Catherine Catherine Pillat

Catherine Catherine Pillat (1646 - 1717)

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Catherine Catherine Pillat aka Pillard, Charron, Brisson, Laplate
Born in La Rochelle, Poitou, Aunis, Francemap
Ancestors ancestors
[sibling(s) unknown]
Wife of — married in Notre-Dame de Montréal, Canada, Nouvelle-Francemap
Wife of — married in Montréal, QCmap
Descendants descendants
Died in Montréal, Quebec, Canadamap
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Flag of France Catherine Pillat migrated from France to New France. Flag of New France

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Catherine Pillat lived in New France, in what is now Québec.
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Une Fille du Roi Noms: Pillat Catherine Origine: Date d'arrivée et nom du bateau: Le 30/06/1663; Le Phoenix de Flessingue

2 mariages: 1) Charron Pierre Mariage le 19/10/1665 à Montréal, Qc 2) Brisson Sébastien Mariage le 13/01/1709 à Montréal, Qc

Catherine Pillat 1 (1646 - 1717) Elle est aussi connue sous le nom de Catherine Platte 3, Marie Catherine Pillat 6, Marie Catherine Pillard 6, Catherine Pilet-Pillard 5, Catherine Pilliar 4 et Catherine Pillar 2.

Elle est la fille de Pierre Pillat 5 et Marguerite Moulinet 5.

Elle nait le 30 mars 1646 à Sainte-Marguerite, La Rochelle, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France 1, 7, 8, 9.

Elle est confirmée entre le premier mai 1664 et le 31 mai 1664 à Montréal, Île de Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Elle épouse Pierre Charron, fils de Pierre Charron et Judith Martin le 19 octobre 1665 à Montréal 2, 3, 4.

Catherine Pillat vit en 1667 chez Pierre Charron à l'Île de Montréal, Québec 3.

Nicolas Charron, Pierre Charron, Catherine Charron, Thérèse Charron, Marie Charron, Catherine Charron et Catherine Pillat vivent en 1681 chez Pierre Charron à la seigneurie de Longueuil, Québec 2.

Elle épouse Sébastien Brisson, fils de Sébastien Brisson et Jeanne Lacoste le 13 janvier 1709 à Montréal 10.

Elle est inhumée le 23 juillet 1717 à Montréal 1.

Liste de ses enfants connus: + 1. Catherine Charron (1666 - 1746) 2, 3, 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 2. Marie Charron (1668 - 1720) 2, 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 3. Anne Charron (1670 - 1745) 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 4. Pierre Charron (1671 - 1737) 2, 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 5. Thérèse Charron (1674 - ) 2, 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 6. Nicolas Charron (1676 - ) 2, 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 7. François Charron (1678 - 1746) 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 8. Catherine Charron (1680 - ) 2 (de Pierre Charron) + 9. Hélène Charron (1682 - ) 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 10. Jean Charron (1684 - ) 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 11. Louise Charron (1686 - ) 5 (de Pierre Charron) + 12. Marie-Jeanne Charron (1688 - ) 5 (de Pierre Charron)


1. Courriel de R. Charron-Chénier - 7 janvier 2004 2. Internet - Recensement de 1681 en Nouvelle-France, référant au chapitre IV du livre Histoire des Canadiens-Français de Benjamin Sulte, compilé par Jean-Guy Sénécal ( le 17 mars 1998. 3. Internet - Recensement de 1667 en Nouvelle-France, référant au tome IV, chapitre IV du livre Histoire des Canadiens-Français de Benjamin Sulte, compilé par Jean-Guy Sénécal ( le 17 mars 1998. 4. Tanguay - Volume 1, p. 118, Volume 2, p. 475 5. Tanguay - Volume 1, p. 118 6. Courriel de Jacques Dupuis - 13 mars 2004 7. Internet - Recensement de 1681 en Nouvelle-France, référant au chapitre IV du livre Histoire des Canadiens-Français de Benjamin Sulte, compilé par Jean-Guy Sénécal ( le 17 mars 1998. Âgée de 39 ans. 8. Internet - Recensement de 1667 en Nouvelle-France, référant au tome IV, chapitre IV du livre Histoire des Canadiens-Français de Benjamin Sulte, compilé par Jean-Guy Sénécal ( le 17 mars 1998. Âgée de 18 ans. 9. Tanguay - Volume 1, p. 118 (1651, Notre-Dame-de-Cogne), Volume 2, p. 475 (1651, pas de lieu) 10. Tanguay - Volume 2, p. 475


Source: Québec Genealogy Records Online


Catherine Pillard, also known under the names of Plat, Plate, La Platte, Laplatte, Pillat, Pilliat, Piliate, Peillate, Peillaste

This link gives a list of passengers that arrived by one ship, including Catherine Pillat.

