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Welcome to the Ambassadors Project!

WikiTree Ambassadors are volunteers who have taken on the mission of spreading the WikiTree Love across a variety of channels.


What are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are awesome volunteers who:

  • present about WikiTree to their local groups and societies ... or ...
  • blog in the genealogy community ... or ...
  • participate on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter ... or ...
  • liaise between WikiTree and genealogical societies, libraries and historical groups ... or ...
  • help with linkbuilding efforts ... or ...
  • share WikiTree love at conferences, family reunions, etc.

Why do we need Ambassadors?

WikiTree has pledged to stay 100% free forever. This means we have to keep costs ultra-low. We can't spend money on advertising. We must depend on members who help spread the word about our shared mission.


The only real requirement for Ambassadors is a love for WikiTree!

We also ask that you have been a member for at least a month, and have signed the Honor Code.

How to Join

Are you interested in the Ambassadors Project?ambassador.gif

How to Participate

First add ambassadors to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed. You may also want to add the social_media tag to your followed tags to be sure to get updates on everything Ambassadors are doing.

You can also join our WikiTree Ambassadors Group on Facebook.

Then choose which of the following teams you would like to join.


Bloggers Team

Team Leader: Chris Ferraiolo

Do you have a blog? Join the Bloggers Team!

Project members interested in blogging can participate in a variety of ways:
Post WikiTree related blogs to your own blog(s). Post the blog title to G2G with the tag Bloggers
  • Add a WikiTree widget to your Blog
  • Blog about WikiTree tools, apps and resources
  • If someone in your blog post has a profile on WikiTree, add a link to their profile!
WikiTree Blog:
Write a guest blog post! Contact Eowyn if that's something you would like to do.
If you haven't been in one of our Meet our Members features yet and would like to be, contact Eowyn.
If you are a Blogger, please make sure we've given you the Blogger badge and added a link to your blog here!

Forums Team

Team Leader: Katie (Collins) Goodwin

This team focuses on participating in various forums to answer questions and participate in discussion where WikiTree can be mentioned. Members of this team would need to participate regularly so as not to appear spammy.

This includes sites like:

Link Builders Team

Team Leader - Azure Robinson

There are several ways to help us with our link building efforts.

  • Find pages that have links to lists of genealogy sites that we aren't mentioned on and contact them to see how we can be included.
  • Help find broken WikiTree links on other sites then contact webmaster to get them fixed.
  • Find websites that might want to link to the Example Profile of the Week.
  • Add links to sites, for example: CyndisList and ThePeerage
  • If you create a memorial, add a statement in the biography: "See Profile: Wiki-ID:
  • If you upload images, add the Profile: Wiki-ID to the title or description
  • If you make suggested edits on a memorial, click on the "Suggest other corrections" button. Add the message: See the following WikiTree profile for source documentation to support the suggested edits: URL

Related Project: Global Cemeteries


This is a sub-team of the Link Building team that focuses solely on:

  • Improving notable WikiTree profiles so that they might be linked from Wikipedia pages
  • Working on the development of the family trees of those profiles
  • Adding WikiTree links to Wikipedia pages
  • Monthly (?) challenges to encourage improvements of profiles we can link to Wikipedia

Related Project: Notables Project

Note: To join this team, you need to be an active, current Wikipedia contributor.


This is a sub-team of the Link Building team focused on working with Project Leaders/Coordinators to find sites that might link to project pages/project resource pages.

Media Team

Team Leader: Sarah Callis

Lynden Rodriguez
William Keener
This team focuses on genealogy in the media and how WikiTree might get more attention.
This includes:
  • Watching for opportunities where WikiTree might issue a press release (new features, milestones, Adoption Angels stories, etc)
  • Track genealogy news stories to see who is writing them
  • Look for opportunities to tie WikiTree into current event stories
  • Add to our Happening Today space page

"On the Ground" Team

Team Leader: Needed

Johannes Jooste
Mags Gaulden
Emma MacBeath
If social media isn't your thing but you love spreading the WikiTree Love in person then join our "On the Ground" team! To participate you could talk about WikiTree at things like genealogy conferences, family gatherings, etc.
If you are a regular attendee of genealogy events, contact Eowyn and we can get you some WikiTree bling.

Presenters Team

Team Leader: Needed

Paul Bech
Fred Blair
Campbell Braddock
Debbie (Carder) Mayes
Pam Cormac
Leanne Cooper
Rod DuBois
Gwen Fleming
Mags Gaulden
Walter Howe
William Keener
Janet Wild
Marty Acks
Kristy Ward
Debi Hoag
Fred Prisley
Peter Roberts
Elizabeth (Swanay) O'Neal
Michael Stills
Hope Tillman
Peter Waugh
Would you like to give presentations in your community about WikiTree? Is this something you are already doing? Join the Presenters Team! We can help provide some materials to facilitate your presentations. You can also help us develop more material if you have ideas to share.
Post to G2G when you have an upcoming Presentation with the tag: Presenters
See also:

Social Media Team

Team Leader: Sarah Callis
WikiTree for Genealogists Facebook Group
You can follow us on our Facebook page.
There are also WikiTree groups you can join and participate in:
Our Facebook page is our most active and successful channel. We get good likes, shares and interaction there. Project members active on Facebook are encouraged to:
  • Like status updates on the WikiTree page.
  • Share them on your page. Show your friends!
  • Comment! The more people engage, the more they talk about WikiTree.
  • Post and tag #WikiTree related things in your status timeline. Share profiles and pictures.
  • Mention WikiTree in your genealogy groups when relevant.
WikiTree on Twitter
Become a WikiTweeter!
  • Retweet WikiTree posts.
  • Tweet with the #WikiTree hashtag often.
  • Tweet profiles, free space pages, help pages, and interesting G2G posts.
  • Tweet photos! These really stand out in the Twitter feed.
WikiTree on Instagram
We are currently working towards growing our Instagram presence.
You can help by:
  • Like the posts from that come from the WikiTree account.
  • Share them to yours!
  • Comment! The more people engage, the more they talk about WikiTree.
  • Tag WikiTree in your posts when relevant.
WikiTree Channel on YouTube
Help out by:
  • Subscribe to our channel
  • Like the videos on our YouTube channel
  • Watch and Comment during our LiveCasts!
  • Do you have an idea for one of the LiveCasts? Let Sarah know!
  • Share the videos to your social media, forums, blogs, etc.
WikiTree on LinkedIn
WikiTreers Group on LinkedIn
  • Like the posts from that come from the WikiTree company page and the WikiTreers group.
  • Share them to yours!
  • Comment! The more people engage, the more they talk about WikiTree.
  • Tag @WikiTree, #WikiTree and/or @WikiTreers in your posts when relevant.

Society Team

Team Leader: needed

Connects and interacts with genealogical and local history societies

  • Liaise with societies: set up your local society with a free-space page and some WikiTree materials as part of a package.
  • Use social media to promote what societies are offering on WikiTree.
  • Encourage bloggers to blog about societies and the resources available to them on WikiTree.

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