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Are you interested in the DNA Project?

If you've come to the project page because you want to ask a DNA-related question, head over to our G2G forum and post your question there. Be sure to use the tag DNA to make sure your post is seen by the right people.

If you would like to learn more about DNA, but are not ready to join the project, follow the DNA tag.


Project Mission

DNA Leaders Greg Clarke and Mags Gaulden
with DNAeXplained blogger Roberta Estes at RootsTech 2023.

DNA is the new frontier of genealogy. It has become an important part of WikiTree's mission to connect the human family on one accurate single family tree.

The DNA Project is a way to organize those of us who are most interested in how WikiTree integrates DNA test results on the limbs we share on WikiTree. Our mission is to help members understand and use DNA information on WikiTree, manage DNA information accuracy, and expand DNA features in the One World Tree.

There are currently two ways to participate: the Innovators and the Educators. See the sub-project pages for goals and tasks to determine how you'd like to be involved. You are welcome to participate in both if you are interested!

Innovators and Educators Sub-Projects

DNA Innovators

Leaders: Mags Gaulden and Peter Roberts

The role of the DNA Innovators is to network with genetic genealogists both within WikiTree and in the global community, to drive innovation, and to help develop tools to be used in WikiTree to help others integrate their DNA results with their genealogical research. Innovators are bringing ideas and imagination to shape current and future DNA features on WikiTree.

General Innovator Tasks:


Features Team
  • Team Leader: Peter Roberts
  • This team focuses on ensuring members are maximizing the benefits of our DNA features.
DNA Apps Team
  • Team Leader: Greg Clarke
  • This team works toward incorporating automation into DNA Features.
Networking Team
  • Team Leader: Mags Gaulden
  • This team focuses on bridging relationships between WikiTree and the DNA/Genetic Genealogy community.
Projects Liaison Team
  • Team Leader:
  • This team focuses on collaborating with various projects to determine how the DNA Project can help support them. This team also works with the DNA Educators.
DNA Categorization Team
  • Team Leader:
  • This team collaborates with the Categorization Project to develop a structure for DNA related profiles/pages.

DNA Educators

Leader: If you are interested in this role, contact Eowyn.

The goals of the DNA Educators Project are to:

  1. Help people to better understand how to properly use the DNA features on WikiTree.
  2. Help people better understand how to use DNA testing to provide additional confidence in their WikiTree ancestral lineage.
  3. Help people manage DNA information accuracy.
  4. Help those who have misused DNA confirmation understand their mistakes.
  5. Find people who don’t understand DNA, so they can be taught.
  6. Liaise with the Innovators Team to keep up on the latest news in DNA or newest WikiTree features in order to update or improve the DNA Educators’ tasks.

To view the Educators page, click here.


Confirmed with DNA Team
  • Team Leader:John Kingman
  • This team focuses on helping people properly use the Confirmed with DNA feature via:
    • Answering G2G DNA confirmation questions.
    • Assisting with Data Base Errors 213 and 313 (missing confirmation statements).
    • Monitoring Relationship Changes related to confirmed with DNA.
Education Team
  • Team Leader:
  • This team focuses on answering DNA questions in G2G, mentoring members who need more help with DNA, and working with other projects to help integrate DNA.

Other DNA Projects

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