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Project Leaders: Robin Lee & Gillian Thomas

WikiTree Arborists are volunteers who have taken on the mission of improving the overall health of our single world WikiTree.
In particular, Arborists seek out and merge duplicate profiles.



Before Joining

Before applying to join the Arborists project, you need to make sure that you meet the criteria for being an Arborist (see below). As an Arborist you are expected to be actively involved in improving the health of our tree, including proposing and completing merges. For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

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Criteria for becoming an Arborist

  1. An active Wiki Genealogist for at least 3 months with at least 1000 contributions.
  2. Able and willing to collaborate with and communicate effectively with other members.
  3. Able to add reliable sources to profiles on WikiTree as evidenced by the Sourcerers Badge or participation in a Source-a-Thon.
  4. Enjoy merging profiles, and confident you can do this in an accurate and efficient manner, with a focus on accuracy over efficiency.
  5. Familiar with the Arborists project page and help topics on merging and duplicates on WikiTree; see help pages.
  6. In the last month, have proposed at least 10 merges and completed at least 20 merges.
  7. Not currently being Mentored
  8. Not currently a party to Mediation.

Please do the following after you have been awarded your badge:

  1. Add the category [[Category:Arborists Project Members]] (enclosed inside double brackets) to your profile page in the biography section.
  2. Add arborists to your list of followed tags allowing you to see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed. It's good to also add merges, merging, and duplicates.
  3. We use the WikiTree Arborists Google Group and the G2G to communicate as a project. Request to join at Wikitree-arborists Forum including your name and Wiki-ID.
  4. Add your name here along with a note about what you're working on. This must be regularly updated, to help the group work together effectively.

Arborists Skills Team

After you join the Arborists Project, you start out in our Skills Team. This is a self-directed team, where you work on activities which will build your confidence and competence in merging.

To Do

Arborists Error Reports:

Project Pages

How can you request Arborist assistance?

Our Project Liaisons page lists Arborists with expertise relevant to specific projects or countries. Please contact one of the people on that list for assistance with a specific merge or line.

Alternatively, you can ask a question in the Special Project category of G2G and tag your question Arborists.

What if there are merge disagreements?

Arborists are humans and volunteers. From time to time disagreements occur. Please make every effort to resolve any issues via email or via G2G Q&A using the tag Arborists.

You can also contact one of the project leaders Robin Lee or Gillian Thomas. If you still are not satisfied please see Problems with Members.

Project Video

Click on the image to watch the video:

Arborists Project

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