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Welcome to the British Isles Politicians Project

The British Isles Politicians Project works alongside the England Project, Wales Project, Scotland Project and Ireland Project, and is open to all members of those projects. Team members should use the Category: British Isles Politicians Project at the head of their bio.



The Mission of the Project is to assist in the management of the Profiles that represented Politicians in the British Isles, and their families, during the period covered by Wikitree and to extent Wikitree through this study.

As there was varying definitions of what might be included in the term "politician" during the period, this project will also provide guidance on Profile development and where best to attribute a Profile.

The Project will also study, and extent, the lineage of varying politicians and, in particular, the ancestry of the various Prime Ministers.

The Project Leaders :- vacant

The Project Coordinator  :- vacant


The Project has the following goals:

  1. Identify Profiles that were Politicians and their attached family and ancestors.
  2. Merge all duplicates into lowest relevant numbered profile. For ambiguity on names, particularly early years, seek guidance from the United Kingdom Project team.
  3. Add the relevant categories to the profile. See the British Isles Politicians Category Tree for guidance.
  4. Add the British Isles Politicians Template. They may also fall into a Euroaristo project templates or the Notables project. Seek guidance, from the UK Project team, if unsure.
  5. Clean up the biography, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help). Note also the naming conventions of the Euroaristo.
  6. Attach to the main WikiTree family tree.

Profiles using the project template are shown here.


If you are interested in joining this Project please contact the relevant UK Project i.e England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland ( for Northern Ireland)

To keep up to date or ask a question on G2G, please use the Tags British_Politicians and United_Kingdom.


The Highest Level Category for the project is British Politicians. Please review this category to determine the most appropriate category for attribution. The sub-category tree can be found at the British Isles Politicians Category Tree Space page.


The High Level Category for this project is British Politicians

Members of Parliament should be attributed to their respective constituency:

  • Category: Members of Parliament, <constituency> if known

and/or to the respective Parliament, for example Category: Members of Parliament, England. See:

Specific Titles

In addition the project maintains specific point of attribution to aid research, see the Category tree for further details.

External Resources

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