NOTE: THE FOLLOWING TEXT IS FROM SITE, AND THE ORIGINAL ALSO INCLUDES PHOTOS OF DOCUMENTS AND MAPS. The question of her origin posed in that text do not apply, since the descendants mentioned have mutiple ancestors and that was not followed up.

Catherine Pillard, daughter of Pierre Pillard and Marguerite Moulinet, was baptized 30 March 1646 at La Rochelle, France, and confirmed in Montréal in 1664 under the name of Catherine Plate; this same Catherine, future wife of Pierre Charron, was also part of the contingent of King’s Daughters (Filles du Roi) who arrived in Canada in 1663.

From France to New France

A baptismal act, dated 30 March 1646, was found at the Chapelle Sainte-Marguerite of La Rochelle, in Aunis, France, for one named Catherine Pillard, daughter of Pierre Pillard and Marguerite …, the godfather being Pierre LaTouche, merchant, and the godmother, Antoinette Cochette.[3] The mother’s family name was omitted in the act, which is not unusual for that time period. Although not conclusive, according to Fichier Origine and PRDH, it was the baptismal act of Catherine Pillard, future wife of Pierre Charron.[4] An exhaustive search in the parish registers of La Rochelle for the period in question gives a lot of material upon which to reflect.

The family name Pillard is found in a few baptismal acts in Sainte-Marguerite of La Rochelle, France. Thus, on 25 December 1632, Noël Pillard, son of Pierre Pillard and Marie Palaitte, was baptized.[5] Another child of the same couple, Margueritte, was baptized there on 1 November 1636.[6]

The second Pillard couple who can be traced in the registers of La Rochelle was that of Pierre Pillard and Marguerite Bouricaud, whose son Pierre was baptized 19 April 1635 in the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Cogne in La Rochelle.[7]

Another son, Jean, born from the Pillard/Bouricaud couple, was baptized 10 November 1641 in the Chapelle Sainte-Marguerite of La Rochelle.[8]

Perhaps there are other children for the Pillard/Bouricaud couple, but, as of now, they have not been traced in the registers of La Rochelle. It is very possible that Catherine Pillard, baptized 30 March 1646, daughter of Pierre Pillard and Marguerite (no family name) is a child of the Pillard/Bouricaud couple. This baptism would easily fit into a pattern with the baptisms of the two known children for this couple.

According to the marriage record registered in the parish of Notre-Dame de Montréal, dated 19 October 1665, Pierre Charron marries […] “Catherine Pilliat, fille de Pierre Pilliat, Maitre Texier et de Marguerite Moulinet de la Rochelle, paroisse Notre-Dame-de Cognes … […]”. The marriage act also notes an important fact, the explanation for which cannot be found: “[…] Les trois bans publiés et l’opposition faite au premier levée, le dit mariage fait en présence de […]” (The three banns published and an opposition made at the first lifted, the said marriage being done in the presence of …). We can only guess that an opposition was raised at the publication of the first marriage bann; it would be interesting to know the reason for it. No marriage contract can be found to corroborate this information.

But, this marriage act indicates to us that the mother of Catherine Pilliat was Marguerite Moulinet.[9] An exhaustive research in the registers of the Chapelle Sainte-Marguerite and of the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Cogne in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, as well as in the neighboring parishes of Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Barthélemy, demonstrates the absence of the name Moulinet in the acts contained in these registers.[10] At the same time, the patronyme Moulnier appears there several times.

Through the Registers of New France

From 1664 on, we find in the registers and the notarial acts of Nouvelle-France, numerous mentions of Catherine Pillard, also known under the names of Plat, Plate, La Platte, Laplatte, Pillat, Pilliat, Piliate, Peillate, Peillaste.

The first mention under the name of Catherine Plate was consigned to the confirmations’ register of Montréal, dated May 1664.[11] Since there were duplicate registers, sometimes errors, additions or omissions are noted; it is thus the case of the confirmations’ register in question. In a first register, the confirmation list of Montréal, of which the exact date has been omitted, is located between the confirmation lists from Trois-Rivières dated 1 May 1664 and 22 May 1664; it can be deduced from this that it concerns a list from May 1664. On this list of confirmees, we find in order: Catherine Plate, Louyse Chartier and Charles François, huron. In the second register, in spite of an unaltered chronological order, the date of this list of confirmees is said to be 11 July 1664. One also finds the patronyme “Atsanhannonk” is added to Charles François, just above the word “huron.”

