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Welcome to the Cherokee Nation Team

This team is for those members of the Native Americans Project who are researching and working on profiles of Cherokee individuals or who have an historic interest in the Cherokee Nation. The scope of the team is pre-contact to present day.

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If you're interested in participating in this project, please do the following
1.Add the line [[Category:Cherokee Tribe Project]] to the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category Page .
2.Add Cherokee_Tribe to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all our discussions in your G2G Feed.
4.Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what you're working on in this project right now.
  • Duane Poncy - I am an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma) and my goal is to document my ancestors, as well as related lines. As someone who has studied Cherokee history and culture, I am keen about the veracity of sources and clearing up misconceptions about the Cherokees and native Americans in general.
  • Brian Wagnon- citizen of the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma and working on ancestry in Oklahoma.
  • Darlene Cypser -- Adding profiles of relatives of Susan (Willis) Russell from sources found in research on her husband William Greeneberry Russell and Cherokees who went prospecting with him at the start of the Colorado Gold Rush; Also researching and adding my own Cherokee relatives.
  • Adrian Varney matching my husband to his Cherokee ancestors
  • Carroll-3959 Kimberly Spaulding. - following my Cherokee ancestors through my Great Grandfather WJ Pryor.
  • Kenneth Shelton -- How do you know where you're going if you don't know where you have been? Just trying to put it all together. Trying to find my Cherokee ancestors.
  • Jim Monday - Looking to flesh out Cherokee heritage. Specifically looking for lineage of Nancy Adair that married Chalres Reese and then Alexander Mcpherson. Need to find her parents....
  • David Selman - Researching our families Cherokee ancestors connection.
  • Cindy Cloyd – Researching Cherokee ancestry and Family of Wahunsenacawh (Powhatan)
  • Kathryn Parks – researching Cherokee ancestry and working on Myths & Legends; I am a citizen if Cherokee Nation, descendant of Nancy Ward and Ludovic Grant. I have been working with Cherokee genealogy for over thirty years and am most concerned with accuracy and documentation.


Any improvements you can make to the profiles of the Wild Wild West are welcome, but here are some specific goals we're working towards:

  • For each person:
    • All duplicates merged into the final lowest profile ID number. (Remember: in the era before Cherokee adopted surnames, we use the "Last Name at Birth" field to record their tribe or nation-- i.e., Cherokee.)
    • Final ID locked, marking the profile as project protected (must be done by one of the Project Leaders)
    • Template included on the page
    • All relevant categories are added
    • Parents are correct and documented
    • Biography is cleaned up, free of any GEDCOM junk, Ancestry trees, etc., and ideally has an actual written biography.

Project Sticker

The Native Americans Sticker should be used for profiles of members of the Cherokee tribe who do not require Native American Project Protection. The sticker should be entered below the == Biography== line.

Sample usage:

{{Native American Sticker |tribe=Cherokee}}


... ... ... was a Native American and member of the Lakota tribe.



Federally Recognized Cherokee Tribes / Nations

[[Category:The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma]]
[[Category:Cherokee Eastern Band]]
[[Category:The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma]]

State Recognized Tribes

[[Category:Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama]]
[[Category:Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee]]
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas,
Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas,
Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Tribe of Texas

Seven Clans

[[Category:Cherokee Blue Clan]]
[[Category:Cherokee Long Hair Clan]]
[[Category:Cherokee Bird Clan]]
[[Category:Cherokee Paint Clan]]
[[Category:Cherokee Deer Clan]]
[[Category:Cherokee Wild Potato Clan]]
[[Category:Cherokee Wolf Clan]]


[[Category:American people of Cherokee descent]]


WikiTree Resources

Remember a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages link at the top right of pages.

Finding Your Cherokee Ancestors

"There are at least 17 Cherokee censuses and rolls dating from 1817 to 1927 available. Four rolls were created in 1851/52 for different groups of Cherokee; as a result, those rolls included almost all Cherokee people living at the time. Those were also the first rolls to list all family members by name. The Eastern Cherokee payment in 1907 identified about 30,000 Cherokee and Cherokee descendants. If you have a Cherokee ancestor, he or she should be pretty easy to find on a roll.

"Until forced removals from the 1820s through 1839 sent most of the Cherokee to what is now Oklahoma, the Cherokee all lived along the streams and rivers flowing south and southwest from the lower Appalachian Mountains. Although the Cherokee claimed territory which included Kentucky and the southwest tip of Virginia, their towns were mostly in the area where North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina come together. The Cherokee were forced out of South Carolina before the Revolutionary War and a few towns were established in Alabama in the early 1800s.

"Between 1,000 and 1,500 Cherokee remained in the East after Removal; about two-thirds of those lived in the North Carolina mountains."

-- Kathie Parks Forbes, G2G response, May 2020

Cherokee in London

See Also:

  • Fold3 Cherokee $
  • Leeds, Georgia Rae. "The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma." American University Studies. Series IX, Vol. 184, 199.
  • Meredith, Howard L. Bartley Milam: Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Muskogee, OK: Indian University Press, 1985. ISBN 978-0-940392-17-5
  • Dawes Resources Information concerning the Dawes Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes may be found on the following WikiTree pages:

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