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I am a long-time member of WikiTree since June of 2012 and a huge advocate for free, genuine genealogy websites. I am a moderator and a WikiTree Leader.

Maggie N.
Ancestors ancestors
Daughter of [private father (unknown - unknown)] DNA confirmed and [private mother (unknown - unknown)] DNA confirmed
Sister of [private sister (unknown - unknown)] and [private brother (1950s - unknown)] [half]
Mother of [private son (unknown - unknown)]
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Maggie N. is a member of the Galicia Project.
Buda and Pest
Maggie N. is a member of the Hungary Project.
Maggie N. has Slavic Roots.
Maggie N. has Hungarian Roots.
Maggie N. participated with The Legacy Heirs during the 2018-2021 Connect-a-Thon.
Maggie N. participated with Legacy Heirs during the 2017-2021 Clean-a-Thon.

"I am bound to them. Although I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices, I honor their history. I cherish their lives. I will tell their stories and remember them." ~~Author Unknown



I think most peoples' interests in family genealogy usually begins at family gatherings, like a funeral or reunion. I know that was the case for me while a teenager because in three consecutive years, I lost a beloved grandparent. Each time the trek to the graveyards during the funerals brought me to headstones surrounding the newly deceased grandparent and each time, most everyone did not know how they were related. I put the family jigsaw puzzle together by identifying everyone through the records office, church records and obituaries.

My genealogical forays were furthered when I studied under Dorothy Dehn, a DAR genealogist. Later, I was lucky to finish a certificate program at Brigham Young in the early 80's and began to help other people with their genealogical queries on the side.

My roots are not very "American"; my earliest immigrant settlers were from France and sailed down the Erie Canal to Buffalo from the port of New York in 1827. I spent years reading French microfilms for my own Alsatian ancestry. My mother is largely Eastern European so I branched out in microfilms from Hungary, Slovakia and Russia Poland. My children's roots have taken me through American records, specifically colonial New Jersey and old Philadelphia. Recently, I tackled my impossible Irish ancestors in county Kerry with slow but steady research in their government records.


I help run the Hungary Project and the Polish Roots Poland Project as well as the Slavic Roots project. I also the lead Slovak Roots project.

I feel privileged to help out with the The Holocaust Project with the lovely and brilliant Eowyn. It was created by the amazingly gifted project coordinator Gaile.

If you are looking for your ancestors in Galicia or the Ukraine, please visit these projects created by the incredible Syke Sonczalla. She leads the Galicia Project.

If you have folks from Donauschwaben, check out the Donauschwaben Project.

We have an Irish Roots sub-project for county Kerry where I break bricks walls on my impossible Irish roots. I have my own One Name Study for the Delahunty Name Study and the Trant Name Study. By the way, there is a great resource page about the Casey Collection which is imperative for county Kerry research.

My kids have Quaker ancestors. If you have Early Penn ancestors, check out the William Penn project which the phenomenal leader, SJ Baty, keeps it in motion for WikiTree.

Although I have no family connections, you will find me cleaning up certain colonial Virginia profiles for the U.S. History project as well as any Quaker settlers in colonial New Jersey for the New Jersey project. I am also Leader of the Ohio project.

My Personal Projects

My brickwalls are my Abrahams in Russia; my one "Italian" ancestor in 1800's Florsheim, Germany; one of my Irish Mahony ancestral lines; Plus, I have two great-great-grandmothers who were both named Ellen Sullivan, both born in Kerry, and both buried in the same cemetery! I did make great progress with my Palatinate Stumpfs recently as well as one of my other Mahony lines so I am thankful for little breakthroughs.


When is an ancestor MY ancestor?

Answer? When they are genealogically defined!

See this great summary by Bob Genealogically Defined

My Hungarian Ancestry

I occasionally lend a hand in the Magyarország, Slovensko and other Slavic category projects at WikiTree. I can also help read Hungarian records or any records written in Latin if you need assistance. If you have a profile of a Hungarian ancestor here at WikiTree, let me know if you need sources. If you have found naturalization records or passenger records but can not understand/read the village for your immigrant Hungarian ancestor because of historical boundary changes, I will help pinpoint location.

