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Settlers on shore being greeted by Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin
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The 1820 Settlers were several groups or parties of British colonists settled by the British government and the Cape authorities in the South African Eastern Cape in 1820. The group accounted for about 4000 British citizens arriving in the Cape between April and June of 1820, and settling mostly in the area known today as the Eastern Cape, or the Albany district as it was referred to in 1820.

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1820 Settlers Members

Sharon Caldwell (Coordinator)
Leon Bezuidenhout
Marlene Marx
Ella Korff
Adri O'Neil
Brigitte Theuma
Wynand van der Walt
Ronel Olivier (Leader)
Susanna Hendrina Elisa de Bruyn

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Goal is to source and improve all profiles falling under and are part of the 1820 Settlers project .

To-Do or Task List

To participate in the project, we have a list of tasks that we need accomplished.:
1. Primary task for all project members is to review/ improve/ source all profiles of people who were part of the 1820 Settlers (or ancestors,descendants) including your own and to (if not yet categorized / templated by another project !) add the proper South African Roots categories (To copy and past the appropriate category see number 4)
You can all already start and add profiles to the project, just copy and paste to the top of the Bio of all 1820 Settlers Project profiles (only those that arrived in South Africa) this category : [[Category:English_Immigrants_to_South_Africa]] and use our South African Roots (SAR) Maintenance Template System .
For the finished profiles, please add the 1820 Settlers Template, which is added like this:
just copy and paste {{South African Settlers 1820}} to the Bio of the finished profile and save . (only if there's not a template of a different project added yet, for those always ask in G2G first or add just the category)
2. For all the South African 1820 Settler Descendants use the sticker
just copy and paste
{{South African 1820 Settlers Sticker}} to the top of the Bio of the profile and save .
3. If you need your 1820 Settlers Project profiles PPP't, after you sourced and improved them and if you have a good source for the LNAB, or if profiles need to be PPP 't temporarily and before they are finished for some reason. This is what you need to do :
Add this [[Category:South African Roots Project Needs PPP]] (just copy and paste) to the top of the Bio of the profile by this the profiles are added here, and if there's something special we need to know or do, please leave a clear post at the profile and we will make sure they get PPP.
Note: We don't want or need to PPP all profiles, if last names are consistent and used in the same spelling for many generations and if there's no risk a profile is duplicated a lot and if there's no confusion about the name or the parents, or some other urgent reason why the LNAB needs to be protected, we don't have to PPP it.
4. :Note: The basic template is also used as our Needs (Maintenance system) to add all profiles to the proper needs categories,
With the Templates three needs can be added, If a profile still would need one extra, to prevent two (duplicate) project templates added to one profile.
►You can just add the category (copy and paste the proper one of these):

[[Category:South African Roots Project Needs Birth Record]]
[[Category:South African Roots Project Needs LNAB]]
[[Category:South African Roots Project Needs PPP]]
[[Category:South African Roots Project Needs Death Notice]]
[[Category:South African Roots Project Needs Transcription]]
Very Important: 'All profiles that has the 1820 Settlers template on it should also have the Project Profile as manager.
This is how you can add the Project Profile as manager:
1.Click the Privacy tab on these South African profiles.
2. In the Add to Trusted List section, enter: and press Add this Person
3.To add the 1820 Settlers Project as manager:
In the Trusted List section, press Add as Manager.
To view the Project Profiles, check the Admin page for the links.

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