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The Czech Roots Project for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of Czech (also known as Bohemian or Moravian) people and their descendants. This project serves as a forum for researchers and descendants of all people born in the Bohemia, Moravia, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia. (We are still trying to figure out the lands now Slovakia.) So, anyone with Czech (Bohemian, Moravian, Slovak Roots is included! Project Coordinator: Helmut Jungschaffer.


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If you're interested in participating in this project, please do the following:

Project Goals

For all profiles included in the Czech roots project:

  • Include sources documenting each fact present on the profile.
  • Merge duplicate profiles into the appropriate LNAB according to the Czech naming guidelines.
  • Identify and project protect Notable Czech profiles and add the {{Czech Roots}} template.
  • Use correct naming patterns according to the Czech name fields guidelines.
  • Include appropriate location categories. (see: Czech Republic category)
    • This is important. The naming patterns result in large quantities of the same name with similar birth dates. Adding locations doesn't eliminate this problem but helps to more easily differentiate people.
  • Apply the Migrating Ancestor sticker to ancestors who moved from Czechoslovakia, Bohemia or Moravia to another country.
  • Format biographies according to the WikiTree Style Guide.


For a full list of current participants, see the badge report To see what those members are up to, see the current badge feed.

Post your name, linked to your profile, with what you're working on below, or your family names and geographic areas of interest (please put in alphabetical order according to your WikiTree profile name).

  • Michal Němec Ráječko, Vavřinec, Dolní Lhota, Humenné, Brno, Dvůr Králove
  • Margaret E Balaun Stearns Bohemia before 1866; surnames Balaun/Baloun, Matous, Spevacek, Chroust
  • G. Bartomeo - researching Drozda, Hoffman, Aufricht? surnames, have a Drozda Name Study going, not sure WHERE in the Czech Republic they're from yet.
  • Andreas (Basso) West Parish of Moldau (Moldava), Bohemia; surname of Kröll, Krüll, Kröhl, Kredel (all different spellings), current brickwall at Philip Kröll
  • Abby Glann Bohemia, more specifically the Plzen area (District). Family names Kleinhampl, Zeithaml, Kodet, and Westerovsky
  • Paula Cullen Wech, Schott, Kratky, Hofmann, Schmidt, Przimon, Schindler, Puchta from Plzen area specifically: Lischin, Laschan, Chotieschau, Mantau, Salluschen and Petersheim.
  • Dvořák-5
  • Alexander Holzinger Southern Bohemia (Jihočeský kraj), district Krumau (Okres Český Krumlov), city Oberplan (Horní Planá), Honetschlag (Hodnov)
  • Frangipane-1
  • Grindle-179 I'm working on Mann and Prein from around Strobnitz (Horní Stropnice), okres České Budějovice and Luksch, Haas and Bartik from Kaltenbach (Nový Svět), okres Prachatice
  • Hampel-55
  • Michael Hruska I am working on the Hruskas, Kristofs, Fishers and Doubeks from Domažlice, Bohemia and the Kopps and Liesy's (?) from Pisek, Bohemia.
  • David Hughey
  • Helmut Jungschaffer Southern Bohemia (Jihočeský kraj)
  • Kittilson-1
  • April Kelley
  • John Krizenesky Kříženec u Vilic okres Tábor and Kříženec u Šebířova, okres Tábor
  • Luigina Crivello
  • John Mesik
  • Tomáš Minárik Nové Město nad Metují a okolí, Osek nad Bečvou a okolí
  • Novak-466 Novak, Sipek, Hadachek, Rajmon, Kopriva, Cermak
  • Jan Novák Novák, Kubr, Krob, Reichl, Rébl, Čermák - Central Bohemia (Středočeský kraj); Slezák, Břeň, Martinů - Polička (okres Svitavy)
  • Carrie Quackenbush - Plesmid, Plechschmid, Faifr, Strakova, Starkan, Vodroska, Barta all near Rokycany District, and Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and Washington.
  • Rainford-19 Plzen region, Royau immigrants to USA. Lenz, Egerer, Pimpl, Reinl
  • Reidinger-58
  • Sedliská-1
  • Vince Trinka
  • Wetzel-337
  • Miroslav Wiesner
  • Thom Anderson Slavik Medek Kapil Konopkova
  • Chloe Stevens I am working on Havlík, Štípek, Rojík, and Koutenský families from the Plzeň region, and Sekera, Pešek, Jirsa, and Hospodka families from the Vysočina region. 1890s and earlier.
  • Jonny Nguyễn My family comes from many areas in the Czech Republic so I'm here to help with those names and also any others.
  • Linda Barnett Spachs and Romingers They came from Germany.

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