I used to co-administer, with genealogist Nick Gombash, the Hungary Exchange genealogy group. I also have a rare Hungarian One Name Study registered with the One Name Guild. The Study is hosted by the Guild at their website Stermenszky One Name Study.

My back-up files (upload: 2016) are on RootsWeb. Stermenszky Files. I am still in process of moving them all to WikiTree.

My Hungary surnames are:

Nagy, Stermenszky, Sebő, Rakai, Lorintz, Adam, Simon, Rozgany, Zsebik/Sebik, Farkas, Petö, Danko, Gyerus, Haluska, Vladikovsky/Hladikovsky, Polgaŕ, Söss/Sass, Plachetka, Chudi/Chudy, Kovacs, Mész, Szabo, Soka/Zsoka, Fabriczky, Istvanek/Istvanyik/Stephanik, Gothard, Skolnik, Pal, Gaal, Gäll, Császár, Svab.

Locations in Hungary (and some now in Slovakia):

Abaúj-Torna: Vendégi, Bódva-Vendégi (Hostovice), Jablonca (Silická Jablonica), Szin, Bódvaszilas, Szögliget, Varbóc, Hidvégardó, Derenk (extinct), Zubogy, Szádalmás/Almás (Jablonov nad Turňou), Körtvélyes (Hrušov). Borsod: Szendrő. Gömör: Krasznahorkaváralja (Krásnohorské Podhradie), Borzova (Silická Brezová), Rozsnyó (Rožňava), Végtelke (Slavec). Pozsony: Szekula (Sekule), Malaczka (Malacky).



Magda does Franche-Comté, France & Eastern European heritage research as well as some American research. Her Canadian roots are in Ontario. She is a historical records searcher interested in specific northeastern Hungarian villages, especially where she has a registered One Place study. [1]

  • Russ Worthington, firsthand knowledge. Click the Changes tab for the details of edits by Russ and others.


My Ancestors Research Statistics

Genealogy is not a race; statistics in genealogy is not necessary but creating a chart of your progress does make one work harder. After 40 + years of research, I know what records I need to continue onward in this crazy journey back on ancestors. It ALL depends on records. For example, with my Irish line, they will never go back very far because the records for a few of them simply do not exist. For my one Polish ancestor Wawrzyniec Kosakowski, I know I will be able to confirm to his parents and grandparents once I get through reading the Russian language in those records.

My Ancestors Research Statistics
Generation Number Direct Relation to Maggie Total # of Possible Ancestors Total # of Identified Ancestors Total % of Identified Ancestors
3Great Grandparent88100%
42nd Great Grandparent1616100%
53rd Great Grandparent322681.25%
64th Great Grandparent644875%
75th Great Grandparent1265946.09%
86th Great Grandparent2525320.70%
97th Great Grandparent504428.203%
108th Great Grandparent10083.0029%

