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Momčilo (Petrović) Петровиħ (1900 - 1974)

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Momčilo Петровиħ formerly Petrović aka Petrovića
Born in Požarevac, Serbiamap
Ancestors ancestors
Husband of — married [location unknown]
Husband of — married in Belgrade, Serbiamap
Descendants descendants
Died in Belgrad, Serbiamap
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What do we know about Momčilo?

Below the sources I have found in the Swedish church books, in the archives of Požarevac, email to distant cousins and also visiting Belgrade. Please contribute if you have some information either by become a member of wikitree and adding a memory at the bottom of this page or contact me Magnus Sälgö

Do you remember Momčilo? Have you spent time with him? Have you heard something? Please share it...

This profile is a collaborative work-in-progress. Can you contribute information or sources?


Momčilo was born in 22 jan 1900 in Požarevac (video) in Ortodox Church Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel [1][2][3][4]. In the birth certificate it says he was the 4th child of his father and the 2nd of his mother. It was his father's 3rd marriage. Momčilo was born in the afternoon and was healthy and had no twins.

Momčilos birth certificate from 22 jan 1900 Požarevac Serbia

Momčilos birth certificate from Požarevac Serbia 1902 22 jan
Tekuci Broj Upisa 4/1900, knjiga je VIII stara crkvena, strana 36
youtube video when Magnus found it at the cityhall

Momčilos mother has been said that she died early[5] and he grew up with his two sisters: Jovanka and Danica[6]

Momčilos with his two sisters Jovanka and Danica

In 1924 Momčilo travelled to Sweden, Västerås to work at ASEA. During this visit he met Elisabeth Sjöstrand and they got Eva Mona Lisa. Momčilo returned to Yugoslavia[7] before Mona was born. In 1933 he admitted to be the father of Mona[4].

Momčilo 1926 in Sweden
a picture he sent to his sister Danica

First documented contact I have between Momčilo and his child Mona Lisa is a letter from 1953 nov 2[8] where he tells he would like to be in touch. My understanding is that they didn't have too much contact. I have seen another letter[7] plus I have been told that Momčilo met Mona in Stockholm in the 1960s and in abt. 1967 when Mona, Magnus and Carl-Eric was on holiday in Dubrovnik.

Momčilo was married with Milicia who died in 1953[8] [3] he short after that was married to an opera singer from Wien in aug 1953[9] that was one year older than his daughter Mona and who had a mother who was also opera singer.

I have no knowledge of any more contact between Momčilo and Mona. I have heard of no other children of Momčilo than Mona.


1900 jan 22 birth in Požarevac, Serbia[1]

1924 travelled to Sweden to work at Asea in Västerås[10]

1926 aug returned to Yugoslavia for Military service[7]

1926 oct 20 Eva Mona Lisa was born[4][10]

Birth certificate from Västerås of his daughter Mona
Birth certificate from Åmål of his daughter Mona
As the mother of Mona tried to hide Mona she was born in another city Åmål. Mona did never know the name of the mothers or the fathers parents - no one of the parents took responsibility of the child
family tree of a non existing family

Interesting and sad is that it's an addition to the birth cert in 1977. This signature could have been done when what we think Melanie Bugarinović tried to destroy Monas birth cert so that she shouldn't inherit from her father(she never inherit anything)....

1927 his daughter Eva Mona Lisa is taken care of by a family Hagström in Västerås

1927 Momcilo Swedish Company ASEAs representative in Belgrade[8]

1930 address Karadjordjeva 47, Beograd[4][11]

Faderskapserkännande Mona
Momcilo acknowledge father of Mona

1933 oct 27 Momčilo acknowledge paternity[4]

Erkännande av faderskap samt avtal om underhållsbidrag
Document telling that Momčilo approve beeing father to Mona
Momcilo Petrowitz 1937
Picture he sent to his daughter Mona
Comment Magnus odd picture to send to a daughter that you never meet....what is he trying to tell her?

Abt 1940 Momčilo Swedish Honorary Counsel in Belgrad[12]

1945 feb 7 his daughter Eva Mona Lisa was adopted by Carl Gustaf Hagström from Västra Färnebo and Amanda Olivia born Åsberg in Torstuna according to decision[13] but the adoption was done when she was 19, could be because they got some money if she was not adopted....

