Duncan Campbell of Scotland. The Campbell Clan had overpowered the MacFarlane Clan (Miller's were likely members of MacFarlane Clan) in the 16th century; so the Campbell's would have had influence over James Miller.

I also have noticed that James Mille; and other possible Miller family members in the 18th century tended to own small/medium sized plantations at the navigable ends of tributary's off the major colonial shipping rivers such as the York River until the 1700's when my Miller family moved inland in Virginia to Nottoway County and continued with their plantations (and at least one retail store/tavern).

Of course all this was lost to time after ten generations.

Anyway some theories of mine; would welcome any comments.

Jim Miller


James Miller likely had a first son he named John (his father's name) from a first wife. This is likely for several reasons. 1. He would have married at about 21 (so around 1630), but his 1st child noted in his will was not born in Virginia until about 1638 (8 year gap). 2. He would have named his 1st born son John. 3. James Miller notes in his will that a debt was to be paid to a William Shortwright "living in New-Poquoson" which would be close to Eliz. City Co. (Could be a debt due to the purchase of land for his son John and John's now young family after they arrived from the UK). John Miller's brother Robert also left a will that noted he lived on the Back River. The Back River is close to New-Poquoson.

The John Miller who died in Elizabeth City Co., Virginia - 6 miles from James Miller's land (will probated 11/18/1689) named his first born son "James" (father's father) and his second born son "John" (father). So this John Miller likely was James Miller of York Co.'s first son from a previous marriage while James Miller was still in the UK (prior to his and likely 2nd wife Mary's immigration to Virginia). Scottish naming patterns would be for James Miller to name his first born son after his father (John) and his second born son after himself (James). James Miller named his 1st son born in Virginia James (so likely a John had been born earlier in the UK and later immigrated to VA near his father).


  • Source: Ancestry.com online: York County, VA, 1648-1657, p. 63


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A James Miller noted in a 1636 document related to Glasgow tobacco merchants
A James Miller noted in a 1636 document related to Glasgow tobacco merchants


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