Mistigoose (Mistigoose) Goodwin

Mistigoose (Mistigoose) Goodwin (bef. 1768 - 1798)

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Mistigoose Goodwin formerly Mistigoose
Born before in Ojicree of the Lake St Ann area (now Lake Nipigon) Albany District, Rupert's Landmap [uncertain]
Daughter of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Wife of — married in Albany District, Rupert's Land, British Americamap
Descendants descendants
Died in Albany District, Rupert's Land, British Americamap
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Research Notes:

Note: Name variants include: Mistigoose, Mistigoosh , Mustigoose

Note: " Robert and MISTIGOOSE 1783 By 1783 Robert was married ‘a la facon du pays’ to an Indian woman named MISTIGOOSE, a possible child of PUKETHEWANISK, possible Ojicree of the Lake St Ann area (now Lake Nipigon).[1][2]Their first child was Caroline, born at Albany sometime around 1783-85, and died Aug 23, 1832."[3]

Note: " dizygotic ("fraternal"), meaning that each twin develops from a separate egg and each egg is fertilized by its own sperm cell."

Historical Research Excerpts:

"Here it seems he met his wife to be.

The earliest letter I have found is from a Mr Jarvis in London dated 17th May 1783 (bearing in mind the time it would have taken for the original letter informing Jarvis about Mistigoosh to arrive and the reply to come) where he says “I send you … a few needles for Mistagoosh (sic)” In the same letter he refers to the “little family” By the spring of 1783 she (Mistigoosh) is mentioned with regularity in his correspondence. They have "a little family" possibly indicating that a child had been born. She is called "your dear girl" and "beloved".

She is also referred to as "Mrs. Goodwin" indicating that some native binding ceremony had probably occurred. It must have been with difficulty that Goodwin left her and returned to England when his contract with the Hudson Bay Company expired in 1786.

It was during this time in England that he resumed his courtship with Mary Hunter of Bungay. He had known her for many years before his 1781 departure <to – assume> from England. After returning to England he must have rekindled his relationship with Mary but when the Hudson Bay Company offered him the job of trader instead of surgeon and a pay raise he decided to go back to Canada.

Perhaps his affection for Mistigoosh also played a part in his decision.(Robb Gorr)

An agreement between her family and Robert Goodwin to the benefit of both parties ‘a la facon du pays’ – Mabel Hykaway The Indians on the west side of James Bay are Swampy Cree (Omushkego) and an elder I consulted said that the name Mistigoosh means "Little Tree". I have looked in many Cree dictionaries and found the word "mistigoose" in only one, translated as "small stick or branch". "Mistik" means tree or wood, so it all seems to fit. I did some further looking in Cree dictionaries at the library. The sounds in the Cree language are difficult to describe with our alphabet so spellings can really vary. When "k" or "g" are used the sound is actually somewhere between the two, and "s" can sound like "sh". The suffix "-oose" means "little" so Mistikoose or Mistigoose is Little Tree.

An elder I consulted pronounced it as "Mishtigoosh. Many Indians and their families are mentioned in the post journals, some coming in to trade or to get credit or food, some for medical treatment by Robert. One of them could have been Mistigoosh's father.

Robert also travelled away from the fort to treat sick or injured people. One case (winter 1782-3) was a seriously ill Indian whose wife was large with child. Robert was unable to help him, the man died, and his wife and her parents were devastated. – (Becky Johnson)"

"After a Summer trip to Martins Fall, stayed at Osnaburgh House July 27-31, then left for his new Assignment, Brandon House. The HBC archives here in Winnipeg have a file on Robert and it includes some extracts (done by Mabel Hykaway) of the letters in London. One letter from England (from Jarvis in July 1796) sends regards to

(Sibling ?) Mistigoose and Wauchipuck. Is there any mention of who Wauchipuck was? Maybe her sibling, parent, or child? Another letter says "Mrs. Goodwin must remember her sister, poor Knowles! He is reduced to a skeleton and if able must go home." George Wright Knowles was employed by the HBC at Albany starting in May 1790 and died there 13 Sept 1793. Perhaps he was married to the sister of Mistigoosh? Before he died he was very anxious to have his will changed but was not successful. In the Albany/Moose/Eastmain journals I came across no mention of Wauchipuck (although I found Indians named Wauchusk, Wausakesick, and Wawpatch!). And nothing at all on George Wright Knowles or a sister to Mistigoosh.–( Becky Johnson)

Anon took a look at this and sent me the following regarding Mistigoosh’s siblings, which might appear to include a ‘Pol’ as well as Wauchipuck from the letters below. Further research is needed.

