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County Kerry
Coat of arms
  • Motto - Comhar, Cabhair, Cairdeas - Co-operation, Help, Friendship
  • Country - Ireland
  • Province - Munster
  • County town - Tralee
  • Area Total - 4,746 km2 (1,832 sq mi)
  • Area rank - 5th
  • Population - 145,502
  • Rank - 14th
  • Irish name - Contae ChiarraĆ­


Welcome to the County Kerry Sub-Project

How to Join

Leader: Maggie N. If you would like to be involved in the County Kerry project, please do the following:

  • Add COUNTY_KERRY to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all our discussions in your G2G Feed
  • Add the line [[Category:County Kerry Project]] to the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category page
  • Add your name to the list below if you want to help improve profiles ( including your own family ) in the County Kerry project.

ANYONE can contact us or ask questions & comments here at G2G

About the project

I am Maggie N. and welcome any WikiTree members. I started this project because 100 percent of my Irish roots come from County Kerry, specifically West Kerry. I have researched my Irish roots for over 30 years and I want to share what has helped me. Before the internet, I was snail-mailing the National Library of Ireland for sources on my family roots. The church records were not even on microfilm so I wrote to parishes individually. Two years ago, I completed the Ireland series courses by Sherry Irvine at the Pharos Tutors Institute.

Today, we are blessed that Ancestry and Find My Past have indexed many church records for their databases. We are also indebted to the National Library of Ireland for uploading the Roman Catholic church records at their website. I have had great success on the Government of Ireland's site Irish Genealogy as well.

Not all Irish genealogy website have Kerry indexes or records. I will only include resources for finding Kerry folks. If you need assistance or tips for finding your Kerry-born ancestor or assistance locating Kerry ancestors on WikiTree and you would also like to help with the project, ANYONE can contact me or ask questions & comments here at G2G


As for the County Kerry project or your own Kerry ancestors on WikiTree, any improvements you can make to the profiles are welcome, but we do have some specific goals:

  1. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  2. regional categories added
  3. templates added if available
  4. Add necessary sources if you find them.
  5. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)
  6. Attached to the big collaborative WikiTree family tree ( See )

Participants in the County Kerry Sub-Project


Everyone is encouraged to work on some aspects of profile improvement, especially for profiles of county Kerry origins, and especially for your own Kerry roots !

Maintenance Categories

These are for Irish profiles you find that need sources, family links or connections to the BIG GLOBAL tree , please add these categories ! Thanks so much from the little fairy elves.

For Kerry folks not connected to the WikiTree ~


For Kerry folks who lost their family members )-:

[[Category: Irish Unlinked Profiles]]

For Kerry profiles that need sources !

[[Category: Kerry Unsourced Profiles]]

Alongside with finding sources for Kerry profiles, I also have been involved with a couple small projects of my own. There are a bunch of Kerry-based profiles that were uploaded. The research done is impeccable but because they are long and wordy, they have with some error reports. I have been formatting them ( keeping all the research notes intact ) so they do not get edited accidently by data doctors ( See Project:Data Doctors ) or an EditBot. Data Doctors are great volunteers, by the way.

The creator of these Kerry Profiles in William Romanski ( wdromanski ). The World Connect site is labeled "1 March 2009". Last update was on 2017-08-04.

However, the gedcoms he uploaded at WikiTree need protection so I gathered, adopted what I could from county Kerry only to save them and created a category of the ones I still need to "polish". Because he has every bit of Kerry sources avaiable, I think this small project is worth my time and preserving them for anyone that are related to them.

Resources for County Kerry Genealogy

You can contribute some links for County Kerry research or send the links to me ~ thanks (-:

Blennerville Windmill

County Kerry has three major cities: Listowel, Killarney and Tralee.

County Kerry is in the CASHEL parish district . This is important to know when you research church records in Kerry.

Generally, for Kerry records research, pre-1864, you will usually need to deal with Irish church records. - See more at: Pre-1864

For records of births, marriages and deaths after 1864, your search will be in the Irish civil registration system. - See more at: Post -1864

Keep up on the latest news on new record uploads and standard Irish genealogical research at John Grenham, who writes for the Irish Times, and Claire Santry's Irish Genealogy News.

  • Irish Genealogy Toolkit Claire Santry listed her toolkit. Make sure to follow through all her links for great general research tips.
  • Irish Genealogy IE. The Irish government site of records indexed. Very comprehensive, great search features. By the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.
  • Find My Past Irish Collections Paid site only except they do have FREE search specials occasionally which I will post in G2G so put the County_Kerry TAG in your profile so you will get the announcements on your navigation page. Supposedly, Find My Past has a better search capability which I tried on a free weekend. See Why I use Find My Past
  • Ireland, Burial Index, 1600-1927 FREE at Ancestry ( let me know if the FREE link does not work for you )TIP: Hover over the 'View Record' to see further information, i.e. do not click on it.
  • County Kerry, Ireland, Burial Index FREE at Ancestry ( let me know if the FREE link does not work for you ). Burial Index. 1898-2010. TIP: Hover over the 'View Record' to see further information, i.e. do not click on it. If you click on it, it takes you to the already free "Kerry Local Authorities - Graveyard Records".
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