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Image:WikiTree_Images-16.pngImmediate Help: Put Your DNA Test Results into Action

WikiTree doesn't offer DNA testing and we don't host DNA test results. You don't "upload your DNA" to WikiTree. We focus on what we do best: genealogical collaboration.

Are you just getting started with DNA and don't know where to start? Visit Getting Started with DNA and WikiTree.

If you've taken a DNA test for genealogy at one of the four testing companies — Family Tree DNA, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritageDNA — and are comfortable with how WikiTree works start with our DNA Features page.

If you've come to the project page because you want to ask a question head over to our Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum. Be sure to tag your questions DNA to make sure they're seen by the right people.

The DNA Project
WikiTree founder Chris Whitten (R) strategizing with Dr. Tim Janzen
on how to further integrate DNA into WikiTree.


Project Mission

DNA is the new frontier of genealogy. It has become an important part of WikiTree's mission to connect the human family on one accurate single family tree. The DNA Project is a simple way to organize those of us who are interested in how WikiTree can integrate DNA test results on the limbs we share on WikiTree, as well as finding ways to expand the use of genealogical DNA on WikiTree. Project members take primary responsibility for performing project tasks and helping members with DNA related questions, offering assistance as needed.

How to join dna.gif

For the full list of current DNA Project participants, see the badge report.

The project leaders are Kitty Smith, Kay Wilson and Mags Gaulden. The DNA Project Coordinator is Emma McBeth

To join the project:

  1. Answer our welcome thread on G2G and we'll get you set up with a badge and information.
  2. Click here for G2G conversations tagged "DNA" and follow the tag.
  3. add yourself to the Google+ group
  4. Check out the the Project Task list below to find something to help us work on, and add yourself (or ask one of us to) to that task.

Project Tasks

Some tasks are not alphabetical

Tasks A to G or All H to M or All N to T or All U to Z or All
Privacy Level Change Message David D Connie G Connie G
Check of Test Information Validity Kay Janis Tomko
Posting Welcome Message to DNA Tested Badge Holders Kitty, Charlotte Kitty, Charlotte Kitty, Charlotte Kitty, Charlotte
Creating and maintaining a DNA Resource Page - WikiTree Mags Laura Bozzay
Creating and maintaining a DNA Resource Page - External Mags Laura Bozzay
Integrators - G2G Resources and information Peter Mags Kay Veronica Williams
Integrators - G2G Resources and information
Recruiting - Project Coordinators, Working Project Members Mags Kay Peter Kitty, Emma
Introductions - Genetic Genealogists, Others in Genetic Genealogy Field Peter
DNA Helpers Darlene Athey Hill Emma McBeth Milton Davis April
DNA Helpers Janis Tomko

Please post messages to confirmed members ONLY - no messages on guest profiles please

DNA Helpers

There are members who struggle a bit to understand DNA and how we use DNA here on WikiTree. As a DNA Helper you will be available to step in and help beyond what our members read in our help pages and resource pages. With one-on-one time you'll be able to guide someone through the steps of DNA testing and understanding their results. This will be especially helpful to the WikiTree Adoption Angels Project as some of these WikiTree members have no background in Genealogy.

Privacy Level Change Message

  • Privacy Change Sample Message:

"Be certain the privacy settings on your Wikitree profile permit the sharing of your DNA and family tree with other potential genetic matches. Click the "Privacy" tab and set your level to " Private. with public tree" or "Private, with public tree and bio". For more information on privacy settings see, [ Wikitree privacy controls]."

