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This project exists to bring together WikiTreers who want to help manage the category hierarchy and encourage categorization.

The project goals are:

  • Category maintenance: Assisting Projects with correcting errors in category names and adding wanted categories to the hierarchy;
  • Category oversight and collaboration: Facilitating category oversight and collaboration between Projects and interested Wikitree users; and
  • Category vision: Ensuring that the whole category structure from top to bottom is coherent, easily accessible, and that guidelines are documented and published.

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On Joining

  • After answering our G2G post and joining our Google group, you will be awarded with the Categorization project badge by one of the leaders.
  • Look at our To-Do section to see what discussions are currently happening, what categories can use your help being moved or built, and other areas in which you can help. Maintenance Categories always need work.


The Categorization Project consists of teams to accomplish the project's goals.

  • Category Maintenance Team - This team is comprised of members maintaining current categories.
  • Category Vision and Collaboration Team - This team includes Categorization Project Liaisons.

Maintenance Team

Coordinator: Doug McCallum See: Maintenance Team free-space page for tasks and descriptions.

Visit the Maintenance Team Page for further information about:

  • Tasks like Category Problem reports
  • Process and Procedures
  • Useful Tools and Hints

For a full list of current participants, see the badge report.

Vision and Collaboration Team

See: Vision and Collaboration Team free-space page for tasks and descriptions.

Visit the Vision and Collaboration Team Page for further information about:

  • Project Category to do lists
  • Project Liaisons

Useful Pages and Links

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