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Portal World-The Netherlands Project Members and Country Portals


Project Portal World-The Netherlands Members

To join the Project you can add your WikiTree ID /name link + the country or Portal page(s) you are interested in to the list below next to the #, if you need some help or don't know how, just ask and we can add you.
  1. Melissa McKay Canada
  2. Bill Dunkley Canada
  3. Sytze Brouwer Canada
  4. Heidi van Os de Man Canada
  5. Dr. Theodore Vandevis Canada
  6. Herman A. van den Berg Canada
  7. Dennis Simpson Canada
  8. Arlene Renkema USA
  9. Kristina Voorhees USA (would like to help and work on this, but right now has not much time for WikiTree. But as soon as she has time she will help)
  10. Richard Hollenbeck USA
  11. Connie Graves USA (interested in working on a page/ info for World -The Netherlands-Switzerland)
  12. AL Wellman USA
  13. Richard Hayes USA
  14. Ray Niekamp USA (swamped with work duties for the next week or so, but then will be free to help out.)
  15. Timothy Broyles USA
  16. Stella Jones England
  17. Catherine (Botma) du Toit South Africa
  18. Amy Selby Australia.
  19. Ludwig Kraayenbrink Australia
  20. W Robertson USA (midwest, especially Iowa, secondarily Wisconsin and Michigan)
  21. Erik Oosterwal USA (particularly Michigan)
  22. Erika Ward Lopresti USA (Immigrants from Zeeland and Noord-Holland to Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas)
  23. Weldon Smith USA: New York (Tarrytown to Schenectady, 1630-1820); New Jersey (Somerset and Gloucester Counties, 1710-1820)
  24. Bea Wijma Nederland
  25. Joop van Belzen the Netherlands

Portals Created

Hi all,
The contents of each Portal is of course determined by the the participants, so you all can add whatever you feel might be helpful, fun or interesting, you can collaborate and communicate through posts or use G2G to iron out any differences. You don't need to ask me if it is okay to add anything, I am just going to referee if disputes come up. If you need a portal to be created or want to be added as manager or to the trusted list of one or several ones, please just let me know, many thanks in advance and have fun ! Melissa McKay

Pick the portal(s) that are most suited to your input. If what your adding doesn't fit under an existing heading, please create one. For each website link, we ask that you include a brief description of the contents or subject of the website.






United Kingdom
  • Portal World- The Netherlands- England
  • Portal World- The Netherlands- Northern Ireland
  • Portal World- The Netherlands- Scotland
  • Portal World- The Netherlands- Wales
  • Portal World- The Netherlands- United Kingdom
  • Portal World- The Netherlands ancestors crossing its direct borders with Belgium and Germany

North America

South America


  1. pages with specific subjects or info related to the Netherlands for members from different Countries ? Canada, Germany, Australia, England, USA, South Africa, etc.
  2. Tweetalige biografie├źn, originele Nederlandse tekst en een vertaling in de taal van de profielbeheerder. Bilingual biographies, original Dutch text as well as a translation into the language of the profile manager.

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