"When you post DNA test information on a WikiTree profile, WikiTree needs to be able to see the profile Family Tree Tab (top of WikiTree Profile) make DNA connections down the ancestral lines. Please be sure that the Privacy level on the profile and all of the ancestors are at a level that allows everyone to see the Family Tree tab. For further on the available Privacy levels needed to facilitate this, please see [ Privacy settings and DNA]". Thanks!
When contacting people, post your messages in their public comment box so others can see if contact has already been made.

mtDNA Tested List

If their privacy level is red Private or "Private with Public Biography" then their mtDNA information is not automatically associated with their direct maternal line:

Y-DNA Tested List

If their privacy level is red Private or Private with Public Biography then their Y-DNA information is not associated with their direct paternal line:

auDNA Tested List

If their privacy level is red Private or "Private with Public Biography" then it is exceedingly difficult for their autosomal DNA matching cousins to determine the shared ancestry.}}

Check of Test Information Validity

This is something in the works. Peter and I will be working on this task along with Aleš Trtnik to alleviate some of the user errors on the DNA information they input.

GEDmatch ID's

  • Google ID Mistake Sample Message:
"Hey ,
I am working with the DNA Project. Noticed you have something a bit amiss in your GEDmatch number. Would you verify it please?
Once you find the right number you can update your GEDmatch ID number by clicking on the My WikiTree Menu top right of your profile page, then click on DNA confirmation. Then click on the DNA test tab at the top of that page, then click the edit or enter more detail button on the right.
Your Name"

When contacting people, post your messages in their public comment box so others can see if contact has already been made.

DNA Confirmations Citations

Volunteers need to check to make sure DNA Confirmations have the source/citation to back up the confirmation on profiles.

In order to mark a parent "confirmed with DNA" on WikiTree you need a statement on the child’s profile explaining how you used DNA to confirm the relationship. Information about all of the DNA tests used for the confirmation need to be entered on the profiles of the test-takers, and each of the test-takers’ profiles needs to have a privacy level of at "private with public biography and family tree" so that people not on the trusted list can see the test information.

See these pages for how to document marking parental relationships "confirmed with DNA":

When contacting people, post your messages in their public comment box so others can see if contact has already been made.

Ask mtDNA Testers to add their MitoSearch ID

1. Find mtDNA testers who do not have a MitoSearch ID.

2. If they tested with Family Tree DNA, then they may already be in MitoSearch. Check MitoSearch to discover if they have a MitoSeach ID. Peter will add instructions for how to do that

Posting Welcome Message to DNA Tested Badge Holders

Kitty has been doing this for... well. forever. She is great at it, but we might be able to jump in to help her with posting the great DNA welcome messages to the people when they first get their DNA tested badge.

Creating and Maintaining a DNA Resource Pages

We will be rolling our DNA resources lists on this page off to their own pages. Help by keeping the resource pages up-to-date and organized.

Integrators - G2G Resources and information

Follow DNA in our G2G Forum and integrate Questions and Answers into our DNA Project, DNA Help and DNA Resources pages.

Introductions - Genetic Genealogists, Others in Genetic Genealogy Field

WikiTree does something with DNA that no other website or program does. Period. What we want to do is introduce this concept, this ability to the greater genealogical community so they "get it". If you blog, tweet, Facebook, or talk at your local genealogical society, talk about WikiTree and DNA. Bring people in and show them how we work. Show them how incredible our Great Big Ole shared Tree is.

Bright Ideas

DNA Bright Ideas

This Space page lists our members bright ideas, or wish list for things we'd like to put forward to the Community and the team for discussion and possible incorporation into WikiTree. We can hash-out our Ideas and get them ready to post in a concise manner to G2G.

Here is a list we started:

  • Icon in lists on WikiTree indicating a Profile has DNA connections - DNA connected Profile.
  • auDNA match icon (by clicking a radio button) to those people in WikiTree who are an autosomal match with you?
  • An easier way to get to your DNA tests information page.
  • Automation of table entry


Sub-Project Project Point Notes G2G link to Discussion
BY3290 SNP Project Earl Davis Create profiles for the earliest BY3290 ancestor in each lineage. BY3290 is a YDNA SNP that may have arose around 1,000 years ago
None None No N/A

Proposed Sub-Projects

  • WikiTree Resources
  • External Resources

Sub Project Space Pages Template

Please use this Template Page to create any sub-project or project space pages. Please leave the structure and non-project specific information in place while adding project specific information and graphics into the formatted page.


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