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The Appreciation Team is a sub-project of the Volunteer Coordinators Project.



WikiTree prides itself on being one of the most factually sourced website, and also one of the most friendly. We do this by encouraging others through thank yous and messages of appreciation for work done well. tree_hugger.gif
Member List

How to Join

Are you interested in the Appreciation Team Project?


  1. Genealogists must be signers of the Honor Code.
  2. Leave an answer on our G2G post.
  3. Add the appreciation and optionally the wikitree_love tag
  4. Join Google Group Wikitree Appreciation


Looking for something to do? Here are some ideas (Please only have one Appreciation team member per task):

  • On G2G: Congratulating those who:
  • Thanking members who have joined projects, who have just signed the Honor Code, or given or received star badges:
  • Pick a Surname that is important to you and thank people adding contributions to that surname. Use the Surname Feed to see contributions for the surname you choose.
    • Janet - Elgey, Elliott and Langridge
    • Karen Tobo - Bordeleau, Gromer, Groomer, Kimmel, Lau
    • Kylie Haese -McGuire, Haese, Gorman, Bispham, Coppin, Winterborne
    • Alicia Taylor - Armstrong, Bonner, Crooke, Harding, Henderson, Inglett
    • Veronica - Coat, Cassidy and Britton
    • Emma - Van Orden, Zornes, MacBeath
    • John - Dials

Members can be thanked by a personal message on their profile or by clicking on the thank you link in the contributions list.

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