My Surnames

Click on Surname to view EKA - Earliest Known Ancestor
Paternal Grandfather , Paternal Grandmother vs Maternal Grandfather , Maternal Grandmother ancestors
Abraham, Adam , Adelman , Adelmann , Albert
Baczewska, Baczewski , Barberet , Barberet , Baumann , Beau , Becker , Becker , Beuschel , Biała , Bobay , Bonneteste , Born , Braunfels , Breckheimer , Browne
Chaux, Chevillat , Chretian , Christ , Chudi , Churque , Conway , Conway , Corre , Crosbie
Danko, DeChaux , Delahunty , Devillars , Diescher
Fabriczy, Farkas , Fehr , Fitzgerald , Fougeron , Fougeron , Freirich
Girard, Girarde , Girarde , Glitz , Godlewska , Gothard , Grob , Gyerus
Hag, Haluska , Hartmann , Haub , Heidet , Heislitz , Henneman , Hoeffert , Hoeffert , Holzemer , Horiel , Husenbeth
Imhof, Istvanik
Kaiser, Kamienska , Kennelly , Kirchner , Klag , Kosakowski , Kovacs , Kovál , Krieger , Kurpińska
LaMielle (Lamielle) , LaMielle , Ladikovsky , Lambalat , Lang , Langard , Leicher , Lorenz , Lorintz
M (Mahony) , M , Mahony , Maldrut , Marchal , McCroghan , Menn , Mergeler , Milliot , Milliot , Modzelewska , Monnier , Montavon , Mész , Müller
N (Nagy) , Nemes
O'Connell, Oeuvrey , Orielle , O’Connell
Pahl, Pal , Pauli , Pelletier , Pero , Petö , Pfeiffer , Phillips , Plachetka , Podbielskiej , Polgaŕ , Power , Putkowski , Płazewska
Rakai, Roche , Roe , Ross , Rozgany , Ruckteschel , Ruez , Rufsbach , Rückert
Sauvageot, Sauvageot , Schenquelin , Scheuermann , Schmidt , Schnatz , Schumann , Sebő , Simon , Skolnik , Spengler , Spring , Stein , Steinke , Stermenszky , Straub , Stumpf , Stumpf , Sullivan , Sullivan , Sváb , Szymanska , Sóss
Tobin, Trant , Tyborowska , Tyszka
Vautier, Vollmer , Vollmer
Ware, Weppner , Weppner , Westenberger , Wilhelm
Zielezniecka, Zimmer , Zsebik , Zsoka

Want to do this SURNAMES presentation on your profile page? Once again, Greg Clark did another cool app Surname App

DNA Statements

  • Paternal and Maternal relationships are both confirmed by an autosomal AncestryDNA test match between Maggie N. and Anonymous M., her sister. Their most-recent common ancestors are D M and P N, the parents of both Maggie N. and Anonymous M.. Predicted relationship from AncestryDNA: Sister, based on sharing 2,446 cM cM across 49 segments.

So who are those DNA matches on my profile? Joe & Cynthia are two cousins from different lines on my Mother's side who convinced me to get tested. I was hesitant but what an adventure it has been.

Maternal relationship is confirmed by a DNA test match between Maggie N GEDmatch T322601 and Cynthia GEDmatch YT6343520 who are 3rd cousins. Their MRCAs are their great-great-grandparents Karol Stermenszky and Susanna Haluska.

Maternal relationship is confirmed by a DNA test match between Maggie N GEDmatch T322601and Joe Grusczynski GEDmatch A006381 who are 3rd cousins. Their MRCAs are their great-great-grandparents, August Zimmer and Cycelia (Putkowski) Zimmer.

On my Dad's side:

Paternal relationship is confirmed by a DNA test match between Maggie N and Kathleen Mahony who are 2nd cousins. Their MRCAs are their great-grandparents, Daniel Mahony and Anna Jones.

Cousins DNA chart

Cousins DNA Chart for reference

WikiTree Apps

Great new app from Topola Genealogy Viewer

This one is fun! How to find your Bricktree Ancestors.

An analysis of my Brick Wall Ancestors quoted "Out of 2046 possible ancestors in 10 generations, 318 (15.54%) have WikiTree profiles. 6/318 (1.89%) are duplicates due to pedigree collapse.

Updated 30 April 2021:

"Out of 2046 possible ancestors in 10 generations, 351 (17.16%) have WikiTree profiles. 6/351 (1.71%) are duplicates due to pedigree collapse. 165 ancestors are missing at least one parent"


Tree of Life

If you are lucky enough to be a genealogist, you are lucky enough. – Ruth Padilla ________________________________________________________________

"Genealogy is not about genes, it is about reconstructing family relationships, which are not necessarily genetic relationships. The 16th century heralds were doing genealogy long before Mendel discovered genetics." ~ A One-Name Researcher

"History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all.” ~ Laurence Overmire


Digital Afterlife Instructions : this is my permission that upon my demise, for my family firstly, then secondly, the Wikitree staff, to manage the profiles where I act as PM, in any way they see fit, as long as this is in line with the Honour Code and preserves the privacy of living people. N.-17 19:40, 17 January 2015 (EST)
This user is a native speaker of English.
Ez a szerkesztő alapszinten beszéli a magyar nyelvet.
Hic usor simplici latinitate contribuere potest.
  1. Entered by Russ Worthington, Jul 22, 2012

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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships by comparing test results with Maggie or other carriers of her ancestors' mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line: It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage of DNA with Maggie:

Have you taken a DNA test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.

