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This project exists to bring together WikiTreers who want to help manage the category hierarchy and encourage categorization.

Start here to learn about categorization: Categorization

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For a full list of current participants, see the badge report.

Leader: Natalie Trott and Jamie Nelson

Project Coordinator: Jack Day

If you would like to be involved in the Categorization project, please do the following:

  • Add categorization to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  • Answer our G2G post letting us know you'd like to join.
  • Request to join our Google Group for discussion.
  • List your name on our members page with what you're interested in.
  • Look at our To-Do section to see what discussions are currently happening, what categories can use your help being moved or built, and other areas you can help.


Looking for something to do? Here are some ideas for improving the categories and encouraging their use!

  • Check out the genealogists following the categorization tag and welcome them to the group.
  • Check on our alternate tags, categories and category, and help those members following them change their tags to the categorization tag so they keep up with discussion.
  • Pick a country. Find out how they refer to their cities (eg. "City, Province" or "City, State" or "City, County", etc.) and start filling in the subcategories. For example, if they use "City, State", create the state subcategories in the country category. Remember to use their language and naming conventions! Check the instructions how to create the localized categories.
  • Create categories for capital cities and other large cities in countries that already have the states/provinces/counties/etc, such as Canada, the US, and England.
  • Add categories to all of your own profiles. If you've already done that, add categories to other open profiles you come across.
  • Take a look at other top-level categories (besides Regions) and peruse the hierarchy. If you find something that could be organised better, discuss it on G2G.
  • For new Categorization Project Members: If you would like to start small, there will be short, easier "Mini-Tasks" at the bottom of the To-Do section.

Category problem reports on WikiTree+

Error reports on category names. They are all candidates for deleting or renaming. Use method provided by Category:EditBOT. See Help:Categorization#Deleting_categories.

  • Apostrophe Separator Nr: 65/12/18 They should be replaced with single quotation mark, so we know it is always a single quotation mark.
  • WideMinus Separator Nr: 84/0/8 They should be replaced with normal minus, so we know it is always a minus.
  • And Separator Nr: 139/0/6 & makes it almost impossible to edit the category, so and should be used. Note: When you edit category with & in name, you have to correct URL. You must change & in name to %26.
  • ForwardSlash Separator Nr: 235/226/257 makes problems in URL and life is easier if it is not used.
  • Colon Separator Nr: 114/101/106 makes problems page type recognition. (To Correct: Rename or Merge category, replacing colon with a comma)
  • Other Separators Nr: 54/30/30 might make problems or not. There are some valid names in different alphabet, so ignore those.
  • Unlinked Orphans Nr: 233/18/17 Categories not in category structure and without any links. Either set their parent category or delete them.
  • Linked Orphans Nr: 1205/693/166 Categories not in category structure and with members. Set their parent category.
  • Cycle Orphans Nr: 99 Categories not in category structure with parent category set. Correct some parent category.
  • Case difference Nr: 232/6/16 Multiple categories with same name but different capitalisation. Once this are cleared, EditBOT can automatically correct invalid case in category usage.
  • Separators difference Nr: 662/8/36 Multiple categories with same name but different separators. Once this are cleared, EditBOT can automatically correct invalid use of comma in category usage.
  • Naming Convention Separators Nr: 1263/806/829 Test to identify incorrect usage of separators.
  • Naming Convention Case Nr: 7000/12832/13079 Test to identify incorrect usage of case.
  • Self usage Nr: 626/10/64 Categories, that are using themselves. (To correct: Remove the category from its own category content.)

