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Are you just getting started with DNA and don't know where to start? Visit How to Get Started with DNA.

If you've come to the project page because you want to ask a question? Head over to our G2G forum. Be sure to tag your questions DNA to make sure they're seen by the right people.

The DNA Project
WikiTree founder Chris Whitten (R) strategizing with Dr. Tim Janzen
on how to further integrate DNA into WikiTree.
Are you interested in the DNA Project?


Project Mission

DNA is the new frontier of genealogy. It has become an important part of WikiTree's mission to connect the human family on one accurate single family tree. The DNA Project is a simple way to organize those of us who are interested in how WikiTree can integrate DNA test results on the limbs we share on WikiTree, as well as finding ways to expand the use of genealogical DNA on WikiTree. Project members take primary responsibility for performing project tasks and helping members with DNA related questions, offering assistance as needed.

Our mission is to help members understand and use DNA information on WikiTree, manage DNA information accuracy, and expand DNA features in the One World Tree.

For the full list of current DNA Project participants, see the badge report.

How do I Participate?

Where do I start?

First add your DNA test information to your personal profile. You will immediately be awarded the DNA Tested Badge.

What's Next?

If you have a basic understanding of DNA, have spent some time on WikiTree and understand the way DNA features work on WikiTree then please answer the G2G post asking for a DNA Project Badge. Tell us in your answer post how you would like to participate in the project after looking at the sub-projects below.

Each sub-project is linked to a page with a list of tasks. Find a sub-project that is of interest to you and read the task list. Once you find a task (or tasks) you would like to work on, message Lead Project Coordinator Emma MacBeath who will add you to the list and give you the information needed to complete the task.

If you would like to learn more about DNA, but are not ready to join the Project, add the DNA tag to your profile to follow DNA topics in G2G.


  • Educators
    Offering general information about DNA and WikiTree's DNA features to general membership and potential members
  • DNA Mentors
    Giving one-on-one guidance to members on how to understand DNA and apply it on WikiTree


LiveCast DNA Help

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