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The Creek War Project is a Sub project of War of 1812 Project

Creek Civil War 1811 - 1814 The Creek Civil War became entwined with the British and American forces toward the end of the War of 1812. This leads to several questions that need to be answered to comprehend the events that transpired causing these two Wars to converge.

  • I. What European disputes were occurring in the Southern U.S. during this time?
  • II. What catalyst created two opposing factions in the Creek Nation?
  • III. What were other important catalysts that were occurring during this time?
  • IV. Final outcome of the Creek War and War of 1812.
Creek War Project

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Focus and Purpose

Our focus is on the War of 1812, Creek War military participants.

Our Mission is to provide a tool that you will be able to use to find your ancestor who participated in this War and provide you with the assets that will allow you to find the specific units in which they served.

"When you participate in this project you embrace the military member. You need to respect their sacrifice - regardless of the country served. It takes a special kind of person to serve on military projects: One that can look past their biases and focus on the service a military member provided." Terri Rick, Wiki-Tree Leader Emeritus

If you want to concentrate on a specific area please inform the Military and War Project leadership of your area of interest. Wiki-Tree is a collaborative process.

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Usage: When you locate an ancestor that was involved in this conflict please add the Creek War Sticker and the Category:Creek_War

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... ... ... ... served with the unknown during the Creek War
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Wiki-Tree Profiles


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