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Welcome to the Adoption Angels Project!
Adoption Angels are volunteers who help adoptees and birth families look for and connect with each other.

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What is an Adoption Angel?

WikiTree Adoption Angels are volunteers who have taken on the mission of helping adoptees and birth families look for and connect with each other. They also help connect adoptees to the the global family tree once birth family is found. With our global family tree and our DNA features, WikiTree can be an invaluable asset for assisting adoptees and birth families in their search.

(Note: "Adoptees" can also include non-paternal events (NPEs) and cases of unknown parentage.)

Are you interested in the Adoption Angels Project?

Becoming an Adoption Angel

Requirements for joining:

  • Have Family Member level membership and sign the Honor Code.
  • Be a member of WikiTree for 3 months.
  • Before you commit to being an Adoption Angel, read through our Mission Statement and be sure you understand what Angels do and don't do.

Once you join we ask you to:

  • Make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every three months.
  • Join at least one project team.
  • Join the project's Google Discussion Group.
  • Have access to information needed to participate in the project.
  • Regular update the project as needed on your activity.
  • Respond to the six-monthly check-in and to your team leader/coordinator.
  • You can also add Adoption_Angels to the tags you follow to keep up with project posts.


  • Family Finders
    • Adoption Angel Family Finders do the work alongside the adoptee to actively search for the biological family. They use both DNA and traditional research.
  • Mentors
    • Adoption Angel Mentors greet all new applicants, answering questions and helping them make sure they are set up and ready for their search with a Family Finder. They answer questions in g2g.
  • Researchers
    • Adoption Angel Researchers use their research skills by doing look ups for other Angels and helping build family trees once biological family is found.
  • Educators
    • Educator Angels create and update help pages, create informational posts on g2g about topics regarding adoption and finding family. They also help mentor other Angels in areas they need more information on in order to better help our applicants.

Mission Statement

Adoption is emotional and sensitivity is needed in working with adoptees in finding information and family connections.

The following is our mission statement laying out what our Adoption Angels will and will not do in aiding adoptees with their search for their families and roots.

Adoption Angels will:

  1. Help Adoptees to set up their WikiTree profiles.
  2. Help Adoptees to find information needed for a biological family search such as birth records and non-identifying information.
  3. Help Adoptees use the information they have to search for bio families.
  4. Help Adoptees who have found their bio parents to get started on creating their biological trees.
  5. Help in searches for biological parents for deceased members of the family further back on the tree (such as grandparents).
  6. Help integrate DNA test results into the search for family.

Adoption Angels will not:

  1. Research for or on behalf of minor children (under the age of 18).
  2. Make contact with the biological family of searcher.
  3. Pressure any individual to make contact once the lost family is located.
  4. Assist someone other than the adoptee without the adoptee contacting the Angel to give consent.
  5. Charge for their services.
  6. Work on historical adoptions (past great grandparents)

Further, privacy is a key point of our Honor Code. As such, Adoption Angels will respect adoptees' wishes regarding permissions to view and/or edit their family tree or DNA (such as passwords or editor status on an account). In addition, Angels will be sure any private information will be kept 100% confidential.

Earned Wings

The first time an Angel helps make a connection between an adoptee and birth family (or vice versa) through the Adoption Angels project they'll earn this badge:


Resources For Adoptees

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Help for Adoptees

Project Video

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Adoption Angels Project

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