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What are Category Challenges?

Category Challenges are one-day mini-challenges held bi-weekly (fortnightly) on a Friday. Think of them as a mini-version of the popular Data Doctor Challenges, but for Categories!

To participate, you must register on the Google Forum post that are linked in the week's Challenge page (see the Calendar below for page/post links).

One of the Challenge Coordinators will welcome you to the challenge, letting you know when you have been added to the [Challenge Tracking spreadsheet]. We will also use use a weekly thread to check-in with other participants, boast about your progress, and ask questions, so please make sure you find the thread after registering. Team Tracking is not currently supported for these challenges, but if you would like to group up and cheer on your teammates, please feel free!


  • All categories corrected must come from the week's Error List. No New categories or categories corrected outside of the week's error list will count in the tally.
  • The tally will always be the number of categories improved and will not be based on the number of saves.


The Category Challenges Calendar is updated after each challenge. The previous week's challenge will be archived, the current challenge updated, and any scheduling for upcoming challenges will be noted.

Challenge Tracker

February 2019

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