From left Slobodan, Danica, husband, Milica, Momcilo, Jovanka and Nikola. Date about 1935

1953 apr 13 his first wife Milica M. Petrović died[14][8]

1953 aug 15 married Mirjana Kalinović opera singer from Wien[8][9]

1953 nov 2 letter to Eva Mona Lisa, address Gledstonova 38 Beograd is now Puškinova 38[8]

Letter from Momčilo to his child Mona

1953 nov 22 letter to Eva Mona Lisa in Swedish[7]

196? met his daughter Eva Mona Lisa in Stockholm

Mirjana and Momčilo

196? met daughter Eva Mona Lisa and grandson Magnus Sälgö in Dubrovnik

1974 dec 12 Momčilo died[15][14][16]

Who was Momčilo

I did a visit to Serbia in 2014 to get a better understanding of who the absent father Momčilo to Mona was and I learned a lot of new things about him and the history because of very helpful people at the archives[17]. From people who had a relation to me I nearly got nothing looks like they tried to hide the story. My feeling afterwards is that I have seen both the good nice side of Serbia but also a side where people are more or less criminal. Doing deals with lawyers[18] etc...

What I had heard and learned before the trip

  1. Momčilo had a daughter in Sweden that he didn't take care of. The only contact we have seen is two letters and a note that he paid 50 Skr/month when she was a child. The daughter (my mother) had a mother that didn't either take care of her so she grow up at another family.
  2. After Momčilo died the mother of the wife of Momčilo Melanija Bugarinović tried to "solve" the "problem" the "Serbian way" that Momčilo had a daughter that should inherit from Momčilo. Melanija travelled to Sweden and tried to destroy the evidence that Mona existed but a clerk did stop her[19].

What I learned from the visit in Serbia 2014

Relatives still alive was the sisters son Vladan Radoman[20]. I never met Vladan my mother Mona met him in Nice once]] he was maybe the only person that remember my grandfather.

I met Jasna Nikcevic, who is the wife of Slobodan (died 2009) and payed her a lunch. The sad thing is she didn't tell me anything about Momčilo and one reason is that she has never met him..... My understanding is that Jasna Nikcevic and her husband Slobodan received Mona's part that she should have inherit[21]. I got 2 photos of Momčilo from her. She lied when I asked about when Momčilo died. Answered as she didn't know or looked as she didn't understand my question[22].

After doing some investigation I feel this is the bad part of today's Serbia I have seen

  • People who don't care what justice is
  • People who lie to get money
  • People who makes deals with lawyers that look criminal[18]
  • People who can't even let me know anything about my grandfather more than 2 photos....
  • We have a story that after Momcilos death his wife Mirjana Kalinović also died and my understanding is that Mirjana Kalinović mother the opera singer Melanie Bugarinović tried to get evidence about Momčilo daughter Mona existence out of the way. Mona told me a story that an old lady (Melanie Bugarinović) visited Sweden to destroy the birth certificate that tells that Momčilo had a daughter. After visiting Serbia and read the articles I think this is a true story[21]. We also have an odd comment from 1977 on the birth certificate in Västerås that could be an indication that this is a true story see birth cert[23].

The sad thing is that it happens so often so people don't get upset in Serbia. The good thing I got a better understanding of my mother, how it is to be a child who is not loved and wanted.

What I learned from the visit in Serbia 2015

I visited the funeral of Vladan Radoman my mother's cousin and I also did some walks to the houses Momčilo had plus did a city tour.

Learned that in Serbia the surnames with the suffix -ić is an indication that before in the family we had a Petrov who was more or less important.

A guess and more questions

After seeing those enormous houses Momčilo had.

Current "owner" Krgovic Dragan[18]
Puškinova 38 1788 square meters google earth
Current owner counsel Krgovic Dragan who got it as a "gift" see
Legat velike umetnice pokraden eng. Legat great artist robbed (translation)

Visit Novi Sad City museum and seen a small part of the things they owned ( see the Memorial of Melanija Bugarinović and her daughter Mirjana Kalinović-Kalin) and this unresponsible behavior Momčilo had regarding his own and only child Mona. I feel more confused.

  1. He said he was the Swedish company ASEA representative in a letter. What does that mean?
  2. How could he afford the houses? Did he take bribes?
  3. Second marriage was to a women 25 years younger than him who had a mother who also was younger than him? Was this common in former Yugoslavia?
  4. He died in a car accident with his wife is my understanding. Was this an accident or did he get killed?
  5. I have found documentation from Swedish lawyers that Mona still has money to claim from Novi Sad as some rent before 1997 is hers. What is the status? Anyone who care?
  6. Any more documentation left regarding Momčilo I have seen 4 photos and a movie?
  7. Any more pictures when he was young/old?
  8. Any people still alive who could tell a story about him?
  9. Any information about the car accident?
  10. Why are Slobodan and Jasna given away something to a counsel Krgovic ?
  11. Why did he go to Sweden 1924 just 22 years old? And he says he is an engineer already at age 22 looks odd.

