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Welcome to the 1776 Project
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The 1776 Project honors those who were involved in the American Revolutionary War in whatever capacity coverng the time period from 1773 through 1789 by adding and improving their profiles on WikiTree. This covers from the Boston Tea Party, through the War for Independence, to the ratification of the United States Constitution by the Founding Fathers.

Individuals who had a significant impact on the Revolution should be included in the project and the template added to their profiles. These profiles include all of the Founding Fathers, notable military leaders and soldiers, and other notables. Loyalists and other citizens of other nations (to include Native American Tribes) should also be included if not part of anther project.

Profiles that do not carry the project template and are not project-managed should have added the project sticker (unless the profile manager objects).

How to Join

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You may also want to

  1. Add military_and_war to your followed tags
  2. Request to join the Military and War Google Community which is how we communicate within the upper level project that this subproject belongs to. Please include your WikiTree ID.
  3. Check out the main project page for all guidelines related to the project.

Project Goals

  • Honor American Revolutionary War ancestors by connecting them and their families to the main WikiTree tree. These include all patriot, loyalist, Hessians, French, African Americans, Native Americans or any other person profile with a connection to the 1776 project.
  • Connect these profiles to the project by adding the appropriate project category and sticker to the profile.
  • Collaborate to improve project profiles through communicating via the Google Group or on G2G.
  • Ensure any duplicates are merged into the final lowest profile ID number.
  • Ensure that the biography is cleaned up, free of any GEDCOM junk, and ideally has a well-written biography.
  • Request project-protection from Paula J when appropriate.

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Profile Examples

Volunteer Task List

If you are looking for ways to help, here are a few ideas!

Thanks for all your help!


Acceptable Documentation*

Published military records, compiled military service records, papers of the Continental Congress, Records of military and other service from state and county accounts. Contemporary letters from the persons serving, or from someone receiving the information directly from the person who performed the service. Some state & local histories when service is documented, same applies to websites, especially Wikipedia. The DAR GRS [DAR Search website].

Unacceptable Documentation*

Family genealogies stating that a person performed Revolutionary War service are not acceptable as proof. A grave marked as that of a Revolutionary soldier not acceptable as proof of service. Do not cite the old DAR Patriot Indexes or Magazines as patriots may have been removed. The SAR is NOT proof of service.

  • These are guidelines only and good genealogical practice.


The American Revolution sticker will add the profile to a category by using the |unit=, |branch= and ", American Revolution".

{{1776 Do not change this.
|image=Here you can change the default image to an alternative image.
|startdate=Service start date as dd mmm yyyy.
|enddate=Service end date as dd mmm yyyy
|Branch= Here you add service branch or country.
|units=Here you can list the main units he/she served in separated by ; (semi colons). Please do not use abbreviations.
|unit=This will add the profile to the appropriate unit category. Please do not use abbreviations and no unit smaller than Regiment/Brigade. If Regiment or Brigade is not known, use a higher unit that you do know.
|rank=Enter the rank (Ex. Sergeant) here. Please do not use abbreviations like Sgt.

If the category the sticker creates turns out red check the spelling/punctuation and the parent category to see if it is spelled the same way. If all looks correct, you can create the new category, default text for the category should be listed in the HELP! section of the parent category.

If no |unit is listed, the profile will be added to Category: American Revolution

Whenever in doubt, please contact the leaders of the project or the leaders of Military and War Project

Sample usage:

Result: Categories: American Revolution

... ... ... ... served for Virginia in the American Revolution
Service started:
Service ended:

Sample usage:
{{1776|startdate=January 27, 1778|enddate=April 2, 1780|branch=Virginia Militia|units=Albemarle County Militia|unit=Albemarle County Militia, Virginia Militia|rank=Sergeant}}

Result: Categories: Albemarle County Militia, Virginia Militia, American Revolution

Sergeant ... ... ... served in the Virginia Militia in the American Revolution
Service started: January 27, 1778
Unit(s): Albemarle County Militia
Service ended: April 2, 1780

Project Box

To add the 1776 Project template to a profile or page, use the project box: {{1776 Project}}. You must always make sure that the project is one of the managers. Be sure to SAVE

You choose the most specific category THAT YOUR DOCUMENTATION SUPPORTS. Only the person who served is eligible for the project tag, i.e. No spouses or children.

You should have in the biography section something about the service of the Patriot if only at least that they served, along with of course the source of their service. Try to find the lowest possible category.

