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Welcome to the Adoption Angels Project!

Adoption Angels are volunteers who help adoptees and birth families look for and connect with each other.
Contact the WikiTree Adoption Angels.


What is an Adoption Angel?

WikiTree Adoption Angels are volunteers who have taken on the mission of helping adoptees and birth families look for and connect with each other.. With our global family tree and our DNA features, WikiTree can be an invaluable asset for assisting adoptees and birth families in their search.

Angels can also help adoptees get settled into WikiTree. Even how to set up their own profile can be difficult! Angels can help smooth the way.

Becoming an Adoption Angel


  1. If you signed the Honor Code and have been a member of WikiTree for at least 3 months, respond to this G2G post and we will award you the Adoption Angel badge and invite you to the Adoption Angels Google Group and Angels Sandbox.
  2. Add adoption_angels to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  3. Read this page:

Ways to Participate

Earned Wings

The first time an Angel helps make a connection between an adoptee and birth family (or vice versa) through the Adoption Angels project they'll earn this badge:



By Location

See: Resources by Location


Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical and historical records.[1]. Genetic genealogy involves the use of genealogical DNA testing together with documentary evidence to infer the relationship between individuals.[2]

Finding someone who matches your DNA who knows their genealogy could tell you about your genealogy. The closer the relationship between you and your DNA match the closer you are to knowing your family connection. It's a little more involved, but that is the basic premise.

Help for Adoptees

G2G Forum Questions


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