8 Jan, 1787, Letter Edward Jarvis: "I hope Mistigoosh is well Pol has sent her a token of her sisterly love"

Also Edward Jarvis biography - ("The mother of this child was, in Jarvis' own words, the daughter of an Englishman with few or no Indian friends")

3 September 1793, Letter John McNab: "Mrs. Goodwin must remember her sister, poor Knowles! He is reduced to a skeleton and if able must go home" July 30, 1796, Letter --- Jarvis: "I am glad to hear little Caroline is well. A Mr. Davie who had some knowledge of you when you was apprentice at Yoxford, desires his compliments to you, remember me to Mistigoosh and Wauchipuck" – (Anon Maguire)"

" After April 1795 and before the end of the year – Robert and Mistigoosh’s daughter Margaret (“Peggy”) Goodwin is born Her birthdate is calculated as circa 1795 (after April) based on her span of childbearing years (1813-1838) and also from a school journal kept by schoolmaster William Harper at Albany that indicates Margaret Goodwin entered school in April 1809, aged thirteen years (from Hudson Bay Company Archives, document B.3/a/112, ff. 1,3). (Robb Gorr) "Maguerite Goodioin, Metis, born 1795 daughter Robert Goodioin (Goodwin), listed 1870 census St. Clement, Red River." [4]

"Between about April and June 1797, while Robert was away in England, Robert and Mistigoosh’s daughter Nancy Goodwin was born, and Mistigoosh died. Her (Nancys) birth is calculated as circa 1797. When she died in 1880 she was recorded as about 82 years of age, therefore calculating a birthdate of about 1798. Her father who left for England in September 1796 returned in August 1797 to find his wife Mistigoosh dead. If she had been pregnant when he left, the child had to have been born prior to June 1797.

Letters from many correspondents offer their condolences on his loss and refer to his letter references about his great grief and sorrow, an indication of his depth of feeling for his native wife. A letter from his friend John Richards offers a hint of the regard in which she was held by all: “I sympathize with you in the loss of your dear girl poor soul she is gone above to be the companion to Angels for her sobriety and virtue” (Robert Gorr)" [5]

Husband Robert Goodwin's Will

" In 1804 Robert became the Post Master at Osnaburgh House.

On June 22, 1805 Robert GOODWIN died on his way to Martin Falls.

A Codicil to his Will of 1782, dated Apr 22, 1803 Robert includes the following words: I give and bequeath to the said John David TOWSE, John BARMBY and Robert PURVIS the Executors under my Will the Sum of Five Hundred Pounds £3 percebt Consols in Trust for the following purposes to pay the Interest thereof being £15 per Annum into the hands of the Hudson’s Bay Company London

to be equally divided between Caroline, Nancy and Peggy my Natural Daughters by MUSTIGOOSE an Indian Woman deceased

. Jenny the Daughter of PUCKETWANISH an Indian the Woman I at present cohabit with and Anne my Daughter by her the said Jenny share and share alike to be paid in Goods out of the Company's Warehouse at Albany Factory during their natural Lives and at their decease the principal to revert to

my natural Son William Adolphus Barmby GOODWIN the residuary Legatee under my Will.

Family Information Assembled digests:

This should be read with the compilation of a great deal of others research at http://www.tgoodwin.f2s.com, which will expand on this version received from HBCA Changes to HBCo record in bold

Wife (1): Mistigoose (d. ca. 1798)

Children (I now believe in this, CHANGED order):

1. Caroline (b. we think circa 1783, d. 23 Aug. l832 Fort Coulonge, Canada) m. James R Hudson 1799 (at age 16 - see the letter from John McNab in ‘When was Caroline born?’ above) Warren Sinclair's genealogy has quite different information. He has Caroline marrying John Hodgson b. 1763 in England, and their son John b. 1795. – Becky Johnson. TG note – the Warren Sinclair record has been replaced by more recent research by many people, and a wise person has recently advised me that anyone who wants to know should consult the HBC archive, where the original documents prove it is James. Don’t believe what you read in any book, go to the source.

2. William Adolphus Barmby (b. 6th Aug 1788, to England July 1796, married three times, d. 29th April 1838 PEI Canada)

3. Nancy (b. Bef 1795, d.1880 Fort Albany, Canada) B.l35/z/3, fos.260-l, 263, 336

4. Peggy (Margaret) (b. 1795, d. l88l Red River, Canada) m. c. 1841 Jacob Daniel B.l35/z/3, fos.260-l, 263

Mistigoose was born about 1760 in Ruperts Land, North America. She died about 1798 in Ruperts Land, North America. She married Robert GOODWIN.

They had the following children:

F i Caroline GOODWIN was born in 1783. She died on 23 Aug 1832.