Drouin-Ancestry Quebec Dioc./Mtl May 1664 #17/76

Drouin-Ancestry N-D Montreal 1664 #92/233

The second appearance of Catherine Pillard in the registers, this time under the name of Pilliat, would be at the occasion of her marriage to Pierre Charron, 19 October 1665, in the parish of Notre-Dame de Montréal. It is interesting to note that on the 1667 Montréal Census, the Charron family is listed as: Pierre Caron, age 31, his wife Catherine Platte, age 18, and one child, age 1. Based on this census, Catherine was born about 1648.

Catherine Pillard appeared several times in the registers of New France, from 1664 until her death in 1717 in Montréal.

Chronology of the mentions of Catherine Pillard in the Acts of New France from 1664 to 1733

1664 Confirmation in Montréal – Catherine Plate

1665 19 October 1665 - marriage in Montréal – Catherine Pilliat – (act not signed by the priest)

1666 23 September 1666 - baptism of her daughter, Catherine, at Montréal – Pilliat (act not signed by the priest)

1667 Census- Montréal – Platte – age 18 years – (born about 1649)

1670 26 November 1670 - Sorel - baptism of Antoinette - Pilette (transcription with no signature)

1674 26 February 1674 - Sorel – baptism of Thérèse - Pilate (transcription with no signature)

1675 26 February 1675 - Contrecoeur - Pilate (Priest : Louis Petit)

October – Platte - (Notary : Bénigne Basset)

1676 9 April 1676 – Boucherville – Pillard (Priest : Decaumont)

1677 20 October 1677 - Sorel – Platte (Priest : Benoît Duplein)

1678 5 June 1678 - Sorel – Pilat (Priest : Benoît Duplein)

1679 23 July 1679 - at Québec – Pillat / Pillar (?) (Notary : Ménard)

1680 13 July 1680 - Montréal – Plat – (Notary : Mauge)

1681 Census - Longueuil – Pillar- age 30 (born about 1651)

1682 3 November 1682 - Boucherville – Pillat (Priest : Decaumont)

1684 18 October 1684 - Boucherville – Pillat (Priest : Decaumont)

1685 December 1685 - Cap-de-la-Madeleine – Marriage contract of Marie Charlotte Charron – Laplatte (Notary : Cusson)

1686 18 April 1686 – Boucherville - Pilat (Priest : Decaumont); Platte/Laplatte (Notary : Bourdon)

1 May 1686 - Boucherville – Pillat (Priest : Decaumont)

7 September 1686 - Boucherville – Pillat (Priest : Decaumont)

29 September 1686 - Contrecoeur – Laplat (Priest : Sennemaud)

30 November 1686 - Boucherville – Pillat (Priest : Decaumont); Laplatte (Notary : Bourdon)

1687 3 July 1687 - Boucherville – Pilat (Priest : Decaumont)

1688 10 May1688 - Boucherville – Pillat (Priest : Decaumont)

1689 21 February 1689 - Boucherville – Plate (Priest : Pierre Rodolphe Guybert De la Saudrays)

1690 7 May 1690 - Boucherville – Pilette (Priest : Rodolphe De la Saudrays)

10 November 1690 -Boucherville – Plate (Priest : Rodolphe De la Saudrays)

1695 18 March 1695 - Boucherville – Plate – (Priest : Rodolphe De la Saudrays).

In the transcription of the act microfilmed at the Archives, the name is registered as Pillard.

1697 4 March 1697 - Boucherville – Plate (Priest : Rodolphe De la Saudrays)

28 October 1697 – Laplatte (Notary : Adhémar)

4 November 1697 – Boucherville – Plate (Priest : Rodolophe De la Saudrays); Laplatte (Notary : Adhémar)

1698 30 May1698 – Piat (Notary : Adhémar)

31 August 1698 - Boucherville – Plate (Priest : Rodolphe De la Saudrays)

The transcription of the same act omits her family name.

25 September 1698 – Boucherville – Plate (Priest: Rodolphe De la Saudrays)

A transcription of the same act omits her family name.

1701 10 January 1701 – Sorel – La Plat (Priest : Frère Alphonse Droierres)

24 February 1701- Piat (Notary : Raimbault)

1703 14 January 1703 - Plat (Notary : Tailhandier)

15 January 1703 – Pilet (Priest : Francheville)

19 February 1703 – Pilet (Priest : Francheville

1708 25 July 1708 – Piat (Notary : Adhémar)

25 December 1708 – Peillate (Notary: Lepailleur)

1709 30 January 1709 – Peillaste/Peillate (Priest: Priat), aged 55 ans (born about 1654)

10 February 1709 – Piliate (Priest : Priat)

1711 8 February 1711 – Platte (Notary: Jacques Bourdon)

27 July 1711 – Platte (Notary : Jacques Bourdon)

1714 24 November 1714 – Concession of 60 arpents de terre en bois debout à « Bastien Brisson et Marie Charon sa femme… pour en jouir pendant leur vivant […] » (Notary: Tailhandier). It was noted that Catherine was not present.