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I appreciate you being a Legacy Heir. Thank you for signing up for the April Connect-a-thon. I hope to “see” you for the Connect-a-thon in July and the Source-a-thon in October!
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Hello Maggie,

We wrote to you about the check-in for Profile Improvement Project (PIP) a couple of weeks ago. Would you like to continue in Biography Team Level 1 where we have placed you? That's the Team that works on improving profiles from both your own watchlist and projects you are involved with to Level 1 of the PIP Profile Standards.

If you do not wish to participate in the Project, please let us know. If we don’t hear from you within 7 days we will remove you from the Project, but we will welcome you back at any time. We would like to hear from you with any ideas or suggestions.


Debi Hoag and Robin Shaules Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Robin (Dodge) Shaules
Hi Robin, sorry I missed the prior message. Yes, definitely. Keep me on PIP Biography Team Level 1. Thanks for all you do keeping track of everyone.

My best, Maggie

posted by Maggie N.
Hi Maggie! I was reviewing

You added Virginia Project as a manager for Bowling-1621, but not the project box. Looking at the profile, it seems it would be better if it were managed by a different project - Maryland project, or perhaps US Southern Colonies, Maryland Team? I think that Maryland does not have its own project box/project account, so pre-USA would be US Southern Colonies Project & post-colonial would be United States Project.

Please reply to the comment I posted on his profile:


P.S. I ran across the profile going through the for Virginia Project.

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Thanks, Liz. I agree with you on US Southern Colonies.
posted by Maggie N.
Dear Maggie,

The Profile Improvement Project (PIP) is performing its first annual check-in with our project members. Please review the following and let us know if you are content where we have placed you or would like to be more involved.

We are in the process of transitioning to a team structure. There will be three participant PIP Teams to start -- The Maintenance Category Team, the Unknowns Team, and the Biography Team. There is also the Voyage Team which guides new Voyagers. See the Profile Improvement Project Teams for a brief outline of each team.

You're currently identified as a member of the Biography Team Level 1, working on profiles from your own watchlist and whatever else you find. Biography Teams Levels 2 and 3 will work on designated profiles for notables (Level 3) and everyday people (Level 2). Please let us know if you would like to help with a higher-level Bio Team or one of the other Teams.

You joined the Project before the Voyage started in late 2018. We would like to invite you to consider a "fast track" Voyage, especially if you would like to work at a higher level on the Biography Team. If you’re interested, choose a profile from your own watchlist that you have completed to the best of your ability and compare it to the Voyage Biography Standards. If your profile is at Level 2 or better, include a link to the profile in your response to this check-in for a “fast track” review.

We would also like to invite you to join the email GoogleGroup and text chat Discord channel for our project. (When you request to join our GoogleGroup, please be sure to include your Wiki ID). Neither is required; we also use the Profile_Improvement tag in G2G for Project announcements. You will find more information on the GoogleGroup.

We thank you for all you do to help the Profile Improvement Project and WikiTree. The Project’s mission is to:

Make profiles beautiful! We clean up messy biography sections and sources, and try to set standards for attractive, useful, and well-written biographies, starting with those we manage.

We know you’re working on profiles *smile* We would like to hear about successes you’ve had toward the Project’s goals. We would also appreciate any feedback you might have to help us improve the Project. Please share your thoughts in a reply to this comment or privately via private message to either of us.


Debi Hoag and Robin Shaules Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Robin (Dodge) Shaules
Dear Maggie, thank you for merging Mathias Schuck.

