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Welcome to the Ambassadors Project!

WikiTree Ambassadors are volunteers who have taken on the mission of spreading the WikiTree Love across our social media channels.


What are Ambassadors

WikiTree pledged to stay 100% free, so we need to keep costs low. Since we don't have a big ad budget, our community depends on word of mouth. We grow when our members tell other genealogists, their family and friends what we do.

Ambassadors are some of our awesome volunteers who are active on various social media channels and/or bloggers who are dedicated to helping share the WikiTree love.

Becoming an Ambassador


  1. If you signed the Honor Code, are active in social media or blogging, and have been a WikiTree member for at least one month, respond to this G2G post and we'll award you the Ambassador badge and invite you to the Ambassadors Google group.
  2. Add ambassadors to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed. (Tag alternate: social media)


For a full list of our participants please see the Ambassadors Badge list.

Ways to Participate

Social Media Channels

While there are similarities across our social media channels, differences are set out below.

To like, favorite or +1 a post is great!
To share it or comment on it is better!


WikiTree for Genealogists Facebook Group

You can follow us on our Facebook page.

There are also WikiTree groups you can join and participate in:

WikiTree Members Group: This group is a general group for WikiTreers to talk all things WikiTree.
Family History Photo of the Week: Join this group if you want to vote in our Photo of the Week contests or if you'd like to share your family photos with other photo enthusiasts.
WikiTree in Australia: This group is for our WikiTreers from down under.
WikiTree för släktforskare: Our Swedish WikITreers formed this group to collaborate.

Also check out our special Shareable Images. To share your own tree image, click the "Share on Facebook" link on the pull-down menu at the top of this page that begins with your WikiTree ID (if you're logged-in).

Our Facebook page is our most active and successful channel. We get good likes, shares and interaction there. Project members active on Facebook are encouraged to:

  • Like status updates on the WikiTree page.
  • Share them on your page. Show your friends!
  • Comment! The more people engage, the more they talk about WikiTree.
  • Post and tag #WikiTree related things in your status timeline. Share profiles and pictures.
  • Mention WikiTree in your genealogy groups when relevant.


WikiTree on Twitter

This is a big one for the project! The multilingual Korean-based social network news service runs the @wikitree handle, and tweets with the #wikitree hashtag. They post often, and have followerers who tweet about them. This has the potential for our tweets to get lost in theirs. So we'd like to increase our presence here. Project members can:

  • Retweet WikiTree posts.
  • Tweet with the #wikitree hashtag often.
  • Tweet profiles, free space pages, help pages, and interesting G2G posts.
  • Tweet photos! These really stand out in the Twitter feed.


WikiTree Google+ page

  • +1 WikiTree status posts.
  • Share them on your own page so others outside of the WikiTree page can see them.
  • Comment! The more we get people to engage, the more people we have talking about it.
  • Post WikiTree related things in your own statuses and be sure to tag WikiTree in the post (ie share profiles or pictures)(tag by putting +WikiTree)
  • Mention WikiTree in any genealogy groups you participate in when relevant.
  • Participate in any WikiTree google communities you are a part of (ie Photo of the Week, DNA project).


WikiTree on LinkedIn

  • Goal: Post blogs posts, newsletters and press releases here.
  • Follow our LinkedIn page. Like, comment and share what we post there.


WikiTree Blog

Project members interested in blogging can participate in a variety of ways:

  • Post WikiTree related blogs to your own blog(s). Send post links to Eowyn, so we can share it!

We have a few regular segments already:

If you are a Blogger, please make sure we've given you the Blogger badge and added a link to your blog here!

Finding Content

Sharing great content is key to social media success, so help curate.

  • Kirsty Ward created the category: This Day in History. Update them by adding events to category pages, and tagging profiles with an appropriate This Day in History subcategory (date). (see example: here).
  • Share LiveCasts to let others know to come watch.
  • Share out fun items from the WikiTree Blog: Meet Our Members, etc
  • When someone mentions WikiTree let the group know, so we can see and share.
  • We love to know and share what's going on in the genealogy community. So be on the lookout for great genealogy content, i.e. -- new sites, tools, products, news. Tell the group, so we can remix it.


  • Cousin Bait! Each profile has a link called Cousin Bait. It's located at the top right in the drop-down links of the main navigation, underneath the profile ID. Use it for tips and easy ways to share your own WikiTree profiles and pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (see example).


If you are giving public presentations to the greater Genealogical Community and wish to have resources and support from fellow presenters, please contact Michael Stills to join the Presenters subgroup.


To provide tools, materials, resources and content to WikiTree members who speak to groups about WikiTree.


Resources for Presenters

Calendar of Presentations

Google Calendar of the Presentations of our Presenters.

WikiTree Presentations

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