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"Wait for me daddy"

Source: Wikipedia. Description: "Wait for me daddy": British Columbia Regiment, DCO, marching in New Westminster, 1940 (LP 109). Date: 1 October 1940. Source City of Vancouver Archives online database. Author: Claude Dettloff, photographer. Permission (Reusing this file): Copyright expired.


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Further Interest

Vancouver Archives: The Vancouver Archives post a blog called Authenticity, which covers all kinds of fascinating stuff about what's available in the archives, what's newly added, and so on. Currently, they're doing a series on using the resources in the archives to research the history of a particular building, like, say, the house your grandparents lived in.
Changing Vancouver: There's another blog called Changing Vancouver which posts historic photos of different buildings in Vancouver, with accompanying photos of how the same place looks today, with a short history of the building(s) involved. I don't know who's behind it, but apparently, they haunt the public library and the archives, because they dig up the most amazing facts.
WestEndVancouver: "This site is about the history of the West End in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, starting in the late 1800s and running to about 1920. It deals mostly with the West of Denman area, from Denman Street on the east to Stanley Park on the west, and from Coal Harbour on the north to English Bay on the south."

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