Greetings from South Baden, Germany Eva

Hi Maggie,

It’s time for our annual Ireland Project check-in! Please respond within the next two weeks to let me know:

  • If you are happy with the team you’re on or if you’d like to make a change. It is now required that all members with an Ireland project badge work on at least one of the project’s team(s), so if you’ve not yet signed up please do so in your reply to this check-in.
  • What you think the project is doing well, and what (if any) changes you would like to see us make? Are there any teams you would like to become more active in?
  • Would you be interested in helping to work on an Ireland Project newsletter?
  • Please give us some feedback on the use of google group and discord. Do you use one or both of these? If you don’t use either of them, what is the best way for us to ensure you receive project communications? If you would like to join us on either one, Just let us know in your response and we will get you signed up.

Please respond to this message by posting a reply below or sending me a private message on WikiTree. If we don’t hear from you within two weeks, we will assume you are no longer interested in participating in the Ireland Project, and your badge will be removed. If you wish to reapply for membership later, we will be happy to have you back. Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely, Jen Hutton, on behalf of the Ireland Project

posted by Jen (Stevens) Hutton
Jen, thanks for checking in. All's good as far as I'm concerned.
posted by Maggie N.
Hi there Hun,

Registration for the April Thon has started. It is going to be a connect-a-thon for the year of connections. The thon will start 22 Apr 2022 and, as always, run for 72 hours. I hope to have you with me for the Legacy Heirs team. I will understand though if it will not work out. Register so I can put you on the team roster. Here is the Registration Link:

And here is our team Chat page:

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Hi Maggie, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done to improve the US Civil War Between the States Project. I'm doing a check-in with all project members and wanted to verify that you're still interested in being a member of the project. Also, any suggestions for the Project would be welcome. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

P Kreutzer, US Civil War Between the States Project Leader.

posted by Pam Kreutzer
Hi P, I am afraid I haven't been able to help much with the Civil War project since it's inception. I do appreciate how organized it is.
posted by Maggie N.
As usual, I have the best team for the thons!!! Thank you for being a Legacy Heir for the January 2022 Connect-A-Thon. I am hoping you will join me for the next thon too!
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy

As we start this first Thon of 2022, I just want to say thank you for being a Legacy Heir!!! Have fun with this one and remember, We take it at our own individual pace. If you like to love one profile all weekend, so be it! Make that the most beautiful profile you can. If you choose to do many profiles!!! That is great too!! Just make sure you have at least one good source. Even one contribution makes this amazing tree more beautiful, healthy and strong that it was before that contribution!!

Family, obligations and most importantly, YOU are more important than the thon! We love having you here, but if something comes up, elsewhere, take care of that first. You Rock Legacy Heirs, lets have some fun and connect some profiles!!

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Hello, Maggie

On behalf of the G2G Integrators Project Leaders, we are doing a first of the year check-in with members. Please let us know if you are still active.

If you are active, please let us know in which ways you most enjoy contributing to the project. All of us would like to thank you for your contributions and hope that you are enjoying exploring your roots.

Please reply as we look forward to hearing from you soon.

David, Pip and Dorothy ~ G2G Integrators Project Leaders and PC

PS: You have a BEAUTIFUL profile!

posted by Pip Sheppard
Hi there Hun,

Registration for the January Thon has started. It is going to be a connect-a-thon for the year of connections. The thon will start 14 Jan 2022 and, as always, run for 72 hours. I hope to have you with me for the Legacy Heirs team. I will understand though if it will not work out. Register so I can put you on the team roster. Here is the Registration Link:

And here is our team Chat page:

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Hi Maggie. I'm doing some Data Doctor work and came across some orphan profiles that have Jewish Roots. I know his is from Russia. I was hoping you could find people in your project that might want to adopt them and give them the work they deserve. I added all the sources I could find from Google, Ancestry, & FS then wrote a small bio around them. So far I've done Sacknoff-1 and Gourse-9. His parents can be found on Ancestry & FS. Hers are here. I'll keep going down the DD list making corrections, adding sources with basic bios. I think you can find everyone from these two people. I'm sorry I don't have time to do more for these profiles. I've bookmarked your project & hope to come back to it. Take care, Lucy
posted by Lucy (Wilson) Robinson
Thank you for your recent assistance merging Jane Hill/Leader!
posted by Andrew Boyd
Hi Maggie,

My name is Becky Stein, I'm Alice (Fougeron) Stein's granddaughter.

