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The County Cork Sub Project

Welcome to the County Cork Sub-Project.

This project exists to bring together researchers with a common interest in the genealogy, history, geography and culture of County Cork, Ireland.

Our main goals are to find as many people in County Cork Records as possible, make profiles for them, and categorize them by locality. In this way, folks will find it easier to locate their ancestors in County Cork. In addition, we want to analyze the data in easy to read profiles for each ancestor.

Ireland Project Category Changeover Status

See the the Ireland Project Categories Implementation List for County Cork progress status.

Sub-Categories and projects for County Cork

In conjunction with the goals stated above, we aim to provide as many links to online resources for County Cork, Ireland research as possible. We are building space pages for all localities with links to more information about the history, geography, surnames, etc. connected with that locality. We encourage researchers to learn as much as possible about the locality and time period in which their ancestors lived in order to more fully understand their lives.

Please join us by adding your name to the list below:

Participants in the County Cork Sub-Project

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  • Jo (Sherwood) Burnett My paternal great grandmother, Emily Maud Roberts, was born in Cork as was her mother Sarah C Roberts. Her father, Edward Roberts,was born in Dublin.
  • Maureen O'Halloran - My grandparents are both from County Cork - they emigrated to the US about 1930 (separately - according to family history my grandfather was on the same boat as my grandmothers brother who then introduced them). I've located them both in the online 1911 census in Ireland. Surnames (that I know of) in Ireland include O'Halloran (Halloran before my great-grandfather changed it about 1900 in support of Irish independence), Sheehan, Connoly, Geary, Wall
  • Cathie Allen -
  • Dianne Reuby -
  • Henry Chadwick - Looking for information about my great-grandparents John Dunsworth Barrette and Margaret Maybanks Barrette who came from Baltimore, Cork, Ireland.
  • Edward Hogan - Brick Walled at Ireland's shores in the county Cork. My surname Hogan hidden just out of reach. John Hogan
  • Jennifer White Siri - I'm looking for information on my ancestors from County Cork. Surnames Carney and O'Neill.
  • Nick Brown - My area of interest is Kanturk, County Cork & my Keller antecedents who lived there.
  • Richard Hollenbeck - My earliest known ancestor from County Cork is Catherine (Noonan) McCarty (c.1810-11 Jul 1882). She lived in Grovespoint (Chicago), IL, but moved to Mapleton, Blue Earth, Minnesota USA where, as far as I understand it, many of her descendants live today. My branch of McCarty came out to California very early. I don't know much more than this YET.
  • Terry Wright - looking to find information on my 3x Great Grandmother Annie Galvin
  • P-445 re Margaret Knowles Trying to track the family of Margaret Knowles, born about 1830 in Kinsale to John Knowles and Mary Grace. I think she had 3 brothers who joined the 73rd Regiment of Foot, and the 2 surviving brothers ended up as orchestra musicians in Liverpool.
  • Mary Diamante - My O'Brien and O'Grady lines come from Cork. Other surnames from the area are Deasy, O'Hea, and O'Donovan (Reagh). Townlands include Ahaglasin, Gortagrenane, Dundeady, and Rosscarbery.
  • Platt 1223-(Michele Krogh)- Looking for information on my 2x great-grandparents, Michael & Mary (Haw) Stackpole and their 5 children from Glanworth, Glanworth, County Cork. They left for Ottawa (Bytown), Ontario, Canada abt 1828-29. The family is listed in a publication of Canal Workers. (The McCabe List). I have Michael's brother, William & family coming to Ottawa a little later as well. No info on the 3rd brother, John & family, as to whether they came to Canada or stayed in Grange.
My other 2 x great grandparents married in Ottawa, but didn't list parents' names. They are Patrick Nelligan from Doneraile & Catherine Buckley from Kanturk. (Possible name of father is Edward or Edmond). Also, both are in the "McCabe List", from 1829.
  • Igor Rowen - My father’s mother was a King. Her father married a Higgins, in Norwood, MA. A lot of Norwood, particularly the Higgins, came from County Cork. I recently found a Baptism record for Killeagh Parish. This narrows the search considerably. I’m focused on that section of Co. Cork. (The immigrant families are almost all 1850 – 1858 timeframe. I know the USA side of the story.)
  • Susan O'Carroll My Carroll family arrived in Cork about 200 years ago. They lived in Cork City at St Luke's and Hyde Park and were well off Quaker merchants and then stockbrokers. Carroll Quay in Cork is named after them. Most if not all went to England (my branch) and one went to America. My great grandfather restored the O' to the family name which had been dropped in the early 1600's under pressure from the English. I have names and dates for the family tree for Cork complete, but am still seeking information for Biographies.
  • Peter Curtis -
  • Beverly McGowan researching McKenzie in Macroom. My earliest known from Macroom is Archibald McKenzie born 1818.
  • Rachael Guth - Davi[d]son/King ancestors (gone back as far as 6th/7th generation great-grands, mid-1700s) were from County Cork (no specific location). The Davisons originally came from Dublin and before that Wales; no info for the King family. They then immigrated to South Carolina and Alabama in the late 1700s. Would love more information on their lives/stories etc while in Ireland, and any family connections.