1717 23 July 1717 – Caterine Plat –burial (Priest: Rangeard), aged about 70 years (born about 1647)

1722 31 May 1722 – Marriage contract of Sébastien Brisson with Marguerite Rivière – Catherine is called Catherine Charon with no mention that she was the widow of Pierre Charron (Notary : Senet)

2 June 1722 – Marriage of Sébastien Brisson at Repentigny. In the parish register, he is said to be the widower of « Catherine Charon issue de la ville de La Rochelle ». Again, there is no indication that Catherine is the widow of Pierre Charron (Priest : M. Gasnault)

Two of Catherine’s daughters were named Laplate in certain parish registers :

1717 28 February 1717 – Saint-Sulpice - Jeanne Charron est called Jeanne La plate (Priest: P. Lesueur)

3 March 1717 – Saint-Sulpice – burial of a child – Again, Jeanne Charron is said to be named Jeanne La plate.

1724 8 July 1724 – Verchères- In a baptismal act, daughter, Catherine, is said to be a sage femme (midwife) and is named Caterine La plate (Priest: Bouffandeau)

1733 9 February 1733 – Longueuil- Jeanne Charron is said to be deceased but is called Jeanne Laplacque by the priest, Ysambart.


Baptism of M. Marguerite Guillet by the midwife Caterine La Plate- 8 July 1724 at Vercheres (Drouin online- – – image 15 of 268, 1724-1740)


[1] Catherine Pillard, Fille du roi, Algonquienne d’ascendance sibérienne, née en France vers 1651… Où est l’erreur? Le Chaînon, Volume 25, numéro 3, Automne 2007, pages 25 à 35; Volume 26, numéro 1 et Volume 26, numéro 2. This article appeared in English in Michigan’s Habitant Heritage, April 2008, Vol. 29, #2, pp. 53-59.

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[3] Also found on Family History Library (FHL) microfilm #1896307, items 1-5. This microfilm includes the parishes of Sainte-Marguerite and Notre-Dame-de-Cogne.

[4] Fichier Origine #243300, accessed 17 August 2008; PRDH #10965.

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[9] Archange Godbout, o. f. m., Émigration rochelaise en Nouvelle-France (Archives nationales du Québec, 1970), pp. 190, 191. According to Godbout, Marie Catherine Pillard was born in 1651, daughter of Pierre (Pillard) et Marguerite Moulinet, from Notre-Dame-de-Cogne. He also mentions two individuals with the name Pierre Pillard at this time in La Rochelle: (1) Pierre married to Marie Palette / Paillette; (2) Pierre married to Marguerite Bouricaud.

[10] Les Archives Départementales de la Charente-Maritime are now available free on the internet at :

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[12] PRDH #39463; FHL microfilm #0375840. PRDH has acknowledged since 10 April 2008 that the name of Catherine’s father is Du Plat.

[13] Dictionnaire Biographique du Canada – Volume I.


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Proposed Quebecois Background Image #2
Proposed Quebecois Background Image #2

Pierre Charon et Catherine Pillard
Pierre Charon et Catherine Pillard

Catherine Pillard Birth
Catherine Pillard Birth

Catherine Pillat Death
Catherine Pillat Death

Sébastien Brisson et Catherine Pillat
Sébastien Brisson et Catherine Pillat


On 20 Dec 2014 at 08:22 GMT Danielle Liard wrote:

Pillat-8 and Pillat-6 appear to represent the same person because: same woman, same spouses, etc, questions about her origin have been discussed and researched, no proof she is not from France

On 16 Dec 2014 at 02:06 GMT Gaston Tardif wrote:

On 11 Apr 2014 at 18:14 GMT L (Gauvin) G wrote:

Marriage or Union

Catherine at 19 & Pierre at 30 October 19, 1665 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Source: mariage PRDH

On 12 Oct 2013 at 19:13 GMT John Hebert wrote:

Catherine was one of the "Daughters of the King", a program that gave a young woman money upon arrival in New France. The idea was to promote the marriage and expansion of the French community through large families. There was a shortage of women in New France.

Catherine is 18 degrees from Kevin Bacon, 19 degrees from Mel Lambert, 12 degrees from John Lejeune and 15 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II Windsor on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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