I've tried sending both you & Cousin Myron messages on here, but haven't quite figured out if either of y'all ever got them.

Myron & I emailed each other a few times about the Fougeron/Riddle/Gardner etc. family tree back in the mid-1990's when public/college email was fairly new, but then I left college & didn't have regular internet access until quite a few years later (so I lost Myron's email).

I was wondering if we could get in touch, because I have info on Alice & Florence, that I'm not seeing here on Wikitree?

Thanks, and I hope you're well

posted by Becky Stein
Thank you for all of your work on merges in the Deuel/Davol/Soule Families.....great team work!
posted by Robin Lee
Thank you for your work on my Wikitree during the challenge. It is well appreciated, happy hunting!
posted by Shelley Murphy
Maggie, You are a Rock Star! 💞You know your stuff! Just saw all the new information……Can’t thank you enough! So…. Grateful!!
posted by Cynthia Sterman
More to come, dear cuz! Thank you
posted by Maggie N.
Hey hun,

You are an amazing part of WT and of Legacy Heirs. I am so thankful that you are a part of our team. Hope we see you on the team for the next thon.

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Hi there hun,

Just a quick reminder that starting tomorrow morning at 8 am Eastern time in United States is the source a thon. I am going to be in at that time (5 am here) but please do not worry if you have to come in hours or days later. Remember we work around family, etc... and even if only one per teammate gets done, that is one more that was not done before the thon. It all makes our tree better and stronger.

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Hello Maggie!! You Merged McNaught Nutt-2 which I am grateful for!!! Thanks!! In checking out your profile noticed you have posted a delightful Symbol indicating your relationship to Empress Maud. It seems in checking my relationship to Empress Maud we are cousins!!! It turns out I am a 26th great granddaughter (Confident) of Empress Maud. How can I post on my own profile the Symbol indicating this connection??? ~~~ Update,,, All sorted. Found information how to go about creating a Sticker on Empress Maud's profile!!!
posted by Margaret Ann Mc Nutt
edited by Margaret Ann Mc Nutt
Hey there hun,

Source a Thon starts on October 1 this year so registration started today. We would love to have you on the team again. If you will be, go to the link below and say you want to participate and you are a Legacy Heir. “See” you soon.

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Thank you for being on Legacy Heirs for the Connect a Thon 2021. We hope to have you on the team again for the next thon.
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
See you this weekend, Have fun!!
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Maggie, if I add parents, wife, and children to Lajos Kossuth (, can those profiles be managed by the Hungary project? (And while we're at it, I'm pretty sure the current PM of Kossuth's profile would be happy to hand it over to the project, too.)
posted by J Palotay
That would be amazing. I need to set it up. Give me a couple days to get the project on him.
posted by Maggie N.
Hey hun,

Connect-A-Thon is from July 23 through the 26th. Registration started today!!! Here is the link for registration

This is where our chat page is:

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Since you were the greeter for Laura Eagleboy (some time ago now), I thought that I would seek you out to help me upgrade Laura's account from "Guest" to "Member" (is that the right term for someone with full rights?). I had created a page, when I was working on Hochunk genealogy, for one of her ancestors, Frank Tebo, I think it was. She wrote me wanting to add further information to the profile, but we didn't know how to go about it. I have her email and I have put her on the Trusted List, but her status remains the same.

