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May currently be slightly slow to respond, so will get back to you in a few weeks at the most. Please notice my profile is in my birth name Loretta Morrison, the real name I use was given to me by my adopted family : Trish, and there is a second profile for my adopted self linked below, married. I look forward to my next 100k contributions with all members help!
Loretta L. Morrison aka Haskett, Schmig
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Loretta Morrison was adopted
Adoptive Parents Biological Parents
Father: James Haskett Father: Lloyd Morrison
Mother: Dorothy Hartzell Mother: Jean Bruner
Second profile for my adopted self under Trish Haskett-353
Member of Scottish Clan Morrison of North America
This profile is part of the Morrison Name Study.
To save confusion and make the tree come up accurate this profile is under my birth name, my adopted family gave me a first name that I really use ; Trish, if you are messaging me.

I was adopted at birth and had records opened in 2012 finding most of my birth family ! Still searching for 3 of my siblings that had closed adoptions like mine. Names at birth : Beverly Morrison, possibly of Douglas County or Wright County MO, other names possibly Elizabeth, and Daisy. But they could be anything as they were all adopted very young.

Being an adoptee, I adopted many profiles on Wiki Tree. I have managed to find valid sources on most, but can always use more. Some also need valid pre-1700 sources, so if helping with that please make sure the source meets requirement list.

Loretta Morrison participated with Team Missouri during the 2022 Connect-a-Thon.
Loretta Morrison participated with Team Missouri during the 2021 Source-a-Thon, adding 92 sources to profiles.
Loretta Morrison participated with Team Missouri during the 2021 Clean-a-Thon.
Loretta Morrison participated with Team Missouri during the 2020 Source-a-Thon, adding 66 sources to profiles.
A wall in my direct maternal line has been knocked down using DNA! We now know that Thomas Smith b. 1810 was descended from Benjamin Smith b: ? Suffolk England d: 1772, Frederick VA . Son: Thomas Smith (1740 - 1784), Son : Martin Smith (1770 - 1811), Son: Thomas Smith (1810 - d: abt 1884 most likely in Douglas County Missouri ) and then on down to, my now broken brick wall, my 2 x GG Mother : Patsy Mariah Epha "Fannie or Phansy" Smith (1851 - 1891) Thomas Smith 1810 was born in Fredrick County, Va and lived in Harrison County and Douglas County Missouri. His spouse, Phebe or Judah, marriage in 1849 in Williamson, TN. Their child in my line was Patsy Mariah, as stated above : abt 1851-2 AKA "Phansey" "Fannie" Their other kids were John CM, Thomas J, Mariette "Mary C, Lydia A, Ammeltia "Artimesia", and Martha born abt 1856, possible other children. Residence in 1850 Harrison, Missouri. We are still searching for the parents of Thomas 1810's spouse Phebe or Judah R. Unknown surname, born abt 1817 in Tennessee. Both her parents are listed on census records as born in Georgia.
Brick Wall in paternal line Nathaniel Morrison born abt 1790 either in North Carolina or Virginia, USA. Married Hannah Marie Austin had at least one child Alfred Caswell Morrison, source Alfred Caswell's death certificate in Chico, CA in 1907. See Y-test of Morrison-4484. Alfred's spouse Elizabeth Horn has new information that her father may have been Jacob Horn and Nancy Unknown from Greene, TN and Mercer, KY. She was a 2x great grandmother in paternal line, born about 1816- 1824, place of birth Greene County, Tennessee or North Carolina? Wife of Alfred Caswell Morrison. AKA Caswell Morris he sometimes used. They married June 9, 1845 marriage record in Greene County, Tennessee. Lived in Greene County, MO (which became Christian County MO.) And later years in Lawrence County, MO by Ash Grove. They were never formally divorced that we know of, Alfred ran off to the West Coast in after 1870 with another woman, and reports her as a spouse on the 1900 census as we'd in 1861. Elizabeth went to live with one of her kids in Northwest Arkansas. Mother of Hewey or Huey E. Morrison, Sarah M. Morrison, William L. Morrison, John W. Morrison, George W. Morrison, Rachael E. Morrison and Abigale H. Morrison

So, so Many, but here are a few: James "Jimmy" Caudill-168 'Pioneer of Kentucky' 4x Great Grandfather - Has a highway plaque commemorating him. Regarding the Y DNA: (Cousins report Haplogroup G-M286, Western Asia and the Caucasus samples are rare according to Wikipedia "The G2a2a subclade (M286) is tiny. Samples indicating British Isles, Turkish and Lebanese ancestry have been identified. ")

Sarah Thomas-11650 and husband Joseph Walker-12162 5th Great Parents - Really all the Walkers of Rehoboth. But, Sarah nursed and fed George Washington's Revolutionary War Soldiers in their home.

