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The mission of this project is to serve as a memorial to those who were victims of, or survived Disasters. We also want to honor those rescue workers who bravely ran towards danger to save the lives of others. Natural and manmade disasters not only shape history but affect the everyday lives of the people involved


The Disasters Project does not condone or endorse pages simply because they fall within the “Disasters” category on Wikitree. In particular, there are a number of pages for more recent disasters which have been created and categorised with no collaboration with the project. The Disasters Project only manages pages that fall within the definition of a disaster as defined below.


The definition of a disaster that falls within the project is as follows:

  • A sudden and unforeseen event which took place over 75 years ago
  • An event in which ten or more identifiable people lost their lives
  • An event which took place over a short or finite period of time
  • An event which took place over a defined area or region or at a particular location
  • We do not include events which are of a military, terrorist or criminal nature

Requirements for Membership

The only requirements for membership in the Disasters Project is that you work with the team to create pages and profiles that honour those that lost their lives in or were affected by disasters. We recognise that people lead busy lives and are grateful for any and all contributions you make towards the project's goals.

Please Note:
  • Use the appropriate Disaster Sticker for those who died or were affected.
  • Please don't add the Disaster project box to profiles. This is reserved for profiles managed by the project. Thank you.
  • Please use Reliable Sources.
  • We no longer work on disasters that occurred less than 75 years ago. This is because we respect the privacy of any family members of the victims who could still be alive today.
  • We do not work on recent bombings and terrorist incidents.


To make every single Freespace Page and the profiles of Disaster Victims and Surviviors the very best it can be.
To record disasters in a way that makes them relevant to genealogy, and honors the individuals involved.
To encourage and empower individuals, and other Projects to research disasters that occurred in their localities.


The role of our teams is to create Free Space Pages for Specific Disasters with lists of the victims, and to make profiles for victims, their family members and for survivors and all those affected in any way by the disasters. Teams also locate existing Free Space Pages and other resources, organise them and make them available as Research Resource.

Fire Disasters Team
Industrial Disasters Team
includes Mining
Natural Disasters Team
Transportation Disasters Team
Titanic as a subproject

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