  • Susan McCall I am interested in the Dumas family of Kerry and Cork. Peter Dumas was a Sheriff of Cork in 1781. There are lots of individuals named Peter Dumas and it is very hard to separate them all, and another one was a Mayor of Cork too.
  • Joanna Bourne Researching the Dillon, Driscoll, Regan, Connelly and Hayes (Hays) families from County name a few! Many of these families emigrated to South Wales after the famine, but some ended up emigrating again from Wales to the United States. I have made positive DNA connections with other Dillon ancestors from the same area and have identified a 'DNA circle' and I am now trying to establish the connections between us. However, primary evidence is hard to find! I visited County Cork last autumn.
  • Melissa Blais Researching the family of my great great grandmother Johanna (Hayes) Kelleher from Clonakilty, County Cork. She was the daughter of Michael Hayes and Bridget (Driscoll) Hayes who were married in Bandon in 1856. I have managed to find birth records for a total of 10 children including Johanna. Johanna came to the United states sometime in the 1880's and settled in Lowell Massachusetts. I don't know if she came alone or if other family members were here as well. There is no US federal census for 1890 and by 1900 she was already married to my great great grandfather and had children of her own. I would love to connect her and her family to the tree and find out more about their life.
  • Morgan Mulligan My family emigrated from Cork, along with more than 2,000 others, between 1823-1825 to Canada with the Peter Robinson Settlers Expedition. They settled primarily in the Peterborough / Ottawa Valley area of southern Ontario. The head of the family was Richard Walsh. My focus is to add/improve profiles for these settlers. Some background: [1]
  • Kevin Jewell My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cronin, was from the parish of Dromtarriff/Dromagh in County Cork, and her mother's maiden surname was Vaughan. My Purcell and Dillon great-great-grandparents may also have been from Cork (still searching the parish registers).
  • Pat Quinn Two branches of my family tree emigrated from County Cork in 1825 as part of the Peter Robinson led assisted emigration to Upper Canada (now Ontario). Both families settled in Emily Township, South Victoria County. The two heads of family were Martin Raymond McAuliffe from Kilworth and John O'Brien from Litter. I would like to learn more about these families.
  • Irene Dillon My County Cork ancestors lived around Castlelyons and Mitchelstown. Some of them arrived with Cromwell in 1644. The others have bee there longer. While my focus is on providing complete and accurate information in my own profiles, I hope to extend their family groups as much as possible.
  • Carol Collins I'm researching my paternal line. My gg grandparents, John Dent Collins (1813-1867) and Mary Ann, nee Wright, (1817-1851) were from Ballymoney parish, in the Barony of East Carbery, East Division. They were Church of Ireland/Wesleyan Methodist. I'm trying to find out if both families were originally from Bandon. I think my Collins family was originally from somewhere in England and came over to County Cork during the second part of the Munster Plantation in the first part of the 17th century. My Collins paternal line's Y-DNA belongs to haplogroup I1-M253 and is haplotype I1-Z2541. My Wright family may have been among the second group of settlers who came to Bandon in 1620 but I need more information to confirm this. My gg grandparents emigrated to Canada about 1849, settling in Hastings County, Ontario.
  • Janet (Langridge) Wild Researching the Cassidy branch of the family from the Kilbrogan, Bandon, of County Cork. My Paternal Grandmother's maternal branch. My father's cousin added many of these profiles to wikitree a few years ago would like to build them up a little
  • Chris Smith, I'm researching my 8th great grandfather Valentine Flynn. I have handed down records of this line showing he was born in Ireland and died in America. This would be somewhere around 1700.
  • Christine O'Grady My paternal line originates in Buttevant, Cork and I am trying to get further back than my 2nd Great Grandparents Henry Grady and Bridget Kelly, 1815. Other names are Baker, Moore and Joyce.
  • Cheri Hallisey I'm looking for family and ancestors of my grandparents. They were born in County Cork and immigrated to Massachusetts in early 1930's where they then met and married. Francis Hallisey  Hallisey-33 12 Sep 1887 - 03 Jan 1955 Ballyvoig, Cahirdahy, Kilnamartyra, County Cork
  • Sheila Julia (Sullivan) Hallisey Sullivan-12020 10 Jun 1900 - 8 Oct 1998 Glenngarrif, County Cork, Ireland
  • Amy Utting - My 2x great-grandmother Jane Keily was born in Millstreet. Her parents' marriage record has her father Denis being from Ballydaly. While Denis' parents were listed in his marriage record as being Timothy Keily and Julia Sheahan, and I have found record of a brother of his being born to this couple, I have little to no information on them and I am interested in tracing this line back further.
  • Deirdre Ashlock -
  • Alistair Fraser -
  • Connie Daniels Graves my paternal DNA traces to the O'Driscoll clan of County Cork. So I am interested in the earliest early history of the area.
  • Simone Cody -
  • Finbar O_Mahony -
  • Jim McCarthy -
  • Gavin O'Brien - My O'Brien ancestors were from the town of Watergrasshill aka Ardnageehy. I'm searching for Irish records and tracing possible connections to the Barry/Berry surname based on y-dna test results.
  • Mary Teresa Galvin -
  • Mike Cruz -
  • Michele Krogh -
  • Peter Curtis - I have been tracing an extra in co cork. From my great grand mother back. As Well going forward to Australia where she emigrated I have looked at other groups to be involved with in research.
  • Danelle Cotter