FIND YOUR CATEGORIES HERE: Category:American_Revolution

To assign an ancestor to the 1776 Project, You MUST use the {{1776 Project|category=xxx}} format, such as:


{{1776 Project|category=Virginia, American Revolution}}
{{1776 Project|category=Virginia Militia, American Revolution}}
{{1776 Project|category=Lincoln County Militia, Virginia Militia, American Revolution}}
Try to find the lowest possible category

{{1776 Project|category=Virginia Line, American Revolution}} For Those serving in the Virginia Line of the Continental Army
{{1776 Project|category=1st Virginia Regiment (1777), Continental Army, American Revolution}} For Those serving in the 1st Regt. of the Virginia Line of the Continental Army
Try to find the lowest possible category

{{1776 Project|category=Patriotic Service, American Revolution}} Rollup category for the states, profiles should only be added here if the State of service is unknown
{{1776 Project|category=Patriotic Service, Virginia, American Revolution}} For those who provided patriot service in Virginia.

Patriotic Service includes, but not limited to: Those who signed an Oath. Members of the Boston Tea Party, Furnishing a substitute for military service, Members of the Continental Congress, State Conventions, Assemblies, and County Committees, Service in the Spanish Troops, Service by French nationals, Those who rendered material aid such as furnishing supplies with or without reimbursement.

{{1776 Project|category=Civil Service, American Revolution}}

Includes people who were, under authority of Provisional or new State Governments:: State Officials, County and Town Officials (Town Clerk, Selectman, Juror, Town Treasurer, Judge, Sheriff, Constable, Jailer, Surveyor of Highways, Justice of the Peace, etc.)

{{​1776 Project|category=American Founding Fathers}}
{{1776 Project|category=Loyalists, American Revolution}} Those Loyalist who may have gone to Canada, the Bahamas or stayed in the USA, but are not ancestors of United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada members.
{{1776 Project|category=United Empire Loyalists}} Only for Loyalists who are ancestors of United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada members
{{1776 Project|category=Hessians, American Revolution}}

To assign only a category (and not the 1776 Project), such as adding an additional category to an ancestor’s profile, use the [[Category:xxx]] format. For example:
[[Category:NSSAR Patriot Ancestors, American Revolution]]
[[Category:Society of the Cincinnati, American Revolution]]
[[Category:Sons of Liberty, American Revolution]]

NOTE: Some of the categories on the American_Revolution list do not need the American Revolution delimiter. For example, [[:Category:Battle of King%27s Mountain]] comes up in a red color if you use the American Revolution. If your category comes up red, try deleting the American Revolution part of the code.

In practical application, for example, for James Vogan, you might code him (above the == Biography == section) as:​ ​{{1776 Project|category=Pennsylvania, American Revolution}}​ because you know he was an Ensign from Pennsylvania, but don't know his military unit.

For Stukely Westcott, I would code him as {{1776 Project|category=Rhode Island, American Revolution}}​ because I know he was a Sergeant from Rhode Island, but I don't know his military unit.​ If we knew he was in the Rhode Island Militia, we would code him {{1776 Project|category=Rhode Island Militia, American Revolution}}​.

You only use one category with the {{1776 Project}} attached. You can add as many other Category:American_Revolution without the {{1776 Project}} as your profile fits.

SAR and DAR Templates

​Many people will get their information from the DAR (Genealogical Research System Database) and have to include the ​== ​Source​ ==​ citation approved by the DAR. That code is {{DAR-grs|Axxxxx|Patriot’s Name|Date the record was accessed}}

Separate from the DAR Source citation, you can also apply the NSSAR template and add their insignia in a separate box.
The NSSAR code is: {{NSSAR Patriot Ancestor|sar-number = P-xxxxxx |rank = Sergeant}} and it should be placed just below the == Biography == section.

You can search here to discover your Patriot's SAR-number. Patriot and Grave Index It will be something like P12345 for example, and may be different than the SAR ancestor number.

WikiTree Help Pages

Remember a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages

If you have questions, please contact Paula J

Relevant Category Links

1776 Project Resource Page

1776 Researchers Willing to Help

  • Howard can help anyone that has a possible connection to the American Revolution.
  • SJ Baty is available to help research connections and Revolutionary War ancestors.
  • Leighr-1 is available to help with Revolutionary war research- best in NE colonies of Mass, Conn, RI, Maine. Have complete Mass Soldiers & Sailors book and several gig more.

Deb Singer is willing to help with connection with American Revolution Soldiers and family.

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