To Do

Category Discussion link(s) Decision Action needed Member(s) handling Guide Updated Notes
Notables/Famous People
Greater London Leigh
IndonesiaDiscussion in Google Groupdiscussion ongoing Complete tri-lingual (Indonesian, English, Dutch) category structure being created where there had been none, now being discussed and reviewed. Structure shown at Indonesia Category Conventions, Further development of lower categories and Indonesian/Dutch categories is continuingJackson Dayawaiting discussion and finalization;
6 Aug 2016: MH linked Indonesia Category Conventions to Category Names for Regions: Indonesia's regional categories
See this thread for links to previous discussions
Religious CategoriesDiscussion in Google Groupdiscussion concluded/finalized Profiles to be moved to new structure once discussion is finalized; Mary Jensen and Jackson DayPrinciples and Formatting Guidelines for Religious CategoriesG2G Discussion
Religious ProfessionalsDiscussion in Google Groupdiscussion ongoing Profiles moved to new structure once discussion is finalized; thus far it is okay to categorize under Category:Religious Professionals, further discussion for lower categories is continuingMary Jensen and Jackson Dayawaiting discussion finalizationSee this thread for links to previous discussions
CanadaCanadian Regional Categories structure on G2Gdiscussion ongoingProfiles moved to new structure once discussion is finalizedSarah Heineyawaiting discussion finalization
Military HistoryKeith and Maryann's category tree working on Military and War structures approved Keith is renaming categories to new standardsProfiles are being moved manually, Ales is looking into creating a search and replace routine to find all occurances of add / link to update objects with new category namesMaryann Hurt and Keith McDonaldawaiting discussion finalization
One Name StudiesOne Name Study Category Structure discussionCategories Structure on ONS FAQProfiles moved to proper structureAlison Andrus, Doug Lockwood, Abby GlannGuide needs updated; structure available on ONS FAQ page
Project:United States Cemeteries, Cemetery Category Page Examplesdiscussion in Google Group (includes a draft) discussion ongoing needs to be coordinated with updating Help:Category_Cemetery_Formatting Natalie
Uncategorized Categories These categories need review, some should be set up, some should be moved to Maintenance Categories Jess, Natalie
Wanted Categories Red Categories - need review and set up; many are incorrect Liz, Jess Natalie, more help welcome! Working here Natalie, Bob, David,Martin
Mini Task: White County, Indiana [1] Townships No discussion neededEnsure all 12 townships listed in Wikipedia are categorized; See Wikipedia; Example for set-up: here
ImmigrationGoogle Group

Proposed Policy: Immigration Categories
Discussion ongoing Waiting for community feedbackSteven Harris / Group EffortMigration Category Structure proposal G2G Post made 19 Apr 2018

Project Liaisons

A Liaison works primarily with other WikiTree Projects to make sure communication is maintained between them and categorization. They are asked to be on the google groups email list so they can keep up with current discussion and bring new structure talks to the group.

Project Liaisons Related Categories Notes
1776Keith McDonald
AcadiansLianne Lavoie (another Liaison is needed for Lianne's busy times)
Anzacs ProjectKeith McDonald
Czech Roots
DenmarkMary Brandt Jensen
DNAMags Gaulden
European AristocratsDoug Straiton Aristocratic Name Study projects "House of xxx"; Orders of Chivarly/Knighthood; National Peerages until national project adopts
French and Indian War ProjectKeith McDonald
French Roots Isabelle Rassinot
Emma MacBeath
India Maria Maxwell
Iraq WarKeith McDonald
Irish RootsMaria Maxwell Name studies for families for Irish Roots
Korean War ProjectKeith McDonald
Louisiana FamiliesLiz Shifflett
Magna CartaLiz Shifflett
Mexican American War ProjectKeith McDonald
Military and War ProjectKeith McDonald
New Netherland Settlers Carrie Quackenbush
New ZealandMaria Maxwell
William Penn and the Pennsylvania Settlers Andrea Powell
Profile Improvement ProjectAnne B
Puritan Great Migration ProjectAnne B
QuakersAndrea Powell
Quebecois Guy Constantineau
Lianne Lavoie
Roll of HonorKeith McDonald]
Scottish ClansMaria Maxwell Name Studies for familes with Scottish Roots
Spanish-American War ProjectKeith McDonald
Sweden Lena Svensson
Sweden SPC Magnus Sälgö As we never get a concensus on using templates for external links my focus is now over at Wikipedia and Wikidata
The Great War Project 1914-1918Keith McDonald
United Empire LoyalistMags Gaulden
United KingdomMaria Maxwell Combat Forces, Peerage, National Name Studies, Visitations, National sub-projects
United States CemeteriesLisa R. Franklin,
US Civil War: War Between the StatesKeith McDonald]
Southern ColoniesMags Gaulden
Vietnam War ProjectKeith McDonald
VirginiaLiz Shifflett
War in Afghanistan ProjectKeith McDonald
War of 1812Keith McDonald]
William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers Andrea Powell
World War IIKeith McDonald]
Worldwide_DisastersBiological, Environmental, Human, Natural and other
Worldwide Mining Disasters

Useful Pages and Links

Process and Procedures

Everyone is encouraged to create new categories. The one caveat is that if a structure has not been discussed, then it should be BEFORE new categories are created. Often, the discussion is as simple as checking to see if something similar has already been done and can be mirrored. Other things take more time and thought. Discussion can be started in the Google email group or on G2G. Be sure to tag "categorization" if you're starting in G2G.

Once discussions within the Categorization group or on G2G have settled on something, the member who's handling the task should go to G2G to make an announcement of what's been discussed. This should be phrased as "Here's what we talked about; what do you think?" Make sure to use real profiles as examples so it's clear enough for everyone to understand and that any applicable tags are used so it grabs the attention of members who are interested.

