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Descendants of Matoaka, Amonute, Pocahontas (Rebecca Rolfe)

The mission of the project is to add and improve profiles of the Descendants of Pocahontas. Project members take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, removing incorrect information and offer research assistance as needed.

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To join the project:

  1. Ask the project leader Shirley Dalton to add the project badge.
  2. Add the line [[Category:Descendants of Pocahontas]] to the text area of your profile page. This will add you to the list of participants on the Category page.
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  • For each person:
  1. All duplicates merged into lowest number
  2. PPP added only for individuals who are historically significant or are the subject of many merges.
  3. pertaining categories added
  4. templates added
  5. biography cleaned up and written, using the WikiTree Style Guide (can work with Profile Improvement Project for help)
  6. Attached family meets these goals, too
  7. Attached to the main WikiTree family tree (ask the GFR for help)
  8. Do research to ascertain that the parents are correct.
  9. Disputed parentage in BIO with internal/external links if available
  10. Clean-up of profiles which included eliminations of any GEDCOM upload strings and import info (i.e. Ancestry Tree, Family Search IGI trees, ect).
  11. Trim or format WikiPedia & Find A grave cut-and-pastes , if necessary.
  12. If keeping WikiPedia & Find A Grave insertions, please do not paste entire articles, quote only - paste, cite external link to it , for e.g.[1]<ref> the source, then </ref> OR type one bracket, type in url to source , one space , then a TITLE for the source enclosed by another bracket which will produce this kind of link, example : JOHN BOLLING

Project Scope

The is a sub-project of the Native Americans Project. The time frame will cover pre-colonial until the present.


Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what you're working on in this project right now.

  • Leader - Shirley Dalton - Working the project from the administrative side of things. I will answer any question asked, even if it's to send you to someone else who knows the right answer.
  • Project Coordinator -
  • Maggie N for any questions concerning the BOLLING/BOLING/BOWLING families
  • Hayley allegedly she's my 11th great grandmother, DNA links my family to Jane Rolfe, and her daughter Elizabeth.
  • Misty Musco Still working on straightening out which family lines lead to Pocahontas and trying to untangle the Bolling line.

Project Template

Sample usage:

{{Native American|tribe=Tsenacommacah}}


... ... ... was a Native American member of the Tsenacommacah tribe.
Join: Native Americans Project
Discuss: native_americans

If you are working on a profile that is a clear descendant of Pocahontas, you can place a template of the profile, when you edit, right above the biography heading. Just type in {{Pocahontas}}

The template for this sub project is [[Template:Pocahontas Template Page|here].

WikiTree Resources

Remember a lot of questions can be answered by referring to the help pages link at the top right of pages.

External Links


Some online sources for Pocahontas may not be correct or accurate genealogies
  • The main source for this project to date is based on Wyndham Robertson's (a descendant) treatise published in 1887 called "Pocahontas, Alias Matoaka, and Her Descendants Through Her Marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, With John Rolfe, Gentleman". The book is available online at Google books ( ) and at www. ( ). It has been revised in 2004 by Stuart E. Brown, Jr. and Lorraine F. Meyers . That appendix is called "The Fourth and Fifth Corrections and Additions to Pocahontas' Descendants" and is accepted by the Pocahontas Foundation in Berryville, Virginia.

Top Level Sources

William Strachey , Richard Henry Major, The Historie of Travaile Into Virginia Britannia..., written originally in 1610 (check); published in 1849:
  • detailed information about Powhatan begins on p 44;
  • story about Captain John Smith begins on p 52;
  • names of Powhatan's wives on p 54; this same page indicates that at the time of Strachey's report, Powhatan had 20 sons and 10 daughters living. This is the page that claims that Powhatan's daughter Pocahontas was married to a (native America) captain Kocoum "some two yeares since."
  • Subsequent pages name other native Americans of the region, including sons of Powhatan.
The book :Frances Mossiker’s Pocahontas: The Life and the Legend (1976)
An article at NEHGS by Elizabeth Vann Moore and Richard Slatton, “The Descendants of Pocahontas: An Unclosed Case” in Magazine of Virginia Genealogy 23 (1985): 3-16, cited at

Second Level Sources

  • The Bolling, Gay, Gaston, Brawley paper trail: with allied families and friends by Dorothy Perry Brawley, Frank L. Perry.D.P. Brawley, 1995 at
  • The History and Topography of Bradford, (in the County of York,) with Topographical Notices of Its Parish (Google eBook). By John James Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1841 - Bradford (England) at
  • Pg.292.Thomas Jefferson and the Rhetoric of Virtue.James L. Golden, Alan L. Golden.Rowman & Littlefield, Jan 1, 2002 at
  • Pg.145. Histories of Bolton and Bowling (townships of Bradford): historically and topographically treated (Google eBook).William Cudworth (of Bradford, Eng.)T.Brear, 1891 at

Miscellaneous Sources

For the other family members of Pocahontas ~~ THE POWHATAN FAMILY :

note : Many are charts, references and histories as records did not exist in that time period !

  • Shawnee Heritage Ii. By Author of Shawnee Heritage 1. Don Greene, at Google Books.
  • Mixed Blood Indians: Racial Construction in the Early South.By Theda Perdue on Google Books >> Mixed Blood Indian

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