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Welcome to the Canadian Cemeteries Project!

The Canadian Cemeteries Project is a subproject of the newly-emerging Global Cemeteries Project.

Our goal is to document the cemeteries of Canada. There are other sites that facilitate the photographing and transcribing of cemeteries, but WikiTree is unique in the ability to link cemetery information into the global family tree, by using a combination of person profiles, categories, and free-space pages. This allows us to put the lives of the people buried in cemeteries into context.

How to Join

Since most people only have regular access to cemeteries in one province or territory, this project is split up accordingly into subprojects. See the next section for a list of current subprojects you can join. The subproject pages will have detailed information on how to join them.

If your province or territory is not listed, and you'd like to start a subproject for it, please contact Lianne and she'd be happy to help you get one started.

Provincial/Territorial Subprojects and Managers

This project exists to group the provincial cemetery projects, which is where the real work is done. Please list provincial/territorial cemetery projects and their managers here as they are created:

Useful Pages

  • Category:Canadian Cemeteries - All cemeteries in Canada should have categories, which should be appropriately subcategorised under Category:Canadian Cemeteries. Free-space pages for cemeteries should be in the categories for those cemeteries.

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