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Welcome to the Arborists Project


WikiTree Arborists are volunteers who have taken on the mission of improving the overall health of our single world WikiTree.
In particular, Arborists seek out and merge duplicate profiles.



The Arborist badge is different from other project badges. The Arborist badge indicates you are an active Arborist proposing and completing merges. Any Arborist not actively participating should remove the badge. For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

How to Join

If you are interested please read the requirements below and if you meet those requirements, please respond to our G2G Post.

The Project Leaders are Sarah Rojas & Gillian Thomas.

  1. You have signed the Honor Code and been an active WikiTree member for at least three consistent months (meaning you have been contributing and performing merges).
  2. You are confident you can merge profiles in an efficient and accurate manner, with a focus on accuracy over efficiency.
  3. You have reviewed the project page and posts in G2G (tagged duplicates, merges, arborists).
  4. You have completed at least 100+ merges outside your family (contributions will be reviewed by the project leaders). We are looking for merges going into the correct LNAB & lowest numbered profile with the correct last name at birth, no redirects (where possible), using correct naming conventions (Dutch names, Czech names, and so on...), editing the biography after completing a merge by removing duplicate information (depending on privacy settings), posting comments why you think two profiles are duplicates.
  5. You can take direction and redirection well, as merges can be a sensitive area for many WikiTree members.
  6. You can be polite to members at all times. If you can't, ask a Leader for assistance.

Also please do the following after you have heard back from the Project Leader:

  1. Add the category [[Category: WikiTree Arborists]] (enclosed inside double brackets) to your profile page in the biography section.
  2. Add arborists to your list of followed tags allowing you to see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed. It's good to also add merges, merging, and duplicates.
  3. Add your name here along with a note about what you're working on. This must be regularly updated, to help the group work together effectively.

To Do

Project Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

How is an Arborist different from a Leader?

WikiTree Leader is a permissions level. Leaders have proven themselves in the community and are entrusted with some extraordinary rights and responsibilities.

How can you request Arborist assistance?

Ask a question in the Special Project category of G2G and tag your question Arborists. Or post a comment on the Arborists Profile page.

What if there are merge disagreements?

Arborists are humans and volunteers. From time to time disagreements occur. Please make every effort to resolve any issues via email or via G2G Q&A using the tag Arborists.

You can also contact one of the project leaders Sarah Rojas or Gillian Thomas. If you still are not satisfied please see Problems with Members.

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