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Early Scandinavia Project

Where mythology and sagas turn into legends which link into history

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The mission of this project is to improve (and merge) the many early Scandinavian profiles on WT, both fictional and historical, until there is one profile each with some accurate information. The profiles belonging in this project should be born in a location ruled by Scandinavians and have a birth year before the year 1200.

What we include in the phrase "Early Scandinavia" is the areas that would have been ruled by what in modern-day would be the countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Once profiles have been sourced and categorised, the project should be made manager and then the main mission would be to protect and monitor the corrected profiles and perform merges of any found duplicates.

It is not our mission to add a lot of new profiles.

How to Join

Project participants need to be members of WikiTree. If you are interested in joining the project you will be given a profile to work on and that work will then be viewed by the members of the project. A Pre-1700s and Pre-1500s badge will be necessary.

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Before the Scandinavian area was christened, there were petty "kings" or chieftains who ruled smaller areas than the modern day countries. The source for many of these profiles is to be found in sagas/legends/tales written by Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century, many hundred years later than the actual events occurred or persons described are supposed to have lived. Even the different sagas by Snorri contradict themselves sometimes. Also, some of the Norse gods, giants, valkyries and other mythological "persons" made it into the sagas (and later onto WikiTree).

There is a lot of confusion about these WikiTree profiles and the goal of this project would be to work through these early Scandinavian profiles and sort them out by:

  • adding a source to the earliest mention of the person (often the work of Snorre Sturlasson) and also estimated years of birth and/or death (if it is at all possible)
  • adding the "most correct" LNAB and add every other name they could possibly have had (ie different language variations) to make it absolutely clear that they actually are intended to be the same person (purpose is to identify duplicate profiles)
  • propose and complete merges of these early profiles
  • remove any images that don't have valid information about copyright
  • if it is possible, to tie together information from sagas/legends, archaeology and historians. Example: Harald "Blåtand (Bluetooth)" Gormsson
  • adding a category system for these profiles and keeping it navigable and useful
  • working on error correction / suggestion list and project maintenance categories

Since many of these profiles have more than the 5-6 recommended profile managers (and almost none of the managers, nor the 30-50 people on the trusted list, have done any actual work on the profiles), the current managers will be moved to the trusted list once the project takes over as manager of the profile.

Further goals, standards and examples should be worked out with the help of the project members.


The project box should be placed above the Biography heading by adding {{Early Scandinavia}} which will result in:

The F runa
... ... ... was part of
early Scandinavian history.
Join: Early Scandinavia Project

We would also like that the template for Estimated Date {{Estimated Date}} and the template for Uncertain Existance {{Uncertain Existence}} to be added to (most) profiles.

Related Projects and Groups

What we include in the phrase "Early Scandinavia" is the modern-day countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as Greenland and Iceland. Since parts of the British Isles also were considered (partly) Norwegian or Danish during the viking era, there should also be cooperation with suitable project(s) of the British Isles.

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