Project: Appreciation Team

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A subproject of the the Volunteer Coordinators



WikiTree prides itself on being one of the most factually sourced website's why not the most friendly also? We do this by encouraging others through thank you's and messages of appreciation for their hard work.

How to Join

Leader: Julie Ricketts
Project Coordinator: Steven Schmidt
Appreciation Faery: Emma MacBeath

Requirements to join

Genealogists must be signers of the Honor Code

Leave a message on our G2G post.

Current Project Members


Looking for something to do? Here are some ideas

  • On the G2G Page. Congratulating those who became a Wonderful WikiTreer.
  • Thank those who have joined projects or who have just signed the Honor Code or given Generous Genealogist stars, Family Star, Community Star or Super Star.
  • Those who have made huge contributions to profiles in a month's time.
  • Leaving notes of encouragement on people's profiles.
  • Contacting inactive members and encouraging them to participate.

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