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Welcome to The Bahamas Project!



The Bahamas Project is a collaborative effort to help grow the Bahamian portion of the Global Family Tree, Members categorize profiles, contribute proper citations, and acknowledge the research of others.

The project is open to those interested in The Bahamas, but non-Bahamas profiles should NOT use the Bahamas template. The Bahamas Project also includes the Turks & Caicos Islands from 1799 to 1848 when they were administered by The Bahamas.

When using G2G to discuss research related to the Bahamas Project, please use the tag For WikiTreers interested in persons who lived in the Bahamas. (insert scope here)

Group members can take primary responsibility for a specific person, and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, and removing incorrect information. If there isn't a particular person that interests you, you can contribute to any of these tasks on any profiles, especially those that have no group manager.

Conversations related to this project happen on G2G using the tag bahamas.

WikiTree Leader, Michael Stills and Bahamas Project Leader,
Peter Roberts at Rootstech 2016

How to Join

Are you interested in the Bahamas Project?bahamas.gif

Unconnected Bahamian Genealogy

These ancestral trees and their related families are believed to be currently unconnected to each other and the mother WikiTree:

Bahamas Project members should add their tree to the above.

Project Box

Bahamas Project
... ... ... is part of a Bahamian family.

The project box for this project is {{Bahamas}}. To use it on a profile, just put the following text on the profile, above the == Biography==


This will display the project box, and will also put the profile in Category:The_Bahamas, so you don't need to include the Category line when you're including the project box.

Citations and Footnotes

Whenever possible, please cite your sources. See:

If No Citations or Footnotes


{{Unsourced|The Bahamas}} directly below {{Bahamas}}. This will allow others to see which profiles need to be sourced.


Bahamas Genealogy Resources


to be added

Team Members

Keith McAllister-1042 Adding matrilineal lines of mtDNA testees to WikiTree

Pete Thoemmes- Adding patrilineal lines of Y-DNA testees to WikiTree; Willing to help new members

Ann Carmel Resources page; Notables including Governors, Premiers, and Prime Ministers

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