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Welcome to the Denmark Project

Thank you for joining the project. Our major aim is to add profiles of our Danish ancestors to the world family tree. For more information, visit our Resource Page and join our discussions on G2G by following DANISH.

For details of the project and recommended resources please review the supporting page.


How to Join

Are you interested in the Denmark Project?nordic.gif

To join the project

Answer our G2G invitation post and add Danish and Denmark_Project to the G2G tags you follow.

Then please drop a note to the project coordinator with your email and a note about which areas of the project you are interested in working on. We will get the Project badge for your profile and add you to the project google group so you have greater access to important shared documents.

How do I help?

The project focuses primarily on the geographic areas within the Denmark portion of the Denmark-Norway union after the 1660 Treaty of Copenhagen up to the modern day.

We also contribute to the Euroaristo studies in earlier years of Denmark history notably through Danish Nobility.

So where do I start?

If you have not already, please visit this page: Project Denmark Resource Page.

The best place to start is with your own ancestors. Run over the profiles of your own, and connected profiles and see if you can improve them. Look to:

  • Stickers: Add one of our two stickers to help us identify the profiles as being within our project's Sphere of Interest.
    • Copy the following into the biography of profiles of those born in Denmark: {{Danish Native}}.
    • Copy the following into the biography of profiles of those with Danish ancestors: {{Danish Roots}}.
  • Dates:
    • Add sourced birth and death dates if they are not there.
    • Add estimated dates where there are no dates and no sources to support specific dates. Please add the {{Estimated Date}} template when estimating dates. See Research Note Box.
  • Sources:
    • Add sources to profiles when you can. Use in-line citations to support specific facts in the biography, especially for facts that are essential for family research - birth, marriages and children are key.
    • Add {{Unsourced|Denmark}} to the following profiles.
      • Profiles with no sources
      • Profiles with only references to unsourced trees such as Ancestry Family Trees, Geni profiles, and Geneanet
  • Sogne Categories: These categories are for the sogne (parishes) where a person was born, baptized, confirmed, married, were recorded in the census, had children baptized, or died. They are extremely important to genealogy in Denmark where the long use of a patronymic naming system means that surnames cannot be used to group family members together.
    • Use the category selection tool to add categories for appropriate sogne where the categories have already been created.
    • Where the appropriate sogne category is not on the list or the profile contains no evidence of the appropriate sogne, add [[Category: Denmark Project Needs Sogn]]
  • Maintenance Categories: If you find other elements missing from the profile, such as a bio, please add the appropriate one of the following categories
    • [[Category: Denmark Project Needs Biography]]
    • [[Category: Denmark Project Needs Footnotes]] (This one is used for profiles which have facts and sources, but inline references (sometimes called footnotes) are needed to show which sources support which specific facts.)
  • Biographies: Build a bio that provides, at a minimum, enough information to ensure the profile does not get incorrectly merged.
  • Last Name at Birth: Check the LNAB. If it is not there see if you can find it. If you know it then please send a message to the PM, with a source, and they can change it. If you get no response, please message one of the Project Leads. Please consult Danish Naming Conventions and Related Wikitree Name Field Guidelines as Danish naming laws and customs are complex and not a good match for Wikitree name fields.
  • Important: If you find a profile that you believe to be of significance to the project and warrants more detailed examination or attention from a group in the project please message one of the Leaders. They will adopt the profile on behalf of the project, add the "Project Box" {{Denmark}} and raise a note on G2G, if needed, for further examination. For contentious profiles the project may also "Protect" the profile.

Where can I find resources to help me?

Please have a look at our Resource page in the first instance. If you don't find help there, post a question on G2G with the tag "Danish." Project Denmark has many generous members who love to collaborate.


If you are considering creating a Category related to Denmark, please review the guidelines on how to use Denmark categories.

If you are helping with the Denmark Project Categorization Subproject, the following pages will also be of help:

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