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The 1776 Project honors those who were involved in the early history of the United States of America, circa 1773 through 1789, by adding and improving their profiles on WikiTree. This time period covers the Boston Tea Party, through the War for Independence, to the ratification of the United States Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

Loyalists welcome :)

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Badge Report

For a full list of participants, see the badge report. 1776.gif

Project Goals

  • Honor American Revolutionary War ancestors by connecting them and their families to the main WikiTree tree. These include all patriot, loyalist, Hessians, French, African Americans, Native Americans or any other person profile with a connection to the 1776 project.
  • Connect these profiles to the project by adding the appropriate project category and sticker to the profile.
  • Collaborate to improve project profiles through communicating via the Google Group or on G2G.
  • Ensure any duplicates are merged into the final lowest profile ID number.
  • Ensure that the biography is cleaned up, free of any GEDCOM junk, and ideally has a well-written biography.
  • Request project-protection from Paula J when appropriate.

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Profile Examples

Volunteer Task List

If you are looking for ways to help, here are a few ideas!

  • Add your favorite 1776 Resource to our 1776 Project Resource Page
  • Add your name if you are a researcher who is willing to help others (bottom of this page)
  • Post and answer requests for genealogy help on g2g as needed. This is a great help to the project!
  • Let us know about your 1776 profiles that you are particularly proud of. We are looking for more example profiles!
  • List what you are working on in the 1776 Project Progress Page
Thanks for all your help!

WikiTree Help Pages

Remember a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages

Categorization Instructions

For military personnel we use the following basic category structure:

American Revolution
<country or state>, American Revolution for each country that is involved
<service branch>, American Revolution for each military branch of the <country> that is involved in the war
<unit>, <service branch>, American Revolution down to the regiment/equivalent size, depending on the specific war/period, other size units might be included.

You choose the most specific category your documentation supports. You usually only use one category, so you can choose from one of the units, or from any of the battles and topics on this page. Category:American_Revolution

NOTE: Some of the categories on the American_Revolution list do not need the American Revolution delimiter. For example, [[:Category:Battle of King%27s Mountain]] comes up in a red color if you use the American Revolution. If your category comes up red, try deleting the American Revolution part of the code.

To assign an ancestor to the 1776 Project and a category, use the {{1776|category=xxx}} format, such as:
{{1776|category=Continental Army, American Revolution}}
{{​1776|category=American Founding Fathers}}
​{{​1776|category=Great Britain, American Revolution}}
{{1776|category=United States of America, American Revolution}} See above for military examples
{{1776|category=Patriots, American Revolution}}
{{1776|category=Civil Service, American Revolution}}
{{1776|category=Loyalists, American Revolution}} Those Loyalist who may have gone to Canada, the Bahamas or stayed in the USA, but are not ancestors of United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada members.
{{1776|category=United Empire Loyalists, American Revolution}} Only for Loyalists who are ancestors of United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada members
{{1776|category=Hessians, American Revolution}}

To assign only a category (and not the 1776 Project), such as adding an additional category to an ancestor’s profile, use the [[Category:xxx]] format. For example:
[[Category:NSSAR Patriot Ancestors, American Revolution]]
[[Category:Society of the Cincinnati, American Revolution]]
[[Category:Sons of Liberty, American Revolution]]

In practical application, for example, for James Vogan, you might code him (above the == Biography == section) as:​ ​{{1776|category=Pennsylvania, American Revolution}}​ because you know he was an Ensign from Pennsylvania, but don't know his military unit.

For Stukely Westcott, I would code him as {{1776|category=Rhode Island, American Revolution}}​ because I know he was a Sergeant from Rhode Island, but I don't know his military unit.​ If we knew he was in the Rhode Island Militia, we would code him {{1776|category=Rhode Island Militia, American Revolution}}​.

SAR and DAR Templates

​Many people will get their information from the DAR (Genealogical Research System Database) and have to include the ​== ​Source​ ==​ citation approved by the DAR. That code is {{DAR-grs|Axxxxx|Patriot’s Name|Date the record was accessed}}

Separate from the DAR Source citation which goes in the == Sources == section, you can also apply the NSSAR template and add their insignia in a separate box. The NSSAR code is: {{NSSAR Patriot Ancestor|sar-number = P-xxxxxx |rank = Sergeant}} and it should be placed just above the == Biography == section.

You can search here to discover your Patriot's SAR-number. Patriot and Grave Index It will be something like P12345 for example, and may be different than the SAR ancestor number.

If you have questions, please contact Kitty Cooper-1 Smith or Michael Stills-18. Thank you!

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