Persson-2613 ResearchNote


Research Notes

This page was created to better understand what we know about Nils Per Pehrsson. A request was created in the Facebook group My Ancestors are from Skåne

What was Know

  1. A family tree exists on Ancestry that belongs to jeanne rollberg - URL unknow that belongs to
  2. Nils Peter went back for a visit to Sweden in 1882-1883, staying in Stockholm for much of it.
  3. Born 1840 i Ystad
  4. He was him leaving Ystad for Stockholm in 1858
  5. We have some pictures of church books but missing citations
  6. He change name in the USA

What was done

  • Found a birth date and looked in Arkiv Digital and the Birth books for[1]


Research Goal

  1. To find any current relatives in Sweden....
Nils Peter's only sister married and came to America, and I have traced her I think we might be left with some cousins maybe

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