Next step

Paper research

  1. Learn more about Momčilo's parents and life before
    1. I have books about militaries in Požarevac maybe it's something in there about his father
  2. Learn more about what Momčilo did
  3. Try to understand Serbia and justice why Mona his daughter didn't get anything from her father or is Serbia a corrupt country?
    1. Speak to lawyers in Sweden involved to understand the laws in Serbia/Yugoslavia
    2. Get in touch with the journalist who wrote the article "Legat velike umetnice pokraden" (google translated)


  1. Ordered more information about his stay in Sweden
Beställningen har skickats till Stockholm Marieberg/Arninge och har fått detta diarienummer : RA 42-2015/09620
Datum: 2015-09-22 14:42
Answer 2015 oct 5
Med anledning av er förfrågan beträffande Momilo Petrovic (1900.01.22) får jag meddela att det i Statens utlänningskommissions arkiv, kanslibyrån, vol. D1A:72, endast finns ett registerkort på den efterfrågade. Av registerkortet framgår emellertid de perioder han erhållit visering för. Arbetstillstånd har antingen ingått i han visering, alternativt varit separat instämplat i hans pass, helt beroende på vilka regler som då gällde för Serbernas, kroaternas och slovenernas kungarike (efter 1929 Kungariket Jugoslavien). Mycket har också gallrats från denna period, som dossier med ansökningshandlingar.

DNA genealogy

We are trying to get a better understanding of the Serbian roots so we need more descendants to Andjelko Petrovic to test so that we get a better understanding of his DNA and also that we maybe can find people related in Serbia see also what has been done and plans on DNA Test page Magnus Sälgö


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    Father: Ej känd (strikethrough) Momčilo Petrovic A f(eng. born) i(eng. in) Belgrad, Jugoslavien
    Mother og(eng. unmarried) Sjöstrand, Hilma Charlotta Elisabet
    kontorist (eng. ) Lidmansvägen Västerås Domkyrkoförsamling
    1903 may 16
    Baptised: 7 nov by Schalthem
    Vittne: Margareta Lagerquist Kap?oniersgatan 49 Göteborg
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    10/11 1926 attest till ?? Västerås
    Faderskap enl. lagst. ?? 300905 ?? Domst Västerås 750922
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  2. Birth record 4/1900 15.8.1975 Požarevac Transcription
    Father Andjelko Petrwitz age 42--> born abt. 1858
    Mother Sofia age 24 --> born abt. 1876
    Momčilo born 22 jan 1900 in the afternoon
    Momčilo married 15 aug 1953 with Kalinovic? Mirovinja?
    Momčilo died 1974 dec 12 in Belgrad
    Sp. 4/1900 15.8.1975 (4/1900 designation is a mark of the birth Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, which means that under serial number 4 for the year 1900 (fourth in a row registration)
    Born in Ortodox Church Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel
    Mirjana Kalinović wedding (15 August 1953)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Tekuci Broj Upisa 4/1900, knjiga je VIII stara crkvena, strana 36 [ Video on youtube from when finding
    the Birth record 2014 sep in Požarevac city Hall 2014
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    1926 års Födelsebok för Västerås 324) Okt 20 Eva Mona Lisa Fader Enl lagst erk 6/9 1930 Momčilo A Petrovic fr Karadjordjera 47 Belgrad Jugoslavia Moder: Sjöstrand Hilma Charlotta Elisabet Kalla? 5 ???? 1903 16/5
    page 2005 in household records
    Döpt 7 nov
    Vittne Margareta Lagerqvist
    1926 years Birthbook for Västerås 324) Oct 20 Eva Mona Lisa Father by low admitted 6/9 1930Momčilo A Petrovic from Karadjordjeva 47 Beograd Yugoslavia (comment when visiting Beograd 2014 this adress was not there I think the bridge was built on the place)
    Mother Sjöstrand Hilma Charlotta Elisabet
  5. Only source a non trust worthy Jasna Nikcevic 2014 sep 21. Other information about Momčilo Jasna gave has been false and she never met Momčilo as she married Slobodan 1980 when Momčilo was dead.
  6. In the Birth Certificate of Momcilo it said that his [[Petrovic-29|father] had two more children. In the church books we can also see that the father was married 2 more times before.
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 Letter 1953 22 nov written in Swedish and translated to english from Momčilo to Mona
    Thanks it is nice to read your letter (looks like Mona has written to him). I am so happy that it is in Swedish someone that is me so near and can bind me more to Sweden my second home. It has happened a lot in 27 years and now I should tell you about me.
    In mars 1924 came I to ASEA Västerås to get some practical training and learn the language. Then I learned to know Elisabeth - your mother and love made its traces with all its consequences and you as a result of this. In the beginning of August 1926 was I forced to travel back to Yugoslavia to do my military service. I was then separated as a good friend to Elisabeth.
    When I came back to Belgrad ????? military service and after that I married Milica who died 12 April this year (1953).
    In the beginning of 1927 was I titled to ASEAs representation in Yugoslavia and did a lot of business with Sweden. Soon before the war started in 1941 was I mentioned Swedish Honorary counsel in Yugoslavia.
    Then came the German invasion...
  8. 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4 8.5 Letter
    (Printed on the letter) Dipl Ing. Mom. A Petrovic Dear my child. Through the red cross I have received your address and no I write to you and hope you will receive my letter. My first wife died in April this year, but in the autumn I married an opera singer from Wien. I am healthy and feel good and works in the government as an engineer. My two sisters and I are very interested to know more about you. Please write and send a photo. How is your mother? Please send me her address. Best Regards your dad Momčilo Petrovic ( signed)
  9. 9.0 9.1
  10. 10.0 10.1 See video about his daughters family tree on Youtube
  11. Regarding to a not 100% trustworthy source Jasna Nikcevic she said Momčilo lived with the parents to the wife of his first marriage but she didn't tell me about the big houses on Puškinova 15 and Puškinova 38(top view).... Lesson learned is that it was a bridge before the current bridge 2015 in Beograd. During the 2nd war that bridge was destroyed to hinder the enemy to attack Beograd.
  12. Source letter written by Momčilo to Mona this has not been confirmed when we have looked into the books of UD (Minister of foreign Affairs)
  13. Monas lived with the Hagström since she was a small child
  14. 14.0 14.1 The grave Grobjle 40 Novo Grobjle, Tip 2 Grobnica, Parcela 27 Broj 27 Red 2
    Upper part of section 27 in picture below