United States of America Patriot Ancestors
John Ross-11140 1st C, 7XR- Husband of Betsy Ross of Flag Making fame, and a hero in his own right as he died guarding a munitions warehouse. And his sister Dorothy Ross-6155, who is most likely a co-designer of the flag with her sister in law as she had more sewing experience and worked with them in the family shop.

James Cole-661 9th Great Grandfather- I was honored to visit his rock on "Cole's Hill" in Plymouth, MA . Had the 1st "ordinary" house (inn and tavern) in Plymouth . Was often in court for rowdy behavior, selling liquor to Indians or in the wrong quantities, and letting quests be loud and drunkin. Funny that the town paid him more than once for the improvements to his ordinary. And he also became constable of a nearby town !

Just a few of my Revolutionary War Ancestors ,,,Michael Arbogast Sr., Thomas Breedlove (provided supplies), Richard Currie, William Currie, Edward King, Jacob Landes, William Mullins, Francis Sturgill and Richard Wells Sr. These are the ones verified with stickers and will seek out additional to add stickers.

6 Generations Surnames

Click on Surname to view EKA - Earliest Known Ancestor
Adams, Arbogast , Austin
Beidler, Bollen , Breedlove , Bruner
Carr, Caudill , Caudill , Cherry , Craft , Currie
Dodd, Dunkle
Flesher (Fleisher, Fleischer)
Gilley, Gilliam , Gum
Harrison, Horn , Humphrey
Landis (Landes) , Lowery
Maggard (Mägert) , McClain , McDade , Miller , Morrison , Mullins
Roberts, Robertson , Robinson
Selvidge, Shaver , Smith , Sturgill , Swink
Walker, Walker , Ward , Wells , Wells
Zumwalt (Zumwald, Sumwald)

Fun Found by Wiki Relationships

All of these posted relationships are just for FUN and may, or may not, be of stong confidence much less DNA proven, but FUN anyway. Wiki Relationship Finder shows me related to 'King Henry VIII as 2nd cousins, 16xR Henry's Great Grandfather Richard Wydeville KG Wydeville-1 is my 17th Great Grandfather.

Napoléon III of France and Loretta are 18th C, 7XR (Uncertain) in the mutual Goode, Dowde lines. Me and millions of other people of course ! Besides Henry and Napoleon, also shows me related to the following European Royals and Aristocrats:  :Marguerite Baux 1394-00-00 Andria, Bari, Apulia, Kingdom of Naples, Italia,  :William Courcy 0000-00-00 (dates needed), :Pierre Luxembourg 1390-00-00 Naples, Napoli, Campania, Italy,  ; George Stanley KG 1460-00-00 Knowsley, Lancashire, England,  ; Thomas Stanley KG 1435-00-00 Lathom, Lancashire, England, ; Janet Trussell 1410-00-00 Whitney, Herefordshire, England, ; Alice Wood 1410-00-00 Northwick, Worcestershire, England.

Wiki Relationship Finder shows me....

  • George Washington 4th C , 7xR- share Jennet (Halstead) Towneley (confident)
  • John Quincy Adams 9th C, 4xR sharing Jane (Stradling) Griffith plus 2 other paths
  • James Madison- 3rd C, 7xR (in Sturgill-Stodghill line) CLOSEST
  • Thomas Jefferson 9th Cousins 7 x R, related also in other paths having 100 common ancestors.
  • Millard Fillmore - 7th C, 5xR (in Anne Rosamond Peck Mason to Laurence line)
  • Rutherford Hayes - 10th C, 4xR (in Yarbrough & Sarah Wormley line-uncertain)
  • Theodore Roosevelt Jr. 5th C, 3xR are both descendants of Alice (Croasdale) Potts
  • James Garfield- 9th C, 5xR (in Wells & Raleigh Travers... John Travers line)
  • William Taft- 11th C, 3xR (inYarbrough & Sarah Wormley line-uncertain)
  • Calvin Coolidge- 12th C, 2xR ( (in Anne Peck Mason to Joan Peck line)
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt 7th C, 4xR sharing Mary (Tibbes) Cole
  • Stephen Grover Cleveland -6th C, 4xR sharing Joanna (Unknown) Hyde
  • Herbert Hoover- 12th C, 2xR (in Anne Rosamond Peck Mason to Laurence line)
  • Richard Nixon - 11th C, 3xR (in Wells & brother of Raleigh Travers above line)
  • Leslie Lynch (King) Ford Jr. -9th C, 1 R sharing Elizabeth (Eaton) Davis
  • Jimmy Carter, Jr. - 8th C, 1 R sharing Henrietta Maria (Neale) Lloyd
  • George Bush - 12th C, 2xR (in Yarbrough & Sarah Wormley line-uncertain)
  • Barack Obama Jr. - 9th C, 1 R sharing Racheal Browning

Related to a few more, but a bit farther out cousins. While doing this exercise, I noticed that several of these presidents are related to each other. Maybe aspiring to the Presidency runs in a persons DNA ?

