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The Appreciation Team is under the Tree Huggers Project.



WikiTree prides itself on being one of the most factually sourced website, and also one of the most friendly. We do this by encouraging others through thank yous and messages of appreciation for work done well. tree_hugger.gif
Member List

How to Join

Are you interested in the Appreciation Team Project?


Requirements For Joining:

  • Have Family Member level membership and sign the Honor Code.
  • Leave an answer on our G2G post.

Once You've Joined we ask you to:

  • Add the appreciation and optionally the wikitree_love tag.
  • Join our Google Discussion Group Wikitree Appreciation.
  • Choose at least one item on our Task List (see link below).
  • Make at least one contribution towards the project's goals every six months.
  • Respond to the six-monthly check-in and to your team leader/coordinator.


Looking for something to appreciate? Click this link to our Task List to see what areas need some love and attention.

Team Members

  1. Eowyn Walker Project Leader
  2. Emma MacBeath Project Leader
  3. Dieter Lewerenz Project Leader
  4. Steve McCabe Original Founder of the Appreciation Team
  5. Dorothy Barry
  6. SJ Baty
  7. Laura DeSpain
  8. Kylie Haese
  9. Veni Joyner
  10. Andrea Pack
  11. Mary Richardson
  12. David Selman
  13. Pip Sheppard
  14. Nan Starjak
  15. Alex Stronach
  16. Alicia Taylor
  17. Janet Wild
  18. Veronica Williams
  19. Carrie Pau
  20. Marco Johan Nel
  21. Day Garwood
  22. Julie Ricketts
  23. Deb Gunther
  24. Robert Clark
  25. Marty Franke
  26. Alicia Rilett
  27. Aubrey Wilson
  28. Stuart Awbrey
  29. Chris Clark


Thanks to Steven McCabe for the logo and for the creation of the appreciation team. Logo Used by Permission.

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