Also, I want to sponsor a person who has most of her tree on, but which is quite small compared to mine. She is related to me through my paternal GG-grandfather, and so would only need to connect to him to get the Wikitree benefits. So how do I go about getting her established?

posted by Richard Dieterle
Laura Eagleboy has to move herself from guest to member by herself. Is she still using the same email address for her WikiTree account? [email address removed] may be able to help her, Richard.
posted by Maggie N.
Hi Maggie, perhaps you missed my requests to be added to as active manager of the profile Van_der_Merwe-2703. I'm researching the van der Merwe-genealogy (with other WikiTree members), using In Search of Notability - the Antecedents of Dawid van der Merwe of the Koue Bokkeveld by Susan Newton-King - See Appendix 2. as research tool (see the comment box of the uploaded document). If you follow the comments on this profile, you'll see that there are several Death Notices involved where facts became blurred, already in the 19th century.

It is important for me to be an active manager on this profile, and not only on the trusted list.

Kind regards, Philip van der Walt

posted by Philip van der Walt
Thank you for being a part of Legacy Heirs. I am truly blessed by being on this team. Hope to see you with me in July for the Connect-A-Thon.
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Welcome all the wonderful, Legacy Heirs. I am so blessed to be in this team with you. Tomorrow (Friday) 8 am Eastern US and 5 am Pacific US. All other locations and time zones are at the equivalent time. I look forward to seeing you there, when you can be there.
posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Thank you for working on the Ketterman profiles, it is so confusing (for so many) and I didn't have time to get back to it. So I thank you again for merging and cleaning up Christopher Kettemann's profile. Now I can work on some lines on down.


posted by Audrey Staples
That's great, Audrey. Let me if you need help with sources and finding somebody.
posted by Maggie N.
Maggie, our new member Mendel Kuperberg's parents were survivors of the Shoah, so I mentioned the Jewish Roots and Holocausts projects. He's also a DNA tester.
posted by Karen Lowe
I am sorry. I just saw this, Karen. I will check on it.
posted by Maggie N.
Hi Hun,

Registration started today for the Spring Clean-A-Thon.The cleaning will start on Friday, April 23, at 8 AM (EDT) and run until Monday, April 26, at 8 AM (EDT). If you can and will be joining us, let us now. You must register first, If you have not please go here: and answer that you will be there and want to be on Legacy Heirs.

Our team Chat is here:

Hope to see you!!

posted by Lisa (Kelsey) Murphy
Maggie: I saw a comment you made to Ellen Ward. I don't know what kind of connection you have with her, but she made changes to my Wikitree on Christopher Calvert and Elinor Odait that are untrue, and she made them without bothering to consult me. My 7th GG Christopher Calvert is NOT related to Leonard Calvert or any other Calvert's connected to Leonard. Leonard's family were Catholics. My Christopher was a Quaker. I have taken y-DNA-111, haplogroup R-Z16502, atDNA, and mtDNA tests from Ancestry, Family Tree, and Living DNA, and I DO NOT MATCH Leonard Calvert's family in any way, shape, or form. I am a member of Calvert Genealogy which has several hundred members. Among those members are TRUE descendants of Leonard Calvert. My DNA does not match their DNA at all. If Ellen Ward had bothered to do any research on my family or Leonard Calvert's family, she would have known that. I have told Ellen Ward to change my Wikitree. If she does not change it, I want her removed from the Wikitree family.

Richard Allen Colbert [email address removed]

posted by Richard Colbert
edited by Richard Colbert
Hi Richard, it may take me till next week (because of holidays) but I will look into this Christopher Calvert and Elinor Odait situation, plus Ellen's changes.

Thanks for alerting us!

Maggie N.

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Maggie: I may have been hasty in contacting you. Changes were made, but I don't know if she is the one who made the changes regarding Leonard Calvert. It may have been someone else. I noticed several changes, and the last known change was made by Ellen. But I can't swear she's the one who made the change I'm upset about.

If I'm wrong, I take responsibility. I don't want Ellen to get in trouble if she didn't make the Leonard Calvert change.

Richard A. Colbert

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Maggie -I'm listed as Gerry Grady (Warren Gerard II Grady it should be) but have 350,000 names in my data bank (95 % of S.A.White's DFGA0. I like to open it up to everyone but I don't Know how to get OFF private. < [email address removed] gt;
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My name is Sarah and I’m the new Project Leader for The Native Americans Project. This is your project check-in letter. I would love to hear back from you about your current Native American research interests and project related activity.

