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Naming Guide

The Naming Standards for the Welsh are NOT the same was those for other European aristocrats. The major difference is that the Last Name At Birth SHOULD include the particle (ab, ap, or ferch) if appropriate.

For anyone who adopted a European or British name, the EuroAristo/Medieval Project naming standards should be used. (If the name was adopted AFTER birth, use the appropriate Welsh name in the LNAB and the European or British name in the CLN.)

If you have a question with regard to what to enter where, ask before doing so ... by posting a question on the G2G forum in Special Projects, and be sure to use the Cymru tag. Also you should feel free to contact: Vic.

Name Spelling Guide

Many medieval Welsh names appear with multiple spellings. In order to find people in WikiTree indexes, and to avoid duplication, there is a real advantage to use standard name spellings as much as possible. Since the source of different spellings is often different scribes who transliterate Welsh names into English or Latin in whatever ways seemed right to them, it will often be a judgment call as to what spelling is recommended in Wikitree. On this page -- Space:Cymru_Name_Spelling_Guide -- you will find a place to call attention to naming issues, discuss reasons various possibilities have an advantage, and see the project recommendation which results.

Research Sources

You can find an extensive list of resources HERE. If you have other resources to add, please contact the Project Coordinator Vic.

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