Project: Adoption Angels/Adoptee Accounts

Using WikiTree as an adoptee can be a little confusing.

Should you use your birth name or current name? Should you enter your birth parents or your adoptive parents? Do you have to choose? What if you don't know your birth name or birth parents?

You have a lot of choices. See Adoptions and multiple parents for the general WikiTree guidelines.

If you are seeking your biological family, it's generally best to create your profile as you were born, with your birth name and your birth parents when known.

Some WikiTree members choose to create a profile for exploring their biological roots that is separate from their account profile. In other words, an adoptee may choose to keep their main profile connected to the family they know and love, but create a separate profile to represent themselves as they were born.

Note that you can be as private and anonymous as you want. WikiTree has carefully-designed privacy controls and you can "anonymize" your account profile by using an initial or "Anonymous" as your first name.

If you'd like more help and advice from other adoptees, contact the Adoption Angels Project. We'd be happy to help.

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