Creating Geographic Categories for County Cork

Is it a parish, barony, town or townland? Need help categorising place names? This site should be able to assist if you are stuck; however, any missing or additional locations that do not match or conflict with should be discussed first.
A complete list of the Civil Parishes in Cork can be found here. This is the master list for the County. Please refer to it before creating any categories.
On that page is a link to the list of Townlands in each Civil Parish in the first column, a link to the new style category, if it exists, in the second column and who created it and when in the third column.
The Townlands Page for each Parish is a comprehensive list of all the townlands but here the style of page may differ.
Where all Townland old style categories have been dealt with and converted to the new style, the page for the Parish becomes the information centre for the Parish and the implementation page will be emptied and removed.
There are only three high-level location categories for the County. These are Civil Parishes, County Cork, Townlands, County Cork and Towns, County Cork. These all come directly under County Cork. Please note: Townlands are no longer nested under Parishes or Baronies and the same applies for Parishes. All location categories come directly under the County.
A Town is any population centre regardless of whether it is a City, Town, Village or Hamlet. Discussion may be required where a Town and a Townland occupy the same or part of the same physical location however generally where a town has the same name as a townland we will create the category for the Town first and then wait to see if a category for the townland is required.
Wherever possible, please create categories to the lowest or most specific level possible. In particular, be aware that townlands are smaller units of land than towns and are not the same thing. Similarly, Roman Catholic Parishes, Church of Ireland parishes and Civil Parishes are all different too - try to ensure that if you are creating new categories for these places that you categorise as accurately as possible. Non location categories come under other top-level structures.
Location categories should be:
TownnameOfTown, County Cork
 You may use nameOfTown Town, County Cork if disambiguation is needed. Please discuss first.
Townlandname OfTownland Townland, nameOfCivilParish Parish, County Cork
 The only permitted variation from this is where the Barony is required because two or more townlands of the same name exist in the same parish in the same county. In this case the format is:
name OfTownland Townland, nameOfCivilParish Parish, nameOfBarony, County Cork
Civil ParishnameOfCivilParish Parish, County Cork
 The only permitted variation from this is where the Barony is required because two or more parishes of the same name exist in the same county. In this case the format is:
nameOfCivilParish Parish, nameOfBarony, County Cork
Please be aware that County Cork has 4 Civil Parishes that use the Barony name
On the parish pages, some of the townlands may have 'false positives', i.e. showing a category already exists where in fact it is not so. These need to be examined carefully and typically relate to townlands that appear more than once in the County (e.g. Dromore).
The guiding rule for the time being is that if a Townland category exists in the old format, but has NO profiles associated with it, it can be deleted but the link to the category needs to be removed from any of the Parish Townland spaces as well (as this will prevent the deletion). You can click on ‘what links here’ in the category to see which spaces need attention.
Parish categories are always created regardless of whether there are any profiles linked to them.
Where many profile exist in an old style category it is simpler and quicker to set the old category for a rename.
If this seems very complicated do not be concerned! It will fall into place after you have tried it for a bit.
Do not hesitate to ask if you are stuck and do not be afraid of making an error. If you do not feel confident about deleting or renaming categories pass this task on to another team member, a member of the Categorization Project, or the Counties Sub Project Coordinator.

Category Infomation Boxes (CIB)

All categories are now required to have a category information box. We are currently working on providing you with a text file for each townland and parish already set up for you to simply copy the text and paste it into the category text area when you are creating a category.
You can find all the currently created files here.
See an example of the content and style here.

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