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Accessibility Angels
Helping people with disabilities to access, enjoy, and contribute to WikiTree

How to request help



The Accessibility Angels Project's mission is to find solutions to help people with disabilities to be successful WikiTreers. We will:

  • help people with accessibility issues to find their way around WikiTree and learn about its features
  • match volunteers with people who need help accessing or reading documents and web pages
  • liaise with the Wikitree community to ensure WikiTree is usable by as many people as possible, including people who use screen readers and other assistive technology

Accessibility Angels are a dedicated team of friendly, helpful and patient volunteers who are a huge asset to WikiTree as a whole.

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How to become an Accessibility Angel

To join the Accessibility Angels you need to:

  • have signed the Honor Code
  • have been a full member of WikiTree for more than 3 months and made at least 500 contributions
  • be able to communicate in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner
  • have not been the subject of a mentoring or mediation referral in the past 3 months

Once you join we ask you to:

  • Join at least one project team.
  • Make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every three months.
  • Update the project as needed on your activity.
  • Respond to the six-monthly check-in if not already in contact with your team leader/coordinator.


  • Accessibility Angels Guides Team
    • Guides are paired with Wikitreers who would like some extra help in getting comfortable with how to use WikiTree. Guides will be asked on a rotating basis to pair with members who seek help from our project volunteers.
  • Research and Transcription Team
    • Research and transcription team members will conduct research, find documents and sources, and transcribe images to a text format for members who seek help from our project volunteers.
  • Technology Advisors Team
    • Technology Advisors Team liaises with our community to ensure WikiTree is usable by as many people as possible, including people who use screen readers and other assistive technology.
Team Leader positions are vacant - please inquire if you're interesed in filling one of these roles.

What Accessibility Angels do

Accessibility Angels do a range of things to help WikiTreers who have a disability such as:

  • answering requests for assistance on G2G
  • looking up and transcribing images of handwritten documents for genealogists who are blind or have low vision
  • explaining WikiTree's features including how to navigate its webpages and how to edit person profiles
  • creating resources or help pages for genealogists who have disabilities
  • helping to evaluate the accessibility of WikiTree's user interface
  • developing proposals to enhance WikiTree's accessibility and liaising with WikiTree's tech community about their implementation

How to request help

Our assistance is available to anyone who has a disability, including people who are blind, or have low vision, impaired mobility or a cognitive disability. To request the help of the Accessibility Angels either:

  • ask a question on G2G—please explain what help you need and tag your question with the ACCESSIBILITY tag, or
  • send a private message to one of the project leaders or coordinators:
SJ Baty
Julie Ricketts
Ian Speed

We will respect your privacy and keep any personal information private. Please remember that all G2G messages are public, so only include personal information that you are willing to share with everyone else.

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