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Suid Afrikaanse Portaal Stamouer-Progenitor 1652-1806 Project

Welcome to the Cape of Good Hope (1652-1806) project!
Hartelik welkom op die Projek Kaap de Goede Hoop (1652-1806)!
Our goal is to source and improve all profiles directly or indirectly related to the Dutch Cape Colony. (1652-1806)

Important for Cape of Good Hope profiles
Please do not use the Middle Name field. Read about Name Fields.
Please use the correct historical place and district names for the period. Find it Updated.
Please, always upload a source and transcribe and collate the core facts (do not remove the "facts" of others; avoid and resist transforming facts into narrative).
Please cite and sign your contribution with your name and the date: How to
Please help to keep our project free of errors. [Cape of Good Hope Project data doctors |report]


Mission and Scope

This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of people who lived in the Dutch Cape Colony (not to be confused with Cape Colony) during and after it was first settled under governorship of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652, until the final British invasion and take-over on 8 January 1806. Many of the inhabitants were in service of the Dutch East India Company, and when out of service stayed on to settle the land and serve the Company by supplying goods and provisions (the Cape of Good Hope was halfway in between the far-east and Europe). Some European settlers came fleeing religious persecution or dire living conditions and hardship, and used the Company as passengers. Many of the Cape's inhabitants were brought as slaves from the Far East and other colonies (including Africa), or were born in bondage and served the Company directly or indirectly by providing manual labour. Other inhabitants were already indigenous to the land before the first Europeans set foot. One thing everyone had in common - they were governed by the despotic and immensely powerful Dutch East India Company.

Purpose / Goal

The purpose of this project is to establish a coherent set of WikiTree profiles directly or indirectly related to the scope of the Dutch Cape Colony (1652-1805) Project. Coherent means clear set or unequivocal implying that profiles have been sourced as best possible, that the parent profiles are correct, the data collated, the names [and variants thereof] fully and correctly noted, all duplicate profiles merged.
This validation starts with and primarily entails searching for the baptism records (and / or other primary records such as marriage records) to validate the spelling of the LNAB (Last Name At Baptism) or surname. If no baptismal records exist, the search will have to be for other primary sources bearing the name, for example marriage records, death records etc. Once such a record has been found, it is uploaded to the profile in question with a full citation according to the instructions given by the source itself (database / website) [or into the biography of the profile in case of a validated and well cited transcription], and name of the person who uploaded it and the date of the upload. See this example. Secondary sources are used to support and argue the validation of the primary facts of each individual profile.
See the process section for a more detailed explanation.

How to Join

  1. Ask André Laubscher or Susanna de Bruyn for a badge. They are the Project Leaders (chief communicators for this project; there to help identify needs, coordinate volunteers, provide assistance and mentoring with sourcing, citation, merging, translation and any other questions regarding issues relating to this project)
  2. Add dutch_cape_colony to your followed tags on G2G.
  3. Add your name and area of interest or family connection in the next section below Our Team (click the [edit]).
  4. Visit our Project Profile (more general information on Project Profiles)
It is preferred that new project members have both some experience of working in a Wiki environment (WikiMarkup Language; hierarchies / hyperlinking) as well as a reasonable amount of WikiTree contributions as experience - we expect a basic knowledge of how WikiTree works (as can be seen in a track record). Every one having signed the Honor Code may contribute though by adding information to the comment boxes or using the Wiki email facility from any specific profile within this project.

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Our Team

For a list of current members, also see the badge report:
  • Karen Squires special interest in Villion/ Villon/Viljoen and Squires.
Beside your name above, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration among the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

Page for images, photos, documents etc.

This space page is for use by members of the project. Images needed for templates, etc., can be attached to this page.

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