Community members may want to discuss what's being proposed, or may not. Wait either one week after the initial post was created (if no one objects) or one week after the debates on the original post have concluded. Then another post needs to be created. It should be an announcement of the final plan, something like "Here's the finalized plan for what to do with X categories, if anyone has any alternative suggestions they should post here."

The "Here's the finalized plan" post has to stay up for one week without any major disagreement or debate, to allow for people who might have missed the other post to chime in. Then, after the week without debate has passed, an official announcement is posted on G2G about the rule change. This is left up for at least 2 full days, just in case something comes up at the last minute, before the process of changing the categories begins. If any changes need to be made to the help pages, one of the Categorization Project Leaders would make those changes once the process has begun.

This process takes some time, but categories are highly debated topics. To some this feels like a long time for especially if you're eager to fix an existing mess, but it gives enough time for all active members to chime in, and it accounts for people who might be on vacation or away from their computer for a few days so they don't get shut out. In total, it's longer than the amount of time given for unresponsive profile managers. In many cases the process would take longer than 2 weeks because of debates happening.

If there's a lengthy debate happening on G2G that doesn't look like it's going to resolve itself for a long time, the Categorization Project leadership may be called upon to make a decision so the process could continue, but this would only need to happen if it looks like no decision can be agreed upon otherwise.

The project member in charge of the task can keep track of the dates on the to-do chart. That way everyone else in the project can keep track of how far along in the process a task is, and how much time is left before the process is completed.

Note: Category pages should adhere to the WikiTree Style and Standards of no HTML/CSS, as discussed here.

Description of the Categories

Red Categories are listed as Wanted Categories

When a manager first enters a new category on a profile and saves the profile, the category appears as red. If the manager then completes the category set up and saves the new category page it shows as green.
Red Categories are listed as Wanted Categories. The list should be reviewed by members of the categorization project on a regular basis, if possible the category should be set up. This may require working with the profile manager and/or the relevant project.
If it is not possible to set up the category and it continues to be red - leave it in the Wanted Category.

Uncategorized Categories

When a category is saved and no parent category is entered the category goes to the Uncategorized List. These can be new categories or old ones where the parent category was removed. If naming conventions are changed all of the old category names go to this list. Many categories in the list are simple typos or format errors, ie, town name and parish or county name in reverse order as an example.
Review of the Uncategorized list is required because as they appear as green categories profile mangers often do not realize they are uncategorized. The list should be reviewed by members of the categorization project on a regular basis. If appropriate the category should be set up or assigned to one of several categories:

Pending Categories
There is a long list of Pending Categories they are all under Category: Maintenance Categories These categories will almost always have profiles. The correct category parent name has not been determined after making a reasonable effort. Categories should be added to the pending category that best fits, the goal being that when project members are looking for categories they will most likely find them. The correct parent name should be resolved jointly with the relevant project or by independent research by a member of the categorization project.

This message should be added to profiles

Warning – categories are not set up
Please review categories.
See: [ G2G_Question]

How to Work the Uncategorized and Wanted Lists

The goal of reviewing the uncategorized and wanted lists is to complete the proper set up for the correct category for each profile. When the category is properly set up it will disappear from these lists and appear in the proper parent category.
Category names in the list fall into major groups –
The name is correct, but the parent category has not been entered. This is most common for cemetery categories. The category should be set up, by adding the proper parent and sources for the parent. It may be necessary to add a town location for new cemeteries as well.
The name is wrong, and there are profiles attached. This is common for cemeteries, but occurs in many other categories. The correct name should be entered and set up, if necessary, and profiles should be moved to the correct category. If the profile is not open, a message should be left in the public comments on the profile page. A note of See: with the correct name should be added to the category page. If all profiles are moved, the category should be marked for deletion. Remove any other content from the Category page and add {{Delete Category}} at the top of the Category page. See: Deleting Categories.
The name is wrong, clearly a misspelling, typo or other evidence that the manager created the category and then realized it was not needed. These should be deleted. Remove any other content from the Category page and add {{Delete Category}} at the top of the Category page. See: Deleting Categories.

Useful Tools and Hints

Displaying more than 500 items

This works for many displays. After clicking on the link to the Uncategorized List, select View 500. Go the url line - find: "&limit=500&offset=0", change the 500 to 5000, as "&limit=5000&offset=0", press enter. Or use this link

Recent Changes

Paste this line
then add category name to show all activity for a category

Leaders can see the recent changes to Category pages here. This allows us to keep an eye on new categories being created, which leads to incorrect categories being found and fixed sooner rather than later. If you're a Leader and can spare some time to keep an eye on this feed, it would be appreciated!

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