    See about the Grave

    Blogpost about the grave
  15. See Birth certificate regarding date and place. He is buried in Beograd Grobjle 40 Novo Grobjle, Tip 2 Grobnica, Parcela 27 Broj 27 Red 2 see blogpost.
    Novo groblje узвелтова 50, Svetog Nikole, Belgrade, Serbien,The New Cemetery of Belgrade Ruzveltova 50
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  18. 18.0 18.1 18.2 See article about the chaos Legat velike umetnice pokraden eng. Legat great artist robbed (translation)
    certain Slobodan RADOMAN, who contract a gift 2 October 1998 to counsel Krgovic....which is popularly known as an advocate of Hague indictee Slobodan Milosevic......
    Comment Magnus: Serbian people who has been looking at this article are convinced that this is illegal and criminal.
  19. Story told from my mother that I didn't believe in, but after learning more I am not surprised
  20. Vladan passed away 2015 which means there are no known serbian family members
  21. 21.0 21.1 See article Legat velike umetnice pokraden google translated
  22. I saw the day after that Jasna was responsible for the grave she and Vladan Radoman have a court decision that they took over what Momčilo had.....
  23. The birth certificate with the comment from 1977
  24. 24.0 24.1 Article Legat translated with google translate

See also:

City Museum of Novi Sad has a collection from the Memorial of Melanija Bugarinović and her daughter Mirjana Kalinović-Kalin, this must be things from Momcilos home

Trip to Serbia documented on everytrail
  • Book "Porcelan iz Zbirki Muzeja Grada Novog Sada" oktobar 1978
Book about the porcelain that Momcilo and Mirjana had in their home that was given to Novi Sad by Mirjanas mother as "gift"

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Images: 31
Momcilo Petrowitz 1937
Momcilo Petrowitz 1937

Momcilo Petrowitz with sisters 1943, Jovanka and Danica
Momcilo Petrowitz with sisters 1943,  Jovanka and Danica

Västerås Domkyrkoförsamling C:21b (1926-1932) Bild 180 / sid 261 (AID: v261097.b180.s261, NAD: SE/ULA/11727)
Västerås Domkyrkoförsamling C:21b (1926-1932) Bild 180 / sid 261 (AID: v261097.b180.s261, NAD: SE/ULA/11727)

Åmåls stadsförsamling C:15 (1916-1931) Bild 195 / sid 189 (AID: v83858.b195.s189, NAD: SE/GLA/13654)
Åmåls stadsförsamling C:15 (1916-1931) Bild 195 / sid 189 (AID: v83858.b195.s189, NAD: SE/GLA/13654)

Letter 1953 November 2 from Momcilo
Letter 1953 November 2 from Momcilo

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