Thank you,

Sarah Mason, NA Project Leader

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Hi, Maggie!

Thank you for your participation in October 2020’s Source-a-thon. Your contributions helped us to clear over 57,000 profiles that needed sourcing. This makes our Shared Tree all that much better.

Keep up the great work!

Pippin Sheppard WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

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Hey Hun,

Thank you for being on Team Legacy Heirs for the source-a-thon. I hope we will have you join the team again for the next thon.

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Hi Hun,

Just a quick reminder, this Friday starts the Source-A-Thon. Looking forward to seeing you there as much or as little as you can join us.

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Sweet Maggie I never really thank you for your big help putting me on the big tree, I must admit I did not understand it at first, but now I am so trill because I understand it, just to found out how close you are to members are amazing

Thank you so much sweet Maggie for being so sweet to me.

I am so glad, Susan! I have a couple more folks of your I can connect as soon as I get some sources 😀
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Hey hun,

Source-A-Thon is coming up from October 2 - 5th. Would love to have you on the team. Go here:

and register then the chat is at:

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I received a pass to IAJGS 2020. Woot! The first film Children of the Inquisition is a great documentary about Sephardic Jewish history and their descendants in the diaspora.
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Hi, Maggie

This is to check in with you about the Ambassadors Project. There has been some revamping and reorganizing done. You have the badge, but I don’t show you as having access to the project google group.

Please send me a private message with what teams you would like to be on, as well as the email you want to use for the google group. If you use a different email address for trusted list access on WikiTree, please note that as well.

Please review the project page to learn more about the different teams:

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Azure Rae

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Azure ~ I guess I am sort of an Ambassador on Facebook. I used to moderate the Facebook group years ago and I still chime in when I can. Also I bring up WikiTree a lot at the One Name Guild or on bloggers' comments section. Not sure where that fits me <wink, wink> . You are the best!
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Hi Maggie!

Awesome, I'll get you added to the google group and the team page for Social Media.

Azure Rae

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See Ryals-365 images for Sarah Wilson Ryals gravesite, it is a double grave and duplicate image.
posted by Timothy Ryals
Sarah Wilson Ryals, only have birth and death on her, CRI Genetics, said there was no Jewish DNA, but her husband told my dad she was Jewish. CRI said that my Slavic/Bulgarian roots were no relation to Jews there.
posted by Timothy Ryals
I took a DNA test and found Slavic Roots, is it possible that they are Jewish? My paternal great grandmother claimed to be Jewish, but nothing showed up in the DNA test for Jew.
posted by Timothy Ryals
Where did you take the test, Timothy? Did her grandson or any of your Uncles/Aunts or even your siblings test? She may still be Jewish. A great-grandparent is 1/8th of your DNA heritage. With DNA inheritance being so random, maybe you didn't get much of it. Is her profile on here? I can research her for you if her family's profile is on WikiTree.
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Another Hungarian who could use some help, if you have the time: Arvai-6
posted by Jessica Key
Hi Maggie. Any possibility you could help with Schon-366 or his wife? They appear to be ethnic Germans born in Hungary. Hungarian records are outside my area of expertise. Thanks in advance!
posted by Jessica Key
Jessica, good of you to contact me. They are Donauschwaben Hungarians that immigrated to Trenton. Interesting group and there's a book written about these groups. I will fill i what I can find. Cheers!
posted by Maggie N.
Thanks, Maggie, for your help!
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Hello, Maggie!

Thanks for all the work you accomplished during our Connect-A-Thon 2020. It is amazing how many more profiles were created and added to our Shared Tree. You have every right to be pleased with your efforts!

Kind regards,

Pippin Sheppard ~ WikiTree’s Appreciation Team

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Thank you for being on the Legacy Heirs team for the 2020 Connect A Thon! Would you be willing to become permanent Co-Leader with me on Legacy Heirs? It would be so very helpful and appreciated, but no pressure. lol
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YOU are a total sweetheart, Lisa!
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