Procedure For Inviting New EuroAristo Members


Preferred Procedure

Step One: Identify Possible New Member

If you see anyone making changes, editing, merging, making new duplicates, etc to relevant profiles go to their profile and send a private message.

If you are a WikiTree greeter (send invites to strangers) it might also be a good idea to mention the user groups to the new member when you respond saying the invite was sent. Take any opportunities you can to help people be aware of tools on WikiTree.

Step Two: Send Private Message

We want to have a standard contact email so we know exactly what was said. Here is the suggested email:


I noticed that you have made some great contributions on some profiles that relate to one or more of our user groups. In particular, I noticed profiles relating to the European Aristocratic User Group and would like to invite you to join the group. I think you would be a great asset. You can find out more information about the group here:

Category:European Aristocrats Project

The goal of WikiTree is to have one profile per person. Duplicates need to be merged into the existing profiles and that is what the groups main project is at the moment. New duplicates should not be made, therefore, if you are making new profiles of 300+ year old profiles, please be very careful to not create duplicates. Please also check out the style guide to avoid creating duplicates or improperly merging them:


I think you have made a lot of great contributions and would love for you to be a part of this group and possibly others so that we can all share in creating better profiles for our common ancestors. For more information on other user groups, take a look here:


If you have any questions about anything I have said, or anything else, please feel free to ask me any questions.


User Group Member

Step Three: List Pending Member on Group Page

This can be done in one of two ways. Simply edit the group page with user id, contacted user name, your name and the date contacted, on the User Group Homepage or email Roger Travis with the user id and name of the contacted WikiTree member.European Aristocrats Project

Step Four: Follow Up

Any reponse recieved by user that does not result in membership should be forwarded to Roger Travis. Membership is not required but it is important to keep track of who knows about the group and what has been said, to avoid future confusion.

What to do if no response and continued activity

If the person is simply editing and not causing harm, violating guidelines, etc then nothing needs to be done. If the person continues making duplicates, violating guidelines, etc please contact Lianne Lavoie.

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