M ii William Adolphus Barmby GOODWIN was born on 6 Aug 1788 in Ruperts Land, North America.

http://www.tgoodwin.f2s.com/Genealogy/References/Robert%20Goodwin%20biography.pdf William Adolphus Barmby Goodwin (WABG) – the son He did return to Canada. He died in Price Edward Island, a farmer on 29th April 1838 just before his 50th birthday. . Perhaps England and the English didn’t agree with him. He had a tough life, and never saw any of his fathers’ money, whose will wasn’t settled for another 52 years. His son was then apparently in Essex County, Massachusetts, a farm labourer aged only 13, and he was intriguingly ‘one of the Next of Kin’ Re. W. A. B. Goodwin by Mabel Hykaway. Jan 2006 handwritten note to Tony Goodwin “After a long search, it was found that William died in Prince Edward Island. From the index of probate (Principal Probate Registry) in London the matter of the Estate is listed among a number of Goodwins in 1890. William Adolphus Barmby Goodwin is described as “late of Crapaud Lot 29 Queen’s County PEI in the dominion of Canada, Farmer and Widower Who died 29 April 1838 at Tryon Lot 28 Princes County in the said Island” Administration was granted to William Adolphus Howard Goodwin of Boxford, Essex County in the State of Massachusetts in the United States of America, Farm Labourer the son and one of the Next of Kin This angle was not researched further. We had come to a conclusion of the will and its legacy. We felt that it was necessary to conclude, if possible, the will since it had a direct connection to Robert Goodwin personally. However it was not my intent to follow every angle to the present day. There were other families within our family tree that needed attention." William Adolphus Howard Goodwin (WAHG) – the grandson I’m indebted to Adeline Maguire for her collaboration over this section in early 2006. William was baptised on 18th February 1825 at Yoxford, probably in the same church as his father was, some 28 years before. As the only son (that we know of) we would have been heir to a significant sum. We still don’t know what happened to the lands and property of ‘Robert the Grocer’, but WAHG was the 3rd generation heir. His mother, Harriett Howard, died when he was two years old. We assume he moved with his Father to Prince Edward Island. The next time we pick him up (if it is him, the date of birth is different, but everything else fits and there are no other candidates) is through the Census records: http://www.tgoodwin.f2s.com/Genealogy/References/Robert%20Goodwin%20biography.pdf

F iii Nancy GOODWIN was born before 1795 in Ruperts Land, North America. She died in 1880 in Fort Albany, Canada.

F iv Margaret GOODWIN was born in 1795 in Ruperts Land, North America. She died in 1881 in Red River, Canada. [6]

By 1783 Robert was married ‘a la facon du pays’ to an Indian woman named MISTAGOOSH. Their first child was Caroline, born at Albany sometime around 1783-85."

" Children with MISTIGOOSH:




4. c1797 NANCY GOODWIN (m. TEKOKUMAW renamed Adam GOODWIN) Child with Jane PUCKETWANISK: 1. Jan 1, 1802 ANNE GOODWIN-FLETT"

MISTIGOOSE Jenny Goodwin - Erroneous Genealogy

Author: Donald "Donn" M. Fowler on Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mistigoose, Robert Goodwin's country wife, is not "Jenny"; Jenny was Robert's second wife and gave him two daughters Anne and Marguerite.

Mistigoose had already given Robert the following daughters and only the one son, William Goodwin (b.6 Aug, 1788).

The birth sequence for these first Goodwin children were as follows:

Caroline Goodwin;

the dizygotic twins, William and Mary Goodwin;

Margaret "Peggy" Goodwin,

and a fabricated erroneous "Nancy" (a nickname for Anne Goodwyn) for the girl twin named "Mary (Goodwin)" Corrigal, who was my great three grandmother who died 23 Sept 1823, at age 35, at the HBC Martin (sic) Falls, Albany river post, and she was buried at Martin Falls.

Mary's beloved mother, Mistigoose, had drowned herself, in late 1796 or early 1797, and the twin Mary's own second daughter, Mary (Corrigal) Scollie's husband, Robert Scollie, erected a Scottish Cairn over Mistigoose's grave, about 40 mile down the Albany river where her Indian body became shored.

The Mistigosse children were all surnamed "Goodwin", while Jenny's two girls were surnamed Goodwyn; however, all children were fathered by the HBC's Surgeon/Trader Robert Goodwin, my great four grandfather who was born 1761 at Yoxford, Suffolk, U.K He died in 1805 while on trhe Albany river alone.

For this Robert Goodwin accuracy, contact age 91, retired, Donald Maxwell Fowler C.D., Kt.(Fr.), Lead Elde,r Council of the First Métis People of Canada (CFMPC/CPPMC), the great grandson of Margaret Charlotte Corrigal (Scollie) Fowler (B.1850-d.1936). Contact: dmf@metalex.com. . [7]


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