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The mission of the Belgium Project is to provide members who share an interest in Belgian genealogy with a hub from which to research, learn, and grow, alongside others with similar geographic and genealogical interests.

Belgium is a complicated country, some Belgians are native Flemish (Dutch) some are native French speakers and some are native German speakers.

Belgium has been and still is a melting pot : at a recent count more than 170 foreign nationals lived as permanent residents in Belgium and even more languages are spoken. A lot of people with Belgian roots live abroad and have become native speakers of their new home country language(s).

Let's keep it simple here on Wikitree: this project welcomes all that have ancestors from the geographical area that is contemporary Belgium, and its members will help everyone making sense of its interesting and complicated history and present, and find their way in it.


  • To bring like-minded WikiTreers together in a collaborative effort to make every Belgian profile on WikiTree the best it can be.
  • To assist wikiTreers provide accurate information about their ancestors based on primary sources, wherever possible.
  • To provide a single location at which to gather the available resources and information necessary to assist members in building and documenting Belgian genealogies.
  • To develop our members' expertise in Belgian genealogical research in order to better assist less-experienced members in their genealogical pursuits. A lot of Belgian records are freely available online (but usually not indexed), so we aim to guide WikiTreers through the maze of sources.
  • To facilitate communication and collaboration for anybody who wants to discuss, has questions, about or needs help with Belgium and Belgian genealogy and source material.


To learn more about Belgium and resources for research, click on one of the tabs underneath the flag at the top of this page.


How to Join

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Membership List

How can you help?

Any improvements you can make to the profiles of our Belgian ancestors are welcome. Other tasks that will help improve and grow the project include:

  1. Help us recruit members to the project!
  2. Add your Belgian ancestors to the project (and include the Belgian Roots sticker — see below).
  3. Develop Free Space pages with resources and educational materials related to Belgian genealogy.
  4. Locate disconnected Belgian profiles and connect them to the big tree.
  5. Add notable profiles to the project.
  6. Develop new Belgian-related categories and add categories to profiles.
  7. Merge all duplicates into the final lowest profile ID number.
  8. Work through maintenance categories to improve existing profiles.
  9. Add appropriate Belgian-related stickers to profiles.
  10. Clean biographies of Belgian profiles, removing GEDCOM junk, large copied-and-pasted blocks of text, etc.

Belgian Roots Sticker

If you wish to recognize the Belgian ancestry on a profile, use the Belgian Roots Sticker.
Add one of the following templates at the top of the Biography section, just under the == Biography == heading:

{{Belgian Roots}}
... ... ... has Belgian origins.
{{Belgian Roots|lang=de}}
... ... ... hat belgischen Ursprung.
{{Belgian Roots|lang=fr}}
... ... ... a des origines belges.
{{Belgian Roots|lang=nl}}
... ... ... heeft Belgische oorsprong.

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