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Welcome to the Cymru Welsh
Royals and Aristocrats 742-1535 Project




This Wales sub-project includes royals, aristocrats and nobles in Wales from the birth of Charlemagne in 742 until the end of the 1535. It's a forum to identify and improve WikiTree profiles of Welsh royalty, aristocrats and nobility and descendants.

Time Period

The year 1535 was chosen as the end date because it was the year that the first Laws in Wales Act was passed. The legal system of England was extended to Wales, and the norms of English administration were introduced, including the imposition of English as the language of governance. You can read about these Acts HERE. For Welsh of later time periods, see the Wales Project or for royals or aristocrats in other parts of the British Isles or Europe, see the Related Projects section.

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  • Vic Watt
  • Stuart Awbrey – Various sources describe Aubrey/Awbrey ancestors as arriving in Wales as early as the late 1000s.


  • Erin Cole - Llywelyn the Great and his connections. 9-12-15
  • Jack Day - Wales -- My ancestor Sampson Waring of Shrewsbury has an ancestry that goes on and on, much of it in Wales. I'm working back to document his ancestors, profile by profile, via my Sampson Waring Ahnentafel. Learning more about them means learning everything I can about Wales as well, from history to spelling and pronunciation! Currently also working on Brythonic and Welsh profiles earlier than 742 and trying to help sort out what is factual and what is legendary! 9/23/2017.
  • Fann Fann - Cymru Welsh Royals and Aristo.
  • Beth Glasscock - Wales, Cymru and Scottish Clans
  • Kris Newton-
  • Anne Rees -
  • Liz Shifflett - I became involved with Welsh genealogy when I began researching the ancestors of my (questionable) Gateway Ancestor John Awbrey & have since gotten fairly adept at finding folks in Bartrum's charts, available online through The Bartrum Project (digitization of "Welsh Genealogies AD 300- 1500" by Peter C. Bartrum).
  • Tony Tarrant - Wales is where my oldest known ancestors are from, through my 2nd great grandfather, Charles Augustine Baker Gabb, a New Zealand immigrant from Abergavenny, so I am interested in the Baker Gabb family and their connections, including the family's descent from Owain Glyndwr's daughter Elizabeth and the work done by Peter Bartrum and others on these ancestors (April 2016)
  • James Van der Hoop -
  • Clarence Cooper -
  • Greg Preast -

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For Project Members: If you have Cymru Profiles that are finished, so sourced, improved and templated and or PPP'd, this is a possibility to either reduce the amount of profiles you're managing and be sure the profiles are taken care of and watched over by the project, or by adding the Project profile as additional manager to make sure we all can watch over the PPP'd and finished profiles you're managing.
For all Wikitree members: If you are managing a lot of Cymru profiles, but just don't have enough time to work on them and get them finished, or you don't know where to start or find the proper sources for them, and if you really would like and could use some help sourcing and improving any of the Cymru Profiles you're managing:
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We will use a multi-stepped process to work the profiles in this project.

  • First, identify profiles that belong in the project and add the category [[Category: Cymru 742-1535]].
  • Create or correct a profile so it has the correct LNAB (last name at birth) field. See the Name Field for Welsh Aristocrats. A large number of existing and new profiles have wrong information in the LNAB field. You can find profiles that have already been identified as part of the project but may have the wrong LNAB here: Cymru_742-1535. Identify and fix these profiles. (if you're a profile manager or notice it on an orphaned profile, you can make these changes). If unable to fix LNAB, bring profile to the attention of a leader, who can correct it.
  • Once the correct LNAB has been determined, add the template for the project at the top of the profile page text box. The template is {{Cymru_742-1535}}.
  • Merge duplicates. When merging always select the lowest correct LNAB. To understand the importance of this please see the page on project protection and the Supervisor page on project protecting and merging. Back when WikiTree started, all GEDCOMs were allowed to be uploaded, creating a huge number of duplicate profiles. Duplicate profiles continue to be created, and we constantly need to be on the lookout for duplicates. Once a merge is completed, DON’T STOP THERE. Edit the merged profile and clean up the Biography/text section. Delete repetitive text.
  • Add all relevant categories.
  • Ensure that parents, spouses and children are correct and documented.
  • Then, change the category to [[Category: Cymru 742-1535 Project]].
  • Include citations. Have all profiles as well-sourced as possible and in conformance to the WikiTree Style Standards.
  • There is an extensive list of resources for medieval Wales HERE.
  • Many sources listed on the Magna Carta project resource page are excellent sources for medieval profiles. See this list of resources at Magna Carta.
  • The Foundation for Medieval Genealogy's Medieval Lands Index may also be of help. You can find the section on Wales at FMG. If appropriate, add Medieval Lands Template at the very end of the text box ({{FMG}}, or see the end of this page in edit mode to copy/paste a box with links for both EuroAristo and Cymru projects).
  • Create and/or edit the Biography with footnotes, using either narrative or timeline styles.
  • Add Coat of arms image if available: check box "set as primary photo"; add source and copyright in the Comment Box below the image (add the blazon if you have it).
  • Add images of castles, effigy, etc. as appropriate, being sure to include source and copyright information in the Comment box under the image. The website Castles of Wales has lots of information and pictures of Welsh castles.

Task List

Specific actions that we need volunteers to take on to improve Project profiles.

  • Add the Category to existing profiles that belong in this project.
  • Correct profiles that should have a prefix or preposition -- ab, ap, ferch, in the LNAB but do not.
Example: Rhodri in LNAB field needs to be changed to "ap Rhodri" or "ferch Rhodri." Also, change Current Last Name (CLN) field "ap Rhodri." There are A LOT of profiles needing this attention, as we originally started using Euroaristo naming conventions.
  • Adoption of specific lines.

Naming Guide

The Naming Standards for the Welsh are NOT the same was those for other European aristocrats. The major difference is that the Last Name At Birth SHOULD include the particle (ab, ap, or ferch) if appropriate.

For anyone who adopted a European or British name, the EuroAristo naming standard should be used. (If the name was adopted AFTER birth, use the appropriate Welsh name in the LNAB and the European or British name in the CLN.

If you have a question with regard to what to enter where, ask before doing so ... by posting a question on the G2G forum in Special Projects, and be sure to use the Cymru tag. Also you should feel free to contact: Vic.

Name Spelling Guide

Many medieval Welsh names appear with multiple spellings. In order to find people in WikiTree indexes, and to avoid duplication, there is a real advantage to use standard name spellings as much as possible. Since the source of different spellings is often different scribes who transliterate Welsh names into English or Latin in whatever ways seemed right to them, it will often be a judgment call as to what spelling is recommended in Wikitree. On this page -- Space:Cymru_Name_Spelling_Guide -- you will find a place to call attention to naming issues, discuss reasons various possibilities have an advantage, and see the project recommendation which results.

Research Sources

You can find an extensive list of resources HERE. If you have other resources to add, please contact the Project Coordinator Vic.

Template and Categories

[[Category: Cymru 742-1535]] is the category to put on profiles you find that belong in this project. It should be added immediately, regardless of whether the correct LNAB has been determined. That will let us know that the profile needs work.

{{Cymru 742-1535}} is the primary template for the project, indicating that the profile is managed by our project. Add it to the profiles once the profile has the correct LNAB, then change the category to [[Category: Cymru 742-1535 Project]].

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