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Welcome to the Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor Project
Our goal is to source and improve all profiles of Stamouers-Progenitors migrated to the Cape of Good Hope.
Are you interested in the Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor 1652-1805 Project?

Important for South African profiles
Please do not use the Middle Name field. Read about Name Fields.
Please use the right Country Name for the period. Find it here.
Please, always upload a source and transcribe the core facts.
Please cite and sign your contribution with your name. How to


What is a Stamouer / Progenitor?

While any ancestor can be a progenitor, or previous member of a family line, the word is usually applied to someone who was an originator of or major contributor to the characteristics of that line.
The word progenitor can be traced to the Latin prōgignere, which means "to beget," and so is linked to the beginning of a genealogical line. The clue comes in the "gen" part, meaning "birth, procreation," and signifying the genetic contribution of an ancestor to a family line. Prō- means "forward," and the -tor suffix indicates someone doing an action — so a progenitor is someone who gives rise to a family line. [1]
Here is a map of medieval Europe ca. 1444 where many of our European progenitors originated from.


Our goal is to source and improve all profiles of Stamouers-Progenitors migrated to the Cape of Good Hope.

How to Join

  1. Ask Susanna de Bruyn for a badge. She is the Project Leader (chief communicator for this project; there to help identify needs, coordinate volunteers, and answer questions) and Research Leader (will provide assistance and mentoring with sourcing, citation, merging, translation and any other questions regarding issues relating to this project).
  2. Join our Google Group
  3. Add DUTCH CAPE COLONY PROGENITORS to your followed tags on G2G.
  4. Add your name and area of interest or family connection here Member page Cape of Good Hope - Kaap de Goede Hoop (1652-1806) Stamouer-Progenitor Project (click the [edit]).
  5. Visit our Project Profile (more general information on Project Profiles)
It is preferred that new project members have both some experience of working in a Wiki environment (WikiMarkup Language; hierarchies / hyperlinking) as well as a reasonable amount of WikiTree contributions as experience - we expect a basic knowledge of how WikiTree works (as can be seen in a track record). Every one having signed the Honor Code may contribute though by adding information to the comment boxes or using the Wiki email facility from any specific profile within this project.


To see our members, here's our Project Member Page if you are a member aready feel free to add your name to the list. :)


  • Project members work together to improve these profiles and project-protect them to ensure that merges on these profiles are done in the right direction. For those interested or curious here you can read:what protecting does and does not do
  • Any improvements you can make to the profiles of the Cape of Good Hope - Kaap de Goede Hoop (1652-1806) project are welcome, but here are some specific goals we are working towards:
  • Validation - starts with and primarily entails searching for the baptism records (and / or other primary records such as marriage records) to validate the spelling of the LNAB (Last Name At Baptism) or surname. If no baptismal records exist, the search will have to be for other primary sources bearing the name, for example marriage records, death records etc. Once such a record has been found, it is uploaded to the profile in question with a full citation according to the instructions given by the source itself (database / website) [or into the biography of the profile in case of a validated and well cited transcription], and name of the person who uploaded it and the date of the upload. See this example. Secondary sources are used to support and argue the validation of the primary facts of each individual profile.
  • Add (only COGH Progenitors-Stamouers!!) Profiles to the Cape of Good Hope Progenitor-Stamour Project please add this to the top of their Bio
    {{Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor}} + add our project account: as co-manager


This Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor template is only for Stamouer-Progenitor who came to the Cape of Good Hope (migrated to the Cape, died on the way, or lived there for some time).
To add a Progenitor-Stamouer profile to he Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor Project
just copy and paste {{Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor}} to the top of the Bio. Only added to progenitor-stamouer profiles and only if they fall in the timezone (1652-1805)

The Needs-Maintenance Categories

The Cape of Good Hope Project Maintenance-needs system works with this project box as well, so you can add the same needs with the Stamouer-Prognitor template, this way we keep a total (main Cape of Good Hope) Project overview.
For Profiles that are validated and have a Birth or Baptism record added to them, please add:
  1. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Ready]]
You can add max three needs to profiles with a template (= project box), for example:
{{Cape of Good Hope Stamouer-Progenitor|needs=Bio Integration|needs1=Marriage Record|needs2=Research}}
If a profile has more needs, for those you can use just the categories, so just copy the one(s) you need here and paste it to the top of the Bio of the profile):
  1. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_Validation]]
  2. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_PPP]]
  3. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_Research]]
  4. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_PPP_Removed]]
  5. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_LNAB]]
  6. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_Transcription]]
  7. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_Bio_Integration]]
  8. [[Category:Cape_of_Good_Hope_Project_Needs_Marriage_Record]]

Related Projects

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