Other patriots include the Founding Fathers signers of the Declaration ...

  • Roger Sherman 10th Cousin 7 x R, with 9 direct paths (interestingly he was the only person to sign all 4 United States founding documents, thanks cousin ! )
  • John Hancock 9th C, 7x R, and in 2 paths.
  • Charles Carroll 9th C, 8xR, 189 common ancestors more than one path.
  • Francis Lightfoot Lee, 7th C 10x R, more than one way also 142 common ancestors.
  • John Witherspoon, 9th C 7xR in 3 ways of descent.
  • Robert Livingston [Livingston-754] He was one of the five authors, 11 Cousin, 5 x removed, related in 3 paths.
Magna Carta Project logo
Descendant of several Magna Carta Surety Barons.

Wiki Relationship Finder shows me related to all the Magna Carta Surety Barrons all but four direct relationships ranging between 24th to 28th Great Grandfather !

Wiki Relationship Finder shows me related to:

British Prime Ministers
  • Winston Churchill - 9th C, 3X R
  • Alec Douglas-Home -12th C, 1 R
Wiki Relationship Finder finds also...
Rose Dunn " Rose of the Cimmaron"
Girlfriend of George "Bittercreek"
of the Butch Cassidy "Wild Bunch" fame.
Dunn-4459 -4th Cousin, 4xR
(Wertmiller & Harrison's)

And 11th cousins once removed to THE KING.... Elvis Presley that is .... sharing William Hawkins HA, HA! Isn't everyone related someplace?

Digital Afterlife

I hope to be on here for the next 60 years, But..... "To aid WikiTree in the administration of my account should I be incapacitated, or in the event of my death, I hereby give permission for all private profiles I'm managing to be transferred to the following WikiTreers, whether or not they are currently on the Trusted Lists: ..." Please use any Wikitree admin team member to manage profiles for myself Morrison-4392, any of my living birth Morrison siblings , my adopted self Haskett-353, and spouse of my adopted self Schmig-1, and any of his descendants. Please keep private for a reseasonable time period for privacy reasons and sensitive nature of information therein. Any other profiles can be opened to be adopted by any other family members interested.



  • DNA Confirmation Source Maternal: Maternal relationship confirmed based on a triangulated group on GEDmatch who share a Morrison-4392 sharing with N Sherman 209 cm's across 19 segments, and with L Mclain 100 cm's across 14 segments respectively. Additional sharing on Chr 13 in two segments, consisting of Loretta Morrison, GEDmatch kit # T806986, and N Sherman, her 2nd cousin 1x removed, GEDmatch kit # A172176, and M McClain, her 3rd cousin 1x removed, GEDmatch kit # M195720. (N Sherman and M McClain Grandmother & Granddaughter) Their most-recent common ancestors are Henry Walker and Patsy Epha Smith, the 2x great grandparents of Loretta Morrison and great grandparents of N Sherman and 3x great grandparents of M McClain. Also shared "x" DNA of 12.5 Centimorgans, across 3 segments longest block of 5.1 Centimorgans

  • DNA Confirmation Source Maternal: Maternal relationship is confirmed by an autosomal 23andMe test match between Loretta Morrison and E White, her 1st cousin . Their most-recent common ancestors are Montie Bruner and Hellen McDade, the grandparents of both Loretta Morrison and E White. Predicted relationship from 23andMe: 1st cousins, based on sharing 1045 cM across 37 segments.

  • Paternal and Maternal relationships are both confirmed by an autosomal Family Tree DNA test match between Loretta Morrison and Leslie Morrison, her uncle. Their most-recent common ancestors are Orvey Morrison and Bessie Maggard, the grandparents of Loretta Morrison and parents of Leslie Morrison. Predicted relationship from Family Tree DNA: Uncle, based on sharing 1621 cM across 46 segments.

And Y-line DNA tests at Family tree DNA match between C. Morrison and Morrison-4484, MRCA being (Morrison -4473) Alfred Caswell Morrison. Confirming them as Y-line match cousins sharing one-two time great grandfathers. Common ancestor being Alfred Caswell Morrison (Morrison-4473) confirming 2nd cousins once removed based on 224 centimorgans across 26 segments, and 67 marker matches. Other Morrison twelve marker matches in FTDNA to Morrison-4484, to other R-M269 and R-P312 Morrison clan in Scotland, but brick wall on paper at 3x great grandfather Nathaniel Morrison of NC, VA in the USA.

Closing Thoughts

Besides WikiTree, I enjoy painting, travel, co-write Country songs, produce Album covers and some video work for my minor celebrity husband preformed under his stage name.

Please message me with help and corrections! And have a wonderful Wiki day !!

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Loretta or other carriers of her ancestors' mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line:
  • Loretta Morrison: Family Tree DNA mtDNA Test Full Sequence, haplogroup H3ac, FTDNA kit #240238
It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage of DNA with Loretta:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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